Chapter 5.27


I never thought escaping my friends by going to my dad’s was ever going to be a thing, but here I was with a smile on my face. It was nice to be home. I got this warm fuzzy feeling seeing my dad, uncle, and brother along with my grandparents. I definitely needed a break from the crazy of my life.


“Hey, everyone,” I said, waving.

“Hi, lady bug!” Dad said, smiling wide. “I hope you’re ready for escargot and lobster thermidore tonight.”


“August, how can you think a Pongan man like me would eat snails? We like shellfish from the sea, not from the concrete.”

I smiled. I adored my grandfather. “I’m with you, Grandpa. Those slimy things should be fish bait, not for human consumption.”


I kissed my dad then sat next to him.

“Lexi,” Uncle Beau said, “don’t knock until you try. I bet after tonight, you’ll be a slimy snail fan.”


“And speaking of fan…” Dad chimed in. “I hear you’re dating one of the Heartthrobs. Is this true?”

“James Sanderson, wasn’t it?” my grandmother added.


Blood seemed to rush out of my body. What the crap? How did they find out my lie?

Of course. Silas Moon. That creep. Couldn’t keep his trap shut for two days. “Uh…” I tried to stall.

“Why don’t you bring him by? We’d love to meet him.”


“H-He…uh…you know…can’t really get out much. Rabid fans and all.” Lexie! What are you saying??? You’re not dating JAMES! 

“Well, just don’t be shy about having him meet us. This is the first boyfriend you’ve had in years.”

I winced. “Uh, yeah, well…we’re not exactly…”


“Is everything alright?” Grandma asked. “It’s hard having a famous boyfriend. I know I suffered a lot with my father. Thankfully, the paparazzi doesn’t know about it. It’s a good thing to keep your relationship private.”


Grandma turned to Dad and said, “August, don’t pressure her into having him meet us.”

Thank you, Grandma!

“Oh, but it’d be so cool to meet THE James Sanderson. I love the Heartthrobs!” Uncle Beau shimmied and sang, “Baby, baby, oh, baby, baby, baby, baby, oh oh OHHHHH!”


“Are you sure you can’t talk him into it?” Uncle Beau pleaded. “We have that barbecue happening on the 4th. Surely, he could come to that!”

I waved my hands around. “Oh, I think he definitely wouldn’t want to come to a barbecue. H-He’s a…um…v-vegan.” Geeze…this was getting worse and worse. What was I doing?


“I make a mean Pongan BBQ tofu bowl,” Grandpa said, grinning. “I think he’d love it, Lexie. Why don’t you ask him? Now I’m intrigued by the kid. He’s got to pass the Grandpa Seth test before I’ll give him my stamp of approval. I don’t care how famous he is.”


“Eheheheh…” I breathed, heart flapping wildly in my chest, “Grandpa…um…I think you’d scare the poor guy away. He’s like…t-tiny…you’d tower over him. Do you think I want to put him through that?”


“Oh nonsense, Lexie,” Dad said, “we’ll be nice to him. Come on…we’ve got to meet the guy you’ve been dating. It’s not right to shut your family out.”

“It’s settled then,” Uncle Beau said, picking up little Brayden. “He’s coming on the 4th. And if he’s not on tour, he has no excuse.”

Damn. I was sunk. It was too late to tell them they got the wrong Heartthrob.

“Um…okay…I guess?”


“Did you hear that, Bray-bray?” Uncle Beau cooed at my brother. “We’re going to meet James Sanderson!”

“Yippee!” Brayden yelled even though he didn’t know what the hell he was celebrating.


“Why do you look so sour, lady bug? He’s going to like us. I promise.”

I lifted the side of my mouth. “Hum…y-yeah…sure…”



By the time I got home, my mind rolled over how it seemed as if everyone was basically shouting at me to date James. Even my family! But what was I missing? Maybe it was fate? Maybe it was coincidence? But no matter what, it was evident. I needed to give James one chance. Dom could be right. What if James was the love of my life and I was just passing him by for no good reason except my judgement against him. It wasn’t fair to him. Or to me. If that was the case.

Readying myself to tell Jenny the good news, I stopped short in the middle of my room.


“What the hell happened in here?” I whispered. The whole place looked like it did before except it got a revamp like a genie decorator came through and freshened it up with her magic wand. “Wow.”


Just then, Jenny popped out of the bathroom. “Oh you’re back. So glad I caught you before I left.”

My stomach lurched. “Before you…left?”


