Chapter 7.12


Like WHO needled me into going to this party? Because with blue beer spewing all over me, the floor, and the people around me, I wasn’t having much fun.

Quickly, I mashed my hands over the gushing alcohol. If the frat boys sniffed out I single handedly blew a whole keg on the floor, I’d be banned from future parties with a warrant out for my arrest.

Well, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to get banned. I didn’t really like going to parties. I wasn’t some sorority girl. That was my bff, Kristie. And she made me come to this one.

Finally, the fizz died down and I released the keg.

Some jock rolled his eyes then said, “Don’t worry, folks, I’ll save the party.”

He almost pushed me aside trying to get to his liquid salvation. I shook my head. I hated guys like him. Jerks who thought they were God’s gift to the world. He was obviously a football player, frat boy, I-wanted-nothing-to do-with dude.

Then it was as if the clouds parted and heaven shone down on me. The same thing happened to him! Take that, party savior.

Kristie giggled. Uh oh. Was somebody attracted? He seemed like her type.

But I had to get my digs in while I could. “And you were saying something about saving the party?”

“Well, shit. I didn’t know the stupid thing was busted.”

“Oh but you thought I was a dumbass instead.”

He put his hand on his hip and snorted, “You said it, not me.”

I glared. “Ha ha.”

He hit his friend on the shoulder and said, “I think this calls for a round of pong. What do you say, girls?”

I didn’t even know the jackass’ name but it was game on. We’d show him a thing or two. I happened to be really good at beer pong. “What do you think, Kristie?”

She smiled. “Why not?”

She fluttered her eyes at Mr. Jock then sized up the cups. I prayed it’d sink. I wanted that guy to eat his smartass words.

She flung her arm expertly!

But the ball dropped behind her.


“Aw…looks like you’re drinking, Blondie.”

She cursed in defeat.

The guy’s friend went next. In between sets, they introduced themselves. The jerk’s name was Zachary Hawthorne and his friend’s name was Van Savage.

And of course, Van plopped one in instantly.

Not fazed, Kristie lifted her cup and said, “Here’s to your turn, Chey. Go get ’em!” Gotta love my bff!

But the party gods were not in my favor and before I knew it, I was guzzling, too.

For some reason, losing to that asshole got under my skin worse than ever.

Why did he have to be so smug?

Kristie gave him this hardcore stare that’d put most guys in the hospital. He was toast. Ha!

After I’d gone to the bathroom later, low and behold, the creep got her alone on the couch.

Well, Zachary was her type after all. And if anyone could tame his jerk ways, she could. I had to get used to guys flapping around her like interested flies after all these years. I sometimes got her leftovers (which was fine by me.)

But I wasn’t in the mood to flirt with Van (even though he was hot as hell!)

Instead, our dorm had an awesome piano and I loved to dive into a song. Good excuse to not have to make small talk with the guy.

But after my fingers started aching, I grew bored and decided to get another beer.

Head swimming just a bit, I figured I could handle one more and then I’d go back to my dorm room. The party was lame and I knew I probably wouldn’t see Kristie for the rest of the night. Phoebe was talking to my brother, Kian, (her now boyfriend, can you believe that? I still couldn’t get used to it) so I couldn’t hang with her.

This night sucked hairy ass balls.


Good Lord, my head pounded like it was inside one of those huge bongo drums.

What the hell happened last night?

I remembered guzzling down a few drinks.

Oh and Van thought he could score with me since his friend was with Kristie.

I let him have it. I wasn’t some ho he could pick up and have a night’s screw. God. What was with guys these days? How about a little talking and getting to know one another first.

Then I drank a bit more and the whole night flew from my mind.

And now some ape was laying on me.

My eyes flew open.

It wasn’t an ape.

Oh my GOD!

It was Zachary!

Pushing his body off of me, I dropped to my feet then nudged him. “Hey, Zachary, wake up!”

He rolled over and threw that infuriating smirk at me!

“What’s the matter, sweetheart? Wanting to go for round two?”

Round two? What the hell?

“What are you doing here? W-Where’s Kristie?”

“She kind of got mad when she saw you throwing yourself at me.” He shrugged then scratched his cheek. “I was down though. You’re way more fiesty than her.”

My head felt like it was about to explode. No way in HELL did I sleep with this creep. I tightened my hands into fists. “For one thing, if I did sleep with you, it was only because I was super wasted and all sense flew out of my head. And two, if I hadn’t been drunk, you sure as hell wouldn’t be here. Now get your clothes on and leave. Now!”

He rose up next to me but instead of grabbing his shirt and jeans, he wrapped his warm arms around me. For some reason, I didn’t resist.

“That’s not how you felt last night. You told me you loved me.” He tightened his grip, making my heart flutter. “It was a little fast but I kind of liked it. Love at first sight is pretty romantic. It’s never happened to me before.”

Blinking, in total shock, I stammered, “I…I c-couldn’t have said that. I-I don’t even know you. You’re making things up.” I couldn’t understand how I could have thrown myself at him, drunk or not. My psyche hated him and yet my drunk self told him I loved him? “Tell me what happened. I don’t understand. One minute I’m fighting with your friend, Van, and the next I’m in bed with you. How?”

He lifted the side of his mouth. “I’ll tell you all the details if you go to my game tonight. I’ll leave box tickets at the gate. You can bring some friends, too.”

“What game?” I asked.

He snickered. “You’re probably the only one at this school who doesn’t know, but I’m the quarterback, sweetheart. Named All-American this year. But I kind of dig that you don’t know. Makes you that much more interesting.”

