Chapter 5.50u


Sexual situations, nudity


Dad and Beau told James and me about visiting Selvadorada when they were our age. James had a lot of time off since he wasn’t set to tour for a while. and I just needed a break.

Oh. My. GOD!

First of all, the place was definitely the garden of Eden. Why the hell it took me this long to visit was a crime to my inner peace.

Once we’d arrived, I took a selfie right away (along with about 600 other pictures of everything right down to the fluttering butterflies which were EVERYWHERE!)


James was so cute. He wanted to plan out everything and surprise me. He’d rented out this gorgeous cabin in the town square (which was super convenient for getting our supplies when we went hiking.)


A little jetlagged, we chilled in our bedroom for a bit until it was time to eat dinner. I gazed out the window, feeling so happy just to be here with my boyfriend. We’d been hassled so much for the past six months ever since James announced his love for me publicly. Right now, we were the “It” couple and the paps were a thousand times worse than ever before. BUT no one knew who we were in this little country. It was a welcome break.


James picked at a tear in his jeans. He seemed nervous for some reason.


Pulling on my arm, he said, “Babydoll, let’s go hiking before the sun sets. I’m going stir crazy.”


“Are you kidding me?” I said, pulling him up on the bed and snuggling into him. “Don’t you just want to relax? We’ve got nothing to do. No schedules. No fans to avoid. It’s just you and me and that gorgeous Selvadorada view to keep us company.”


Yanking me up off the bed, he said, “I know. That’s why I want to hike INTO that view. Come on. You’re going even if I have to drag you.”

I giggled and yelled, “Put me down, you Neanderthal. That’s not how you treat a woman. You can’t just drag me wherever you want to go.”


Dipping me near the bed, he said, “Oh yeah? Looks like I’m doing a pretty good job. Want to stay and do something else?”


I arched an eyebrow. “I’m game if you are.”


“Nope. You’ll have to wait until after our hike.”

Jerking back, trying to get out of his arms, I said, “Nooo…wait! I want to staaaaay!”


We both collapsed on the bed, laughing. Pulling me into his arms, James said with a serious look on his face, “Listen, Lexie, I’ve heard the falls are really romantic here, and I’d love to take you there. Won’t let me?”

Awww…when he put it that way, how could I refuse?



He was soooo right. The falls were AMAZING! I felt like I’d just stepped onto the set of Jurassic Planet. Looking around for dinosaurs rumbling out of the mist, I squealed inside. It was so surreal. Just then, I caught James staring at me. “What?” I asked. “Do I have spinach on my teeth?”


“No…you’re just…beautiful.”


Then he took my hand and dropped on one knee.

I didn’t hear a word he said because I was freaking out so much. (And the falls were thundering like a herd of elephants behind me.)


But once he slipped a huge rock on my left finger, it didn’t matter. I was a blubbering, ugly crying mess. All I could do was nod furiously. YES! Yes, I’ll marry the man of my dreams. My best friend, lover, person I wanted to be with for the rest of my life.


Rubbing off my tears, he said, “See why I wanted to come here so badly?”

I nodded again. What happened to my words? I usually always blabbed. But he took my breath away. I was so in love.


“I love you,” he whispered. Then he gave me a sweet soft kiss.


I had no idea how long we were there, but we just gazed at each other, reveling in what just had happened. I was going to marry James Alessandro Sanderson. I couldn’t wait.



The wedding came along so quickly, I couldn’t believe it. It’d seemed like yesterday, not a year ago, that James had asked me to marry him. Mom zipped up my wedding dress as nervous jitters buzzed through me.


James’ mom, Silvia Ventura, said in her thick, Italian accent, “Cosi bella…your granddaughter is beautiful, Nonna Siobhan.”

“She is…just like her mother,” Grandma said.

James’ mother had flown out from Italy for the ceremony. I’d spent a few days with her. She was so sweet, and a famous singer in her own right, which made me kind of nervous. But get her with James’ father, Liam, and the two fought like vipers warring over a mouse. Yeah…James was the mouse. We thought about separating them at the ceremony, but it was a tiny chapel. I opted for a small ceremony–best friends and family only. We also kept paparazzi at bay by promising to give them pictures, otherwise, we’d have helicopters flying over the venue.


Mom adjusted my veil. “You think this color of lipstick is okay, Mom?” I asked. I wanted to look perfect for James. He was a stickler about his own makeup when he was Jenny. (But he didn’t mind what I wore and always said I looked beautiful even if I didn’t have any makeup on and slummed around in cut offs and a t-shirt.)



Once everyone was ready, we all piled into a limo, and ferried to an exclusive resort. I’d let it slip that I felt our life was a fairy tale and our wedding should definitely be one. I didn’t think he’d take that so literally! He actually found a fairy chapel in the woods only two hours from San Myshuno!


