Chapter 7.17


I’d given up all hope of dating Cheyenne. Hell, I’d never had to chase women before. They usually came to me. And I liked it like that.

I couldn’t understand why Cheyenne’s gorgeous red lips, her bright red hair and her tight jeans that showed her even tighter ass was now playing a never ending loop in my mind.

Vance said it was because it was the thrill of the chase. Hunter preying on pheasant. And once I got said quarry, I’d get bored and move on. I wondered if he was right.

Still…it was hard, but I’d decided not to think about her anymore. Vance, Dax, and I were headed to a party on the swanky side of town. Vance’s cousin knew a girl who was freaking rich and we were going to have the run of her father’s mansion–pool tables, hot tubs, and loads of hot babes. Just the ticket to get my mind off things.

Passing by the library, I noticed a familiar face.

My insides did a nosedive when I saw none other than Cheyenne Day holding hands with another guy.

“Damn,” I whispered.

Cheyenne had told me she was in a play but I was too interested in kissing her to really listen. And here it was. The opening night was in just a few hours.

Something clicked inside.

Turning to my friends, I said, “Hey, guys, listen, I just remembered I forgot to feed the cat before I left. But I’ll catch up with you later at the party.”

Vance’s eyes narrowed. “But…you don’t own a cat.”

“Yeah dude,” Dax added, “what the frick?”

“It’s my professor’s cat. Anyway, just go on without me, okay?” I said with my don’t-argue-with-me voice. This was code for I’m-going-to-hook-up-with-a-girl so don’t bother me.

The two shrugged and went on without me.

I took another look at the banner. Landgraab Theater was on the other side of town far away from the party but I didn’t care. Cheyenne was going to go out with me. I wouldn’t take no for an answer.

The play was actually a musical and a comedy. It wasn’t my thing but I got a few laughs out of it. And I liked listening to Cheyenne sing. Her voice was something special. Goosebumps prickled over me at one point in the song.

The girl was talented–that was for sure. Of course, I knew nothing about acting but I could tell she was a natural up there.

When the play was over, everyone spilled out into the atrium. I’d bought some roses to give her, hoping a little bribe might help tumble down those walls she’d put up in front of me.

But it looked like she was surrounded by her family.


It was so fun to see my family together in one spot. Since I’d gone to college, we rarely got together except for Christmas. Oasis Springs is four hours from Britechester and five from Del Sol Valley. Grandma Lexie and Grandpa Cory couldn’t make it because Brindleton Bay was too far and my opening night wasn’t exactly an earth shattering event but at least Mom and Dad could come. Of course Grandpa was there. I got to see him practically every week.

“So, did it not suck?” I asked, my heart still beating from the excitement of doing the play. I always got such a rush when I heard laughter or applause.

My brother shot gun fingers at me and said, “You knocked us dead, Sis.”

“Oh, God, Kian,” Phoebe said. “That’s not what she wants to hear.”

I laughed. My brother meant well, but he could be awkward sometimes.

“That was an amazing performance, sweetheart! Come here!” Grandpa reached out his arms.

He swept me up into a bear hug. “I think you’re ready for the big time.”

He always said that. It was like his catch phrase for me. I giggled and said, “Thanks, Grandpa.”

“What about your old dad? I need a hug, too, you know.”

“Dad,” I whispered, hugging him close, “I missed you.”


A huge problem for me was Cheyenne’s grandpa was a freaking mega movie star. Honestly, I didn’t give a shit about it. I mean, I really didn’t like going to movies. Couldn’t even tell you what the latest shows were or who starred in them. The only reason I’d recognized and knew who James Sanderson was was because my friends in high school made me see the Vindicators one night when we were binging shows. Afterwards, I’d made them promise not to bug me about watching again. I liked sports documentaries or the odd war history drama, but that was it.

And now I was staring into the face of a goon. Probably Mr. Sanderson’s body guard.

“Sorry,” the goon growled. “Mr. Sanderson isn’t giving out autographs. Now move along and allow him some privacy with his family.”

Shit. How was I supposed to talk to her now?


I smiled after Dad hugged me. “Glad you liked it, Dad. I was kind of nervous it wouldn’t be your thing.”

“You’re right, Chey,” Mom said, giggling. “Your dad isn’t really into Fakespeare.”

He countered, “It could have been a spoof on alien invasions for all I care. You still would have nailed it to me.”

Aww…Dad was so sweet. To him, I was still his little girl and hey! I’d take it!

