Chapter 5.17u


NSFW: Nudity


I could not believe Jenny Sanderson was my actual roommate! I seriously must have bathed in four leaf clovers as a child.

The following morning, I watched as she surveyed all my glorious Charlie Tsui posters, wondering how she was going to make my dreams come true. Would we meet under a starry sky, eyes connecting, hearts flying? For sure it was going to be love at first sight. Well, on my end anyway, that’d already happened.


“Well, there’s a few things I can do with this, Lexie, darling,” Jenny said, chewing on her pinky. She was beyond adorable! It was like living with a life sized Barbie doll.


“You want to stick candles underneath them and make a shrine?” I asked. I was totally half kidding, thought I’d get a laugh, but she still chewed on her finger, thinking.


I actually thought they looked good on that wall. It’d be bare otherwise. Charlie was the cutest guy I’d ever laid eyes on. My heart hammered in my chest just staring at his picture. And in person, he was even dreamier. Why did she have to mess with perfection? But I’d do anything if it made Jenny happy, including changing up a few things in our room.


I sat down at the computer as I had a few emails to answer.

“Just leave it to me, sweetheart. I’ll make this room sing. Would you care if I changed out the bed and added another one? My favorite color is purple and I think that would be just the color to make it fresh.”


“Do what you wish, Jenny. I trust you!” And I did. Her taste in clothing, jewelry, makeup was all to-die-for stunning. What could go wrong?


We sat on the bed, chatting for a while. Jenny had two brothers–her twin and an older brother, Gentry, who lived with their father in San Myshuno after their parents’ divorced. Jenny and James lived in Italy with their mother until they were twelve–James always played instruments, Jenny liked fashion. Their lives changed when James tried out for Italy’s version of the Voice and won. He was instantly chosen by a US producer to be the frontman of The Heartthrobs and Jenny came along hoping to find her way in the fashion industry. When that didn’t happen, she took to vlogging and the rest was history on her side.

“You’d be perfect for James, honey. He likes sweet, funny girls. In fact, he’d like any girl. He never dates. Let me set you two up. M’kay?”

“But Jenny, like I’ve told you….Charlie is my man. Can’t you set me up with him?” I didn’t want to tell her I thought her brother was an insufferable snob–so unlike the down to earth nature of his sister. I adored her already!


Her face fell as she sighed. “Charlie? I-I think he has a girlfriend…I’m almost sure of it.”

This gutted me. “Really? The tabloids don’t mention one.”

Darting her eyes around, she said, “H-He’s really good at hiding her…Well, I need to get ready for bed. Lack of sleep is horrendous on my eye bags.”

“Pshaw,” I scoffed. “You? Eye bags?” I jumped up, flicking through my closet. “But I have them, so you’re right. Let’s get dressed for bed.”


I whisked off my shirt and bra when I heard a gasp behind me.

“What ARE you doing, darling? Wait until I hit the bathroom at least before you undress.”


I sucked in my breath, covering myself. “Are you…gay?” I cried. I couldn’t believe I just undressed in front of a lesbian. How rude of me!


“…I’m not gay, honey, not at all.”

“Whew,” I said, letting out a breath. “Well, that makes things easier.” I dropped my arms and scratched an annoying itch on my back. “Then why are you blushing?”

She blinked rapidly and said, “Um, I-I was raised Catholic. Very strict. I’m just not used to…seeing…those…huge…”


She turned around and slipped away into the bathroom.

Strange. I guessed different people had different boundaries. I could live with that.



I had to get control of myself or I’d be outed in no time. Thank fuck for roomy dresses. My dick was harder than a flag pole on a cold day.


But who the hell could blame me? She was a vision. Like a goddess who hid behind huge shirts, bad hair and glasses.


I didn’t know what possessed me to set something like this up. It was a stupid idea that was going south by the minute.

I’d always been told all my life that my pretty face was wasted on a guy, so when my fame got crazy, I decided to go out in public as a girl. It wasn’t hard. I bought a wig, watched a few makeup tutorials, found a dress and voila. Jenny Sanderson was born.

It worked.

No one noticed me. I could run around, shop, eat at restaurants without getting mobbed. But then I started liking it. The clothes. The makeup. All the fun of changing the way I looked. Guy’s styles were for shit. But women’s…the creativity was astounding.

I was hooked.

Fast forward a year, I decided to start vlogging. Had no clue I’d be good a making videos. It was fun, too, and a welcome break from my Heartthrob stuff. But when I started getting depressed, I had to get out and take a break or I was going to crack. That’s when I found Alistair Scott’s book, RE-IMAGING. He said to let go of yourself and become someone else. Just for a little while. To de-stress. It sounded exactly like what I needed.


He cross-dressed, too, and told about how he’d found an apartment complex that liked to rent to women when he went to college. Being around girls helped him forget about his problems and really focus on other people. So, when I saw Lexie’s ad on Sim’s List, I felt as if a way had opened for me to do something similar.

To re-imagine my life for just a month. Sort of like a re-boot.


I’d met Lexie earlier at the end of a show. I was very attracted to her. Had no intention of ever calling her even though her dumb friend gave both Charlie and me her number. But it was too coincidental that her ad popped up at just the right time for me.

I felt as if it was fate.

But now I was beginning to think I’d made a mistake. How could I live with a girl I was attracted to? It was going to take a lot of willpower on my part.

I figured I’d survive the four weeks and maybe get her to go out with me. The real me. Then she’d forgive me once I had to tell her the truth.

I hoped.



When I walked into my room, I shuddered. “Oh. My. God. What have you done?”


