Chapter 7.3


Seriously, I couldn’t believe my luck! Jack Rackham here at MY camp? What were the odds?

I flicked a knowing glance at Kristie who was just as gaga as I was about it.

This was going to be a super-de-duper-callo-fragilistic kind of a day! No…MONTH!

I couldn’t help myself. I ran over to him and just blurted, “So, hey, Jack! What are you doing here? I thought you’d be on tour right now!”

He just looked at me like I was some kind of freak and said, “What?”

I went on anyway because superstars probs can’t hear really well cuz they were surrounded by loud music. “Like don’t get me wrong, I’m happy you’re here. I’m your number one fan, if you know what I mean.” I pumped my arm and winked. I was going over the top, but who cared? This was my biggest chance to actually meet and talk with him!

A girl sitting at his table sighed. “Are you serious right now? His name isn’t Jack. It’s Jake.”

“Yeah, dude,” another boy said. “He’s my best friend. Jake Broke. Who do you think he is?”

My face heated up a bazillion degrees. “My bad,” I said, lamely. “Just thought he looked like someone else.” My heart felt like someone had poked a pin in it and it’d deflated.

The long haired guy laughed. “I bet she thought you were Jack Rackham. What a stupid idiot.”

Jake snorted making me want to disappear into the walls. How embarrassing!

I slunk to the back of the room so no one would notice the total fail that had happened to me.

As I settled at a table with Kristie, trying to think about the fun stuff we were about to do, the lady who’d been talking to my dad waved her arms. “Okay, everyone, let’s quiet down. It’s time to meet your counselors. I’m Mrs. Martin–the Camp Director. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask me. You’ll all be placed into teams with a specific counselor who will be your Team Coach. If you have a problems, they will most likely be able to solve it.”

She pointed to the woman on the end. “Over here in red is Ms. Eskildsen. She’s your music counselor, working in all sorts of stringed instruments as well as song writing.”

“Yo, peeps!” She popped out her fingers.

She looked so cool!

“I hope she’s my Team Coach!” I whispered to Kristie.

“Next is your Singing counselor, Ms. Christianson. She’ll be doing all vocal coaching as well as piano training.”

“Welcome, campers!” she said all prim and proper like.

“She looks nice,” Kristie said.

I shrugged. “I don’t know…she might be one of those ‘go by the strict rules’ type. Would you look at those shoes? I definitely don’t want her.”

The camp director pointed at a long faced guy. “This is Mr. Irvin, our dance counselor.”

Mr. Irvin sort of raised his bushy eyebrows. Not sure about him, but whatevs.

The director blabbed and blabbed until I zoned out.

Then Kristie brought me back to earth. “I’m sorry that wasn’t Jack Rackham, Shy. He really looked like him to me.”

A kid who’d introduced himself as Brandon Cameron said, “What’s the big deal about Jack Rackham? His fame will be dust as soon as he hits puberty. I heard his voice is already toast and he had to cancel his concerts.”

Kristie shook her head. “I don’t know where you heard that from. I looked at his schedule and everything is fine.”

Shrugging, he said, “My father works in the industry. I’m telling you, his fame is almost up. You shouldn’t try too early for it. My father says I will hit right at the prime of my life. I just have to wait. How many child stars actually make it to adults? Jack’s voice is nothing special anyway.”

He did NOT just bust on my one and only. “Dude, why don’t you go bother someone else with your theories? My grandfather was a superstar from the time he could breathe. So SHUT UP!”

He threw a smirk at me and said, “Just you wait. In a few years when we’re seventeen, you’ll forget all about Jack Rackham and you’ll be wishing you were nice to me so I could get you back stage passes to MY concert.”

I wanted to barf right there but that’d be rude so I just rolled my eyes and pretended to listen to the rest of the camp director’s instructions.

Once we got back to my room, I stared at the Jack Rackham posters I’d asked Daddy to put up for me.

“I don’t get it, Kristie. He’s like an exact replica.”

Jake had the same hair, eyes, everything! Maybe that Jake kid knew he looked a lot like Jack so he tried hard to make everyone think he was a star. What an attention hog. I didn’t like him. That much I knew. If anyone had the nerve enough to try to make people think he was someone famous then diss them because of it, he was an absolute turd.

Kristie scratched her chin. “Maybe he’s a twin? Or a cousin?”

I didn’t know but it kind of annoyed me. But whatever. I wasn’t going to give him any special attention because he looked like the love of my life. I had about five different Jack Rackham fan shirts and just because the average Joe–Jake looked like him, I wasn’t about to stop my adoration.

He’d have to get over himself.

The next day, we got to attend acting class. I was soooo pumped! I loved acting! Even more than singing or playing the piano!

And our acting counselor, Mr. Adams, was so cool and fun, too!

He was sitting with everyone last night, cracking jokes. “Hey, Mr. Adams!” I said, when we entered his room.

We all sat in a circle on comfy pillows. Mr. Adams said we needed to feel our parts. Become one with our character. He wanted us to pick out a favorite character from either TV, movies, or even books that everyone would recognize. It was our job to act it out and everyone had to guess who we were! Sweet!

