Chapter 5.45


Everyone went their separate ways, visiting different areas. I knew I needed to have some alone time with Lexie. But damn the park wasn’t big enough to hide. I was constantly having to watch that asshole James parade around and act like Jenny this whole fucking time.

I was sick of it.


Colin was right. James “became” Jenny just so he could get closer to Lexie. And she ate it up, always laughing at his antics.

I watched as he pretended he wanted some goofy onion plush from a video game I’d never heard of. Why was he acting like a girl when no one but Colin was around? Was he gay? If he was, that’d solve all my problems. But I knew he wasn’t.


He was trying desperately to get Lexie’s attention. Half the time it worked.


“What the fuck is Colin doing? James can get the stuffed doll himself,” I muttered. “He’s not helpless.”


Lexie tapped on the game controller. “Hmm? What did you say, babe?” she asked.


Feelings of anger flooded me just watching Colin getting upset when he failed to grab the doll for James.


“They’re acting like they’re dating. It’s disgusting.” I hated the sight of the two of them. Mostly, just James. He was such a poser.


Lexie stopped what she was doing and folded her arms. “What the hell would be wrong if they were dating?”


“Are you serious? James isn’t a girl, Lexie. And they’re acting like he is.”


Her eyebrows drew together angrily. “What is wrong with James acting like a girl? He happens to like dressing in drag.”


“Because he’s pretending. He’s doing it for you. He’s not really like that. It’s all some fucking game to him.”


“Oh my God, not this again. You’re jealous? Because James likes to go out in drag? For your information, he’s the most famous out of anyone here and has to protect himself. I met him as Jenny when he didn’t even know who I was. He’s not doing it to get my attention.”




Finally, after Colin and I nearly spent a hundred bucks trying to get the damned onion plush, one actually didn’t slip off the claw, so it was able to drop the toy in the shoot and tumble out. “Come here, little guy. Lexie is going to love you!” I wanted to give it to Lex since it was a toy from one of her favorite video games — Underwitch.

“Man…you think it would have been easier to order it online, though, huh?” Colin said.

“Yeah, but what’s the fun in that, bro?”


A little ways from us, I heard shouting.

“I can’t believe I’m hearing this!” Lexie yelled. “It’s like I don’t know who you are anymore.”

I pointed. “Are…those two fighting?” I wondered why. They were all kissy kissy only about an hour ago.


Charlie tried to hold her arm but she ripped it away and said, “Don’t touch me!”

“Whoa, dude. Something’s up,” Colin said.

I wanted to go over there, but knew I couldn’t. I hated seeing Lexie upset.




Fuck! I didn’t want to do this here. But she was constantly flirting with James and paying so much attention to him that I couldn’t help it. I lashed out at her. And it all blew up in my face.

“Come back, Lexie. I’m sorry.” I had to chase her down to the other end of the park.


“I can’t believe you said that. I just can’t…” I heard muffled sobs.


Closing my eyes, I tried to backpedal. Somehow I got so angry, I called James some names I’m not proud of but…she just didn’t get how I felt. “Listen…maybe we need some time. Away. I…just think you need to distance yourself from James.”


Whipping around, she put her hands on her hips. “You mean you want me to choose. Is that it? Get rid of my friendship with James so you won’t get jealous. But I’ll tell you this. I was friends with James way before I met you. I will never give that up. Do you hear me?You’re just going to have to deal with it or…”


Her words slapped me hard. “Or what?” I barely heard my voice. I knew her answer.


“Do you want to make me say it, Charlie? Fine. Or find yourself another girlfriend who doesn’t have a guy friend who’s a little different. Who doesn’t care if her son or daughter dresses up in gender specific clothing and one who’s father isn’t gay. That’s what’s bugging you anyway, isn’t it? I never thought I’d ever date someone who’s homophobic but you had me fooled.”


Her words stung. “I’m not homophobic. How dare you say that? It’s having a girlfriend who flirts with one of my friends right in front of me like some cheap…” I stopped myself and gritted my teeth.


Shock etched her face as if I’d struck her. “Go fuck yourself, Charlie.”


Damn. Why wasn’t there a rewind button in life? I could have used one at that moment.

Immediately, I rushed to her side. “I’m sorry, baby. I don’t know why I said that. I didn’t mean it. I just…maybe if we got you an apartment, and I could spend half my time there, things would be different. I’d have to stay at the penthouse for work, but we could have a place of our own. That would help.”


