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Gen 6 Epilogue

So much has happened these past seven years. I’m sitting here blown away as I’m typing up a new syllabus for the coming school year. I can hear my family downstairs so it’s hard to concentrate.

I can’t keep from grinning at all the memories I have, hidden like a box of treasures so valuable to me. My life has turned out better than I’d ever expected. After what had happened with Brandy and Ginny, I never thought I’d be happy again.

But I was so wrong.

My wife is so beautiful, funny, and has really been my partner and anchor through the years.

I’ll never forget her radiance as she walked toward me at our wedding. My dad loved her from the moment they’d met–an instant chemistry–and he was so thrilled when she’d asked him to walk her down the aisle as her “father”.

I was so nervous my knees actually shook.

But when our eyes met, all the jitters fled.

She gave me a little wave with her cheerful grin and I knew right then we were going to make a wonderful team.

I was so in love then but that love has grown exponentially.

When we kissed at the ceremony, it was like we were the only people in the world that mattered.

Even though I could hear my mother crying in the background. She loves Charlene, too, along with my younger brother and sister. Thankfully, my grandparents could come to Selvadorada for the ceremony (even my grandmother from Italy). We’d decided the jungles would be the perfect spot since our love for each other erupted when we were on the expedition.

When the ceremony was over, it was like we’d been on a very long journey with each other and I was so pumped it’d turned out this way.

But had it been that long? A part of me feels like I’m not remembering something…something very important to the both of us…but it’s like a very weird dream or a second life from another dimension.

Charlene’s graduation day finally came. She’d focused on ancient metallurgy with regard to mysticism as well as artefact analysis and material culture. She was so gifted.

I couldn’t be prouder of her.

Having her work alongside me in the field has been the best bonus and we bring our little bundle of joy along, too.

Speaking of her, I get such a kick watching my wife’s belly grow with our child–children, I should say.

Charlene always complains that she’s larger than a house at the end of the pregnancy, but I find her even more sexy.

She’s about to have our second child–a boy–in a few weeks and her back has been hurting quite a bit.

I’m always up for giving her a back rub because I love her body even though she doesn’t appreciate it. Why do women think they only look beautiful if they’re a size zero? I don’t find stick skinny women attractive in the least. I love my full figured wife.

And that brings to mind my beautiful, perfect, wild child who is Cheyenne. She’s only two years old but she’s already talking so much. She’s got the intelligence of her mother, thankfully.

And even though we think she might have ADHD because she’s all over the place, it’s easy to calm her down with a hug or a kiss.

I never knew how much I could love another person, but the feelings I get when I’m with her are indescribable.

I’d do anything for her.

Even when she’s sleeping, I love to watch her breath go in and out, marveling at the creation of her being.

And sometimes…I worry.

What if something bad happens to her?

But then Charlene comes along and talks sense into me. We can’t worry about things we have no control over.

She’s right, of course.

So, I take things day by day. Teaching her to play and sing.

To share in the love I have to give as her father.

And to enjoy every moment we have together as a family.

That wraps up this generation. I’ll be taking a much needed hiatus and will be back next year (hopefully by January).

In the meantime, I may post special short things with these characters, so stay tuned. If you follow me here and use the WP reader you won’t miss them.

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