Chapter 5.16


I couldn’t believe I was staring at JENNY SANDERSON!!!!

Was I just a lucky shit or what?

Jenny rubbed a finger over her cheek. “Oh dear, I fear I’m at the wrong place, darling. Does Lexie Day live here?”


Squee! Jenny Sanderson said my name! Cosmetic lessons, free samples she was bound to be given by her sponsors, and…ahhhhh!!! She was my ticket to meet THE Charlie Tsui! For reals. Not like some weirdo stalker chick.

Oh crap.

I was supposed to get rid of her. Well…that wasn’t happening.

I smiled, trying to squash anything that might turn me to into a blubbering idiot by just being in her glorious, swoon-worthy presence. “I-I’m Lexie Day. You must be looking to become our new roommate?”


“My God how you’ve changed, sweetheart. I’d never recognize you. Bad hair day?”


I cocked my head. “And you know me…how?”


Her eyes popped and she laughed. “Oh, well, um…shit. I mean, oh snap! Did I say change? I meant, I pictured you much differently from your ad. But no matter, I need a place to stay for four weeks. I’m prepared to pay for the three months you require. My name is Jenny Sanderson, by the way. Nice to meet you.” She barged in like she’d already lived here, sashaying to the living room, head held high.


My roommates were going to freak that I didn’t send her away. They didn’t like strangers  and this barbie doll in the flesh would not be welcome without loads of gentle introductions.

I ran after her before they could swarm.

“So, hey, guys,” I said, plastering on a smile, “there’s a change in plans. Um…this is Jenny Sanderson, and she’s going to be our roommate after all!”

All at once, protests and mayhem chattered, swirling around me.

“We don’t have the room!”

“Who is that?”

“Are you kidding me?”

“Over my undead body.”

“I clearly will not give my authority.”


Waving my arms, I said, “Hold on, guys, look. I’m more than willing to make a sacrifice here. She’ll stay with me. It’s only for four weeks.”

“Good God, did I just stumble into an episode of Dr. Who or what?” Jenny said, hand on hip.


Copper, who was the shyest of all of us said to her girlfriend in a tiny voice, “Tell her she can’t stay, baby. She looks like my bully from 8th grade. I’m getting flashbacks. I can’t handle it!”


With an evil smile, Elara said, “Don’t worry, Copper dear, we have to vote. Elara Shadowalker will not give her approval for this…fraudulent bosomed strumpet.”


“You won’t, eh?” Domina turned to me. “Lexie, is this a friend of yours?”


“Well, sort of…” I said. God, was being a total WooTube fangirl a friend?

“Wait a minute…did that weird chick just call me a ho?” Jenny asked.


“Then you have my vote, Jenny.”


“You dare defy Elara Shadowalker’s ruling?”

“In a heartbeat, witch.”


“I’m all for another girl in the house,” Kate said, putting out a hand to shake Jenny’s.

Thank you, Kate! That’s another point for Lexie-gets-to-meet-her-favorite-man Home Team.

“I’m sorry, honey,” Reese said to Copper, “but if they all vote for the woman staying, there’s nothing I can do. It was our fault she answered the ad.”


“Yo, people?” Jenny said, “I can hear you, you know. I might look like a mean girl but I can assure you from the tip of my thousand dollar Simmy Choos to the top of my blown out hair, I don’t have a mean girl bone in my body.”


This was getting ugly fast. “Let’s discuss this in the Hall of Wonders, okay?”


The Hall of Wonders was the name of our basement where all our meetings took place as well as when we played games as a group. At the moment we were split down the middle–three for Jenny staying and three against. I had to use a loophole.

Elara sat down next to me. As much as I hated to flash my Brooke card, I was desperate. “Um, Elara? Technically, you don’t get a vote here. Can you fetch Brooke for us?”


Arching an evil eyebrow, Elara responded, “My presence has been requested by my followers to attend a banquet in my honor. Tonight.”

“But this is an emergency, Elara,” Kate said. “We can’t keep the poor lady waiting.”

Elara shot daggers at me. “Very well. But you’ll pay dearly for this vexation.”


She rose out of her chair like a jewel encrusted queen and strutted to her room. I wondered what that threat might cost me. Well, whatever she had up her devilish sleeve, it would be worth it if Brooke voted my way.


