Chapter 5.19


I tossed and turned that night. Images of me and James flooded my dreams. I was cowering on stage along with five screaming teenagers when suddenly, James pulled me to him and asked, “Will you marry me?”

Then I was transported to a nursery with five screaming kids. All ours. And I watched him on TV, girating like usual.

What a horrific nightmare!


I must have moaned because I felt somone shaking me. My vision cleared to see Jenny’s beautiful face. I gasped. “Thank God it was a dream.”

“What’s the matter, sweetheart? You were crying.”

Shaking my head, I said, “It was awful. I was married to your brother with five of his brats wailing around me. Oh my God, I hate kids.”

“That was a dream, honey. James wouldn’t want more than two.” Jenny stroked my back soothingly, helping to calm my erratic heart.


“You’ve got to promise to stop asking me to date him, Jenny. God…it felt so real.”

Looking down, she said, “Would it really be that bad? If you would just give him a cha–”

“NO!” I cut her off. Just thinking about the nightmare gave me chills. “I…I better get dressed for work.”


I didn’t like making Jenny sad, but that dream just told me James and I weren’t meant to be. I mean…who was I kidding? Even dating Charlie was out of the question. Marrying famous people just wasn’t a good idea. My grandmother suffered from my extremely famous great grandfather’s divorce. I couldn’t do that to any kid. So, I decided not to ask Jenny for even another chance to meet Charlie, and for sure she would never convince me to date her brother. That would be the end of it.

I was fine being one of the bazillion Throbbers who would fangirl from afar.



My plan to go out with Lexie was fizzling by the minute. That damned nightmare she’d had about me kicked me in the balls. Hard. There had to be some way I could sneak into her life as me. But it was complicated as shit since “Jenny” couldn’t be around. And I was running out of time, too. We were going on tour in two weeks. And then I’d probably never see her again. Story of my life. I finally meet the girl of my dreams and it was like we were strangers. My fame ruined everything.

With Lexie gone to work, I was under the gun to transform back into James and make a Heartthrob photoshoot by noon. Lexie usually acted as my PA and I couldn’t use my real one (I’d given him the month off), so I figured I’d pay one of the girls in the house to do it. None of them seemed to have jobs anyway.

“Domina, darling, just the girl I wanted to see,” I said, hoping to butter her up. Out of all the eccentric ladies of the house, Dom was by far my favorite.

“Yeah, Jenny? What’s up?”


“I have a sizzling opportunity for you. I think you’ll love it.”

“Oh! An opportunity!” the ever cheerful Brooke exclaimed. I didn’t know what to think about her. She was Jekyll and Hyde in real life. Well, that’s what Lex said.


Lifting her eyebrows, Domina answered, “Okay. What’s that?”


“I thought I might employ your services this morning.”


“My…services. This isn’t…kinky…is it?”


I laughed. “No…nothing like that. Let’s sit and chat, and I’ll tell you more.”


“If she doesn’t want the opportunity, you can ask me!” Brooke said eagerly.


I nodded. Couldn’t hurt having two of them getting my stuff done.

We sat on the couch and I explained, “So, since all of you don’t seem to have a job, I’d like to pay you to do a few little things for me this morning.”

Her eyes narrowed. “Since we don’t have a…job?”


“Yes, so I’d pay you 100 simoleons. I need my dry cleaning picked up by eleven, Simballs has my order ready for the exclusive Sapple Watch that just came out, and my car needs to be washed. Go to the one on 5th and Pike St. because any other place just doesn’t know how to clean chrome. Do you think you could accomplish all that before noon because I’m stretched for time?”


Domina waved her arm and said, “Let me get this straight…you think I just sit on my ass all day playing video games and that I’ve got nothing to do but run your errands. Is that right?”


“Well, I do see you sitting on your ass as you say and you do play a lot of video games…so…” I wasn’t sure if she was pissed or if she just wanted me to make things clearer.

“Brooke, you want to hear this?” Dom asked with a smile.


“Jenny thinks we do nothing all day and have gobs of time to fetch things for her.”


Just then, Reese came over and sat next to me. If Dom or Brooke couldn’t work maybe she would. “Well, Dom, it’s okay if you don’t have time. Any of you girls will do, I think.”


“I’ll be right back,” Brooke said with a weird look on her face.


Next thing I knew, Elara was glaring at me on the couch. “Tell Elara Shadowalker what you asked Lady Langosta.”


“Oh, honey, that get up is a scream!” I said, laughing. “You look like you walked right out of The Game of Bones.”

