Chapter 5.1


Mommy says things are better if you have to wait for them. She said that a lot because I H-A-T-E hated waiting. It made me feel like ants were crawling all over my shoes and I needed to stomp on them. And I had to wait a whole eight years, nine months and eleven days to meet my daddy.

But she was right.

He was worth it because even snotty, put-her-nose-in-the-air Emery Straud’s dad wasn’t as good. And he was like the president of a bank! That’s how great my daddy was!


First of all, he was like this secret agent who killed bad guys and stuff. Okay, fine, he didn’t KILL those bad guys, but he shot them a lot! And there was blood everywhere just like in my favorite video game, The R.E.F.U.G.E. But he only did that in emergencies. And I was lucky he did or I might never have met him.


He moved here with Uncle Beau about a year ago. And he’s my bestest friend in the whole world. Tonight, it was his weekend. I liked living at his house. He made a special room just for me with all my favorite things in it. My mommy didn’t have a lot of money so we stayed with Mrs. Catlady (that’s not her real name, but I called her that since I was little and she liked it so it stuck.) Me and Mommy shared a room. I liked it, too, but being at Daddy’s made me feel like a princess.


Daddy was really good at playing music. He taught me how to play, too.


And sometimes we’d just lay around and talk. He was good at listening to my stories. He said I was funny! No one had ever said that to me before. I just liked telling him stuff because at school, I was really shy. But not with my dad!


On most weekends, we’d all hang out as a family: Me, Mommy, Daddy, and Uncle Beau. I thought it was way cool that we were all so close now that we found each other.


And we’d read stories together, too. My daddy loved my Uncle Beau very much. They were going to get married. I thought this was weird. I mean, why didn’t Daddy want to marry Mommy? He loved her a lot, too. I could tell.


Sometimes, in my most secret dreams, I’d replace Uncle Beau with Mommy. This was how we should be. Mommy getting married to Daddy and Uncle Beau being left out on the side.

I didn’t tell anyone that I wished this because it might make Daddy mad, but I really did. I prayed every night this would happen.


And sometimes, it felt like they really were married. Especially when Uncle Beau had to work and Mommy and Daddy spent time with just us. Daddy surprised me on my nine year old birthday with a new bicycle.


It was the best because Uncle Beau wasn’t there. I knew that sounded mean to think like that. I loved Uncle Beau, too, but I couldn’t help it.


Mommy and Daddy were supposed to be together. Even my best friend, Naomi Escobar, agreed with me.


“What do you want to do tonight, Lady Bug?” Daddy asked as he put me on his back. It was Friday night and I had no school tomorrow.

“I want to play Hillock II! We almost destroyed Team Beyond Mayhem last time.”

He laughed. “Okay…but if Uncle Beau wants to watch a movie, will that be okay?”

Uncle Beau was home? Drat. “Sure, Daddy. We can always play another time.”




It had almost been a year since Beau and I had relocated to Brindleton Bay. We’d decided to delay our marriage so Lexie could get used to the idea. She was more than obvious about her dislike of my relationship with her uncle, and we knew it would be confusing to her at first. But now she was almost ten–more than mature enough to handle our marriage. We’d been putting off setting a date, but I thought it was time. I wasn’t looking forward to her disappointed face when we announced that it was actually going to happen. She had been the center of my world and it would kill me to hurt her. But this was important.

I walked up to the mismatched, dilapidated house Briar lived in. An elderly woman, Ms. Norma Perkins, took Briar in when she was pregnant.


This lady loved cats, dogs, hamsters. The house was a literal zoo. And filthy, even though Briar tried to clean it as best she could. I tried to talk Briar into moving out but she insisted that she was indebted to the old woman and wouldn’t hear of leaving her. This woman was lonely and took care of Lexie while Briar worked odd jobs here and there just to help out. She still didn’t have anything steady. Right now, she worked as a secretary for a chain of pawn shops. I didn’t like it. Her boss was creepy, too.

“Hi, Ms. Norma,” I said as a waft of wet dog blasted my nose. I’d never get used to this lady’s home’s smells. “Is Lady Bug ready?”


“She is. She’s been ready ever since she came home from school. She thinks you’re going to play video games with her all night. Now remember her mother’s rule. Only one hour a day. We don’t want the child’s mind to shrivel.”

I tried to ignore her condescending tone whenever I had to speak with her. I felt as if she resented my relationship with Beau. She was from a different world where there was no such thing as gay relationships. Throwing on a smile, I said, “Of course, I always follow Briar’s rules, Ms. Perkins.”


“Well, see that you do.”

Keep smiling, I chanted to myself as I prayed my daughter would hurry up. I wanted out of there.


“Hey, Daddy!” she called, scampering over to me. “I’m ready!”

“You are?” I moved to hug her.


Holding up her arms, she said, “Piggy back! Please?”


