Chapter 5.34


Once everyone got back home, I felt even more excluded and left out. Why was I still mad anyway? Both Charlie and James apologized to me. It was time to swallow my pride and at least “talk” to Charlie. James still had a way to go in the make-up points department. But Charlie?


The smell of luscious buttery toast wafted toward me, making my mouth water. I shrugged. Might as well eat some cheese AND crow all at the same time.


Charlie looked especially cute tonight, too, all wrapped up in that BOY sweatshirt. My cheeks warmed as my heart sped up. He could send me straight to dreamy-land with just one glance.


But then my heart died right there as he glared at me. “What?” he asked, defensively.

Uh oh. He couldn’t see the white flag I was waving.


I decided sarcasm was my best defense. “You DO realize that smells way too good. I mean, I might have to fight you for it, you know.”


Instantly, he laughed sending ZINGS through me. OMG! He was so freaking adorable. “You don’t have to fight. I’ve made a whole plate full. No one cooks around here but me.”




It’d been hard enough getting frozen out by Lexie but at least Charlie felt her cold wind, too.

Until now.


The two were getting cozy, bonding over a plate of cheese toast.


I shouldn’t have been surprised. I knew from the first day I’d met Lexie Day that she was a hardcore Chucker. Why should it shock me she’d melt around him after we’d gotten back from our tour?


“So I’ve been reading this series, Grimm Unbound. Have you heard of it?” Lexie asked, making small chitchat I wished she’d be making with me. When I’d lived with her, we often talked about the latest novels we were reading. She was a sci fi junkie, which I made fun of her about. But she gave me some good titles I actually liked.

“No, I haven’t. What’s it about?” Charlie asked. The jerk was really putting it on smooth. Hell, he didn’t even like to read.


“It’s a book series in your library upstairs,” Lexie explained “I guess someone else bought them then.”


Grimm Unbound? I wanted to raise my hand. That would be me, Lexie. I loved fantasy, especially fantasy with tons of horror elements. Grimm Unbound was the retelling of the scariest Grimm fairytales in a fast paced, nail-biting rendition.

If she would have thought back to our many discussions on horror and fantasy, she would have figured out who’d bought the seven novel series.


But no.

I was basically nobody to her. She’d wiped every single thought of me from her memory.


“You should show me. I’d love to read it,” the liar said.

That did it. I couldn’t take listening any longer. He could at least be a little more honest and tell her he didn’t like fiction. He was more into history and war chronicles.


“The premise sounds exactly what I’d be into.”


I could have been petty and taken the books from the library right then, but I didn’t. I had to somehow get her out of my mind. But that was fucking hard when she lived in the same place.

This sucked balls.




I thought Lexi was going to be mad at me forever. She’d done a pretty good job of avoiding James and me for weeks, but I guessed the time alone did the trick.

And some grilled cheese sandwiches.

If I’d known I could melt her with some cheese, I’d have made them a long time ago.

“So…do you want to read the books?” she asked. “I can show you where they are.”


I had no intention of reading them. I hated novels. Well, I take that back. I actually loved reading novels. Too much. They had a way of turning me into this nerd zombie with my face attached to the pages. I couldn’t put down a story, any story, until I’d finished it, so I had to basically put my life on hold. But I didn’t want to tell Lexie this. I loved the way her eyes lit up when she outlined the synopsis to me. And I wanted to share it with her. Or at least pretend to share it. I’d watch review videos to get the gist of it later.

“Sure,” I answered. “Why not?”


Lexie took me to our “play room”–a little place with books, a computer, a few retro gaming systems and an old keyboard. James basically owned most of it, so I figured the books must be his. He would come in here to think, read, and write songs. Of course, I didn’t want to tell Lexie that either. I liked the fact that she chose to warm up to me. James didn’t deserve her. Not that I thought I did either, but from that first night, I knew she was different from any girl I’d ever met. Such a unique spirit. I loved how she always surprised me by what might come out of her mouth or what she might do. And she made me laugh.

I just hoped one day she’d really like me enough to at least go out again.

Lexie waved her hand. “So, do you want me to get you the first one or all of them down?”


“Just one,” I said. “But I’ll get it if it’s way up high.”


