Chapter 5.12


August & Beau, Briar: 39, Lexie: 22, Brayden Blackwell-Day: 3, Darius: 32, Seth: 65 Siobhan: 63 (and yes, Winter and Pax are dead now. Ghosts in my game. ;D )


I’d been working on this animation project for weeks. I’d even brought some of it home with me. As my Uncle Darius always complained, I was basically married to work. I’d been living with him and his wife, Bernadette,  ever since I started college four years ago because:

  1. Two dads who were always hot for each other made me very uncomfortable. It was bad enough I had to suffer through their honeymoon phase, shuffling between my mom’s and their penthouse. But once they got a kid? I was out of there.
  2. Mom was just as bad since she got married to Jack. He moved here a few years ago since he was a lawyer and could basically live anywhere. He popped the question and now, yeah. Make out city. I was so done with all the smoochy stuff floating around me. And for some reason, I wasn’t interested in dating. Not after Cory. I mean, who could measure up to him? No one. Plus, I didn’t have time. With all my art classes, computer projects, plus a side job working at a comic book store, I was not about to shoehorn in a boyfriend. And then I landed my dream job at Chicken Tooth Animation Studio and the rest is history.

Yeah, I was pretty much living like a nun. A 3-D animator nun.

I’d been meaning to move out, but hey, the rent was free and I was too cheap and lazy to get my butt out the door to look for a place. (And I hated thinking about what kind of cockroach infested apartment I could afford in this city.)


Thinking back to my little brother, I’d never forget how ecstatic my uncle and Dad were when my dad’s cousin, Lacey Day (my Great Uncle Eli’s daughter), surprised them with the opportunity to be their surrogate. I thought they were going to rip off each others’ clothing right there. OMG!


I’d never seen such a beautiful woman. Talk about good genes. It seemed she’d just split with her cheating husband of nine years and needed some money. My grandmother put the idea into her mind and she said yes! Cousin Lacey had a nine year old son, Camden, which was an easy birth. (God, I had cousins out the ears on my dad’s side.)


Long story short, a procedure, nine months, and many fretful nights from Uncle Beau’s worrying, out popped a son, Brayden (who was now three years old). He was such a cutie pie. I didn’t mind babysitting for them.


Even though my brother could be a little monster from time to time.


Both Uncle Beau and Dad loved him so much. And sometimes, I felt a bit jealous since I totally missed out on those growing up years with Dad.


But those awful feelings didn’t last very long because I was mostly happy for the kid.



Brayden wasn’t going to be my only sibling, though. Just the other day, I was visiting Mom when I walked in on the two love birds. (I had a knack of doing that for some reason!)


Mom waved her hands like a banshee and gushed, “Guess who’s going to have a baby?” They’d been trying since they tied the knot. Mom was really old for a mother now.


I arched an eyebrow and said, “Of course, Mom. You’ve had that pooch for about a month.” I was thrilled for her, though, even though she was going to be a granny when the kid was my age.

She laughed at my joke then Jack went in for another kiss.

Omg, people. There’s bedrooms for that kind of stuff. It didn’t matter how old I get, I seriously don’t like watching my parents get it on.


Zoning into the present, I slapped my hands on my computer desk. Grr!

Trying to get this computer to obey me was like pulling teeth. I sighed. Then my phone buzzed. Saved from death by annoyance.



“Lex!” my Brindleton bff, Gabby Cook’s voice rang in my ear. “We’re here! Let us up.”

Damn. I totally forgot Gabby and Mariana Sala were coming into town. The reason I forgot? They practically forced me into saying yes to going to a Heartthrob concert. They both would fly out every time the boy band would come to San Myshuno.

Do NOT get me wrong. I’m no Throbber–what’s a Throbber? You know, those weird, maniacle teenyboppers who cry and worship at the feet of five twenty-something, over fluffed guys. They were all chosen based on looks, not talent, so yeah. Not a fan.

I clicked the button and said, “You’re buzzed.”


In a few minutes, Gabby burst into my room. “Oh my LORD, Lex. What the hell are you wearing? You CANNOT be seen looking like that. It isn’t done, my dude. Isn’t done.”

“What? This is my sexiest outfit.”


“Heheheheh…um, Lexie…that is soooo not sexy. Let us into your sanctuary, babe.”