I could never say no to her. She was so cute. Bouncing on my back, she said, “I want to play Hillock II! We almost destroyed Team Beyond Mayhem last time.”

I laughed, thinking how upset Ms. Perkins would be if she knew Lexie was the master at obliterating other peoples’ cities. “Okay…but if Uncle Beau wants to watch a movie, will that be okay?”


She sighed loudly. I could tell she wasn’t happy. Usually, Beau worked late on Fridays. “Sure, Daddy. We can always play another time.”


The following day, I took Lexie out to the zoo and when we came back, I found Beau crunching numbers on the laptop in my office. I could tell he was in a bad mood, muttering to himself. Massaging his shoulders, I said, “What’s up, babe? You normally don’t cuss at my computer in the afternoon.”

“Aw…why do we have to live in this godforsaken hell hole, August? I just had a meeting with my marketing strategist and he says I have to rethink my entire image if I want to do a Mane Event here in Brindleton Bay. Can you believe that?”


I nodded but didn’t say anything. I had no idea Brindleton Bay was such a backwards place. When I was a senior in high school, I didn’t notice the demographics. Didn’t need to. But now, as a private detective, the most thrilling investigation I’d done was with insurance fraud. People claiming they’re disabled but can walk fine. That’s been a lucrative business around here for some reason. I’d also done a handful of infidelity cases, and one where I helped a guy who was accused of theft, wrongfully. But I knew taking a step backward into private investigations here would be a hit in excitement. It was worth it to me to be in my daughter’s life. I was worried about Beau, though.

Kissing his ear, I said, “I think anything you do will be a success, baby.”


“But people hate gays. Jack told me this point blank. So, my artistic style will turn people off. I’m just…ugh…so fricking frustrated. I basically have to give them a cookie cutter everyday salon for old ladies and Stepford wives. And men won’t even go near my place.”

I peppered his face in kisses, trying to calm him down. Stroking his cheek, I said, “You want to move back to San Myshuno then? I don’t want you to be unhappy.”


He let out a breath then kissed me back. “No…of course not. I’m just bitching. I’d never ask you to leave Lexie.”


Nuzzling him, I said, “We’ll get by, baby. And maybe when she gets older we can move. Okay?”


“Yeah,” he said, nodding. “Okay.”








Next chapter Monday, April 30th

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23 thoughts on “Chapter 5.1”

  1. Lucrative business of people pretending they’re disabled cracked me up. 😀
    Poor Lexie. It is totally understandable she wants a complete family with her mom and dad, especially when she had at last found her dad.
    How can people not like Beau? A gay hairstylist? Come on. Everyone LOVES them! Mane Event? I wouldn’t miss it for anything!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I wish everyone was like you, but that’s not the world they live in. 😭😭😭

      And it’s culture shock to them. Hopefully they’ll figure things out.

      And yeah, Lexie wants that together family…well, in her mind. She actually is very blessed and she doesn’t know it!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah, I was hoping (in an awful way) that the really unusual family dynamics would take a toll on poor little Lexie! It can’t be easy to grow up in her situation… and it’s not like normal divorced or separated parents either. There’s a whole new level of complication added this time! I can’t blame her for how she feels, poor thing 😦

    I hope things will get easier for her as she gets older… and I hope August and Beau really do sick around Brindleton Bay!

    She’s so sweet, maybe a little spunky too 😉 I really am loving her already!

    Welcome to Gen 5! And WP! 😀

    Liked by 3 people

    1. So true! (I think you’re getting your wish! Ha!) And yeah, her situation is unusual. Glad you like her already! She’s fun to write!

      We’ll see if the boys can handle staying there. Now they’re adults in Brindleton Bay and have to fit into that scene…

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Awwww, I love little Lexie already! I can’t blame her for being a bit resentful of Uncle Beau. If things had gone differently, her mom and August would still be together, and she’d have the family she clearly dreams of.

    Poor August, though–he’s in a rough spot, torn between two families. I know the culture shock well, of going from a more cosmopolitan, diverse area to a more rural, less accepting place.

    It may seem hard to believe that people can actually be so closed-minded, but as someone who lived in rural Appalachia for a while… 😱 Some of the kindest people around–unless you didn’t fit into a certain box. Beau would’ve had a really hard time…

    I hope August and co. can find an arrangement that makes everyone happy…

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I’m basing this on some towns I’ve lived in. And I e lived on the other side of the world, too. Experienced a lot of areas…poor guys. Hopefully they’ll get along eventually.

      Glad you like Lexie even though she’s not liking the fam dynamic atm…hopefully she’ll accept things as she gets older.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. I loved hearing from Lexie! I would be surprised if she felt any other way. She dreamed of finding her dad and being a family. I’m sure Briar secretly did (does) too. But Brair would never go against Beau. I’m sure she is thrilled just to have them both back.

