Chapter 5.31


After Uncle Beau dropped me off, I had it out with the Sisterhood. They did feel bad for James but wanted him to tell me himself—to explain. They assured me they’d just found out who Jenny really was and wouldn’t have let him get away with the charade for one more day. They even kicked him out which was why he’d moved.


I couldn’t blame them. I’d have done the same thing in their place. They each gave me a hug then I told them I needed some time alone.

Closing my bedroom door, I didn’t turn on the lights as thunder rumbled outside. I threw the biggest pity party of my entire life right there in my chair.


James and I had the best night. Probably the most romantic date I’d ever experienced (I’d actually only had two dates since Cory, so that’s not exactly a hard thing to accomplish, but still.)


And then his kiss. Tingles trickled through me just thinking about it. God. Why did he have to be such a swoonworthy kisser?


But then my mind wandered to the nights we’d spent as basically sisters. I was so close to Jenny. We understood each other–woman to woman. Or so I thought. And then the angry feelings of deception would flood me all over again.

How could I not see him for who he was? I remembered telling him I was picturing Charlie giving me an engagement ring one day and how it would look on my finger.


And then the son of a bitch had the nerve to tell me Charlie was probably too cheap to get me a ring I deserved and I should hold out for someone way more handsome and generous…like Jenny’s brother.

But it was James talking about himself!


God! I was such an idiot!

And now, I’d lost two people at once. My very best friend and…

Shuddering, I wrapped into myself, trying hard not to think back to the date. But I couldn’t help it.


James was so charming. After we’d sang a beautiful duet, he’d kissed my hand. I was crazy mesmerized by him.



If I never saw him again, it’d be too soon.



I was about to get ready for bed when my friends knocked on my door then ushered me to the couch. It was like an intervention of some sort.

“What’s up, guys? Did I eat the last of the Unicorn Charms and put the empty box back in the pantry or something?” Their faces were scaring me.


Kate rubbed my back. “Sweetie, take a deep breath. There’s something you should see.”


Dom took my hand. “No matter what, the Sisterhood is here for you. We’ll be on 24-7 alert.”

Geeze. What was going on?


And then all hell broke loose and shattered my world.


They showed me this famous Flamer’s Simstagram:


And the whole celeb buzzfeeds were plastering shit about me! My God! They must have had paparazzi in the bushes!



It even made the evening news and was going viral on WooTube:


“I will have the head of the person who divulged your full name and our address!” Elara intoned. “Where’s my henchman?”


“Is that even legal?” Copper asked. “That’s two million Throbbers who know where you live.”

“Guess it’s time to look for a new place,” Reese moaned.


“Maybe we can tell this head Throbber you ditched the asshole?” Dom offered.

“No…it’ll blow over,” I said, wiping my eyes. “I just don’t want to think about him anymore. Okay, guys? James Sanderson and the Heartthrobs are a taboo subject.”


Crossing her arms indignantly, Elara announced, “Very well. Let it be known that the name Heartthrob and the apostate, James Sanderson, be forevermore stricken from our lips, purged from our walls and abolished from our hearts.”


We all cried, “Hear! Hear!” to make it stick.


I woke up the next morning to the rumbling of thunder and the whoosh of pouring rain. Believe it or not, I felt a little better and was ready to head off to work, not thinking about last night. But when I went outside, the rain and thunder had hidden the cries of a mob.


Throngs of angry teenagers were shouting, “Leave him alone, bitch!” and “Stop the Stalking!”


Oh. My. GOD!

How was I going to get by them in one piece?


25 thoughts on “Chapter 5.31”

  1. Tfw you wanna swear off guys for a while but now that option isn’t available

    RIP of course the throbbers would find out and want her head on a platter 😔

    Liked by 3 people

  2. OH SHIT. Is it too late to start hoping for Cory again? 😂 Celebrities are too complicted 😬

    I’m not sure what James can do for damage control here, if anything… but boy, does he owe it to her after everything!

    Excited to see what happens next… Poor Lexie though 😭

    Liked by 3 people

    1. LOL! Cory, where are you????

      James does owe her his help. But will she accept it?

      Ack! How will Lexie even get to work? Find out Wednesday. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Go on a date, get picture put in paper, angry mob shows up at door and I thought the date was something to remember.😂 If they get married they will have a great story to tell their kids and grandkids.😂

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  4. OMG, I could tell you had way too much fun with the gossip sites, LOL. They looked so real! It was great.

