Chapter 7.4


I couldn’t believe how much fun I was having at the performing arts camp! Music was the best! Ms. Eskildsen was so cool, just like I thought she’d be.

As we all settled into our seats, she announced, “So, we’re going to start with violins then guitar and finally, you’ll choose between electric guitar and drums. We’re going to jam at a rock concert at the end of camp and all of you will participate.”

A rock concert! Wow. I totally wanted to play the violin.

She scratched her chin and said, “Let’s get to it!”

When it was my turn, I was pretty awful at it. But since I already knew how to play the guitar, I got used to the violin pretty quickly.

Ms. Eskildsen said I did great!

But dance was the WORST! I mean, I really liked Mr. Irvin. He talked about all the things we were going to learn.

We were going to do ballet, jazz and modern dance (even though I totally didn’t know what that last one was at all.)

“Now, I want to see what you can do. Where your levels of dance experience are. Show me your best moves. If you don’t have experience, don’t worry. We’ll work hard on a dance routine that you’ll do well on.”

Next, he showed us the dance we were going to do.

My stomach clenched. It looked super hard. How was I ever going to dance like that by the end of the month?

Kristie squealed, “That dance is going to be so much fun!”

I laughed. Easy for her to say since she loved to dance. I, on the other hand, had two left feet. But I didn’t mind the challenge.

Once Mr. Irvin finished, he said, “Now, it’s your turn!”

I did my best but…I could tell I was about the worst in the class. Kristie was amazing though!

And Jake…he was like a professional.

Definitely stole the show. Everyone stopped what they were doing and watched him.

Next, Mr. Irvin gave us each a dance partner.

I got Jake. At first I was upset. I mean, I hated the guy. First of all, he was always smirking. So full of himself. Secondly, he tried to look like Jack Rackham. All. The. Time. It was annoying! And third, he was the best at everything! Like why was he here if he was so good? Anyway, by the end of class, I started to warm up to him though. In fact, he taught me a cute dance and we weren’t half bad together!

When we were done, I said, “Hey, Jake. Thanks for teaching me some steps.”

“No prob, Red.” The way he said, “Red”, made me blush! Why oh why did he have to look so much like the love of my life????

The next day, we attended acting class. I was so pumped because acting was my very favorite thing to do. And Mr. Adams was my favorite counselor.

As soon as we settled onto our pillows, Mr. Adams announced, “I have a special visitor coming today. Give a warm welcome to our Theater Director, Mr. Otto Graf!”

In walked a weird dude with an even weirder hat. “Hello, young thespians. Today I have the pleasure to announce I will be having a try out for our new play, Momeo and Truliet, a tragedy.”

Mr. Adams cheered behind him.

Momeo and Truliet! My favorite play! Oh, I hoped I could be Truliet. But if not, I just wanted a part. Any part! Even if it was Truliet’s ugly step sister! Acting like a villain was the best.

Mr. Graf went on, “All those who wish to be in the play, meet in the theater tonight after dinner to sign up. We’ll hand out the scripts and have our first try outs the following afternoon.”

“SCRIPTS!” Mr. Adams punched his arms like it was the best thing since dessert.

“And don’t forget. when you’re performing, leave who you are at the door and…

“BECOME the character!” He made a strange laugh sort of like a master villain. “Muahahaaaa!”

This was going to totally ROCK!

Once I got my hands on the script, I wasted no time and dashed to my room to study. Goodness! There were so many parts! Which one should I choose?

I thought about Truliet. So beautiful and sweet. Could I act like that?

I remembered seeing the movie and I certainly wasn’t anything like Truliet. She had dark hair and was super de duper gorgeous. I was just a normal looking redheaded girl.

And OH. MY. GOD!

She had to KISS Momeo!!!!

I sighed. I didn’t mind kissing. I’d kissed my crush in fifth grade. Then he got annoying and I hid from him for two weeks. It was kind of hard since we were in the same classes. But I put on sunglasses and said I was sick. Poor guy got the message. I felt badly for him, but I was a dumb kid and didn’t know what to do.

Well, this was for the art. And I’d kiss a frog if I could be Truliet.

I’d studied all night until my eyes grew heavy and I fell asleep.

Next afternoon, the kids who wanted to try out all rushed over to the acting center.

It was where some movies were shot. Different sets would be on display for us to act in. Our theater director actually acted in movies sometimes! He was almost FAMOUS! Well, no one could compare to my grandpa, but still. I thought he was super talented.

I could tell since he was very dramatic. He threw up his arms and projected his voice even when he was giving us instructions.

I couldn’t wait to do my scenes. I’d decided I’d try for Truliet but seriously, I only wanted the wicked step sister part. She had red hair like me. And she threw on an evil grin all the time. I’d practiced it over and over.

“Okay, thespians, it’s time to show me what you’ve got! You may try out for whatever parts you wish, BUT the part you earn will be the part I believe you’re the best for so no tears! You are professionals so if you don’t get what you want, that’s the breaks. No sniveling. Got it?”

