Chapter 5.29


When we walked outside to ride over to her dad’s penthouse, it started raining.

“Oh,” Lexie said, not running toward my waiting limo like most girls would.


“What are you doing?” I asked. “We’re getting soaked.”

She put her arms out and danced. “Isn’t a good summer rain the best? I love feeling the plink of sprinkles on my face.”


“Come on, James, dance with me!” she cried.


Lexie Day was something special. Unlike any girl I’d ever met. I figured that from the moment I waltzed into her room and she’d clung to my leg, feverishly begging me to stay.  Living with her was a trip, too. But here with me on this date, she was even more unique. So full of life and energy and spark.

Dancing with her in the rain was a moment I’d never forget. I realized then all too painfully I wanted her to be my girl. Forever.




I got a kick out of how Beau and Ronan’s wife, Peaches (her real name was Sunday Peach, but we just called her Peaches), were giving their predictions on how this night would go with teen dream James Sanderson. I can’t lie. When Ethan told us Lexie was dating him, I didn’t believe him. I thought Silas was pulling his normal shit (the dude was such a little worm as a kid and I wouldn’t trust the guy with a pair of old socks). My daughter always rocked to a different tune. Not saying that’s bad, but I would have guessed a punk frontman over some bubblegum fantasy pretty boy like James. He just didn’t seem her type at all.

“You’re so wrong, Miss Peach,” Beau countered. He loved to argue with Peaches.  “James will cower in fear when he meets August. The guy is like, what, five foot nine? Hell, August intimidates me sometimes.”

I shook my head and took a swig of beer. “I do not, baby. Don’t lie.”


“What do you think, babe?” Peaches turned to Ronan, rubbing her burgeoning belly. She was due in a few months with their first child. “Totally know James is gonna blow us all out with his style. He’s not going to give a rat’s ass about impressing Daddy-A over here either. Daddy-B on the other hand…I bet he gives Beau a run for his money on diva.”

I had to stifle a laugh. Oh, she knew how to push Beau’s buttons. Ronan, like a good husband, just shrugged and stayed out of it.


“Diva?” Beau sputtered. “If you want to see diva, honey, it’s on. But no. If he shows his diva self here, we’ll give him the boot. A guy knows this. He’ll be on his best behavior. You watch.”


They bantered for a while until Ronan got thirsty. He nodded at me toward our bar and I kissed Beau’s ear and mumbled, “Let’s get some drinks, baby.”

Ronan acted as bartender, pouring some chardonnay.


“So, you haven’t said a word about this, August,” Beau said once he dropped down on a bar stool. “What’s your opinion about James?”


I shrugged. “I just want him to make Lexie happy. Beyond that, I don’t care much.”

Beau swirled his glass. “We’re in agreement on that. He’d better damn sure make her happy or he’ll have to go through us.”

“Damn right,” I said. “I’m sure he’s a nice guy though. Lexie is very picky.”




Lexie had talked about her mom and dad a lot when I lived with her as Jenny. Said her father was the toughest guy she knew. At six foot five, he towered over most people and was an FBI agent. To say I was intimidated was an understatement. And now, meeting him in person, the guy seemed even bigger.

“Dad, Uncle Beau, this is James Sanderson.”

“Yo,” I muttered. What the hell was I doing? Yo? He was going to think I was some punkass kid.

“Hello, James,” he said, kindly.


Then he stuck out his hand. “Welcome to our home.”

“Thanks,” I said, recovering and feeling a little more at ease.

“We’re happy to have you, James. We’re all big fans of The Heartthrobs,” her uncle said. “Aren’t we, Bray Bray?”

The little boy just bobbled his head up and down.


Lexie’s Dad added, “I hope you don’t mind meeting most of Lexie’s relatives all at once.”


I smiled. “I’m looking forward to it, Mr. Day.”


He clapped me on the arm and said, “Call me August.”

I followed Lexie into the living room where she introduced me to everyone. Her mother was the most striking woman–looking almost exactly like Lexie.


“I see where Lexie gets her beauty. ” I said.


“Before you get any ideas, she’s taken.” A handsome blonde man wrapped his arm around her possessively.

Lexie and I both laughed.