Reese laughed along with me. These girls were fucking hilarious.


“Uh oh, Jenny,” Dom said, drawing in a breath. “Now you’ve done it.”

Elara’s eyes shrunk into tiny slits. “Tell me. Now, fool.”


“Eheheh, you better tell her, Jenny,” Reese said, nudging me with her elbow.


I relayed everything (as if she didn’t know already–didn’t she have the same brain as Brooke?) Then Elara smiled and said, “I will do all that you ask, maiden, but first, I desire you to tour my…chambers…”


The look on everyone’s faces kind of creeped me out, but hell, I needed to get this shit done, so I was down with whatever they wanted. “Uh, okay then. Thank you!”


The next thing I knew, the freakshow locked me in irons and pulled my arms up uncomfortably. “What the fuck is this?” I asked, not even hiding my deep voice.


“We do not take kindly to people ordering us about like slaves. For your information, all of us have jobs. Important jobs. And what we do on our free time is not for you to judge.”

This girl was a nutjob. “I-I wasn’t judging,” I defended.


“You were. You thought that since Dom played videogames, she was doing nothing. But in fact, that IS her job. She tests them. And you assumed wrongly that Brooke did nothing as well, but SHE works at night as a festival coordinator. I am a highly sought after Empress of the Dark, so I do not need to stoop so low as to even have employment. Reese is a marketing rep at her firm, but she works from home. And Copper goes to school online. If you’d cared an elflock about us, you would have known that by now.

“Furthermore, if you wanted us to do a favor for you, all you had to do was ask as a fellow sister. But you didn’t. You asked as someone who thinks they’re better than us. This will not be tolerated in the Sisterhood. Any questions?”


“Yeah. One. Lexie, where are you?!”




23 thoughts on “Chapter 5.19”

  1. Haaaaaa! I almost want to feel bad for James… but instead I’m lovng this 😂 Karma for all the lies and being such a dang diva! Damn, I wonder what other purposes Elara uses those devices for 🤔 😈

    I love that Domina set that up. James has no idea what he’s gotten himself into with these ladies! And if you want Lexie, I’m thinking they’re all a package deal 😉 So get used to it! 😂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Package deal indeed! Yes…he didn’t figure that he was even part of a cult…and that they might be happy to help out if he’d asked. But in his world, people jump at his every command.

      Domina is the puppet master and no fool. She knew exactly what she was unearthing—Elara’s righteous wrath! 😈😈😈

      And hmm…I have no idea WHAT Elara does with all that stuff in her dungeon. 😅

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I have this terrible-yet-amazing vision of lovely, sweet Brooke bringing a guy back to her place after some romantic date night, then she comes out of the bathroom in full Elara mode… Poor guy would not know what hit him! 😈

        Liked by 1 person

  2. ROFL, I’m dying omg.

    Sorry, “Jenny”–this is a sisterhood, not a monarcy. Looks like Elara taught her the hard way….

    I lost it when I saw Graham’s dungeon, complete with mirror walls, LOL–he’s in good company. 😉 I bet James never expected to end up chained to a wall when he moved in to get closer to Lexie.

    I think it’s really interesting–and understandable–that Lexie doesn’t want to get too close to a celebrity, when there’s a not-so-pleasant history of celebrity marriage in the Day family. Celebrity marriages do tend to have a lower than average rate of success.

    Five kids though…that’d be my nightmare too!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I wanted to shoot a pic of her dream surrounded by five naughty toddlers but…ugh…no time. Just got back in town and house. Nuff said.

      Yeah…she’s come to her senses about even thinking about entering that world. It’s just not for her. 🤪

      And James? He’s getting a fast lesson on how NOT to be an asshole. I think a few hours in Elara’s chamber might do the trick! 🤣😈

      Liked by 2 people

  3. OH SHIT! 😮
    You done it now, James 😬

    Man, I was so bummed at the start there when Lex was all “no celeb mens EVAR”
    But then, that means maybe Cory?! Ok, I’m down for that! 😁❤️😘

    But, I still want her and James to make boom boom with him dressed as Jenny, so 🤔

    Ah! I’m sure it’s still anybody’s game! These are early days yet!

    LOL at James ending up chained in Elara’s dungeon! 😂
    Ohhh man, James, honey, I can’t blame you for being hyper focused on our girl Lexie, but damn, you stepped in it!