“Aw, c’mon. I know you’ve got good stuff in there.”

“Yeah, Lex,” Mariana chimed in. “This is your first outing and we might get to meet them!”

Snapping, Gabby said, “Straight up! My cousin is going to get us an in with them. We totally could meet THE HEARTTHROBS! Okay…let me at it. Now, girl, before I have to get my ugly on.”

Rolling my eyes and sighing, I relented. “Fine. But I approve before you touch.”

My sanctuary was my huge closet full of thousands of dollars worth of cosplay costumes. Dresses, boots, stilettos, wigs, you name it, I owned it. But some of that stuff was so trampy, I’d never wear it out (well, except at an anime con.)


After several wardrobe changes, we finally agreed on this ensemble. “Lexie, I do NOT know why you won’t wear contacts. Those glasses hide that barbie doll face of yours, hon.”


“I like her in glasses,” Mariana defended.

“Thanks, Mariana,” I said. “Gabs, I feel like I’m walking around naked without them. Just be thankful I’m allowing this. I’m only using these cosplay contacts just this once. They’re kind of scratchy. I hate it.”


“Well, you look like an A Plus Throbber,” Gabby sang.

“Great,” I said, trying hard not to gag.

“Just think. We’re going to meet some famous guys. Maybe we’ll get them to autograph our boobs.” Gabby waggled her eyebrows. “Wouldn’t that be fun?”

“Yeah,” Mariana cheered with a strange look in her eye.

Throbbers. They were the weirdest fandom ever.

“If one of them even tries to look at my boobs,” I hissed, “I’ll deck ’em.”



Wading in a sea of overmade, oversexed teenagers, we milled toward the front. Gabby showed off the front row tickets nearly sticking her tongue out at some of these maniacs as they threw scary darts from their jealous eyes.

I stared at how narcissistic these guys were. I mean, we could see them on the stage, right? Why did they have a huge, 100 foot banner of them right behind? It just didn’t make sense visually to me. And then giant, pink stuffed animal teddy bears loomed over us as decorations. Creepy.

Omg…I couldn’t believe my friends who had grown ass jobs actually were throwing themselves, screaming to tunes like Baby, Baby, Oh Baby, Baby, Baby Love.

Brilliant writing. Right?


Now their dancing wasn’t half bad. I had to admit it. In fact, I’d think I’d died and gone to heaven if I could pull off some of the girations these clowns did. No way was this awkward body ever going to be able to do that.


So, I ignored the cheesy props, cheesy lyrics, and well a whole boatload of cheesy screaming fans and just concentrated on enjoying their dancing.


Then I noticed one of the guys bebopping around in a cute, trendy hat and chic glasses.


My heart seemed to jolt right through my body.

It was like I knew him. Like something was telling me he had some sort of weird connection to me. I mean, I had no idea what this strange feeling was but it was a knowledge. I didn’t know, but it was there like a magnet pulling at my heart.

And then I couldn’t look at anyone else.

He was…



And I found myself screaming right along with all the nutjobs around me.


I’d never tell the guys at the office. They’d laugh me to death.


James Sanderson (lead singer of The Heartthrobs)

Just one more hour of sweat, aching muscles, tight throat, squeezing lungs from dancing AND singing, and ear splitting screaming from a whole host of teenaged girls jumping and crying.

I fucking needed a break.


And I’d get one. Just had to gut through this performance. I was going on a six week sabbatical soon.


The lights of the city streamed down beyond the huge, raucous crowd. I did enjoy San Myshuno. The fast pace. The food. The shopping.


Normally, I liked hanging out with my bros, but lately, I’d been feeling stressed out. I was the main producer. The one everyone looked to for inspiration.


But after a six month tour, I was lights out. Nothing creative was coming from me. I’d been reading a self help book about “reimaging”, getting away from everything, and just giving yourself a break from normal life. It sounded radical, but something had to give or I was going to find myself checking out, quitting the band, and sinking into depression.


When I was first chosen to lead The Heartthrobs, I thought all my dreams had come true. Money. Fame. Girls. Yeah, mostly girls. But I found the opposite was true. It was like I’d been handcuffed to work with little time for anything more than sleep, writing and producing songs, constant rehearsals of dance numbers…the list went on.


Only two more songs…that’s what I kept telling myself. And then it was vacation time. A time to hide out and enjoy life incognito.