I decided to be the Wolf Who Ate Al Simhara since that was like the most famous movie on the planet.

Everyone guessed instantly! And Mr. Adams gave me a few tips on acting like another species which I thought might come in handy if I was ever cast in a B movie. That’d be like the dream (well at first. Grandpa said acting was like stairsteps. You start at the bottom first!)

Next, that turd-in-a-body-that-looked-like-my-dreamboat tried to act like SuperSandman. And unfortunately, he blew it out of the water. Huge eyeroll. All his great acting skills were going to do was give him a big head which he obviously had already anyway.

Then it was stuck up little Miss Princess’ turn. She thought she was all that. And made everyone think she was a star when it was all in her own head. Her name was Phoebe Reynolds and she made it clear she hated my guts for some reason. What did I do to her????

I snored when I saw her performance.

And Mr. Adams didn’t look too thrilled either. Ha!

After acting, it was time for singing. Kristie didn’t sing. She was into acting and dancing. So when I got there, who do you think sat right next to me?

You guessed it.

That turd, Jake. Ugh.

He gave me a look and said, “So…you really have a thing for Jack Rackham, huh? You know he’s a fake. I’ll be the real deal one day.”

I snorted. “You wouldn’t know the real deal if you tripped over it. Looks to me like you have to copy him because you don’t have your own talent.”

“This IS talent, baby.”

I fake swooned and said, “Oh I’m SOOOO impressed. Eheheheh!”


Brandon whispered, “Hey, guys, hush. The counselor is coming!”

In marched Ms. Christianson with her perfect hair and perfect face. She was too perfect in my opinion.

“Hello, everyone. Hope you’ve had an exhillerating morning. We will start off with scales. This will allow your voices to warm up and then we’ll go onto something classical.”

SCALES! Ugh. I knew she was going to be boring! Too bad Ms. Elskildsen wasn’t the singing counselor. We’d probably be doing raps to warm up. Sigh.

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Thank you to CitizenErased14 for giving me the beautiful Phoebe Reynolds! We will be seeing her A LOT throughout the story!!! ❤

Also, thank you to VanPelt for Ms. Eskildsen and Ms. Christianson. They are PERFECT!

And thank you to MonaSolstraale for Mr. Irvin and Mr. Adams! We’ll be seeing much more of them!

12 thoughts on “Chapter 7.3”

  1. What a great chapter! So sorry for Cheyenne getting embarrassed there when she thought she saw THE Jack Rackham! I do have some feeling Jake is acting like a normal person or like Kristie said, he could be a twin or cousin! The truth will come out eventually. Funny how she called Jake a turd. 😂

    All the counselors look great, especially cool Ms. Elskildsen! This camping experience will be worth remembering for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! ❤ Glad you liked the chapter!

      Yeah…she was embarrassed for a moment. Cheyenne is not the type to get embarassed too easily but at her age, it's bound to happen, right?

      And Jake might have a secret…maybe he's a cousin or a twin? Who knows but yeah, we'll eventually find out.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahhhh, aspiring showbiz kids. They’re all very dramatic, aren’t they? Well, most of them, anyway. Cheyenne especially. LOL.

    I wonder about “Jake”… 🤔 Is he really Jack in disguise? And man, that little Brandon dude is very full of himself already!

    Cheyenne is going to have an eventful time at camp, I think. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Cheyenne is the little drama queen! But then she wouldn’t be a good actress if she wasn’t. 😉

      Jake…is he Jack in disguise or a relative? Time will tell. 😀

      Cheyenne WILL have an experience. That’s for sure. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Cheyenne cracks me up. She has an opinion about everyone and everything! Very much like her mother in that way. An I suspect that Jake is indeed Jack and poor dude’s voice changed with the onset of puberty and he’s there trying to figure out his next gig.

    This’ll be fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hee hee! You could be right. 😉

      Yes, Cheyenne is very much her mother’s child. Dive first think later and BLAB! So…she could get herself in trouble from time to time. And she could be all wrong about EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I didn’t say her opinions were right! Lol. I’m sure she’s missed the boat on a few of them. She has the self-confidence her mother lacked which in some ways helped Charlie manage, but that could also be Cheyenne’s downfall.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. RIght…Charlie didn’t have self confidence so she put herself in check (sometimes) but with Cheyenne thinking the world is her oyster? She’ll probably fall on her face a few times. 😉

          Liked by 1 person

  4. Ah, little miss Phoebe! 😍 Cursed parents but an adorable child hehe Though maybe a bit of a diva 😬

    I’m so curious about this Jack/Jake thing 🤔 Too bad we didn’t get to hear him sing this chapter! I feel like that would have helped reveal the truth, maybe…

    Having fun meeting these campers (and the counselors too!) I can’t wait for more 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Phoebe is beautiful. I’m glad to have her (and her diva-ness comes in handy!)

      We didn’t get to hear him sing…I wonder if we will???

      Camp shenanigans to come!

      Liked by 1 person

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