For the next half hour, Lex and I chatted with her family. Everything went well. I’d noticed all the Llama Kings stuff around and had asked about that. I never knew Lexie was related to the legendary lead singer, Jackson Day. But I should have guessed since her dad looked just like him.

All through that night, in the back of my mind, I wondered when I was going to tell Lexie about my secret. Her family was so nice. I couldn’t say anything her there. I’d decided I’d reveal who Jenny was when I brought her home.

The scent of charred beef made my mouth water as my stomach growled. “Mmm…what’s cooking on the grill?” I asked.

Lexie’s grandparents looked puzzled. “Aren’t you vegan?” Lexie’s grandmother asked.


“Oh…uh…” Damn. I’d forgotten I was supposed to be vegan.

Lexie laughed and interjected, “He loves the scent of meat even though he chooses not to eat it.”


I shook my head at her. She was almost as good at lying as I was. “Yeah…makes my mouth water and everything,” I said, wistfully. It smelled like steak–my favorite food.


“But you can’t eat it!” she teased. “Barbeque tofu for you, James.”



I could tell my family adored James. This date was going great. A little too great. How was I going to tell everyone we broke up when they were planning our wedding in their twisted little minds? I saw the look on my mother’s face. He’d wrapped himself around her pinky and it was going to be hard to rip him off.


I had to admit it, though. His charms were starting to rub off on me, too. It was like I’d known him for a long time. And he wasn’t the jerk off diva the press had made him out to be. He was as down to earth as his sister but waaaay more sexy. Now I understood why he was the favorite Heartthrob. Those eyes! They melted me into Lexie puddles all night.

After dinner, we walked outside to get some fresh air and to mingle with my parents’ friends.


“Well, if it isn’t the Heartthrob love birds,” Silas’ father taunted us. “So my son says if he had to lose Lexie to someone, the biggest boyband lead singer wasn’t too shabby.”


Eyeroll incoming! Silas didn’t lose to James. He just lost. I forced the fakest smile, trying not to gag.

James laughed and said, “He made a formidable opponent. I liked him very much when I met him.”

Aw. James was so sweet. Lying for me like that. Jenny met him not James, but he was so good at covering for me tonight.


“Hey, Lexie,” Uncle Darius said. “Why don’t you show James the music room. Since he’s a Llama Kings fan, I bet he’d like to see it.”


“I’d be down for that,” James said, nudging me and flashing a heart-stopping grin. “Could I see it, Lexie?”

What was this? Did Jenny conspire with my uncle to get James alone with me? And although I didn’t want this, butterflies were having a field day in my stomach anyway. “Oh…okay,” I relented. “Follow me.”


Our shoes clicked on the metal stairs as we made our way to the third floor.


When we entered, James instantly whistled. “This is so cool! I can’t believe Jackson Day was your great grandfather. Why didn’t you ever tell me?”


I cocked my head. “Probably because I’ve only known you for like, what? Six hours?”


He chuckled nervously then asked, “D-Do you play anything?”

“I do. The guitar.”

“Then play something for me.”

Shaking my head, I blurted, “I can’t.”

“What? You’ve got to. We can’t let this goldmine of Llama King guitars go to waste.”

The butterflies turned into nervous gnats. “Um…I’ve never played for anyone other than my family before and that someone is definitely not going to be a lead singer of some huge band. No. Uh uh.”

He put his hands together and said, “Please? I’ll sing along with you. I mean…how many girls can say they got me, THE James Sanderson, to sing just for them?”

I pushed him, giving him my stink eye. “Alright…pompous ass does not look good on you. But…since I feel generous today and since I want to see if you can really sing and it’s not all autotune, I’ll agree.”

He winked. “Good answer.”

We decided on one of my great grandfather’s ballads that both of us knew. It had an acoustic melody and was fairly easy to play. James’ voice was so rich and true. He definitely didn’t need autotune. I was blown away by his talent.


The song was a haunting melody about lost love–something my poor great grandfather struggled with. It was well known that my grandmother’s mom was a bonfide bitch, cheating on him and ripping apart her family. My grandmother never spoke to her mother again after her father killed himself. Such a tragic life that ended so early. But my grandmother’s life was the exact opposite. Thankfully, our family wasn’t cursed from its notorious past.

