Chapter 7.15


Ever since I was a kid, I always loved going to my grandpa’s house. Well, more like mansion, but he made it homey.

It had this cool waterslide attached to it that he had made especially for me and Kian. We’d spend hours sliding down. So fun!

The wind whipped my ponytails, sending shivers through me. I tried to shimmy off the sad feelings I had about Kristie. How many times had she visited Grandpa with me? Too many to count.

And now she wouldn’t talk to me because I sort of stole her crush? Ugh. I had to stop thinking about it.

Soothing, energetic notes surged past me as I entered his living room. Grandpa was always composing. It was obvious he liked music way better than acting, but as he always said, acting paid the bills. (And he had a ton!)

I was the opposite. I loved music, yeah, but give me a character to dive into and I was in my element.

I could have sat there forever listening to him play. I was so freaking lucky to have been born his granddaughter. (People told me that all the time, too!)

“Hey, Grandpa,” I said, interjecting at a pause in his playing.

“Hey, hey! It’s my favorite red headed granddaughter.”

“Grandpa…how is that a compliment? I’m your only redheaded granddaughter. Makenna has brunette hair. Is she your favorite brunette granddaughter?”

He shrugged and answered, “Can’t I have two favorites?”

He was such a goofball, but I loved him.


Nervous jitters tingled through me as we approached the studio. Plumbob Pictures was always a place of magic to me. Sometimes when I was little, I’d sit and watch my famous grandpa shoot a scene, and I’d even imagined that I’d be doing the same thing one day.

But now, it kind of made me queasy and worried that maybe it wouldn’t happen for me. That maybe I wasn’t good enough to even get a break somehow. Sure, having connections through my grandpa was a bonus, but really, how many famous people’s granddaughters who got into the biz actually became successful? I can tell you not many.

I’d looked it up.

Grandpa pointed toward the studio. “Okay, so I’ve talked to everyone about you. Just because you’re my granddaughter, they’re not supposed to treat you special, just like you’d asked me to tell them.”

“Thanks, Grandpa.”

“Oh, and the famous TBS boys are here, just in case you might want a peek at them. They’re in lot 44 at the back.” He winked.

“TBS? That K-pop group? No offense, Grandpa, I know you were a boy band dude back in the day, but I’m not twelve anymore.”

“Sorry, I keep forgetting.” He swooped me in a big hug and laughed. “You’ll always be my little girl, peanut.”


While Grandpa ambled over to his set (he was starring in a picture called, Dr. Spittootle, about an animal whisperer who sailed the seven seas with a bunch of lions and tigers and monkeys and giraffes,) I reported to my duty station.

The work was pretty easy. My snooty boss, Ms. Parsons, gave me a list of lots to cover. I was supposed to fetch drinks and food for the staff there, including the actors. After doing the job for the past few hours, I was really digging it. Kind of like a waitress on the set of Simseyland.

The last lot on the list was on 44 at the back. And sure enough, the K-pop group was performing a music video.

I stopped to watch them and to my surprise, they were pretty good!

I couldn’t understand a word of their song, but the dancing was phenomenal. Up close, they were very pretty.

Except for the middle guy. He was…God…so handsome, I almost called up my inner fangirl. Had no idea who he was though since I never followed the group.

For my job, I was supposed to ask if anyone wanted something to eat or drink. I’d brought some macaroons since my boss said it was this director’s favorite. But they were so busy, I couldn’t interrupt.

When I caught a look at the cameraman, I almost giggled.

He was way more handsome than the guys he was filming. I guessed I liked more rugged looking men. I wanted to pinch myself, not believing this was my job! I was surrounded by cute guys.

When the director stopped the group and wanted to talk to them, the cameraman noticed me, so I asked, “Would you like a snack?”

He rubbed his hands and said, “I’m not hungry but I could use a soda.”

Instantly, I ran back to my cart and grabbed the drink then came up to him and said, “I hope you like Dr. Sipper. It’s all we’ve got at the moment.”

He took the drink from me and said, “Thanks.”

Looking into his dreamy blue eyes, I about swooned on the spot.

“What about us…miss?” I heard one of the boy band dudes say.

After I’d brought them all drinks and some snacks, they started cracking jokes at me in succession.

I was having so much fun, I’d forgotten I had one more lot to do before my shift was over.

When I told Jin (that was his name–they had all introduced themselves. Jin was the blonde, Taeyong was the redhead and the other guy was Johnny.)

“We’re going to be here tomorrow,” Jin said. “Will you bring us some pizza? They usually only have sandwiches and fruit lately.”

I laughed and said, “Not working tomorrow, but I’ll let them know your order and they’ll have it for you.”

Then I turned around and said good bye. I thought all of them were pretty cool. I’d have to tell Grandpa about them.