Oh God. Of course he was the quarterback. No wonder he had this dominating, insufferable air about him. Well, if he thought I was going to show up to a game I knew nothing about just because his almighty-ness deemed it so, he had another thing coming.

Sorry I didn’t shout out sooner but thank you to Aud for giving me Zachary to play with!

And thanks to LadyLobster for Mateo in the previous chapter! ❤

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Chapter 7.11

Warning: Slight NSFW, sexual situations


Is this thing on? Yeah, sorry. I’m not used to cameras. This is Cheyenne’s world. Not mine.

So, yeah…like how did I meet her?

Well, I’ll never forget it. We were partying in the dorm common room. It was a Friday and I was supposed to be getting some rack because I had the big game the next day (but you know, none of us guys ever turned in before midnight on a Friday. We also would never let the coach know either. Heh.)

Anyways, I was hanging back, surveying the crowd. Okay, actually, I was scanning for hot babes. Not gonna lie. And one caught my eye right away.

She was this gorgeous blonde with a knock out face and an even better, knock-out body. I definitely had to chat her up.

So, when I was about to give this girl one of my best lines, no shitting, Cheyenne tried to tap the keg and beer sprayed everywhere.

Talk about awkward.

It’s funny now, but I felt sorry for her back then. Little did I know that moment would change the course of my life.


She was my everything. My best friend. My world.

But you know that though, right? Nothing new. God knows the piece of shit paps wouldn’t let us alone.

So…how did we first meet?

Both Cheyenne and I liked to keep it a secret. It was just between us, but even she didn’t know when I first saw her. When I knew I wouldn’t rest until I made her my girl.

I was at a party in one of the Britechester dorm common rooms. I’d just gotten off work, playing an afternoon gig at a local dive bar when a buddy of mine told me about how Friday nights pop at the college.

I really wasn’t going to go. I was tired as hell and needed to check out early since Saturday I had a double shift plus had to play at one of the clubs until 2 am.

But when he said there’d be pretty girls overrunning the place, well, how could I refuse?

So when we got there, no joke, I was about to turn around and leave. It just wasn’t my scene.

Preppy girls and guys who all probably got weekly allowances larger than my month’s salary? Nuh uh. I had nothing in common with spoiled rich kids.

But then it was like an angel’s voice stopped me in my tracks. Honestly, I thought it was piping out of the speakers somewhere. A new track I hadn’t heard yet. I elbowed my friend and asked him what new song that was playing. He laughed and said that was just Cheyenne fooling around on the piano.

Quickly, I ran over to where she was, mesmerized.

Cheyenne didn’t notice me. She was too involved in the mood of the song.

Right then, I knew I wanted her in my band. And there was something about her that made me want even more than that. Call it love at first sight or destiny or any of those stupid labels people try to pin on a memory to cheapen it. But I somehow knew that girl would be mine one day.


Hey, guys! Good to see you again. Thought the documentary you made of my group, TBS, went swell. Just thought I’d mention it since I haven’t seen your crew in years. Congrats on your recent award! Amazing!

Yeah, sooooo…Cheyenne Day…wow.

Okay, I don’t want to get emotional…but how can I help it? I loved her.

Everything about her was flawless. I’m not overstating things. She was the most meticulous professional in our field that I’d ever worked with. And that’s saying a lot since I’ve been all over the place recently.

And she was the best lover.

I still remember everything as if it was just yesterday. Sounds cliche but it’s true.

Yeah, so how did we meet? Um…well, the official version is that we did a commercial together that went viral and the rest was history, but that’s not true.

It wasn’t the first time we met. I actually first saw her when she was in college and very unknown.

I’ll never forget these red ponytails bobbing up and down the set. She was fetching drinks and snacks for the cast.

Usually, I wouldn’t care about the interns running around because they came and went so quickly but she was different. There were like these sunbeams shining from her face!

Someone told me that she was James Sanderson’s granddaughter and that she was doing odd jobs in the business to understand it more. She didn’t want help from him. I was also told she was crazy talented. I shrugged and thought I would never cross paths with her again.

I’m so glad I was wrong.


Let’s get this over with, okay? I don’t have a lot of time, you know.

I can smoke? Right?

Hell, I’m going to smoke whether you lot like it or not.

Cheyenne Day. Now there’s a name that raises my hackles.

Take it how you wish, mate. Good or bad.

For me it was…good. Mostly.

When it came to her, I’d do anything. I was a man obsessed. Most men in love are obsessed you know.

But I wasn’t the only one, was I, eh?

Okay, I’ll answer your bloody question.

How did we meet?

According to the rags, we met on the set of Pirates of Barnacle Bay.

And yes, that’s when we made a go at it. God, she was so infectious. It was like I was diseased or something. She took over me like an illness.

I’ll admit, our relationship borderlined on toxic.

But when you’re that passionate about something, you’re going to fight for it. Right?

And we were fucking passionate.



What would I change about us if I could?

God, I don’t know. I mean, some things are meant to happen. You know? She was meant to be in my world at the right moment.

I’m all right with that.

Yeah…I’m all right. I have to be or I’ll…

…go crazy.


Change is a tricky thing. Who knows?

All I can say is that I cherish every damn moment I had.

Treasure it forever.


I’d have whisked her out of Del Sol Valley.

My mother would have adored her, you know. But she couldn’t make the journey to the states. Cheyenne told me she’d run away with me, too. Anywhere I’d wanted.




How can you ask me such a question?


What would I change?


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