Chapter 5.49


Can anyone say, weddings, weddings, weddings? Because, yeah, that’s what I was attending for the next three weeks. As I crested my 26th year, it seemed like everyone who wasn’t a rabbit was getting married. (Those who WERE rabbits were getting knocked up. BOTH Reese and Copper were officially preggers! *SCREAM* More toddlers in my future. WAH! They still were going to name their first born James or Jamie. Go figure.)

First, Kate and Kaluah ran off without telling anyone. The paps outed them though.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 6.25.28 AM

I sent a text to Kate with tons of mad, sad, and LIVID emojis, so she sent an apology with this cute pic of them. Awww…I forgave them both and wished them well. They gambled at Lucky Palms for their honeymoon. (I didn’t get gambling, but hey, they had fun.)


The following week was what we in the Sisterhood dubbed “The Eternal Bond of Shadowmoon”. It was the most bizarre wedding I’d ever attended.

The venue gave me…shivers.


It looked like a bargain basement motel that a vampire would stay at.


And once the vows happened, my mouth fell open.

Well, the vows were one sided, really. Lord Bloodmoon promised everything.

Both of them stared at each other for an uncomfortably long time.


Then Lord Bloodmoon fell to his knees, bowing.


Elara glared and sighed. “I’m waiting,” she said in a frightening tone.


Lord Bloodmoon cleared his throat. I felt for the guy. Did he really want to marry…THAT? Brooke, my bff, I could understand, but not…evil Elara.


“I…uh…” He stopped then coughed. My skin prickled. Was he going to back out? Leave her at the altar? I guessed I couldn’t blame him, but I thought he would have bolted by now. It’d been three years!

Then I saw tears in his eyes. He was so touched by what he was about to do!


Placing his hand over his heart, he said, “I promise you, Elara Shadowalker, my total and utter devotion. I will love, honor, cherish and obey you for the rest of my days even into the afterlife. I give you my servitude without question or discontent. I am your slave. Forever and ever.”


Then he lowered his head even further, whispering, “My queen. My adoration. My reason to live.”


Without a word, Elara took Lord Bloodmoon by the neck and forced her fingers into his mouth, making him gag. “You are MINE! Until either your spirit is cast into the depths of eternal damnation or until I’m tired of you, whichever comes first. And if you so much as look at another woman, so help me, I vow I’ll hunt you down and dismember you, watching you die a slow death as your entrails spill out of your despicable, cheating body. Mark my word. It is so.”

Choking, he managed, “It is so.”


Then she trailed her tongue all over his chest and neck as he moaned in pain. I wondered if she had some sort of cage around his dick that would hurt him if… Oh. My. GOD!


“People! Get a room, will you? Not everyone wants to see that!” I yelled at them.

But it was as if that turned them on even more.

James just laughed.


Thank God Brooke and Nathan had a normal wedding about thirty minutes after that scene at a church down the street. Geeze! I wondered if Elara had permanently damaged him. But then I thought, nah…Elara wanted kids. She’d make sure not to hurt Lord Bloodmoon Jr. too much.


Fast forward to the following weekend and I was in Brindleton Bay for my bff from high school, Gabby Cook’s, wedding. She was marrying Cory’s longtime friend and band partner, Wyatt Roth. She’d asked me to be in her wedding, but I was so busy, I could barely manage to come for the ceremony and a little bit of the reception. My other friends from high school were her bridemaids, Mariana Sala and Carly Hamlin.


The vows were so sweet, they made me wistful. My mind wandered to how my life would have been so different if we hadn’t moved away from Brindleton Bay. What if I’d dated Cory that whole time? Would I have married him, stayed in this town, and lived a totally different life? A quiet one.

Something inside me ached for what Gabby had. She was a local hair dresser and Wyatt was a firefighter when he wasn’t playing gigs in his band. How totally cute and adorable was that?


Just then Cory caught my eye and grinned, making me all squishy inside.


I smiled back. Maybe it wasn’t too late. I didn’t have to keep being a super model, did I?

I looked at who I was–even now I was surrounded by my bodyguards. Paps could sniff out where I was at all times. It was like I had a tracker on or something. I hated that. Maybe Cory had the answers I’d been looking for all along.


At the reception, I had fun with my girlfriends. I’d missed all of them so much.


Next, Cory found me and gave me a huge hug. “God, are you real?” he asked. “It’s been too long, Lexie.”


