Chapter 5.21


When I got home from work, Jenny was in full Barbie mode complete with pearls and pink satin. How was I ever going to convince her to act as her brother instead of her hooking me up with him?

There was no way out.

I’d have to beg…or promise her…the world.

“Just the dollface I wanted to see,” Jenny sang, wiggling in her chair. “Should I use pink magic dragon lipstick or this luscious magenta purrrrrl?”

I barely heard what she’d said. “Whatever you like, Jenny,” I whimpered.


“Magic dragon it is!” She uncorked the lipstick tube. My stomach felt like it’d uncorked…and was about to puke.


“Jenny?” I started as gnats seemed to writhe inside.

“Yes, sweetcakes, what’s up? Had a good day at work?”

“Can I ask you to do me a HUGE, GINORMOUS favor?”


She popped up and retorted, “Of course! As long as you’re ready to do me a favor in turn.”

Ugh. She was morphing into my nightmare already. I did NOT want to date James. Why couldn’t I think up a better lie?


“Look, can’t you for one minute do something for me without me having to go out with your brother?” Whining might work, so I tried it.

She dropped her hands on her hips and looked at me under hooded lids, “Oh, honey, this better be a 911 emergency.”


“It totally is. This asshole guy wouldn’t stop pestering me at work, so I just need you to act like you’re James tonight, say you’re my boyfriend, then go. Easy.”


“Sooo…why do I have to act like him when I can GET him for you…hmmm?”


“Well…uh…because you’re a really sweet roomie who knows I don’t like new people and wouldn’t feel comfortable acting like I’m head over heels for a stranger. So, I need you to act like him so we can make it look real. No way would I ever hold hands with James but I would with you. You know?”


She cocked her head. “And…so why won’t you owe me…I mean…James a date after that?”


I put my hand to my chest and flashed my eyes. “Because I’ll be your personal slave for the rest of the year if you do this one tiny favor for me. Please, Jenny! I mean, would you really want me to go out with James under duress? We wouldn’t have fun.”




Lexie had a point. If I forced her to go out with me, it’d be like she’d be going through the motions. Somehow, I had to get us to “meet” and then whisk her off her feet. So, I decided to cave to her demands. But being James as Jenny dressing up as James was fucking assinine. What was I thinking?

I glanced at Lexie in my makeup mirror.


Shit, this chick did not know how to dress. What the hell? I would never date a girl who dressed like Mary Poppins meets Mama Imelda from Coco.


But how to break it to her without hurting her feelings? For all her rugged exterior, she really had a gentle spirit that was easily snagged. She’d told me about her childhood and how she grew up for most of it without her dad only to find out her mom’s brother was banging him. It’d crushed her dreams. And then in high school, she’d been badly bullied so her selfesteem was for shit. I really was starting to fall for her…and loved who she was, but…no. I needed this butterfly to wriggle out of her cocoon and fly.


I walked over to her and said, “Listen, babycakes, you’re seriously beautiful…but…”


She glared. “But what?”


“Well…um… I like the way you look. I do…it’s so…er…you, but my brother just wouldn’t date someone dressed like that. He’s more into a sophisticated style.”


She winced. “This isn’t…sophisticated?”


“If you like the geeky librarian type.”

“Nice,” she hissed.

Shit. Way to be gentle, James.


I laughed, trying to play it off. “Just leave it to me, sweetheart. I’ll have you looking like my brother’s woman in no time.”


After I finished applying the last of her makeup, she scowled at me and said, “This is sooo not sophisticated.”


“Baby doll, you look like a model. What are you talking about?”


“I look like I should be milling outside the redlight district. Ho City? Ever heard of it?”


“Do you want this douchebag to leave you alone? Then we’ve got to make it seem real. After all, I’m sticking my neck out here. My hair is all knotted up under this hat, and I had to shave the sides to make it look like a short ‘do. You can at least stop complaining about how I styled you.”


She glowered, chewing on my reasoning. One thing about Lexie, when she didn’t like something, she let you know.

“Fine. But I take all this crap off the minute we leave the nightclub.”