Organ music of the song, Babydoll, rang through the chapel.

Our eyes locked and he gave me a smile which always made me swoon.

Pinch me! Was I dreaming or what?


Every nerve hummed as Dad walked me down the aisle. It was a fairy dream come true (and it helped that I had the Sisterhood wear fairy costumes to complete the fantasy.)


My eight year old brother, Brayden, winked at me–that kid was always clowning. Even on my most special day! Rylie, Mom and Jack’s daughter, was milling around beside him while the triplets were playing hide and seek. I decided not to worry about it. It was just the family here with all our besties. And besides, they’d start screaming if Uncle Beau said anything to them.


As Dad brought me to James, he bent down and kissed me, saying, “I love you, sweetheart.”

I noticed Colin and James’ brother, Carter, smiling as James pulled me close to him. I was shaking like a scared kitten!


Honestly, our vows were a blur. I couldn’t keep from tearing up as I told him how much he meant to me–that he was my best friend, my once-in-a-lifetime, the love of my life. I promised him everything I could give and more. He’d always let me be the crazy person I was and I told him I promised I wouldn’t make him crazy. (I got a lot of laughs on that one.) And I promised I’d always work on us because we were worth every last blood, sweat and tear. “I’ll always love you, baby,” I said at the end.


James’ vows to me were in a poem which was the most beautiful thing he could give me.

“Alexis Bianca Day,

On this day,

I give you my heart,

My promise,

My vow,

That I will walk with you,

Arm in arm,

Wherever our path takes.

Laughing, loving, learning,



You’re my best friend,

My super hero,

My geeky sweetheart,

My babydoll.

I love you.

I always will.”


Swept up in a cauldron of emotion, we kissed, sealing our love for one another. I was in heaven. Truly.


And I didn’t even notice the little marauders throwing around rose petals and screaming their lungs out.




Once we arrived home from our honeymoon, James wanted to go shopping. He said all my clothes were rags and he’d like to buy me something special.

Rags. I laughed. I had the best designers on my favorites list in my phone. But he was insistent, soo…how could I say no to my sweet hubby? Let him spoil me!

“Here?” I whined. It was the mall. And yeah, we were wearing our disguises, but I had nightmares about crafty paparazzi sniffing us out. I mean…the mustache James made me wear was kind of laughable.

“Yes, here, Lexie. Don’t worry. No one will recognize us.”


“But Damien, the clerk, knows us.”


“He knows me as Jenny. Not you in your disguise. Now come on! No stalling.”


“But it’s never going to work. Can’t we go to Gratus Couture? They’ll be discreet.”

He kept a grip on my arm. “Lexie…I know what I’m doing. Do you think I want fans to find out?”

He had a point there, so I relented.


When we got to the shop, James said, “So, Damien, did you get the things I ordered put into the dressing room?”


“Of course, Jenny, dear. They’re hanging up in dressing room one.”


“Thanks ever so much,” James said, giving the guy a little wink. I rolled my eyes. He was over-doing it.


Grabbing my hand, he whispered, “Come on!”

“But won’t he think it’s weird if I come with you?” I hissed.

“He doesn’t care. You’re my HUSBAND!”


Once inside, I plopped off that itchy, hot wig and mustache and started undressing so I could try on the clothes. I wondered why James flung off his jeans and underwear. But those thoughts didn’t last two seconds when he pounced.

“Wha…what are you doing?” I breathed.

“Do you want me to stop?” he said, not stopping. Not stopping at all. I couldn’t think straight.


Hitting him, I whispered, “Won’t Damien hear us?”


“He’s busy with other customers, babydoll, but I’ll stop if you want me to.”

Liar. He had no intentions of stopping because he knew I wouldn’t say no. How could I? He knew exactly how to turn me on.

Breathing heavy, I said, “But what if…someone…wants to use the dressing room?”


He exhaled in my ear, sending shivers down my neck. “Then we’ll be quick. Okay?”


GOD! I couldn’t believe we were doing it in a dressing room at Ever After Boutique. But oh…it was SOOOO hot. Not gonna lie.


We were both done in record time, panting and clinging to one another in sweat.


Then I chuckled, rubbing the little patch of stubble on his cheek that he’d missed. “Was this on your bucket list, baby?” Can anyone say I’ve got the cutest, adorable, most sexy husband on the planet?


“It was…I’d always wanted to do this with you ever since I fell in love with you back when I was Jenny. What do you think?”


“I think I want to have your babies.”

He laughed then kissed me, making me want to do it again. If I wanted kids, we’d have to start somewhere.

Oh. My. GOD!

What was I saying????



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