    Less great: Lexie’s feelings and current situation. Poor Lexie. I feel bad for James too, because I do think the Jenny persona is part of him. It’s not something he invented solely to get close to Lexie, even if they did bond a lot that way. And he didn’t try to see her naked or take advantage of her, even if he lied and tried to put in a good word for himself.

    But oh man, all those angry fans… Celeb/fan culture can be so scary, with fans threatening celebrities’ love interests and tabloids trying to dig up as much dirt on them as possible. There’s so little privacy in the age of social media. I hope Lexie’s sanity can survive all the speculation…maybe she’ll find that dating a celebrity is just too difficult.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thank you! You know I had fun with the gossip site stuff. 😉

      You’re so right–Jenny IS a part of James’ personality. And he’s essentially a good guy, but…how is he going to help Lexie from all his rabid fandom? And will Lexie even allow his help, she wants nothing to do with him. Having this crazy fan pressure is too much.

      We’ll see what happens, though! Next chapter!

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  5. Just a whole lotta “it’s not fair” going on up in here.

    Man, I wouldn’t be surprised if Lexie just up and moves and never talks to another celebrity again!
    Celeb-worship and the culture surrounding it is GROSS, and can really take a dark turn.
    I’m glad Lexie has people to lean on through this.

    I feel really sorry for James and Charlie having to live in a sort of celeb bubble because of the mania.


    Go find Cory, Lex… hopefully snatch him up before his cute ass lands itself in a boyband 😬

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    1. Aww…you’re so right. It’s not fair. The celeb craziness out there is hideous (I did a lot of research on it before I planned out this gen.) One of the reasons BTS guys can’t date.

      And where oh where is Cory when you need him? Dude…come quickly!

      James and Charlie can’t be seen out without the paps chasing them. And making up stories. Sigh…


  6. Major trouble ahead for Lexie!! Where’s Cory when she needs him??

    Leave it to the paparazzi to expose Lexie’s relationship with the band. I’m excited to see what will happen next for her! I know she’ll have a plan to get rid of the angry Throbbers. Hope it will involve Elara because she can use her powers to calm them down.

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  7. Apostate James Sanderson. LOL. That one cracked me up.
    Lexie should stay with her family until it blows over. Cory must have seen the pictures too. I wonder what he’s thinking about Lexie’s new look and her alleged two-timing James and Charlie.
    And most importantly, is August going to punch some Throbbers and paparazzis to protect his baby girl? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL! Elara has some of the best lines…

      That’s a great idea. We shall see if she does retreat to her parents until the fandom forgets.

      And funny you mention Cory. I’m sure he did recognize her and wonders how she’s doing.

      August. LOL! We’ll keep him AWAY from the teenagers. heh. And the paps. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Ohhh. Unintended consequences. If things hadn’t gone downhill, he could have tried to protect her. Now what’s she gonna do? I’m waiting for him to show up with a black eye. Surely her parents have seen this too and will come to the rescue.

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  9. Dark WitcHazard: Haha James that black eye looks good on you! Really Lexie your inner fan girl and the sisterhood bond beats your inner sense of betrayal! I wanted to see some major backlash for everybody now since it only looks like your mad at James it’s even more obvious that you’ll forgive him at some point! And now you’re all living together I can see the cheesy avoidance montage now!

    Mama WitcHazard; Some Of those girls need a time out! Attacking someone in the rain over someone who doesn’t even know your name! As for the other little girl language does your mother know you’re out here stalking people for a boy and no less shame shame shame!

    Shipper WitcHazard: Well I guess I’m happy somehow her feelings for Charlie survived this but her confusion over James definitely isn’t going to go away now they’ll be living no together again, and once she’s cooled down and forgives him he doesn’t have to hold back!

    Anti Shipper Sign: Although That black eye will definitely make him keep his distance for a week or two!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dark: You wanted more blood…well, that fangirl inside Lex just won’t quit. But she’ll be mad at him for a chapter at least. 😉

      Cheesy avoidance montage…hmm…

      Mama: Oh, hello! Haven’t seen you around in a while! But yeah…some of these girls could use a hovering parent or two, hmm??? What they let kids do these days.

      Shipper: Chexie seems to be battling back. But Lames? Sadly at the bottom of the ocean. For now.

      Anti: Yes…black eyes are not love talismans. 😉


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