She hit me. “Are you kidding? I’m taller than you are, silly.”

“But…” I raised my hand then thought better of it. I didn’t think it’d be nice of me to remind her how clumsy she was.


“Here you go. Read it and creep.” She winked at me. “But don’t read before bedtime because you’re basically not going to be able to sleep, you’ll be so freaked out.”

“Okay, warning noted,” I said, taking the heavy book from her.


When I opened it, I raised my eyebrows. This sure didn’t look like the horror story she’d detailed to me.


This was a real nursery rhyme book. “Hey, Lexie, this isn’t a novel. It looks like someone’s old childhood storybook.”


On the front cover, someone scrawled, “To Little Jimmy: This was my favorite book when I was a young girl. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I love you! Gran.”

I shut it really quickly, feeling a bit like I’d pried into someone’s personal closet. I smirked. Who knew James used to be called “Little Jimmy”.

“Oh, crap. They’re over here.” Lexie lurched toward the other bookcase, wobbling. I put my arms out to steady her.


But then I got a bit distracted.


In an instant, she lost her footing and tumbled toward me.


Luckily, I caught her.


“Are you okay?” I asked, looking into her beautiful green eyes.

She merely nodded, never leaving my gaze.


I dropped her down and before I knew it, I was kissing her, softly, not wanting to let go. Lexie Day had me wrapped around her clumsy finger. I could see the angry mob of Chuckers already forming. The last fiasco with James’ Flamers was bad enough.

Damn, I was in trouble.

But at that moment, I didn’t care.
















29 thoughts on “Chapter 5.34”

  1. Damn Charlie, haven’t you learned anything from all this drama? Lying=NOT GOOD. Especially to a girl who’s been lied to enough already. I mean, as a lie, it’s a small one–plenty of people pretend to be interested in popular media that they aren’t, just to fit in–but don’t let Lexie think you’re someone you’re not. 😦 You could tell her your real interests instead!

    I felt really bad for James here, despite everything. Man, being in close quarters is going to be hard on everyone. Also Lexie is the first person I’ve heard call grilled cheese “cheese toast.”

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Charlie…dude…you shouldn’t lie to share an interest you’re not into just to get close!!! I totally agree. But he was taking the first morsel she gave him. She’d shut him out for so long. But yeah…I’m sure they could find something in common. He just needs time to get to know her. Hopefully, he’ll get it.

      Poor James! 😥 And it was James that called grilled cheese the cheese toast. (Since I’ve lived a ton of places, I’ve heard it called “cheese toast”, “Cheesy toast” or grilled cheese. Notice Charlie called it grilled cheese. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, I noticed only Lexie said it!! I’m curious what places it was called cheese/cheesy toast though, since I love learning about regional differences. I’ve only lived up and down the east coast and it was always called grilled cheese, but there were so many differences between the northeast and the south when it came to food and drink.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hmm…good question. I’ve lived in the south, west coast, hawaii, guam and was raised by mid-westerners. Not sure where it came from honestly. But I’m betting it’s a mid-west thing.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. James must be hurting so bad right now. It won’t be easy having to be around Lexie so much… especially if she keeps cozying yo to Charlie like that! 😬

    I hope she does try talking to James soon too — calmly and non-confrontationally!

    And hmmm… I am trying to decide how I feel about Charlie after this one. I don’t like the fact that he’s lying to Lexie. She doesn’t need any more dishonesty from any guys in her life! At least it was a relatively harmless lie… but still 😦 I hope he can be more open and “real” with her!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. James is struggling…let’s hope Lexie does find a way to make amends. After all, she’s got her man. Why should she be mad anymore? She has James to thank for getting them together.

      Charlie, otoh, needs to be himself and get to know Lexie. No more lying!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ohhh… now I’m even more mad at Charlie! Dang him…he’s so adorable and then he says what she wants to hear to get close to her. BAD…. He’s fascinated with her, but I think that fascination might soon wear off. Right now it’s cute and she’s nerdy sexy funny. But do they have enough in common to make it work.

    She’s a much better fit with poor James, if only he wouldn’t have also lied to her for so long.