I wiped a tear. I couldn’t believe I was getting this emotional over my old boyfriend.

“You look so…great, Lex. I’ve been watching your star rise this whole time. Velvet’s Secret supermodel? I’m so proud of you. See? I told you that you were the smartest, most beautiful girl on the planet.”


My cheeks grew warm. Was it 90 degrees outside or something? “Thanks,” I said, shyly.


“Oh, hey, I need to thank you,” he said, beaming.

Surprised, I asked, “Why?”

“Because I know it was you who put James Sanderson up to telling his producer to give my band a call. We did a demo for him and was chosen to be the replacements on their boyband label. We’re going to front for the Heartthrob’s last concert! It’s mind-blowing.”


All of this hit me like a tidal wave. Then “Heartthrob’s last concert” knocked me full on as if someone dumped a whole bucket of ice cold water on me. “What?” I asked.


“Oh, shit,” Cory said. “Um…I think I was supposed to keep it a secret about the Heartthrobs splitting. I signed a nondisclosure and everything. Man…but I thought at least you’d know.”

Mind reeling, I felt like James kicked me square in the stomach. But I didn’t want Cory to feel badly.


Putting on the fakest smile, I said, “Oh..yeah…right. I knew! Of course! Because James is my very best friend. He tells me everything.”


“Then you’ll be there, right?”

I shrugged. “Oh, well…I don’t know…”

“Oh, God, Lex, you’ve got to be there! Listen, I’ll leave you a pass for the VIP section, okay? And I’ll meet up with you afterwards. Please say yes.”


Aww…he looked so cute, how could I disappoint him? “Sure, Cory. I wouldn’t miss it.”


Grinning, he said, “It’ll be just like old times.”


I told him I had to leave to catch my plane and promised I’d see him in two weeks for the concert.

As I turned around, my stomach clenched. The Heartthrobs were splitting up and I’d never heard one word about it.


By the time I got back to my place, my blood was boiling. What kind of asshole doesn’t tell his very best friend that his band is splitting up? We’d spent nearly every day together and not once did he mention it. Did he not trust me?

What’s more, he helped Cory’s band be their replacement! And he didn’t think this was news I’d like to know?


Fuming, I pressed his number.




I’d practiced this song so many times, I knew I would nail it at our concert, but I couldn’t help feeling nervous about it. What if she didn’t like it? Just then my phone buzzed.


“Speak of the devil,” I said, chuckling. “Hey, Lexie! Back from Brindleton Bay? How was the wedding?”


What I got was an earful. She was yelling at me so much, I had no idea what the hell she was saying. “Whoa. Slow down. What’s going on?”


She then accused me of not trusting her and that I went behind her back and got Cory’s band and other shit I couldn’t quite understand. “Hold up,” I said, “Did you check your mail? There’s a letter and a VIP pass in there for you that’ll explain everything.”


Instead of listening to me, she started crying then hung up.

“What the fuck, Lexie?” I yelled at the phone. I couldn’t believe she was mad. “Just read your damn mail!” But she couldn’t hear me.


I called her over and over again and sent a ton of texts. But she wouldn’t respond.



I put James on ignore. That would show him. How dare he produce Cory’s band without telling me? And on top of that, not say a word about the Heartthrobs breaking up. It was like he was throwing me into Cory’s arms. Did I tell him I wanted Cory as my boyfriend? I didn’t remember saying anything like that.

I refused to open the letter he mentioned, too. Instead, I crumpled it up and threw it away.

Then, to spite him, (and because I was curious), I went to the concert anyway but only to see Cory. I’d ignore all things Heartthrob. I was so sick to death of them I could scream.

Cory’s band did amazing. I didn’t realize he could even dance. Their theme was so different from the Heartthrobs, too.


They had a mix of tribal dance with breakdance moves. The teens ate it up.


And their sound was indie surf merged with the same kind of “I love you” lyrics all boybands had. A cool blend and unique. Fresh.


Next the Heartthrobs took the stage. Oh. My. GOD!

I didn’t want to watch them, but how could anyone help it? They were epic. No one could come close to their sound, their moves…they just stole the stage wherever they went.


I couldn’t help but watch them. Especially James. He’d taken my breath away from the first time I’d seen him. Even more than Charlie. I remembered how I didn’t want to get swept away by his baby blue eyes, but he was so talented.