    Poor Beau, that is sad for him but I get it. I too lived in a small town where people were not so accepting as they are where I live now. A much older demographic vs a very young vibrant and growing city. If they move that would be hard on everyone August, Lexie and Briar and if they stay I can see Beau getting very moody and resentful.

    As long as Briar feels indebted to the Cat Lady, the have a conundrum. Hmmm….

    Liked by 3 people

    1. We’ll see more of how Briar is handling this next chapter. And yeah…what kid doesn’t want their parents together?

      Beau isn’t liking Brindleton Bay much. He got a job at a local salon to build up clientele before he embarked on building his own salon, but this news is a punch in the gut. Your thoughts on how he might get later is probable. We’ll see how the boys handle this snafu.

      And Briar may have to rethink her living arrangements if things get tougher!!!

      Liked by 2 people

  5. Ahh! I love love love our fierce little Lexie already; THAT is a girl after my own heart ❤

    Eee, setting up so much potential drama!! I mean, *of course* Lexie wants her parents to be together, what kid doesn't? That's a dream come true when you've spent your life living with a single parent, I sympathize with her tremendously and I hope it irons out as she gets older and realizes what a fabulous dude Uncle Beau is!

    Man, the homophobia is dishearteningly ripe in Brindleton Bay; ugh. No wonder Beau is pissed, I'd be pissed too, I'm pissed *for* him.
    I'm such a weird combination of excited and terrified right now, you have no idea, ROFL.

    Loving the sets! The Catlady's house may be a disaster but it has a charming appeal (I'd totally live there sans pet hair and hamsters)

    Liked by 4 people

    1. YAAS…sass in the little lass, huh? And she’ll get even sassier as time goes on…I’m hoping to get her voice just right. It will be different from Siobhan’s when she grows up.

      Lots of drama coming…you called it! 😉

      And I hope you’re right. She actually loves her uncle very much but wants that “perfect” family. Unfortunately, she doesn’t realize she already has a perfect family. 😦

      Yup. Homophobia Central. Sad for them. Hoping things get better somehow. :#

      Wasn’t that Catlady home the best? I found that and HAD to use it. There’s so much charm and character all through that house! (Yeah, sans the hair and SMELL.)

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Hooray for the start of the 5th generation! I’m loving Lexie already!!

    It’s understandable that she wants August and Briar to be together, especially since she finally found her dad. That’s what every kid wants. I see that she’s not into her Uncle Beau. Hopefully when she grows up, she’ll learn to appreciate her uncle better.

    Poor Beau. The homophobia is certainly very high in a less diverse town. Hope August will find an arrangement that will satisfy his need to be with Lexie and Briar and at the same time, have Beau happy without any discrimination,

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, we hope things can work out for this unique, sweet family.

      But unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world. Ugh.

      I’m so happy you love Lexie! I love her, too! ❤


  7. Aww poor Lexie. Things will fall into place in her mind with time, I suppose. About the fall back in August and Beau careers, it was expected, sadly.
    Looking forward to know if they will all move back to San Myshuno in the future!…

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Dark WitcHazard: Such a young mind and she’s already causing conflict I love it!😈 Lexie I’m for some drama I can’t smell it! Also you know what they say about postponing a marriage means it’s never gonna happen! You’ll always Fonda reason to keep putting it off then before long you’ll be like why are we even doing this! The carnage will be glorious! Be careful Lexie if you’re not willing to sacrifice everything for a sinful wish it won’t come true!hehehe😈

    Shipper WitcHazard: Aw the poor thing I get where she’s coming from! I never liked any of my fathers other marriages but you know what I wasn’t a selfish brat like you every time my father introduced some whore off the street as my new mother I smiled and wished them happiness! I never secretly wish for their relationships demise like you get over yourself and get on board Beaugust Brights sank like the titanic and I have a no boarding sanked ships policy because it’s just so unhygienic! So stop your secretly loathing and be the good little girl I know you can be and not this little deceitful bitch!

    Dark WitcHazard: Pregnancy brings out the best in you!

    Anti Shipper: What are you talking about that’s just Wednesday aggression is our usual thing!

    Lover WitcHazard: Dream On Little Lexie as I always say all’s fair in love and undergarments!😝

    Dark WitcHazard: What?

    Lover WitcHazard: You’ll See!😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rofl…I love how Shipper speaks her mind. Probably won’t like Lexie much…

      Dark, you will get your wish for drama, but it may not be what you’re expecting. 😈

      Lover…I like the way you think!


  9. I’ve landed! OMG I love Lexi! She’s so sweet and innocent, with a little mischief going on. I feel bad that she wants to parent trap her parents. She doesn’t realize how lucky she is to have multiple people loving her. And I really hope there’s a Beaugust wedding. They went through so much to not get married.

    Looking forward to all the drama with Lexi and co.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad to see you here! My WP blog!

      She IS trying a parent trap…we all should hope it doesn’t work! 😱

      And you’re right. Beaugust DOES deserve a wedding…we’ll see!


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