    Then there is still Cory. Wonder when, if, he will come back into the picture.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. You might be right about not having much in common. Will that get old? Chemistry is one thing…but not sharing interests? Hmm…

      She is a better fit for James, it would seem. But this relationship is just starting…wonder where it will take them?

      And YES! Cory is still lurking about. We already know those two are good together. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hm, I was willing to give Charlie a chance, but the fact that he feels it necessary to lie to her about something so trifle as his interest in a book makes me wonder how he would act when if it was something more significant. When you like someone, you want to know everything about them, you care about their interests, you want to bond, you don’t need to pretend. What does Charlie want from Lexie? Is he genuinely interested in her or is it just a game for him? He may have spotted her first, but who know? Maybe he now wants her because James wants her? I wouldn’t put it past him at this point.
    I enjoyed James’ silent suffering. I’m hoping Lexie will eventually find out she has more common with James than with Charlie, despite her crush on him. She wouldn’t be the first one to chase the wrong guy while the right one was right next to her all the time. 😉
    And if everything fails, there’s always Silas the Fiery-haired…
    Nice touch with the Little Jimmy. I hope Lexie will come across more bits of info about James and/or the other Hearthtrobs.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. “When you like someone, you want to know everything about them, you care about their interests, you want to bond, you don’t need to pretend.”
      YES! TY!

      Liked by 3 people

    2. That’s true about sharing common interests and wanting to enjoy what the other is into. But Charlie isn’t going to go that extra mile here. Why? That’s such a good question.

      James is suffering…and he only has himself to blame. If he would have come out way sooner, maybe it would be him kissing her instead. He knows this…but it’s not a fun situation for him to be in.

      Hopefully, Lexie will figure out exactly who is right for her in the end…(it could be either Charlie, James or even Cory at this point…and…Silas? Maybe down the road? I wouldn’t rule out Mr. Fiery Hair.)

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Ohhhhhhhhh, Corey or Charlie… Charlie is a liar, but hot AF. They’d make cute nooboos. But… Corey is the man we all need.


  6. LOL!!! L’il James… 😉

    Well, Charlie uses that as an excuse not to read. He’s just fine without books unlike Lexie and James who share that passion.

    So…I guess you’ve jumped off the Chexie ship?

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Charlie, what?!

    My friend, if you REALLY like her, wouldn’t you want her to know everything about yourself? This smacks of shallow interest, liking her because she’s pretty, or because it’s a competition, or something.
    Man, at least be honest with the girl, as everyone else has pointed out so far, she’s been lied to A LOT, give her a break man.

    Aww, poor James; but you stepped in it my boi; time to pay the piper 😦

    Liked by 3 people

    1. James really did…if only he had confessed to her much earlier, it might be him kissing her instead. He knows this, but it still sux…balls as he says.

      Yeah, Charlie! *Wallup* Whatcha thinkin’, dude???? Maybe his interest in her isn’t that deep. Not yet anyway. He definitely isn’t as into her as James is or as invested, but time can change that.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Meh, I haven’t been much of a Charlie fan, but now I’m over hin completely. Still I can’t decide if I should ship Jexie or Cexie, Corey’s always been the perfect first boyfriend, but people change over the years and Lexie
    doesn’t know him anymore… James is in love with her for who she really is, I mean he pretended to be a girl and ended up being one of her closest friends. That is a whole other level of love for me, I mean if you still love that person knowing things a boyfriend would only learn years into a relationship… So I’m waiting how the Corey storyline plays out, then we’ll see. ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cory was the perfect bf…but like you said, who knows now?

      James…in love for all the right reasons, but will Lexie ever forgive him? And then there’s Charlie whom she’s gaga over.


  9. I have mixed feelings about Lexie being with Charlie. They look great together, but something tells me that if he were to go through a lie detector, it would beep nonstop.

    I feel SO BAD for James, even though he lied to Lexie, impersonating as Jenny. I’ll ship him with Lexie, hoping nothing LAME will happen and no lame excuses if trouble happens.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Giiiirl, he can cook, he has humor, he’s picking you up when you fall… Charlie is the PERFECT boyfriend! (Aside from lying about reading and the affair with “Jenny”, but…)

    Liked by 1 person

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