“Reese, can they do that?” Copper whispered. “Brooke is bound to side with Lexi.”


Reese turned to me and glared. “I call foul play, Lex. We use whatever form shows in this house. Elara by all rights is a part of the sisterhood.”


“Nope. That’s not right,” Kate countered. “Remember the fiasco night of BS? Elara came home early and refused to get Brooke. We needed her arrows? You even said Brooke was our true sister and she had to come forward.”

“Oh yeah,” Reese said, sighing.


I owed Kate a signed instrument of her choice after this. She was a music savant and could play anything by ear. If Charlie and I started dating, he’d probably be able to get her something if I batted my eyelashes! Okay fine…I was getting ahead of myself. Maybe Jenny and I could become bff’s and SHE could drum up some free lipstick or nail polish!

In a few minutes, Brooke bounded in. “Hey guys, what’s up? Elara mentioned you had a disagreement?”

Dom rolled her eyes. She’d gone round and round with Brooke about acting like she had no clue what Elara knew, but hey! She took her roleplaying VERY seriously. I had to respect that.


Kate filled her in then Brooke sat down and said, “So…Lex wants this woman to room with her?”

“I’m taking the fall here, Brooke, but yeah, I just couldn’t turn her away,” I said, trying to milk my sacrifice for this poor, innocent-nondescript-famous-wootuber-person!


Copper spoke in her tiny timid voice, “B-But before you decide, Brooke, remember I have a deathly allergy to perfumes and all sorts of non-hypoallergenic cosmetics. That woman is a walking drug store. I say she’s a detriment to my health..among other things.”


With a graceful smile, Brooke answered, “We’ll just ask her to refrain from using perfume, and we’ll approve her cosmetics. Would that make you happy, Copper? We certainly wouldn’t want to send the poor thing away. And from what I’m hearing, she must be in need of womanly company as she obviously could afford any apartment in the city. She was wearing Simmy Choos!”


Omg…why didn’t I think of that angle? Brooke was a genius when it came to arguments. Unlike her alter ego, she could talk anyone into anything.

“Yes, that’s true,” I added. “She did look lonely. Sort of like a lost puppy.” I hoped that did the trick. Copper was a sucker for anything that needed help–barbie dolls included.


“Hmm…I never thought about it like that,” Reese said, with a wistful stare. “It’d be like we were taking in a stray cat.”


Copper sighed, looking defeated. She always deferred to her girlfriend’s wishes. “Well…I guess it’d be okay then.”

Yes! I took no chances. “It’s time for a vote. All in favor of allowing Jenny Sanderson to be our roommate for four weeks, do the Super Serafina Hero Call.”




Running up the stairs, I told Jenny the good news. “You’re in…so, let me show you to your room and see how you like it!”


Arching an eyebrow, Jenny asked, “I heard you say something about…sharing?”

My heart pricked. I hoped she didn’t mind rooming with me. “Um, yeah, you see…we did have a vacancy, but that fell through and now we don’t and since you seemed desperate and all, I just…er…um…” God! What was I going to tell her? That I was such a fangirl that I NEEDED her royal presence with me for the next month?

“Don’t worry, honey, it’s okay. As long as you don’t snore, fart, or drop your clothes on the floor, we’re good.”

I blinked. Wow. This was going down easier than I’d expected.


I brought her through my door, heart banging in my chest. I was picturing us having sleepovers every night–you know…painting each other’s nails (with her stuff cuz I didn’t own any nail polish), talking about men (hers because I didn’t date any) and eating TONS of ice cream. It’d be like high school in Brindleton Bay all over again.

“Oh. My. LORD!” Jenny yelled.



“You’re a…Chucker,” she said, mouth hanging open.


I stared into Charlie’s beautiful dark eyes, dreaming about how Jenny was going to set us up on a blind date. Omg…this was going to be so much fun. I wondered what our babies would look like at that very moment!


And then the name “Chucker” sunk into my romance-blurred brain. “Chucker” was soooo not a very nice name to call fangirls of Charlie Tsui. It was in reference to “upchuck” and his name.

“What the hell do you mean by ‘Chucker’?” I asked. I was ready to forgive her but she’d better grovel by calling me that.