“Yes, dollface. My penthouse is ready, so I’ve got to move. I hope you like the changes. I knew your favorite color was red, so…I don’t know. I just couldn’t see putting your old things back. Well, except for your Charlie posters. Take a look. They’re all up as before.”


This hit me like a slap in the face. I didn’t really think through what it was going to be like without Jenny around. Yeah, I was mad about the Flamer crap, but I’d calmed down about it. Did she think I wanted her gone because of that?

“You know I’m not mad anymore about today. Jenny, I…I don’t want you to move out.” I put my hand on her shoulder and she took it in her warm fingers.


“Oh, sweetheart…I…” she stopped and shook her head. “Th-there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you. And then I know you’ll want me out of here. It’s just…” She sighed then swallowed.

I looked into her eyes through watery tears and she stopped what she was about to say.

“Lexie, are you crying?” she asked.

I couldn’t help it.

What was I going to do without her? I’d miss our long talks on my bed, getting to know one another, watching movies together, or giggling endlessly about silly things. She always took care of me whenever I needed something and I, in turn, helped her with picking up laundry or fetching her coffee or bringing her asian takeout after work. We did everything together–from the time she moved in, we connected in a way that I never had with anyone–not even my only boyfriend, Cory.

How could I not see her every morning and every night? My mind reeled in panic.


“Don’t go, Jenny. Please? Didn’t you like staying here with me?”


And then I broke down. It was like I was losing a part of me.


She took me into her arms and rocked me gently. I didn’t want to let her go.



When Lexie started crying, I clung to her, wishing this situation was different. I didn’t want to leave. Instead, if I could, I’d order my driver to whisk her away from this carnival and drop her off at my penthouse. But…


She had to know the truth.


Taking a deep breath, I vowed to spit out my confession and deal with the aftermath.  “Listen, babydoll, I need to tell you something. I’ve been holding off for too long.” I closed my eyes then said, “I…”

“Hey, Jenny? I know what you’re going to say.” She looked down, fiddling with her fingers.

My stomach dropped. “You do?”


Her eyes darted around and she said, “I feel awful for what I’ve put you through about your brother. I don’t blame you for gettin fed up with me and leaving.”

“Huh?” I dropped my arms to my side.

“I’ve been such a little bitch about going out with him. The Sisterhood is right. What’s the harm in one date?”


I blinked. I wasn’t sure what she was getting at.

Raising her head, she said, “So, I want to go out with James. Do you think you could ask him for me?”


That was the last thing I thought would come out of her mouth.


















24 thoughts on “Chapter 5.27”

  1. Ahhhhh!

    Oh god. James. Buddy. DO THE RIGHT THING. You were about to tell her, follow through! If you don’t, you’re just going to make this so much worse for yourself later… gahhhhh!

    And oh man, I was cringing when her family was insisting she bring James to meet them. This is all a disaster! I am gonna be reading the next few chapters hiding behind my fingers. I can tell! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He’s stuck now. He really wants this date, so he’s telling himself he’ll tell her AFTER the date. 😛

      That dang Silas and his big mouth. Lexie was cringing, too, and feeling pressure about her lie. It is a disaster…but hey! She’s got a date with James finally. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. James was about to spill the beans, but no he didn’t. 🤦‍♂️ He better hurry!! Time is flying by!

    Wow, the family is asking Lexie to bring James over so that they can meet him?? Ooooooo, more disaster ahead!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Just spill it already! Even if you two are going on a date it won’t make anything better. Some day you will have to tell her or it is revealed by accident, and it’ll be even worse when you’ve been married for 5 years. Speaking metaphorically.
    Apart from that, I can totally imagine the Day family to unconsciously press someone to show their boyfriend while getting it all wrong. LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d love it if they were married for five years and she’d been meeting his “sister” for coffee from time to time…then…after they’ve had two kids, dun, dun DUN!!! She finds his wig in the closet. Doh!

      Yes, the Day family was at their finest here. I mean, who wouldn’t want to meet them? They sooo clueless atm. Poor Lex.

      James HAS to spill…one of these days…

      Liked by 1 person

  4. LEXIE! How could you say he’s a VEGAN, of all things? 😱😱😱😱 (Love you, Wagonfruit! ❤ <3)

    Oh man, the uncomfortable family examination, LOL. Damn, Grandma Shiv still looks amazing! And of course Beau’s a Heartthrobs fan. LOL. Brayden is so adorable!!! I loved seeing them all together, well, except for Briar and her family, understandably.

    Will James come clean or will he keep up the charade to get a shot at the girl he likes and delay the inevitable? HMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Come on, James! TELL HER aaa. Otherwise you’ll lose your shot for good…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Poor guy…he’s got a date. Will he want to mess up his chance?