Jenny blew on her fingers she’d just painted. “What, sweetheart? Don’t you like the changes? We now have a huge closet. And I told you that you could wear any of my things. We’re like sisters! What’s mine is yours!”


James Sanderson literally girated acrossed my walls. If it wasn’t so bizarre I might have laughed. But the worst was my poor Charlie!


I soooo wasn’t happy.


I was envisioning Jenny’s barbie doll head flinging off like all the ones I used to play with as a kid. Grrr…


Jenny flew to my side and said, “You don’t like it, honey? The beds are too big? The closet too enormous? Tell me, dollface, and I’ll fix it!”


Pointing, I said through clenched teeth, “Why don’t we start with that monstrosity over there.”

“Huh?” she cried. “But that’s my very talented, very sweet, very nice, oh-what-a-catch twin brother! You can’t mean for me to take those down!”


“Try me.”


“But sweetheart, you said I could change anything I wanted in the room. Don’t you think I deserve a little leeway, seeing how I have to share a room and not have my own? And didn’t you promise me that you trusted my judgement on these matters?”


“Did you throw my things away?” I was ready to throw punches. CHARLIE!


“Look, I didn’t throw anything away. All of those…things…are in the basement, ready to be put back after I leave. Won’t you just deal with it for just a few weeks?”

She had a point. And what was the big deal about seeing that narcissistic James every morning? At least I had his sister with me. Maybe if she felt bad enough, she’d at least let me meet Charlie again. I’d promise not to bolt like a horse fleeing from a fire this time. But I had to act really angry so maybe she’d feel sorry for me.


Sighing in defeat, I said, “Oh…all right.”

“That’s my girl.”

I shook my head. “I don’t know why you’d want to look at your brother like that anyway…it’s kind of…weird.”

“But sweetheart, those posters aren’t for me. They’re for…” she shot gun fingers at me and crooned, “YOU!”



Draping her arm around me, she said, “You’re going to succumb to his devilishly handsome looks and ask me to set you up. I can feel it in my bosom.”

I laughed. “When hell freezes over.”


She kissed my cheek and sang, “I hear there’s an ice storm gathering over hell right now. You’ll see.”









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23 thoughts on “Chapter 5.17u”

  1. Ha! I called it…It totally makes sense that he would have done that in the beginning. Then he got hooked on it. OMG…..hysterical…I wonder if she will catch on…and I must say, she does have a nice rack! Man…those genes were good to her.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. She got all the best genes. Those jubblies came all the way from…ALEX! He had a HUGE rack and got rid of them first thing. And Briar’s aren’t too shabby…so…

      Yeah…James is a cross-dressing fool. He loves it and I doubt he’ll ever stop even when he’s found out. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m dead here. He fcking placed wardrobe in front of Charlie’s face poster! I have no idea how he’s going to get out of this and stay at least friends with Lexie, but I can’t wait to see that!
    I loved Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie and I of course loved the good old Some Like It Hot movie. This generation isn’t any less hilarious and awesome than those. I’m loving James even though he’s bonkers. 😀

    Liked by 3 people

    1. LOL! James is insane! But he knows exactly what to do to a rival. 😉

      You know…James doesn’t know the way out either. He just hopes she’ll fall madly in love and not care in the end. Fantasy. True…but he’s a superstar, so they have high dreams.

      I loved Tootsie, too, and this does remind you of that a bit! 😉 Some Like it Hot…one of my favs!!! I’m feeling very honored to be mentioned in the same breath! James is a bit bonkers, but lovable!!! ❤

      Liked by 2 people

    1. LOL!

      I do hope James has a little self restraint and won’t do THAT!!! (He’s not a fan of Twilight so he won’t be staring at her all night…he’ll be sleeping, too.)

      Liked by 3 people

  3. Lover WitcHazard: Good for you James so what if you like dressing up in women’s clothes its 2018 you do you boo!😘 Also it perfectly fine to be want to bone your roomate it’s just in the case you’re not suppose to have bone! Hehehe

    Dark WitcHazard: Your face is too good for a guys face! Wow #gendershaming! Also am I the only one who thinks he looks okay as a woman and a man just me ok! But the levels of deceit Im so proud!😭

    Shipper WitcHazard: You’re crafty devil this plan is crazy so crazy it just might work in the backwards thinking world of RomCom!

    Anti Shipper Sign: So he’s okay with having his female sister persona have a anime sibling love styled obesssion with her brother aka himself! If that’s not narcissistic I don’t know what is!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Anti–yes…James is a bit on the narcissistic side. How did you guess? 😉

      Shipper–seriously wouldn’t work in the real world like this, but I’m glad you’re seeing the rom comedy of it and giving a bit of a pass! 😉

      Dark–yes…gendershaming abounds even in 2018!!! So…you think he looks okay as a woman and okay as a man? He just doesn’t do it for you, Dark. 😉

      Lover–LOL! So true! <2


        1. He did indeed. 😉 When he first thought of it, he had no intention of dating Lex, so he didn’t care whether he was found out that much.

          Liked by 1 person

  4. Totally worth the wait! So it was James in drag all along. “My dick was harder than a flag pole on a cold day.” -> xD. That was hysterical seeing how he in drag reacted to seeing Lexie undress. Looking forward to all the shenanigans “Jenny” and Lexie will get themselves into.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! James has a way with words, huh? 😛 Poor James!

      They will definitely have some fun shenanigans! 😝


      1. Sorry! It’s not part of the blog, just an added chapter so you have to hit the back button and go from there. All the uncensored chapters are set up that way.

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