“Sorry, sweetheart, but I just…can’t…um….room…with a Chuck…I mean…one of Charlie’s fangirls.”


My bottom lip quivered as my throat thickened. “Why not?”


“Well…er…you can understand that my alliance is with my twin…right? And if you’re into…um…someone like HIM, you just…” She shook her head. “Let’s just say good-bye right now. No hard feelings, okay, dear? I’ll send you a few signed posters from him, though. You’d like that, right?”


Did I say I wanted her to grovel? Hell no. I dropped to my knees and did the best pathetic begging I could muster. “Oh, please don’t leave. I’ll do anything. You can call me Chucker all you like. I’ll even fetch your dry cleaning, run your errands, pick up coffee from your favorite coffeehouse. Please say you’ll stay!”


“Oh…I don’t know, honey. I have rules. Chuckers are definitely a different sort of fandom..very rare and…s-strange…and I just…”


I put my hands together. “You can have my bed! I’ll sleep on the floor. You can have first dibs on the shower!”

“I…just…can’t…” she said, covering her eyes.


Then she turned, walking away. “Now where’s the door, dear? I’ve got to leave.”

“No, please, Jenny. Say you’ll stay. Just for one week and see how you like it.”


I had no clue what came over me. It was like some demon from the dregs of hell possessed me, forcing me to do the most embarrassing things. I grabbed her leg and held her from finding the door. “I’ll give you the whole closet. And I promise not to complain if you leave toothpaste blobs in the sink.”


“Oh, come on now, girlfriend. Give it up. Let my leg go.”


But I wasn’t going to let go. If nothing else, Alexis Bianca Day might have been the worst Chucker fangirl on the face of the earth, but when Lady Luck shone her light on me by bringing Jenny Sanderson to my door, by God, I was not about to allow that luck to fly away in Simmy freakin’ Choos.


Thankfully, it worked.
















I wanted to give a shout out to the FABULOUS RABOOSKI for designing the Secret Serafina Sorority House. It’s an amazing feat of architecture and she even designed every bedroom with perfection! If you have a geek that needs a lot of space, this home is for you: Geek Sorority House

Next chapter Monday, June 25th

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28 thoughts on “Chapter 5.16”

  1. Okay, James in drag, OMG! 😂😂😂😂 This just gets better and better. Wonder when she will find out….and we have to wait a WHOLE week to see if my theory is correct and maybe not find out even then?

    This was so much fun. Brooke/Elara is hysterical. I liked the little basement powwow. Kinda got to know the girls a little better. They are so fun. I just wonder though if this really is James, what is he doing there? Hiding out for awhile and felt that Lexie would be safe since she ran away?

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  2. Lexie is obsessed.If I was Jenny I would be scared to death and running out of that house. I wonder if Jenny’s brother put her up to getting a room there so he could visit and get close to Lexie.

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  3. Dark WitcHazard: So the lead in the Throbbers dresses in drag and pretends to be a sister that doesn’t exist while he’s not in front of a crowd of screaming fans! Really how would his sister know what she looked like then compare her to her everyday look! And his “sister” is offended by someone being obsessed with probably the less adored member of the group! Narcissistic much! So his idea of vacation is dressing in the drag and living with the girl he wants to bang! I’m just blown away I mean if this is his sister then she is very manly looking! So I’m on team James in drag!

    Lover WitcHazard: Love the girls sisterhood it’s so cute way better than her back stabbing friend!

    Shipper WitcHazard: James in drag trying to get the good on Lexie I love it So our their really going above and beyond for that banging body! I still think it’s rude to spy on someone before so you can make a game plan but it’s a comedy so I’ll allow it!

    Anti Shipper Sign: This will not end well!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Dark: You have a theory…but is it true? Hmmm…and James has a reputation of being narcissistic. Maybe his twin is one of his biggest fans? 😉

      Lover: Aww…yes, Lexie is lucky to have these five awesome friends! ❤

      Shipper: LOL! We shall see if your theory is correct (next chapter).

      Anti: Ya think?


  4. OH MY GOD 😂😂😂

    You write Brooke/Elara even better than I ever could have dreamed. I love this so much 😂😂😂 I was cackling the whole time!