      LOL! The Day’s family examination…poor Lex. And yes, of course our Beau loves the Heartthrobs. Shiv owns a whole body health club…she has access to things to help the aging process. 😉 Our little Brayden…mini Beau. Love having him in shots.

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  5. This is gonna be baaad. It would have been better if he would have told her, but alas not meant to be. I mean, at least she would have felt she knew him. Now it’s gonna be all awkward and weird. Of course. 🙄😂😂😂. Can’t wait!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Very awkward and weird. We shall see on Friday!

      James SHOULD have told her, but then…would she want to have the date at all? She might be mad at him the whole time. Now THAT would be awkward.

      Liked by 2 people

  6. James tell her. The poor girl is going to start thinking she is falling in love with Jenny.
    What would be funny is if she dates James in drag meets Jenny, thinking she is James, and makes a pass at the real Jenny.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True…Lexie has strong feelings for Jenny. At the moment, she feels an attachment that’s not romantic, but who knows down the road?

      That would be funny, BUT there is no real Jenny. James had his parents and band mates not tell the press so he could go out in drag and have his WooTube channel without fear of being outed.

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  7. Nooboos WitcHazard: Brayden! Love him to pieces! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Dark WitcHazard: Yes he didn’t tell her now it’s going to be a ‘wonderful family get together’! Hehehe😈 I wonder how Charlie will feel about this new development! This is the second time Lexie used James in concept because she caved under pressure! I’m sensing a pattern! I mean how hard is it to say I’m not dating the face of the HeartThrobbers just one of the backup singers I mean that’s totally doable right Lexie! 😈 But you know who should tang along for the misunderstanding ride Charlie riding shot gun!

    Lover WitcHazard: Just when James was about to get it together now it will only end in tears! 😭 Also my handsome Seth Rockin old age with the lovely Siobhan!

    Shipper WitcHazard: Looks like the food isn’t the only thing that’s gonna Get grilled at the BBQ! Also Sith And Beaugust! Eeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk! 💗💗💗

    Anti Shipper Sign: Someone will get burned hopefully not the food!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nooboos–you’ll get a better shot of Bray Bray next chapter!

      Dark: Bad things COULD happen at the bbq…you’ll be delighted. But then, James might not ever tell her. He definitely wouldn’t want to ruin the date, now would he? And Lexie SHOULD have said, oh, Silas Moon got it wrong…it’s Charlie…but she wasn’t thinking clearly. She was shocked, caught in her prior lie and went with it. It would be fun if Charile would INSIST on tagging along…but that’s not his style. If the roles were reversed, James would totally do something like that.

      Lover: Aww..Seth IS still such a handsome man! A silver fox!

      Shipper: LOL! For sure Grandpa Seth will grill him. 😛

      Anti: ROFL…ya think? Maybe so!!!


  8. OSHIT.

    Okay. Man, nothing goes as planned, does it (ofc!)
    Firstly, Shivvy and Seth; DAMN GUISE. Still foxy 😉 ❤
    Love Lexie getting crap from them all (if Bray Bray could talk he'd be in on it too 10/10), mostly because it means she agreed (finally!) to a James date? Ahh! I'm so excited!
    Also super worried James will fuck it up before it even happens… will he tell her now?? Omg.
    I'm like "no!" but then, is lying more good??

    I have to believe the date will happen. I have to; do what you must, James, make this happen for us bby ❤

    His face at the end there though, ahh, my poor boy 😭

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sith is still rocking the gray hair and botox (well for Shiv–Seth looks good in wrinkles.)

      Bray Bray would totally be all over making his sister squirm (yeah…if he could talk. I’d love to do a spin off story with him…sigh…)

      You think James will mess up here? LOL…could be…

      Beaugust is still here and a happy fam.

      Poor so dead, dude…tell her already!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Okay so I know I’ve been missing for a bit, but I finally caught up and I have to say this generation has been a blast. At first I was iffy on Lexie and then bam I fell in love with her. She’s so fun and I adore the whole Jenny/James situation! I can’t wait to see Lexie’s reaction to that news. Also this chapter reminds me of my family. Totally all up in her business and completely misinformed lol. I love it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL! Families are like that, huh??? Always have a question about your love life. Wanting to know MORE! And getting it wrong. It will be interesting to see how Lexie handles the truth…but James is glad he can put it off for a little longer.


    1. So true…but family pressure..(and maybe you’re right about her truly wanting that date subconsciously!)


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