How could they break up? And why?

But then I got angry about James not telling me, and I sat down, trying not to look at the monitor we had in the VIP section.


Suddenly, Cory walked in. I popped up, saying, “There’s the next superstar! Cory! You did awesome!”

“You think so?” he asked.

“Oh, God, yes! It was amazing!”


He gave me a hug, squeezing me tight and whispered, “Thanks, Lex. That means a lot.”


He put on a shirt then we chatted for a while. Cory told me all about Surf’s UP’s future plans and what a rush all of this was. I encouraged him to always work hard like the Heartthrobs. But even the mention of them to Cory made me choke up. I had to get out of there before I lost it.


I told Cory I had to go to the bathroom. When I rose, I heard James’ voice echo as the crowd hushed. “What the…?”


James was all decked out in a butterfly jacket by himself on stage.

“I have an announcment to make. With half our band getting married and wanting to move on, it’s time my bandmates go their separate ways.”


The teenagers wailed. Oh my God, you would have thought he’d committed hara-kiri right there on stage. But I had to admit, hearing those words come out of his mouth made me want to shake a fist right along with them.

Once they’d quieted down, he went on, “But I’m happy to announce, I’m going solo.”

More screaming, shouting, cheering. This took me aback even more.

“So, I want to perform the title song of my debut album. I’ve written it for my very best friend. You see, she’s mad at me right now because I didn’t tell her about all of this. I’d wanted it to be a surprise, but I guess I screwed up. Lexie, if you’re out there, I’m sorry and I hope you’ll forgive me.”


“Holy Heartthrob,” I whispered at the monitor, putting my hands on my hips. “What the freak are you up to, James?”


The introduction was a beautiful, melodic piece–so lovely, I was already captured by it.


Then he started singing.

“When I first saw you standing there,

You took my breath away…”


As he sang, the music surrounded him and he stopped playing while stepping on the keyboard.

“You were like a butterfly, flitting in the wind.

I couldn’t capture you, 

No matter how hard I tried.

You had you’re own path to take…


“But I knew you were all that I needed.”

He raised his hands.

“So what do I have to do?”


He jumped down and the screen flashed the words, “Babydoll”.

“To get to be with you….


Babydoll, babydoll, 
Please say yes to me…


“I love you…

Babydoll, Babydoll,

I love you…”


When I heard those words, tears spurted in my eyes as my heart pounded.

I swallowed.

James loved…ME?


I was thinking about why I’d been so angry and upset that he seemed to not care about me. He didn’t tell me about the band splitting. Didn’t tell me he was going solo. And it also seemed as if he just wanted to shove Cory at me.

But I was so wrong.

He did it all for me. Whether I responded to him or not.

With a heavy heart, I looked at poor Cory’s hopeful eyes.

“Cory?” I said. “I…um…I’m sorry. I’ve got to go.”


He looked as if he was thinking then gave me a side smile. “Well, what are you waiting for, Lex? The song’s almost over. Go to him!”


That’s all I needed to hear. I whispered, “Thanks, Cory.” Then I bolted up on stage. (In heels, no less. That was a feat in itself!) And I launched my body right at him.

Plastering a warm kiss on his lips, I wanted to let him know exactly how I felt.


Then I warned, “You better not ever keep something like this from me again.”


Instead of whispering sweet promises in my ear, he said, “Whoa…Lexie! You’re too heavy!” And he fell backwards like a cheap lawnchair.


Rubbing his butt, he whined, “I think you broke my ass.”

“Oh my God, you’re such a baby,” I chided.


Pulling him up, the crowd started chanting, “JA-MIE! JA-MIE! JA-MIE!”

James slipped his arms around my waist and said, “Hear that, babydoll? We have our very own ship name. They love you.”

I giggled, not believing any of this was happening. “I guess so.” Rubbing his face, I said, “We’ve come a long way, huh?”


Next the crowd roared another chant, “KISS! KISS! KISS!”

I looked at him, and asked, “What do you think? Should we?”

He pulled my face to his and said, “We can’t disappoint our fans.”


“But…” I countered. Pressing his lips to mine, he cut off my sentence. I sucked in a breath as he slid his tongue into my mouth, setting every single nerve in me on fire.

Oh, God…I’d forgotten how good he could kiss. My heart exploded into five zillion happy face emojis, and I didn’t even think about the crowd, Cory, Charlie, no one.