“I don’t care if you strip right in the middle of the street afterwards, the paps will have their fill and will leave me alone for once.”


She jumped out of her seat. “Leave you alone? I thought you weren’t famous.”

Shit. Since I was dressed as me, I’d forgotten who I was supposed to be for a second.


I chuckled. “I meant my brother, of course. Just getting into my part, babydoll.”

She clucked her tongue at me and said, “Okay, but you’ve got to do something about your damned girlie voice or this will never work. Can’t you deepen it?”

I couldn’t lower my voice or it’d out me for sure. “He’s got soft sweet pipes and sings falsetto beautifully, huh? No one has to know his real voice is deep.”

She shook her head. “This shit’s never going to work.” She jerked on my hand. “Come on…let’s go.”


Being outside at a nightclub always made me tense. It usually didn’t take long before someone spotted me, screamed, then the mobs would form like a swarm of killer bees.


Lexie grabbed my hand. “What’s wrong? You look like Bambi who just watched his mother get killed.”


“Sorry…I-I’m nervous, sweetheart. I’ve never gone out as my brother before. He always gets trampled on by dozens of fans wherever he goes. What if they really think I’m him?”

Squeezing my hand, she said, “That’s why I picked this place. It’s full of geeks. No one will even have heard of the Heartthrobs let alone be a Flamer.” “Flamers” was what the media dubbed my fandom. They were the worst sort of psychos. Stalking me every chance they got, throwing their bodies in front of my limo to stop me, pelting me with used pads with my image on it. If you heard about some of the weird shit they’d said they wished I’d do to them, it’d make anyone want to dig a grave and hide.


But once we entered the place, I was shocked.


It really was full of geeks.



One of the goofballs walked up to her and said, “Hey, Lex. I told Silas you wouldn’t lie, but he didn’t believe me.” Then he winked and whispered, “I secretly have a Heartthrob song on my top playlist.” He nervously glanced at me then looked away.

Great. Instead of girl Flamers, I’ve got dudes.


And one creepy guy gave Lex a look I didn’t like.

Douchebag spotted.


“Is that the asshole?” I asked.

Lexie nodded. She spoke through a fake smile, “Yeah…make it look good so we can get out of here, okay?”


The jerk scooped her hands up and kissed them. “Hello, gorgeous,” he said without a glance my way. He was obviously trying to make me jealous. It worked.


In a sexy voice I’d never heard from Lexie, she said, “Hey, Silas, I want you to meet my BOYfriend, James Sanderson.” She waved her arm toward me. She shouldn’t have made the emphasis on boy…the guy might think I was my pretend-sister.


He smirked. “Hello…James.”

Oh shit. He didn’t buy it. Good thing that I WAS the real deal. He was going down in flames faster than a Christmas tree in front of a roaring fireplace.


I used my real voice only I made it even deeper to intimidate him. “Hello. Nice to…meet you.” I glared, hoping he’d see I didn’t appreciate his advances on my girl.


Not backing down, he stared. I regretted never touching a dumbell that weighed more than 20 pounds. The dude looked solid.

“So…you really are the face of the Heartthrobs, huh? I’d never believe it if I didn’t see you here with my own eyes.”


“Heh, yup, it’s me. I’m one of five Heartthrobs. Well, it’s nice meeting you, Silvan…”


“S-Silas…so if you don’t mind, my girlfriend and I better book it before the paps and the Flamers and the…”


“Oh my God,” he practically screeched, “you can’t go! Not before I get your autograph and some pictures. Oh wait, I’ve got a great idea. Do you know where the other guys are?”

“You mean, my band? Probably at the penthouse but I don’t know what…”

“Could we like visit there? If I could get all their autographs, it would really mean a lot to my twin sister. She’s a huge fan.”


Before I could say no, Lexie pounced. “Oh, PLEASE, Jenn, I mean James, baby, honey bear best boyfriend on the planet? You always told me I could meet the band, especially your bff Charlie! It WOULD mean the WORLD to me!”


And then I looked at that shithead’s face. He set me up. I didn’t know how he was onto me, but he sniffed out that this was a ruse like a freaking drug dog.



But I’d play this bastard’s game.