I was all finished with my work and just needed to wait on Grandpa to wrap things up. He said he was almost done and to wait at the front of the studio. As I approached, I noticed some actors I’d recognized.

And then my stomach plunged as I realized exactly who they were and what movie they were doing.

“Oh my freaking God, you’ve got to be kidding,” I mumbled to myself.

My mouth went dry as I spotted…him.

Jack Rackham.

And he was doing the second movie to his blockbuster, Moonlight, about a scary werewolf and his fight against himself. The other actors were Dawn Martin and Trevor Allistair. Both super famous because of the first movie. Obviously, they were working on the second one. It was part of this crazy famous YA book series. First book, Moonlight, sold over a million copies. Now the second one, Blood Moon, was being filmed. I’d read them all and loved the five book series. Wow. And this movie was being shot here? I couldn’t believe it!

But the thought of seeing Jack again after all this time freaked me out. Oh God, what would he think? Or would he even remember me?

I’ll never forget his cold stare after I told him I was angry with him for not telling me who he really was. It was like I was nothing to him. He didn’t care about me.

And looking at that same face in real life now petrified me.

Yes, I’d watched Moonlight, his first movie after he took a break from singing. He still performed songs, too, but wanted to branch out. (Okay, I admit that I did stalk him on the rags from time to time. Sue me.)

Seeing him swirled me back in time to that kiss we had when we were kids. I didn’t enjoy it at all.

I was so hurt.

Truly, he was my first crush. My first love.

And oh God, I hoped he didn’t notice me. I never wanted to see him again.

12 thoughts on “Chapter 7.15”

  1. It was nice seeing James in this one ❤️ And wow, lots of cute guys all over the place for Cheyenne! Even behind the camera 😉

    And oh man… I really hope she talks to Jack! They need closure after everything that happened all those years ago (plus, y’know, more hotties to talk to 😈)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heh…that cameraman! 😉 Very handsome!

      And yes, Cheyenne is in her element with all these guys swirling around. She’s not attached to anyone so why not savor all the flavors out there? 😀

      It’d be good if she would get closure with Jack. Hopefully, in time, she will but I think now she’s definitely not ready.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lover WitcHazard: So many hot guys for Cheyenne to get to know! I feel like she’s having so many hot guy encounters I can’t help but think well honey you got bang em all!😝 Also potential romance between an intern and a director ooh scandalous!

    Dark WitcHazard: Oh look our King of Drama has returned Jack is back! Can’t wait for him to turn her world upside down again!😈 All the whole three new kinks to think up! This’ll end fun!

    Shipper WitcHazard: So many potential new ships I can’t contain my excitement!

    Anti Shipper: I know it’s going to be so much fun watching them all sink!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heh heh…Anti might have fun this gen! 😉

      Lover: Yes, hot guy central! It’s a reverse harem for this gen so hang onto your romantic seats, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. 😀

      Dark: Jack the drama king is back. And already making Cheyenne’s heart freak out. I will promise much upheaval in his wake. But when will it happen? Hmm…

      Shipper: This gen will have the most ships. For you, it’ll be hard to choose, I’m sure! It’ll be fun to see which one you jump on!


  3. Awwww, Cheyenne and Grandpa James! Loved how close they are, and how she’s following in her famous relative’s footsteps. …Okay, starting at the bottom doing grunt work, but still, she’s got connections! She made a good point that even if those connections get your foot in the door, it doesn’t guarantee fame.

    Still, I think she’s destined for plenty of that. 😉 She’s having fun on the job, at least! And no wonder.

    But Jack!! 😱😱😱 I wonder if he’s more afraid of her than she is of him, LOL–if the memories haven’t faded with time. But he has to remember her, right?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love how Cheyenne and Grandpa James interact. So sweet. And since he lives close by and she idolizes him, well, they can’t help but be close.

      (I think you’re right about her fame…and yes, having loads of fun with all those hot guys on the set.)

      Eeps! Jack is back. Could he be afraid of her? Hmm… (and I can guarantee he remembers her.)

      Liked by 1 person

  4. What a sweet moment between James and Chey! Love that she’s following his famous footsteps.

    Ooooo, lots of cute guys on Chey’s radar, but Jack! 😱😱😱 I hope they talk to each other and clear things up! I also am excited to see who will date her first.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow, Kristie seems really hurt after the whole thing Zachary. And it was kind of lame for him to talk to her about it like that. I kinda envision Cheyenne ending up in rehab with her all drinking and such.

    Now onto the this chapter!

    There’s that troublesome Jack. I wonder how this is going to turn out, and if he will recognize her. It’s been years probably. There are so many delicious… I mean dangerous temptations for Cheyenne at this job….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Chey could be going the very wrong way in all of this. She’s very wild and yeah, Kristie was hurt. We’ll see what comes out of it.

      Jack! He’s around…sort of. Will they get to talk? Hmm…


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