    Their basement meeting was so cute. I love this little sisterhood ❤️

    And omg Lexie’s bedroom 😂 Jenny is certainly a piece of work, huh? But I’m kind of glad she’s staying after all… something tells me she will add a whole new level of crazy to this household 😂😂😂


    1. I’m so happy you love Brooke/Elara! I’m having a blast getting inside their heads. (Yes, that’s two heads…ha!)

      The sisterhood is so much fun. They’re a team who will be real with each other and not take offense if they disagree. Such a rare thing when it comes to living with a bunch of women.

      Jenny is a different kind of crazy…yes…we have a whole ton of different personalities in the house now. 😉

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  5. Sorry for the wait. 😦

    LOL! What can I say? Jenny cares about her brother’s sex life (and lately, he doesn’t get ANY because the girls who worship him are too young.)

    Lexie’s room is a Chucker’s dream. 😉 I think Lexie has scoured all the merch sites to get what she has. She needs a stand up Charlie. Hmm…


  6. LOL..scrutinize away! Jenny doesn’t mind. 😉

    I’d love a Hall of Wonders, too, where I could meet with all my girlfriends and GOSSIP! And solve the world’s problems in one sitting.

    Lex is definitely a Chucker to the nth degree! She owns it, too. Her roommates don’t understand but they all have their quirks. 😉

    Sorry we have to wait a bit for the next episode! But I think it’ll be worth it. 😀

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  7. OMG, this chapter had me cackling. Lexie really isn’t letting go (literally) of her chance at free makeup and a connection to Charlie, rofl. Her room is a SHRINE! I love the name “Chucker” too, so much of this feels like a real crazed fandom.

    Loved all the scenes with the girls together too, it’s fun to see camaraderie between women (and vicious fights between Dom and Elara, of course.) Dom’s already a good pal to Lexie, seems like. ❤ And Elara is terrifying!

    But not as terrifying as Lexie when she's afraid of "Jenny" leaving. (I'm with Audrey and WitcHazard!) This really does feel like a kdrama or manga, it's great. Can't wait to see what happens next, this really is my favorite gen of all-time so far.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. OHHH! I’m so glad you love this gen!!! It IS manga/k-drama inspired (as was Alex’s generation). Only this one is SOO much like a quirky funny K-drama. I’m having a blast writing it. )

      Lexie’s room IS a shrine. And no one better mess with her stuff on her walls. 😉

      Dom and Elara crack me up. They literally write themselves. I can hear them when I’m doing their scenes. And yes, Dom is very much a good friend to Lexie and will become even closer as time goes on. Elara–the terrifying evil dominatrix! Such the opposite of sweet Brooke! 😉

      Lexie knows what she wants and wouldn’t stop at anything to get it. Especially when it concerns Charlie. Even her fear of confrontation gets thrown out the window! ❤

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  8. LOL…love how people suspect Jenny as being James! What are the odds?

    Lexie IS a true blue Chucker whether she likes being called that or not. 😉

    So glad you found the ending funny. Jenny WILL bring craziness to the house.


  9. Lexie would be scary in her obsession if she wasn’t hilarious at the same time. “Squee! Jenny Sanderson said my name!” 😀
    It’s getting more and more clear that Jenny is James. That little slip up. Of course he would want to leave when he found out Lexie is a fan of Charlie and not him. 😀 The only thing that remains to be cleared out is whether there is any Jenny at all or if it’s been him all the time making those YouTube videos. On the other hand this group of girls is crazy enough for him to fit in perfectly, either as Jenny or James. Maybe the whole truth is even more complicated and James/Jenny has been an obsessed fan of Jackson Day and was looking for an opportunity to introduce himself to the family? In hopes to revive his withering creative mojo? 😀

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    1. Heh…the madness is all in good comedy fun. 😝

      I love the obsessed Jackson fan prediction! That WOULD be hilarious if we had two crazed fans using each other to get closer to a “star”. Siobhan was famous as Jackson’s tragic, depressed daughter. Maybe James had read about them or saw a documentary. Could happen! 🤓And then he saw the ad and forced his sister to respond for him. Seeing all of Jackson’s memorabilia might just help him out of his slump! Never know!

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