“So…I’m not sure if everyone is there, but yeah, okay. Let’s go.”


Before I could turn around, my beautiful girl wrapped her arms around me, nearly choking me to death. She whispered, “Oh, Jenny, you’re fabulous! I love you so much! Thank you for letting me meet Charlie!”


32 thoughts on “Chapter 5.21”

  1. HA! James pretending to be Jenny pretending to be James… yikes! 😂 That was great haha (Also, omg Coco reference! I adore that movie ❤️ i actually just re-watched it last night for like the 5th time lol)

    Silas is still such a jerk, and it was really interesting for him to insist on meeting the other guys. I wonder if he’s just assuming this is an imposter-James and this is the test now? Well… I have a feeling he’ll be in for a surprise!

    Can’t wait to see how things (presumably) fall apart once the other guys get involved! Hopefully Lexie won’t see Charlie and faint 😂

    Also, as a side note, if this ship ever sails for the long run, I really hope James can learn to lighten up in time. He’s still such a diva, and I hate that he made Lexie change herself for their date. Take her as she is or leave it, buddy!

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    1. Lol! Too funny! What great timing, too! I think I’ll watch it tonight for grins!

      Silas is definitely testing…doesn’t believe it’s really James. Guess he’ll find out! 😜

      Are you clairvoyant or what about what might happen when Lex sees Charlie up close and personal! 🤣

      You’re sooooo right about James having a long way to go on deserving Lexie. But things could happen for him to accept her as is….

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh man, I wasn’t expecting this at all, you were right. LOL. Damn, the things Lexie will ask to get out of being around new people. (I can 100% relate tbh.)

    “Mary Poppins meets Mama Imelda from Coco” ROFL. Shame she wasn’t comfortable in the clothes and makeup James convinced her to wear, though–somehow I picture Charlie as more of a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy.

    Silas is a crafty bastard, I’ll give him that. Luckily James has got nothing to hide…except in front of Lexie. I still love how excited she is to meet Charlie, even with the potential for this mission failing horribly and getting caught, LOL. Priorities!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Our total introvert cannot fathom pretending to be James’ girl. And at least James understands! But this could cause him more problems! 😱

      Charlie actually is more down to earth than James but he likes style, too. And yeah…James just wants Lex to look the part. He’s a star after all.

      CHARLIE! How could Lexie pass up the opportunity? She’ll have it all pictured in her mind as a “now we first met” episode…but will it turn out like she wants? Hee! 😆

      And the. There’s James…uh…he might have to do some explaining…

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  3. James/Jenny is getting too much into her role. I’m sure all will be revealed soo and Lexie will yell at him: “You’re the real James. How could you?!” to everyone’s confusion, because “Duh!”. 😀

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    1. The roles are getting trickier the worse this lie gets! 🤣

      Not sure if the reveal is quite going to happen yet…but James might get a bit uncomfortable. We’ll see!


  4. Dark WitcHazard; So How is James pretending to be Jenny whose pretending to be James going to introduce Lexie to James! I smell disaster! I can’t wait! 😈

    Lover WitcHazard: Did you see Lexie light up when she saw a chance to meet Charlie! Sorry James that’s got to hurt!

    Shipper WitcHazard: You see what happens when you don’t let things progress naturally! Bring on the competition!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Dark: that’s a great question…of which he’ll have a great answer for!

      Lover: yup…Lexie is forever a Chucker! Poor James! 😳

      Shipper: yes…James is digging his own grave deeper and deeper and Charlie will gladly give him a shovel! 😂


  5. LOL! I am stoked for the next chapter! Can’t wait to see this fall apart. Of course Lexie will probably swoon at seeing Charlie and while she is out, James will fess up to the rest of the band and try to keep up the ruse…. I wonder if they even know about his alter ego or will tell him flat out no. Regardless, when Lexie finds out, she will be super shocked. He likes her but wants her a certain way. That won’t fly and will just validate her feelings towards him. Even if they eventually do make a go of a relationship… but somehow, don’t see it happening.

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    1. Heh…yeah, it could get hilarious!

      I love your prediction about Lexie swooning. Could definitely happen!