I came into the middle of the song and harmonized with James. The notes seemed to bond our voices together as the crescendo shivered over us.


When it ended, James’ eyes held tears. “Wow. That was…”


Bending down, he finished his sentence, “Breathtaking.” Then he kissed my hand.


Normally, I’d have a sassy comeback to anything that remotely hinted at sap, but instead, I gazed at his perfect face and did a full on fangirl swoon inside.


Pulling me toward him, he looked almost sad.


His face scared me for some reason. “Are you okay, James? You don’t want to puke or anything, do you?”


He gripped my hands tightly and said, “I…um…” He looked down for a moment, then gazed intensely into my eyes. “I-I have something I need to tell you, baby doll. But first…”


He grabbed the sides of my face gently in his hands then before I knew it, he was kissing me.


As our kiss deepened, my hands started moving to his neck then through his hair. Our breath grew faster, more ragged and urgent. Then suddenly, my mind caught up with my body and it slammed me. Hard.

I stopped, pulling back.

Blinking, it was as if someone painfully ripped off masking tape that had been covering my eyes.

I saw it now. Everything. His face. The way he smelled. His eyes. How he spoke. The tiny mole on the side of his neck. How he knew so much about me and how easily we got along.

I whispered, “You’re Jenny.”





















34 thoughts on “Chapter 5.29”

  1. OMG, Lexie finally realized the truth! Aaaaa

    The date was going so well, too. I loved seeing the whole family all together. (Must’ve been a pain to shoot!) And I loved hearing from August again. LOL, even he was intimidated a little!

    Peaches sure is a beautiful lady. 😉

    Man, I’m so curious how Lexie is going to react…damn cliffhangers!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. The date would have been amazing AND Charlie was losing ground with her but..dun dun duuuun! The truth!

      The party WAS a pain to shoot. One of the reasons I was so far behind. I had to adjust all the poses with August in them too because he’s such a behemoth. 🙄And had to adjust for Ms. Froots belly! 😝

      Peaches IS very beautiful. Pregnancy looks good on her. 😝

      Sorry you have to wait on the cliff. But not too long.

      Liked by 2 people


    Ahhhh I already feel so bad for Lexie! 😭 I can’t even begin to imagine how James will try and explain this, or what he can ever do to earn her trust again… :-/ He really seems to care for her. But he brought the all on himself 😬

    On a lighter note, I was happy to see the family all together again! Though it was kind of uncomfortable to see how much they all really liked James… this is all just the biggest disaster ever (and I love it 😈)

    Still tho. Lexie 😭 And if she finds out Charlie knew but never told her… gah. BOTH guys might be toast after this! :-/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. James needs to heed your warning…but I don’t think he can hear you! 😱

      How will he ever earn her trust!? And Charlie knew, too…he could be in deep 💩💩💩💩.

      Disaster is coming. You can caping on it. 😈

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I loved seeing th fam….too bad things are getting ready to go downhill fast! Ahhh. Getting close to him she knew. 😢😢😢 I wonder if she’ll run to Charlie…. hmmmm…. poor Lexie.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. The fam…❤️ I was glad to get the Days back together again!

      And yeah…how could she spend so much time with him and not eventually get it…he was stupid to get this close without telling her! 😱

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  4. He did not have to tell her she figure it out. I wonder how angry she will be. After sampling a kiss from both Charlie and James which kiss will she not be able to forget.
    Maybe she should have a kissing contest between the two. The better kisser wins the girl. In a few hundred kisses she can make up her mind. After all you need to sample the goods in the candy store in order to make up your mind.🤔😂

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  5. Dark WitcHazard: Well Lexie time to put on your big girl panties and muscle through the rest of the night and then blow up in the car ride home! Also the sisterhood can’t escape the backlash now! Hehe bring on the carnage!😈

    Lover WitcHazard: Such lovely stroll down memory lane! All these past gen faces I love it! Shucks I almost forgot the whole Jenny thing dam it! Really Lexie you choose in the middle of the kiss to wise up atleast enjoy it to the end!😔

    Shipper WitcHazard: I admit you almost got me to ship these two almost! Now I feel sorry for Charlie cause there’s no way James is not going to say the band knows about his cross dressing aka Charlie too! It’s going to be a mess and not the good kind!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Dark: You think Lexie will wait? You don’t know her very well, do you? 😈

      Lover: Lexie should have enjoyed it…for longer anyway, but…she had dejavu really badly. She’s hugged Jenny, spent many nights right by her, held hands, really…she was her bff for too long to not notice some things…

      Shipper: you’re right. James might not say anything (ahem…he won’t be able to), but Lexie sure as hell will ask then…doom! The end of her Throbber career.