    Can’t wait to see how that plays out 😈

    Liked by 4 people

    1. These are the early days…I’m a bit worried how long this gen might be! 😱😭

      James totally STEPPED! 💩

      And Cory could swoop in at any moment and steal Lexie away. He’ll always be that perfect boyfriend that no one can measure up to! 😍🤩😍

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Dark WitcHazard: Haha serves him right! Did he actually think he could go the entire month without having to get to know anyone else in the house! With this sisterhood like cult how did he think he was going to get Lexie without convincing the rest of the crew that celebs aren’t douches and her brother is just missunderstood! He’s not thinking man and it shows!

    Lover WitcHazard: Yeah he comes on a little strong with the love James because I say so bit. No matter how you look at it it’s creepy!

    Shipper WitcHazard: Can’t force ships they have to happen naturally!

    Anti Shipper Sign : But if you do force them have a plan atleast! You are behind enemy lines you need allies not enemies! Also never tick off someone who looks like their threats will be carried out no matter the consequences! If you can’t be friends then stay away they are the most dangerous and a threat to your existence!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Dark: James is a spoiled diva who has t had to face the real world (and he’s in the pit of a sisterhood…da boy doesn’t get it). I think he does now! Lol can’t wait for you to see what the sisterhood will do next. Will James figure it out and get them to unite behind him?? Or will he step in it even more? 💩

      Lover: James and his love is creepy? Yeah…Jenny is t doing James any favors with Lex.

      Shipper: 100%

      Anti: if only James would heed your warnings!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh….that was too good. I knew when Brooke/Elara came in something was going downnnnn. And it beat all expectations! I loved him being chained up and read the riot act! Sisterhood baby NOT a monarchy….got it.

    I wonder if Elara noticed the change in Jenny’s voice….hmmmm.

    How is he going to explain why he missed the photoshoot! Well, you see….I have been living with 5, no 6ish weird chicks and then one of them decided to …. never mind ….. I had a flat tire….

    Liked by 4 people

    1. 🤣 so glad you were surprised by our evil Elara…😈😈😈

      Elara is not stupid…that slip might cost Jenny A LOT!

      Hee! How is he going to explain his absense? Hopefully someone in the sisterhood will take pity on him and free him…😜

      Liked by 2 people

  6. LOL. He just stepped right into it. Wouldn’t expect any less of him, he’s a diva and a narcissist. Of course he thought he’s better than them. He needed to be taught a lesson. Who knows maybe one day they will all laugh together at this memory. If he manages to win the girls as friends, that is.
    He’s running out of time and I don’t think anything big is going to happen between him and Lexie in two weeks. The question is if he walks away as Jenny or James after those two weeks. I want Lexie to meet James at least once before she knows he was Jenny. I want to see if they have any chemistry when he’s not in his disguise. And we need to learn more about Charlie too. For comparison. 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

    1. STEPPED! 💩

      Mr. Narcissistic needed this lesson. Otherwise, Lexie will never give him a chance. She hates diva behavior.

      You will see Charlie in two chapters. I don’t know if you’ll get your wish for Lex to meet James before the reveal…

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Rofl…he’s safe there. The sisterhood wouldn’t be caught dead wearing Barbiedoll clothes. I will assure you that the reveal will be….um…satisfying. 😈

      Liked by 3 people

  7. Dating celebrities isn’t her cup of tea? So sad! But to think of it, there was a celebrity marriage in the Day family. Since that’s the case, that could be a sign that maybe she wants to get back with Cory. I would like Lexie to get to know the band members personally, so that she has an idea of what they’re like outside of performing concerts and writing songs.

    Jenny, you’ve really done it this time! I couldn’t stop laughing at what Elara did to her. I totally love Brooke/Elara! Say, I hope she caught the significant change in Jenny’s voice. Hint, hint, hint.

    Brooke/Elara 1
    James/Jenny 0

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You’re so right…Elara/Brooke won that round! 😈

      You could be right…the door might just swing open to let Cory in. But where is dat boi? 😳

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Bahahahah! This is getting better and better!
    Lexie was thinking about how bad it would be to date a celebrity? But…dating them is not a problem. The problem is to marry them! ahahah!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. True…but to Lexie, dating has a purpose. To end up together forever. And if her purpose is to break up (with Charlie or even James), why bother?

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Oh man that room is hilarious. In the meantime I’m wondering if maybe it won’t be Lexie who finds out Jenny’s secret at first – would sure be something, too if one of the others learned of it first and told her without James being able to place a well-worded explanation…

    Liked by 1 person

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