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This story follows the Day family from its earliest main character, Alex Day, who took care of his sister when his father died of cancer. He then meets a spoiled rich man, Knight Richardson, and their whirlwind story starts!
Each generation can stand alone as a story all by itself, but it might be prudent to know who the parents are for each gen and follow along.
I hope you will journey with me as this will be ongoing until it reaches generation ten.
Thank you for reading!

Generation SIX
Chapter 6.27
Chapter 6.28
Chapter 6.29
Chapter 6.30
Chapter 6.31
Chapter 6.32
Chapter 6.33
Chapter 6.34
Chapter 6.35
Chapter 6.36
Chapter 6.37
Chapter 6.38
Chapter 6.39
Chapter 6.40
Chapter 6.41
Chapter 6.42
Chapter 6.43
Chapter 6.44
Chapter 6.45
Chapter 6.46
Chapter 6.47
Chapter 6.48
Chapter 6.49
Chapter 6.50