Chapter 7.29


After I got over the shock of seeing Cheyenne on a marquee and then a huge billboard smack in front of my trendy neighborhood, I decided I’d better take a look at what everyone obviously knew that I didn’t.

I jetted out to San Myshuno to her latest concert, incognito of course. Didn’t want my fans to recognize me at her concert.

Beyond the drop dead gorgeous woman she’d turned out to be, Cheyenne was incredibly talented. Chills rippled through me when she belted out the most explosive high notes.

My God, I thought. Her voice had really matured since the old days of our youth at that performing arts camp.

I drifted back to those simpler times. Times I relished. Even though I was already a superstar, there, I was just Jake, having a little crush on a beautiful girl.

Honest. Pure. Real.

What amazed me most was Cheyenne learned to dance as well.

The little girl with two left feet had arrived to the applause of all who saw her.



I gotta say, the San Myshuno crowds were the best! Their cheers buoyed me and I sang my heart out. Better than I’d ever hoped to before!

Marching through my routines, it was like an unnatural confidence swept through me and I owned the stage.

This was what I was meant to do all along. Every concert, I would gaze out over all the screaming fans and I knew. I was home. Right here.

At the end of the night, with emotion rising through me, I threw a good-bye kiss to all my fans.

I shouted, “You all are so amazing! I’ll see you next time!”

They screamed, hurting my eardrums.


After Cheyenne’s fantastic concert was over, I knew I had to see her. My bodyguards ushered me through the back doors into the place where Cheyenne’s dressing room would be. Of course being who I was, we got through security easily.

Cheyenne’s concert logo seemed to vibrate out of the walls. I was so proud of her.

How far she’d come since the days when she couldn’t step anywhere but on people’s toes.

A curt voice broke me out of my revery. “Sir! You’re not allowed down here. Go back or I’ll call security.”

I couldn’t believe this was all that was between me and seeing the biggest star here. What was Cheyenne’s security team thinking?

The girl eyed me up and down. Did she recognize me even through the disguise?

Knitting her eyebrows, she said, “I mean it. I’m about to have you arrested. Leave. Now.”

Giving my glasses and hat to one of my body guards, I then strode up to her, eyebrow arching. “I’m an old friend of Cheyenne Day.”

Instantly, her eyes bugged out as she lost her breath.

Shocking people never got old.

I cocked my head. “Now…can you take me to Miss Day’s room or will I have to text her about your negligence?”

She wilted underneath my gaze. “Oh please don’t say anything to Miss Day. She’s already told me that if I mess up one more time, she’ll have to find me another job. I love working with her so much. You won’t tell on me will you?”

The silly thing didn’t even give me a chance to answer. She just muttered to herself. “Oh God how stupid could I be? You just mouth vomited at THE Jack Rackham, idiot.”

Then she waved her arm. “Follow me, Mr. Rackham.”

That’s one thing fame always got you.

Anywhere you wanted.


She knocked but no one answered, so she gingerly tiptoed in, finding no one around. I could hear the shhhhh of a shower streaming in the distance.

“So, like, Miss Day is getting ready. If you want, just make yourself comfortable on the couch.”

The girl pointed to her right. “There’s goodies and stuff on the table over there. Thanks so much for the autograph, Mr. Rackham. You’re a doll.”

Then she closed the door and I found myself in Cheyenne Day’s dressing room. I knew carrying a few pictures for fans would come in handy. A little bribery always helped.

She took the longest shower and I was growing perplexed. After all, we hadn’t seen each other in years. Fifteen to be exact. Would she be upset by my forwardness?

Nerves got the better of me when I heard her come out of the bathroom. What if she wasn’t clothed? That wouldn’t be a good scene, so I scuttled to her closet, hoping she wouldn’t find me crouching there. If she did, well, maybe seeing me would be enough for her to forget the intrusion and she’d just wrap her arms around her old friend. I was sure she’d be okay with it, so I tamped down my anxiety.

Then I heard her chatting to herself and couldn’t make myself come out to greet her.


“Mateo always loves me when I’m dressed down,” I said, glancing at one of my selfies. God, I couldn’t wait to fly home and dive into his arms. It’d been six months of a whirlwind tour and I needed some R n R. Thankfully, we were still talking even though on the books we were broken up. He was my best friend in the whole world and I never wanted to be with anyone else.

I glanced at one of his texts after I sent it.

He was so cute. And predictable. I missed him so much, I couldn’t stand it. So I struck a pose just for him.

But then he ignored it after I sent it. “What’s going on?”

Instantly, he called.

“What the hell, boyfriend? You don’t like my pics?”

His low voice sent shivers through me. “I just want the real deal is all. I miss you.”

“I’ll be in Del Sol Valley by morning. Meet me at my place, okay?”

When I hung up, warm feelings swept through me. Mateo still loved me and it seemed nothing had changed between us. Maybe…just maybe…things could work out with us?

I had to block that out of my mind. Attachments only meant hurt in the end. But I could dream…right?

A few minutes later, a man’s deep voice reverberated through the room, sending knives through my back. “Hello, Red.”

Oh my God. Only one person ever called me Red.


8 thoughts on “Chapter 7.29”

  1. I believe in neither the power of childhood crushes nor voyeurism (dude just step away from the door!) so I guess Mateo is still the one doing the most correct thing. He demonstrates patience in this sea of weird impulse after all, never would’ve guessed (I guess I’ll call what Zach did that too :P)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Zach did go to her theater but would never go into her room like Jack is doing. He’s arrogant but…this is on another level. I don’t think what Zach did was so weird. I’ve had that happen to me. In fact, one boyfriend called me out of the blue because he saw me cheering on the sidelines at Texas Tech. I never knew him…he got my phone number and wanted to meet me. I wouldn’t until someone introduced us later. Zach didn’t go that far…


  2. Dark WitcHazard: Really Jack you just peeping on Cheyenne before even saying hello rude! I like it bring on the drama!😈

    Lover WitcHazard: Oh… so she’s still talking to Mateo I guess that’s cool 🙄 hopefully Jack will shake things up!

    Shipper WitcHazard: While I don’t agree with the spying and the subtle possessive nature on the horizon I’ll overlook it for the sake of an adorable childhood crush ship cracks and all!🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dark: Yeah…Jack wasn’t thinking well was he? Glad you like the drama already!

      Lover: She is talking to Mateo still…but then here comes Jack!

      Shipper: There is a sweet childhood ship afoot, cracks and all…but will it sink Mateo? Hmm…


  3. I almost felt sorry for Jack when he was in school with Cheyenne. However, now that he knows better, he seems to be a grade A Jack- A$$. Lol. Maybe he’s not, but he sure seems awfully cocky. 🙄. Run back to Mateo! Fast!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re the only one who sees a bit of a bad boy character in Jack. Yes…he’s been full of himself since the beginning and his fame couldn’t have done him any favors. We’ll see if he can be likeable after all…but will he hold a candle to Mateo? Maybe she should RUN! FAST!

      Liked by 1 person

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