It was just me and James.

The one whom I’d loved all this time and didn’t even know it.


Can anyone say, Happily Ever After?

Yeah, I can.


















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  1. Knew it! Yay for Lexie (and James) finally following their hearts ❤️❤️❤️ (And who doesn’t love a big romantic gesture like that? Good job, James 😉 ) And the fall was perfect too 😂❤️ It was all perfect 😛

    Also, woah, I was right about Cory’s band opening for James! I hope this is the start of something great for him! He’s a sweetheart ❤️

    And that Shadowmoon wedding was… there are no words 😂 I’m glad Brooke and Nathan had a normal wedding as themselves afterwards. I hope they have a small legion of insane children someday 😉

    Amazing chapter! I loved all your shots, and it was so satisfying to see Lexie and James finally find each other at last ❤️ Looking forward to their wedding now! 😍

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    1. You were right! I was surprised a lot of people guessed correctly. I’d had the idea for Cory’s band to front for Heartthrob way before anyone said anything. (But I guess it was kind of obvious? Since either Cory was just going to be unknown forever or Lex would use her influence to help him.)

      Shadowmoon! 😂 I was DYING while I was writing that. I think that’s the funniest scene I’ve ever hysterically laughed through. They write themselves. Such great characters. Thank you for giving me the idea for Brooke/Elara. Haven’t had that much fun writing a character since my Dim Sims in the City story days. (I had a silly, evil character who wanted to conquer the world in it. He was fun to get inside his head.)

      Glad you enjoyed the chapter! I had fun doing it. One more! (And it’s going to be long as well.) Should be a beautiful wedding. (Crossing fingers as I haven’t shot it yet!

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  2. Naughty Kate! Skipping out on a glam wedding!!! Still, she looked gorgeous in that dress so I’ll forgive her! 😍

    That was a satisfying conclusion to the drama. I didn’t actually have a ship in this gen but imo James was the best fit for our little Lexie, I’m so happy that she’s happy! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. She WAS naughty! But they thought they’d slip away without all the paparazzi fanfare. People have to remember that they suffer almost as much as James and Lexie do with a fandom that loves them as well. But…they got found out! Dang!

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    1. Yay! I’m glad you liked it all! 😀

      That weird wedding had me in stitches writing it. I hadn’t had that much fun since Dim Sims in the City Days with evil Hunter. Muahahaaa…sigh…those were the days. ❤

      Sorry it's ending. 😥 I'm going to miss writing Lexie and all her antics.

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  3. Yay! I’m glad you liked it! ❤

    Was Cory publicly cucked? That was a private VIP area. But yeah…he understood. He didn't have a chance even though his hopes were high, poor baby. 😥

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    1. Well, that’s very true! 😦 Thankfully, the paps weren’t in on any knowledge of Lexie and Cory as a thing at all. On the outside it looked like she was a friend and she was there for James. So, no public drama for sweet Cory!

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  4. Woot! That was so sweet. ❤️❤️❤️ Super happy she ended up with James. I guess it took a grand gesture like that to make Lexie see what was there. Glad that James got Cory’s band hooked up too.

    All of those weddings. OMG… Shadowmoon wedding was …. ….. …..
    Yeah, no words. Anyway glad they had a traditional one as themselves. Brooke is so sweet, but Elara…. what she gets Nathan to do as Lord Bloodmoon. 😱😱😱

    Great chapter and great job of keeping the suspense to the very end. I really thought Cory for a sec there.

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    1. I’m glad you’re happy with James! ❤ I am, too!!! (Although it was hard to leave poor Cory in that VIP section. He's such a sweet guy.)

      Yeah…WEDDINGS! The bane of my existence. Those were actually easy to shoot. It's the massive one for Lexie that I'm dreading (and yeah, I haven't shot it yet. UGH!) Lexie has too many siblings/parents/inlaws/friends that must be in the shots. I'm crying right now! 😦

      Shadowmoon…omg…that was so much fun to write and shoot. I'm going to miss them! 😥 They're not invited to Lexie's wedding (she's going to make a formal invitation for Brooke and Nathan only.) 😉 Thank you for giving me Nathan. He was THRILLED at the chance to be Lord Bloodmoon to evil Elara's wishes.

      Thank you!!! (I'm glad I had you going through the chapter. I almost left it on that Cory note because the chapter got too long, but I couldn't do that to everyone. We've waited on this moment for a while.)

