Chapter 5.42u


NSFW! Sexual situations, nudity


Lexie and I stood, staring at each other a little too long.


And then she broke the magic and hugged me.


Can’t say I wasn’t disappointed. I’d wanted a kiss. But Lexie didn’t feel that way about me. It was clear. I needed to get over her and move on. I was happy about our friendship, though, and would do everything to get even closer to her. I’d missed this.


After she’d forced me to buy a bunch of stuff I wasn’t ever going to wear at the men’s clothing store, I said, “Want to get some coffee? It’s getting freaking cold out here.”


Suddenly she stopped and made a face that prickled my hair under the wig.


Trailing my gaze to match hers, my mouth fell open. “Fuck,” I whispered.


“What the hell? Why is my face on top of the mall?” she yelled.


It was her face. Big and bold. No doubt she was going to hear about it on social media. Tsui was in a shitload of trouble now.


“Listen, Lexie, I’m sure Charlie didn’t think your pictures would be used for a huge company like Kavin Lein. You might want to talk to your agent.”


“Charlie?” she asked. “What the hell does Charlie have to do with it?”

Oh fuck. She didn’t know. I tried to backtrack, but she wasn’t going to let me off until I spilled.




Seething was an understatement after I heard what Charlie pulled. And under my nose. Without telling me! Not once!

I slammed the door when I got home.

“Hey, baby,” Charlie said. “Where have you been? I missed you. My mom and dad say hi. They want you to visit next time, too.”


Everything inside me sizzled, and I unleashed my fury. “Please tell me you weren’t the one who got me that modeling job.”

His eyes revealed all.

I glared. “Why? Why the FUCK couldn’t you be honest with me? You let me believe I got this job all on my own. That some rando stranger thought I was pretty and wanted to photograph me and pay me enough in six months what I’d make in six years at the animation studio. The dude said it was just for some minor catalogs. I must have rocks for brains. God, how could I be so stupid!”

Charlie tried to put his arms around me, but I swatted them off. “Don’t touch me. Just leave me the hell alone.”


I wanted to push past him, but he pulled my arm and said, “Let me explain. Please, Lexie.”

Taking me to the kitchen, I sat on the stool as he paced for a bit then settled down, inhaling slow, deep breaths. “I…was going to tell you. I was. But…would you have taken the job if you knew I’d pulled strings? Be honest.”


Fiddling with my fingers, my anger was replaced with sadness. This whole situation sucked. My famous boyfriend got me a job that paid so much for so little time. It seemed like the solution to my troubles. But he couldn’t be honest with me because he didn’t trust  he could talk me into it.

Shaking my head, I said, “You didn’t even give me a chance, though, Charlie. I might have.”


“That’s not true and you know it. What about the visual artist job I’d gotten for you? You turned that down cold.”


“Because I don’t like to draw as much as I like to do 3-D models. God! If you have a good idea, I’ll listen to it. It might seem like to you I have an ego the size of San Myshuno, but I don’t. And it hurts that you feel the need to go behind my back to solve my problems. If you want my ass out of here, all you have to do is say the word. I’ll go live with my mom or dad and hide behind sunglasses and wigs. I don’t need a damn thing from you!”


“That’s not it and you know it. Where were you today? I saw James come in with his wig. Were you with him?”


I crossed my arms. “So what if I was? Don’t you trust me?”


“Don’t you get it, Lexie? I want you away from him.”


“You don’t trust me. Fine. I’ll leave asap and get out of your hair.”

“That’s not what I want at all.”


“Then what do you fucking want, Charlie? Because I will not have you lie to me.”

I got to my feet and tried to run away, but Charlie shot over and clung to me. “Baby, I’m sorry,” he whispered, his head rubbing my face. “I shouldn’t have lied. I love you so much. I don’t want you to leave.”

And like so many times before, all it took was his touch to bleed out every angry feeling, turning me into mush.

I loved Charlie. He was the bacon to my eggs. We belonged together. I just wished it didn’t seem like we were getting charred on the stove.


That night, Charlie showed me how much he loved me, telling me over and over how much he cared for me.


And he soothed me with his touch and his kisses.


Gazing at him, I knew he was all I’d wanted. Why should I have gotten so mad at him? He had a good reason not to tell me about the job. I could be a stubborn ass at times.


I threaded my fingers through his hair as he slipped his tongue over my body, sending shivers down my back.


We made love with incredible passion that night. Make up sex was the best!


And as I nestled into his arms afterwards, I decided this was how we’d be forever. He was my man. My dream guy. I knew that from the moment I saw him on stage.

I didn’t want anyone else.

I wished he understood that. He didn’t need to be jealous about my friendship with James.











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