I couldn’t wait.

















Next chapter Monday, June 4th

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26 thoughts on “Chapter 5.12”

  1. Eeee, babies for everyone! ❤ ❤ Congrats to Beau and August–and Briar too. I loved how done Lexie was with everyone and their PDA though. She may be older, but she’s still Lexie!

    Aww, no boyfriends since Cory. I guess she’s been way too busy, and he has big shoes to fill, so it makes sense. At least her friends are making sure she gets out a bit! Love that she cosplays.

    OMG, those boy band scenes were so cool, rofl. As always, excellent job with the staging (on a literal stage, this time!). I always look forward to your setups. And I love that Lexie seemed pretty awed against her will too…will contempt turn to straight-up adoration? 😈

    Liked by 5 people

    1. YES! Lots of babies…they’re coming! 😉

      Lexie…not a PDA fan. It’s too embarrassing (even at 22–I’m taking this from my own kids. They hate it.)

      Lex is too busy for a boyfriend and since she can’t have Cory, why try? And since she doesn’t get out much nor does she troll the dating sites, it’s just not happening for her. Yet. 😉

      Thank you!!! I actually love setting up band stages. Glad you liked it!!!! ❤

      And yeah…contempt to adoration. Her mind was blown! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ohhh…babies and love everywhere! Brayden is adorable! I can see how she didn’t want to live with her parents! Lol… And an animator is a perfect job for Lexie.

    Loved the Heartthrob shots…those were great! ❤️ Poor James…not so glamorous of a job. So a put together band? Not one that clawed their way up to get recognized? And of course Lexie is attracted to the geekiest one! It fits her perfectly! Whether he is her type or not we shall see – if and when they meet them. 😊

    Lexie didn’t look like Lexie anymore after the girls got through with her. She reminds me more of her mom, but a good mix of both August and Briar.

    And finally, R.I.P. in Hell Winter! 👿

    Liked by 7 people

    1. Yes…and even more babies on the way!! ❤

      Lex is a perfect type to be an animator. Living the dream for sure. (Except when dealing with male coworkers sometimes.)

      Yeah…James isn't loving his job atm. It's not as glamorous as it seems. Yes, this band was put together–but he's at the helm of it with the creative aspect. And Lexie is in LOVE with Charlie. 😉 ❤

      She did have a total transformation, huh? But that's not her…so…

      And lol…Winter in hell. I think you're right…she's BURNING!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahh! Lexie is all grown up and still full of awesome!
    I want her life, srsly ❤️

    Congrats to Beaugust and Brack on the babiesssss ❤️❤️❤️
    Brayden is ADORABLE

    And LMAO at Lexie being so not interested in all the making out of her parents (just can’t get away from PDAs 😱)

    Oh man, I enjoyed the concert, even if Lexie wasn’t a huge fan! The WORK that went into that set and posing 😬 ahh, it looked like wedding-level effort you brave soul!

    What a payoff though; looked gorgeous 👌🏻

    Liked by 5 people

    1. WP ate up my original response. UGH!!!

      Aww…I want her life, too…RIGHT? She doesn’t know how good she has it! 😉

      I love my Bray. He’s basically Beau Jr. 😉

      The concerts looked like work but they aren’t near a wedding. In fact, I love putting together a concert. I’m a builder at heart and I only have to pose 5 sims!!! What more could I want?

      Thank you! ❤


  4. So many changes! Lots of happiness and NOOBOOS! 😀 Poor Lexie with all that PDA though LMAO I can’t blame her for wanting to escape! 😂

    I hope she finds a guy who can live up to Cory… maybe a certain hunky boy band member? 🤔 Hehehe Interested to get to know James a little more!

    The concert shots were amazing! This was a fun chapter and a great intro to the YA arc! Still loving Lexie so much! ❤️

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I gave you a response early in the morning. Looks like WP ate it. UGH!!!

      Yes…nooboos! We love them and more to come!

      I hope right along with you on finding a guy that will sub for Cory. Unfortunately, he’s like one of a kind!

      Thank you about the concert pics. I really had fun doing them. We’ll have more later!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh my, I think I can see where this is going… Friends find out about crush, friends start band to impress crush, love triangle.

