Chapter 7.5


My stomach was tickling so much! We were at the acting center where real live movies were shot!

The ceilings were ginormous!

And there were three sets all ready to go. I was wondering if these were going to be scenes from Momeo and Juliet.

When the tryouts started, Kristie went first! She wanted to get it over with. Couldn’t blame her at all.

She started on the first lines with such an eloquent voice. I thought she’d make a graceful and pretty Truliet!

But then she stumbled on her words and froze.

“Can I start over?” Kristie asked in a warbly voice.

Mr. Graf shook his head. “No, dear, I’ve seen enough. NEXT!”

Ugh! Mr. Graf didn’t give her a chance! Well, she did so well at first. I was sure maybe he already knew how talented she was and she’d get the part of Truliet anyway.

Crushed, Kristie drooped her shoulders as she walked off the stage.

Next was little Miss Princess. I was going to relish watching her wilt on stage.

Unfortunately, she was a naturally gifted actress.

She nailed her lines and even put in some perkiness to the part which I thought was clever. Barf!

The rest of the girls were honestly pretty horrible. They were mostly monotone.

Or overacted making my cheeks flush with second hand embarrassment.

Finally it was my turn. Oh. My. GOSH! If my palms sweated any more, they’d drip.

When Mr. Graf gave me the signal, I dove into the wicked step sister’s lines.

All I had to do was pretend I was dealing with little Miss Princess Pheobe and it was soooooo easy.

When I was finished, Mr. Graf said, “Um…could you do the Truliet lines now, dear? All girls must try out for the lead, you know.”

Oh crud! I must’ve messed up. My odds were totally low that I’d get any parts now. UGH! And there were a few girl parts and tons of girls were trying out! I was doomed.

Well, thankfully, I’d prepared.

“Momeo, where art thou? Over here or over there, my sweet?

“His beauty is divine. I could but taste it.

“Is that him climbing over yon window?

“My darling! You’re here! Would that our parents fall over a rose bush and die so that we could be together….FOREVER!”

That was it. All the lines given to us for try outs.

Mr. Graf looked less than enthused.


“Thank you, dear. NEXT!”

After I got off the stage, Phoebe said, “Well, you tried your best, Cheyenne.” She was so nice to me only because she knew she did great and was a shoe in for the part. Yesterday, she’d tripped me accidentally on purpose. I had the skinned knees to prove it.

Ignoring her fake act, I turned to my bff, “I bet you get a great part, Kristie. Your intro was so good, I was almost jealous! That’s why Mr. Graf didn’t need to see more.” I hoped I was right. I didn’t want to see Kristie cry.

Next it was the boys’ turn. Jake went first. And surprise surprise, he nailed everything.

His lines.

His marks.

And his projection. What couldn’t the guy do?

A huge smiled splashed acrossed Mr. Graf’s face. “Excellent, my boy! Well done!” He never complimented anyone all day. UGH!

And I felt sorry for the boys who had to go next. They all knew the part of Momeo was going to Jake. Well, there were tons more boy parts. The famous writer of this play, Fakespeare, was a male chauvinist if you ask me.

And even Jake knew he’d gotten the part. It was written all over his smirky face. Grr! He and Perfect Pheobe should go out or something. They’d make a great villain pair! You couldn’t write it better than that!

After everyone was finished, Mr. Graf gathered us around him.

“You all did very well! I’ll confer with my collegues, Ms. Christianson and Mr. Adams on their thoughts and then I’ll make my final decisions. I’ll have the cast list posted in the cafeteria by noon tomorrow.”

It was so painful waiting on the results. The following day, it wasn’t even posted after lunch. So I messed around in my room on my phone. After hours passed, suddenly, Kristie burst in and shouted, “I heard it’s up! Let’s go!”

My stomach twisted. “Oh my God! This is it!”

Once we arrived at the cafeteria, I saw a bunch of kids huddled around the sheet on a wall. My heart leaped hard like I thought I was going to choke.

“No matter if I don’t get a part, Kristie, I hope you do.” I said those words, trying to convince myself that being left out of the play would be okay when I really knew I’d cry when no one was watching.

Gasps and moans flew all over the place. Some people looked sad and others beamed.

I wouldn’t let my eyes glance at the paper until I was ready. Taking in a big breath, I inched my head toward the sheet.

And when I saw all the names, I gasped.

I was picked to be TRULIET!!!! What????

Then I saw Pheobe’s eyes tear as she shuffled out. Honestly, I really thought she did better than me.

Why wasn’t she chosen? Even though we didn’t get along, I felt badly for her. Maybe it was a mistake because she was chosen to play Grizella, Truliet’s wicked step sister.

And then I thought about Kristie. Wincing, I shook my head. Was she going to be crushed?

Before I could go to her, a cute voice behind me said, “Hey, I get to play your mother, Lady Sapulet! I think that’ll be fun. I’m so glad you were chosen.”

Aw…she was so sweet! “Thanks, Paris. I’m glad you got picked, too!” I’d gotten to know Paris Harrington in acting class. She was a really fun girl who liked the same music that I did.

Then Kristie interjected, “Hey, Shy! You got it! I’m so happy for you!”

“Thanks, Kristie. I totally wish it was you, though. I hope you’re not upset.”

“Hey, I get to be your nurse. That’s like being your bff in the play anyway. After I’d messed up, I’m just glad I got a part!”

Jake came up behind me and said, “Congrats, Red. You’ve won the lottery in being able to play opposite me.” He wiggled his eyebrows.

“Gee, I’m thrilled.” NOT!

“Seriously, though, it’s cool you’re Truliet. I thought you did great at tryouts.”

I glared. “Are you buttering me up for some ulterior reason or something? Cuz it’s not working.”

“No ulterior motive. Honest. I just don’t want you mad at me when we’re doing the play.”

Sounded like an ulterior motive to me. I scrunched my nose. He needed a different face in order for me not to be mad at him. But I guessed he couldn’t help looking SOOOO much like Jack Rackham. “Maybe stop acting like a stuck up douche would help.”

He just laughed and shot gun fingers. “You know you like it.”


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14 thoughts on “Chapter 7.5”

  1. Aaaand the lead goes to Cheyenne! Guess she did better than she thought, and Mr. Graf has an amazing poker face. Can’t imagine Phoebe will make her life very easy after this–envy is terrible, especially for kids…

    LOL, Jake. What a confident little dude, maybe bordering on full of himself. 😉 Can’t wait to see how our heiress handles acting opposite him.

    I foresee a lot of drama, even without the play…!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Graf did put on a poker face there. ☺️

      And Phoebe will definitely be jealous.

      Jake is a very confident person…maybe too confident. There’s a reason for this. Once we find out more about him later.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oooh this will be interesting 😈 Forcing Cheyenne closer to Jake and driving a bigger wedge between her and her rival 😈 Can’t wait! This is very fun so far… I’m so excited to see what’s next for these kids!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh chey, being able to smoke two parts without a beat already showed you to be a viable contender, lmao

    Oh Jake, I finger gun my way outta situations too lmao

    Liked by 2 people

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