Just then, Mark Jackson, Grandpa’s bodyguard, interrrupted. “Excuse me, Miss Cheyenne. This guy says he’s your boyfriend. Is that true?”

I glanced over to see Zachary and my stomach fluttered. He came all the way out here to see my play? I had to hand it to him. He didn’t give up. And honestly, after the talk I’d had with Kristie, I was tired of turning him down. But I figured I’d tease him just a bit for his lie. “I don’t have a boyfriend, Mark.”

Throwing a finger out at poor Zachary, Mark shouted, “Okay, clown, I’m going to say this for the last time. Leave the family alone or I’ll escort you out of here myself!”

The stricken look on Zachary’s normally pompous face made me laugh.

But I was touched he’d actually come all the way out here to watch my play. And he was even holding a dozen roses. “It’s okay, Mark. He’s a friend.”

“Are you sure?” he asked.

I nodded.

“Okay then if he gets out of line, just let me know.”

My stomach turned to knots almost instantly when our eyes met. “Hi,” I said, shyly.

“You look gorgeous as usual.” His pompous face was back. But I liked it.

Handing me the roses, he said, “These are for you. Did a great job up there.”

“So…” I said, “you like Fakespeare then?”

Twisting his lips, he said, “I like you. Come on, Cheyenne. Go out with me.”

My heart squeezed and before I could answer, I heard Grandpa say, “Go on, sweetheart! You don’t have to stay around us old people. Have fun!”

Mom pulled my arm and whispered, “He sure is cute.”

Smiling, I said, “He is. And he knows it.”

She laughed along with me.

Rubbing his hands together, Zachary said, “Look, that’s okay, I don’t want to take you from your family. Just…uh…can I come by tomorrow night and pick you up? 7 o’clock?”

Fireworks were going off in my head as my heart pounded. “Sure. See you then.”

7 thoughts on “Chapter 7.17”

  1. Gimme a moment. I’m still recovering from silver fox Liam 😂😍

    It was nice to see everyone again, and Cheyenne looked so beautiful her costume! I’m glad she’s giving Zachary another chance. There definitely seems to be a spark there…. something maybe beyond pure lust? I look forward to them hanging out under circumstances where they can both remember it clearly! 😂

    Looking forward to the next one! I was so happy when I saw that you updated 😁❤️


  2. Hee hee! Liam sure did age well! 😍

    They’re finally going out! Will it be a love connection? 😂

    Glad I could finally post it. I’d had most of it done last week but got so busy! Heh…hubby REALLY needs to go back to work so I can do my sims stuff! 😜

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, entitled professor taking advantage of a student’s cat-sitting services. 😉 Great excuse.

    Loved the stage setup!! And the dress looked so good on Cheyenne.

    “I don’t have a boyfriend, Mark.” LOL. Looks like all’s well that ends well…but it’s not ending anytime soon, not with all those bachelors!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! Yeah…not ending anytime soon, or maybe this relationship will end ubruptly? Who knows?

      That dress was a backup from the one I really wanted that Natalie Auditore had but the cc conflicted and didn’t show up when I put it on her. 😦 But this one did well as a stand in. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  4. WHAT?! There’s not another chapter?! There was I, happily bopping along before work when I realized there was no next chapter button. Well, poop-ola.

    As usual, I love all the love interests, but I have to admit I’m leaning towards Jack the most. Chey is a sweetie, and I love the spoof names you give things. I’m looking forward to seeing more of what you do with her on set, being a film industry addict the way I am. There’s nothing like standing mere feet from A-listers and doing your best to remind yourself that they’re just people too, and their crap stinks just as much! (my fav dude is Dwane Johnson. He’s such a sweetie! Not that he has any idea who I am, but there ya go.)

    As for what you have planned for this gen, I’m VERY NERVOUS. It’s been a long while since I saw the “suggested” plan for the gens, and I don’t really remember past gen 4. I don’t like the way the dudes described and talked about Chey. It was as if… Nope. I’m not gonna say it. :X

    I hope you can get back to this little beauty. In the meantime, Dim Sims is loads of fun to read!

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    1. I just saw this comment!

      I’m actually in the middle of writing the next chapter and this story will be continuing soon! Hubby is back to work so I can work on it with great fervor. Missing your story as well! Hope all is good with you!

      And yes…you should be NERVOUS because I am following the “plan” but things won’t heat up for a while. 😉 You’re the only one who caught onto how the guys were describing Cheyenne but hey! Let’s not think about that. 😉

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