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      1. I love that Lexie is going to very clearly specify that Brooke and Nathan are invited but Elara and Lord Bloodmoon are not 😂😂😂 and the fact that she even HAS to… lololol

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  5. Should’ve called this chapter Four Weddings and Pammiechick’s Funeral. I don’t know how you managed all that!!! I was feeling sympathy pains the whole time (while enjoying all the incredible work you put into everything). Totally worth it, as always. ❤ ❤

    You kept me guessing all the way until the end too! I wondered if Cory and Lexie might end up together…

    Congrats to her and James. ❤ She's marrying her best friend. Hopefully the fans will go easier on her this time!

    Elara's wedding was so disturbing, hope her husband doesn't get tired of being ordered around, LOL.

    This was such a great climax. Looking forward to Wednesday. ❤ (Totally understand the need for recovery time.)

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    1. It was my funeral (still is! 😥 Have Lexie’s ridiculous one to shoot. You’d think I’d learn.)

      Heh…glad I could make you wonder about Cory. 😉

      Aww…yes, Lex is marrying her best friend. She’s going to be very happy with him. ❤

      Elara…bahahaaa! Lex wondered why he didn't leave ages ago! But I guess he's a sucker for that kind of punishment!

      Yay!!! Climax done…now for the really hard part. Ugh.

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    1. Aww…lol…glad I could be a welcome distraction, but yeah. Hit those books, girl! (English is my favorite subject! Lol!)

      Glad you loved the ending (beginning) ❤️❤️❤️


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    Omg… what a ride!
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    To add to your already massive nooboo pile, kekekekekeke ❤

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    1. I’m about to perish now. Wait until you see Jamie’s wedding. 🙄🙄🙄

      Omg…right? What is Lord Bloodmoon thinking? Lexie’s saying, “Run, dude, run!” But I guess he’s so in love. 😱😱😱

      Hee….glad I could fake even you out for a little while. 😏 But your favorite got the girl in the end! Yay!

      I just dressed four toddlers and a kid—all Lexie’s siblings. I’m barring any of the, from getting pregnant. This is ridiculous! 😩

      Yes…loads of fat nooboos incoming…Lexie will be like a baby making machine! Who would have thought! 😱

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    I’m having a baby 9/27 lol so I might be having to catch up on some chapters! Maybe by the time I’m back to reality Lexie and James will have some too 🤣❤️

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    1. Wow! Congratulations!! 🤰👶🍼🍼🍼

      Here’s to an easy labor and delivery!

      Well…there will only be two chapters to catch up on then I’m taking a break for a while. There will be a new fantasy story, but that will only be updating four times a month, so not too much for you when things settle down. ❤️



    Glad that we got to see Cory!! I was wondering what he and his band were up to!!

    We have finally reached the ultimate decision! I’m SO THRILLED that Lexie chose James to be her love forever and forever! So glad he had a song to sing to her! So sweet!

    I look forward to their wedding! I bet it’ll be geek-tastic!

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    1. Yay! Glad you loved those weddings. One more to go!!!

      Cory is so sweet. He deserves to still be in this story, but it wasn’t to be for him.

      Yes…James got the idea that he needed something big…and it worked!! 🙂

      Geektastic? Well…it’s James’ wedding, too, so there will be a marriage of geek and chic, don’t you worry about that! ❤

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  9. For a moment I was thinking it was going to be Cory. I was yelling at my computer for her not to do it. Getting married to someone just to get away from fame is NOT a reason to get married, but that was where her thoughts were leading.

    I am so glad I waited until after work to read this. I would have had a bunch of 5th graders asking me what was so funny about Earth, the Sun, the Moon, and Gravity, if I had been reading it at work. Explain ShadowMoon to 5th graders? NOPE! Never happening.

    My ship is sailing off into the sunset and I couldn’t be happier.

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    1. LOL! I was hoping to have the James lovers in a fit (although I’m sorry for the Cory shippers out there. 😦 )

      Yes…she really doesn’t know Cory that much to marry him just yet, so if they would have ended up together, they would have had to have dated for a while first.

      James otoh…she knows so well!!!

      LOL! I’m glad you didn’t have to explain about Shadowmoon either…uh… EEK! (But they’re fun to make fun of, huh?)

      Here’s another bottle of champagne!

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