    Liked by 4 people

  6. That’s awesome you were at a concert this weekend for a boy band (rap or no). So glad you liked Eli’s gorgeous daughter. Figured you might (even though blondes aren’t your thang. 😉 )

    Brayden’s so cute. ❤ We'll get to see more of him. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. this is a dumb question-maybe-but how the heck do I make a comment without having to reply to someone else’s comment to do it? I am not seeing a ‘write your comment here’ box.


  7. Hahahha Lexie’s luck to always walk into parents making out…
    I wonder if the cutie she discovered at the show will remain as just a face to swoon at, or something else…are they going to meet them backstage or something? hmmm…can’t wait to see what happens next.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Time will tell if she actually gets to meet these superstars or if she just becomes a fangirl. She is definitely a fan of Charlie. ❤ We'll find out more next Monday!!!


  8. Woman, you made me discover a hidden boy band fangirl inside me! I started giggling at the conversation Lexie had with her friends at her appartment and it went on. Her thoughts at the concert were priceless. “We could see them on the stage, right? Why did they have a huge, 100 foot banner of them right behind?” killed me. And of course the not-baby-free lyrics. I once wrote lyrics mocking these songs, lots of baby-oh-baby in it, of course. And yet you turned me into another Throbber anyway, because I was almost screaming with all them teen sims! No wonder it didn’t take long to Lexie to turn into one as well. 🙂
    Loved the concert and appreciated all the effort that must have been put into setting up the stage, audience and all the poses.
    I like what you did with James. Creative crisis, on the verge of burnout? I’m sold. I want to see him struggle.
    I enjoyed this chapter so much and I want more of that fangirl stuff, awesome poses and posters. I’m counting on you to deliver. No pressure. 😀

    Liked by 4 people

    1. LOL! Wow…I never knew you had an inner fangirl, but I’m glad it’s discovered! FUN STUFF! ❤

      Those boy band lyrics are so easy to make fun of. And Lex is right there with you on that. Even if she is a fan, it's just more about their talented dancing skills and entertainment eye candy factor rather than their music. Her favorite music is anime and gaming tunes.

      Oh, eek! You expect a lot…I promise to "try" to oblige. Posters are on their way. 😉

      Makes me happy you noticed that it's not all fun out there with performing. It's hard work! These guys have to dance AND sing at the same time, so they have to stay in tip top shape. And the number of dance routines they have to know plus lyrics and singing perfectly. Its a lot!

      I hope you like James' incoming struggle. (I'm giggling at it right now!) 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  9. What a fun chapter and start to the YA years!! Nooboos and happiness everywhere!!

    The concert was phenomenal! Loving the shots! OMG, looks like Lexie has found a lover boy!! Hope she get to meet him backstage!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nooboos! More to come!

      Glad you liked the concert! Had so much fun creating it. ❤ And you will get to meet these boys…eventually! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Nooboos WitcHazard: Nooboos Nooboos Nooboos Everywhere! You get a Nooboos you get Nooboos!

    Dark WitcHazard: So basically your Love life is dead or atleast on life support at the bottom of the waiting list to get a heart! So sad I love it!

    Lover WitcHazard: Eli’s daughter is gorgeous Well he was man gorgeous so it makes since! Not my type of band either Lexie too much clothing not enough thongs! Oh wait I don’t think that was a boy bad! 😜

    Shipper WitcHazard: How love the marriages breathing new Life into everybody the feels! So many new ships on the horizon I’m so ready for this! Also Good riddance Winter time to cash in that insurance policy I take out on all ship related parties! What?if ships go down I’m getting my money back some how!

    Anti Shipper Sign: I’m so proud!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nooboos: You will be happy this gen. I promise!

      Dark: Ha! Her love life IS dead…but not for long. 😉

      Lover: I was amazed by how pretty Eli’s daughter is…she IS a Day, after all. And she was birthed off stage, too. His son looks a lot like’s kind of scary!

      Shipper: So many ships out there. And even more you’re not aware of, too!

      Anti: lol!


  11. Lexie, who knew what was hiding behind that weird hair and clothes. I knew if she ever got a make-over she’ld be a little hottie, look and her mom, dad, and uncle, with that gene pool who wouldn’t zizzle. Hope she keeps the look.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She does clean up good, huh? She’s still a geek. It might take more than this one makeover to change her look.


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