      And James is going to have to get over himself if he wants a chance with Lexie…but then there’s Charlie who happens to be unattached and attracted to Lex. (Which we saw earlier when they almost met the first time).

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  6. Omg James, nooo! You are DROPPING DIS BALL, omgggg 😬
    At least it was a surprise hug during stress, so maybe no hug-boner to blow your cover??

    Silas wut?! Why don’t you believe? Omg, it’s a trap or something 😱
    Are joo in lorbs with Lexie? (Duh, probably)… act better, or I won’t even pity ship you omg.

    I can see Jenny wanting to make Lexie over before her date, but she so cute as Mary-Coco ok, just don’t be mean about her style, she look like she about ready to lay down the law 😈

    EEE! Charlie inc! Ahh, this next oneeee!
    /Pees self

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    1. OMG! You might want to read the next chapter in The bathroom cuz…CHARLIE! 😱😍😱

      James is totally dropping all kinds of balls (including his own), making things worse. But that happens when you lie! 😳

      Silas just doesn’t believe he’s the real James…he thinks he’s a look alike passing himself off to the poor, unsuspecting Lexie…but he’ll be proven wrong soon!

      Mary-Coco…that should be a style! Sounds designer to me! Too bad James thinks she has to change not cool.

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  7. James makes sure there will be no cucumbers to feel and if there are, he’ll hold back so she can’t tell…

    That was a sim I made for a casting call. She does remind you of Etoile, bit her boobies are way too small! 😜

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  8. Lol! I love how protective you are over Lexie! ❤️

    James has a long way to go in order to deserve our Lexie’s love and adoration so there’d better be some changes made…but he hasn’t been made to make them since he’s not himself around her, huh? And for sure Lexie would never go out with someone like James (and vice versa. They seem too different, but then opposites can attract?

    Charlie incoming! We’ll see how James takes it…

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  9. Ooo, so far, this is going great! Meeting Charlie?? This is a golden opportunity! I can sense that she’ll pass out after feeling so excited to meet him. Once she wakes up, he fess that he did the Jenny identity so that he can get to know her. Lexie, in return, will be shocked and say, “WHY?!”

    I can’t wait for the next chapter to see how the events unfold!!

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  10. This mean Charlie and Lexie get a chance? If so, score! Again, I don’t like James. Lexie is who she is and I’m not happy about his disrespect of who Lexie really is and how she wishes to dress. 😦

    James as Jenny as James is hilarious. But, how is he going to handle it when Lexie discovers the truth (it’s going to happen). I hope she slaps him/fights him. Either works for me. Sorry..just don’t like James currently. :/

    Liked by 2 people

    1. LOL! You think he deserves a slap? Could be…but more of Lexie’s heart will have to be taken for it to go to blows…if she gets swept away by Charlie, I’m sure she’ll forgive Jenny/James pretty quickly. 😉

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  11. Silas is so annoying…I wonder why he is being so adamant on dating Lexi? The girl is willing to pretend she has a boyfriend to avoid him. ARGH. Get a clue Silas, honestly! xD
    James as Jenny as James, LOL!! This is getting complicated! I think he only wants Lexi because she is not into him…will this feeling develop into genuine love, I have no idea.
    Lexi is (probably) finally going to meet Charlie, something going right at least.

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    1. I’ve based Silas on many guys who did the same thing to me in college. SO ANNOYING! At one point, I had to escape through a window to avoid one of the offenders. I have no clue what drives guys…when a girl says no, she means it!! She’s not winking at you, trying to tease.

      Heh…James as Jenny as James is affectionately called JJ. 😉 And yeah…the thrill of the chase at first, but he’s really gotten to know her and they’ve bonded.

      Lexi will DEFINITELY meet Charlie! 😀

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  12. So… we got James acting as Jenny acting as James and some part of that, Silas doesn’t believe xD It’s so hilarious, love it! xD
    Good he has training on makeup and can style her like he wants to, huh? However, while that does contribute to the farce they’re pulling he still hasn’t understood that not the entire world has to go his way. Although by the time he has learnt it, there will probably be Lexie finding out about HIS little game xD

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