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  6. EEE!
    Omg, so much to eee… /flails
    Okay, dancing in the rain is so DE#%DKSH88! ROMANTIC.
    The nice moments before the storm /wail

    HAI PEACHES ILU! ❤ ❤ ❤
    oMG. Who knew a chance interrogation in a shelter during a murder investigation could trigger such a BEAUTIFUL HEA?!

    Love all the pre-speculation about Jame, lol, poor guy.
    Omg, Beau and August… are you two wearing the same shirt but in a different colour? Ahh! I love it! Like my sister's neighbours who have coordinating jogging outfits ❤
    Man, James is so pretty.

    Whoa nelly, Darius, look at you! Holy crap, he GROWED UP, and then some.
    Aww, I loved that moment with the duet, even with the smell of doom in the air, and then for a moment everything got all HOT, but then, ahhh, noooooo
    Shit, here it comes.
    /hides under Peaches's massive belly

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    1. PEACHES! She looks so cute preggers! Can’t wait to see her nooboo!

      That rain dance was sooo romantic. Sigh..what a beautiful night it started out…until…

      Yes! Beaugust often wears matching outfits. I base them on a gay couple I know. They love to match. Very cute. They also have matching chihuahuas. Omg! 😍😍😍 I love that you noticed!

      James IS very pretty. Prettier than Lexie, but Lexie doesn’t mind (well until she figured out who he was 😱)

      Darius. He’s just as big as his big bro. Lol! Takes after his father. Very Pongan. 😉🏄‍♂️

      The duet…James was so smitten during that scene, but he couldn’t lie to her anymore. He was about to explain it…and then…😫

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  7. YUS!!! Lexie finally realised for herself!

    Also, good to see the family again. August, Beau, Briar (and incoming baby), Random blonde dude I always forget the name of, Brayden, Ethan, Ronan (whoever he is)

    Liked by 2 people

  8. No bad reference of Jaws here this time.

    I REALLY like Lexie and James together, but he has really dug himself a big hole. And the fact that all her friends, plus the band knows. I suspect she is going to feel pretty sad, angry, and even feel like an idiot for awhile.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. So… the question now is, does she think she’s kissing Jenny pretending to be James or did she finally figure out Jenny was James? With this story one never knows. 😛 For both their sakes I’m hoping Lexie’s whole family won’t get dragged into the mess. Speaking of the family, I loved seeing them and their friends again.
    I wonder what is the sisterhood’s next move. I’m sure despite their united effort to comfort Lexie after this, they’ll still want to know all the details of their date. And what a date it was. Dancing in the rain, singing together, memories of it will stay with Lexie forever. It will take at least ten songs dedicated to her for Lexie to forgive him. There’s not much else James will be able to do and let’s face it, hearbreak is the best thing for a songwriter. I see new big hits being added to Heartthrobs repertoaire very soon and all those sung with a feeling by James. Bring it!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Lol! You’re right! This could be a boon to the Heartthrobs next album!

      You’re hoping the family doesn’t get dragged in? Hmmm…unfortunately, they’re all there! 😱

      It was a fabulous date…one that overshadowed Charlie’s date. Let’s face it—the two make romance happen naturally. BUT the big lie destroyed all of it. 😭

      What will he do to win her back? Hmmm..🧐

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    2. Oh yeah, that’s true! Even if he gets thrown over and borked, he should get some epic music material from this one… or a movie? Star-Cross (Dresser) Lovers
      I think it would be a rom com…

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  10. The dancing in the rain part was so cute! I love the interaction in the middle seasons. Looking forward to her reaction LOL The good thing about being behind in my reading is that I don’t have to wait too long

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