I was prepared. Even if I was just the maid, it was going to be fun just being on stage.

“Sure, Mr. Graf!” I said.

“Who’s he kidding?” Jake said in a hushed voice. “There’s going to be all kinds of wailing if people don’t get what they want.”

“Well, I’m going to be Truliet, so I won’t cry,” Pheobe said. Oh brother. I hoped she didn’t get that part. She’d lord it over all of us.

I wanted Kristie to get that part. She was the prettiest. And a very good actress. Before we entered to center, I put my arm around her and said, “I’m rooting for you to be Truliet! Do your best!”

She gulped. “I’m so scared, Shy. I’ve got jitters in my knees and my stomach hurts.”

I pulled on her and said, “Oh come on! You’ll do great. I know it. You’re going to be the best Truliet ever!”

“You think so?” she asked hesitantly.

“I know so.”

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15 thoughts on “Chapter 7.4”

  1. All the kids have such cute hairstyles, I’ve really neglected my kid and toddler hairstyles for so long–you’ve inspired me to download more, LOL. And I love Ms. Eskildsen’s hairstyle, but for all I know it comes with a pack and I already have it…

    Anyway, enough cc talk–this was another cute chapter. ❤ It's fun to see Cheyenne in her element, even if she's not confident enough to try out for the lead role. Acting's in your blood! Who knows, maybe she'll get picked anyway? 😉 But then that might start a spat with the other girls…

    Still want to know what's up with Jake! I'm not convinced he's a nobody just yet…

    Bring on the play! That's always a fun plotline. 😁

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    1. Hairstyles…I follow candycotton on tumblr and get all my hair cc there. 😉

      As for Ms. Eskildsen, she came with that hairstyle. It’s in the Sulani pack.

      Acting is in Cheyenne’s blood! Her grandfather will attest to that! But it’s hard when you’re 12 to believe in yourself that much. So in order to cope, she’ll settle.

      Jake…well, we’ll find out more about him later. At least Cheyenne doesn’t hate him anymore.

      Yes, the play! It’s coming soon!

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  2. This was super de duper cute! 😊 Of course she’ll be Truliet! And Jake will be Momeo. Lol. Or not. Not sure what you have up your sleeve there, but they are dance partners and she is warming up to him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thought I responded to this! 😮

      Aww…we’ll see if she’s Truliet! The competition will be fierce! But Cheyenne will be okay with a supporting role.

      Dance partners with JAKE! ❤ Maaaybe she'll get the next best thing to Jack Rackham?

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  3. Ms Eskildsen “that was… great 😑”
    dw, keep practicing violin, you’ll get better!

    Man, I wish my summer camps were that much fun 👀

    Cheyenne’s going to learn some great stuff here, and maybe acquire a new crush.. ?

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    1. ROFL! You saw right through Ms. Eskildsens lie. 😉 Poor music teachers. She only has a month to work with them!

      I think Cheyenne will have a ball at this camp and maaaaybe find a new crush? We’ll see…

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  4. Aww Phoebe, I’ll root for you, baby girl 😂

    In all seriousness, very cute chapter! The counselors are all such fun personalities, and the kids are adorable… especially that Jake 🤔 Getting a little crush, ey Cheyenne? 😉 Or is it really just because he’s very suspiciously identical to your fave celeb? 🤔😈

    Can’t wait to see how auditions go!!!!

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    1. Phoebe will try her best!!!

      Thanks! Yeah, the counselors are their own unique brand of personality! And with the little kids, well, it’s a lot of fun. Maaaaybe Cheyenne will develop a crush on Jake? We shall see…

      Auditions next up!

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  5. What a cute chapter! It’s good that Cheyenne no longer hates Jake! So cute that they were dance partners and that she blushed when he called her Red. Would love to learn more about him.

    Hope Cheyenne gets the part of Truliet! I know Jake will get the part of Momeo. Looking forward to those auditions!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yay! Cheyenne doesn’t hate Jake. We’ll find out a lot more about him in the chapters ahead. (Might take a bit though…)

      Crossing fingers for Cheyenne and that Truliet part! Auditions next chapter!

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  6. Great chapter. Thank you for making Otto Graf the wild and crazy guy that he is I wonder….maybe the real Jake Rackman will make an appearance as Momeo in the play! Hold on to the drama! lol Or….is Jake really Jake Rackman or maybe his twin? Hmmm…he is a mystery guy. There is more to him than we are led to believe. Can’t wait to see these auditions. I am rooting for Cheyenne or Kristie to get the lead. Girl Power!


    1. Otto Graf is so easy to write! I love all his outfits! Sure makes it easy on me to figure out who he is that way.

      As for Jake…we’ll find out more about him soon. 😉 Whether he’s related to Jack…or just some doppelganger.

      Auditions next! I’m rooting for Kristie and Cheyenne too! 😉

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