She cried into her hands, not talking. It crushed me to see her like that. Why did I say a word? I could have just left it alone. She loved me. I knew it, but…things had to change.


I tried to take one of her hands, but she jerked it away. “Don’t, Charlie.”


Holding her face, I said, “Come on, Lexie. Don’t do this. Don’t shut me out. I’m sorry I yelled. I just got so angry. I’ll do anything to make it up to you. I love you.”

“No…” She sniffed then swallowed, shaking her head. She looked away for a while, tears welling up in her eyes.

Every nerve was on fire for me. I felt like I was in a nightmare, not able to wake up. “Please, baby. Talk to me. You’re scaring me.”

Shaking her head again, she finally said, “I…um…I can’t.” Wiping her face, she said, “Every time I hang out with James this will happen. You have to have things your way. I can’t live like this.” She pulled my hand away.




My heart was crushed like someone had stomped all over it, making sure it was a hideous pile of bleeding pulp. How could Charlie say all those awful things? I never would even think about calling him a name or controlling him or forcing him to choose between me and one of my friends. He hung out with Dom sometimes. And she had a super ginormous crush on him. Did I care? NO!


I could feel this coming, but I ignored the warning signs. Mom always told me I lived in my own little world sometimes, believing what I wanted to without seeing reality. She said one day it might come and bite me so I needed to pull my head out.

I didn’t understand her until now.










19 thoughts on “Chapter 5.45”

  1. Oh shit 😦 The storm has arrived!

    I think Lexie and Charlie both overreacted here and helped to escalate this. Charlie expressed himself so poorly and sent the wrong message. And then Lexie lashed back and accused him of being homophobic… ugh.

    I don’t blame Charlie here. I wish Lexie could be more understanding of his feelings in the situation. Asking her to choose was wrong (especially like that) but I wish she would give them both time to calm down and clear their heads so they could talk before just breaking up with him as a sort of knee-jerk reaction.

    I wonder if what we’re seeing here are her true feelings subconsciously coming to the surface. She kind of made her choice here. Part of her heart seems to really long for James, even if she’s buried in denial!

    Great chapter! Love the drama as always 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The thunder rolls…

      I believe you’re right. Both are in the wrong (aren’t we all when we’re in a big fight? Emotions fly and we say things we don’t mean.) Unfortunately, as one reader put it, Lexie isn’t emotionally mature enough for a serious relationship like this. The way she handled things shows this.

      You could be right. Maybe subconsciously, she’s in love with James and that’s kind of coming out (without her knowing). But will she be able to handle any kind of relationship atm? Hmmm…

      Glad you liked the drama! It’s just going to keep on coming until the finale. 😉

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  2. Well…to be fair, I think Lexie was wanting to call him something out of anger (and she thinks she doesn’t call people names but she sure labeled him without thinking.)

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  3. It was a little unfair of Lexie to call him homophobic. I feel bad for him. But he should have taken it out on James not Lexie. Bad move.
    I can see now why Lexie gets on so well with James. She sees herself as a bit of a weirdo and James is exactly that as well with his fancy for dresses and makeup.
    I wonder what Colin’s agenda is. It was him who added fuel to Charlie’s jealousy in the previous chapter, practically bad-mouthing James. Could it be that James put him up to it? Hmm, probably not. He looked genuinely surprised by their fight.
    If Charlie acted more diplomatic, he could have rented the apartment for himself and Lexie and make it a nice surprise instead of making it an obvious attempt to get her away from James.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I agree that Lexie shouldn’t have called him homophobic. Very uncalled for as was Charlie’s reaction to it. But then both of them were too emotional to think straight.

      I love your insight on why James and Lexie get on so well. They are a bit of an anomaly and both can share in their eccentricities.

      Colin–I’m not sure if I’ll be able to delve into this, but he was tired of James’ act in front of Lexie. Although Colin didn’t mind the crossdressing, he did mind seeing his best friend fawn over a girl who’s taken (and well, he’s a bit jealous even though he’s got a boyfriend, he still holds a special place in his heart for James). He was hoping Charlie would have had it out with James, not Lex, so how things turned out surprised him.

      James did not put Colin up to anything. He was shocked by it all.

      I’m not sure if an apartment would have been sufficient but I bet a ring sure would have. But Charlie wasn’t there in his thinking when there were question marks in their relationship. There was no way to win here. Not yet anyway.

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  4. Wow….that was some helluva a fight. Both saying awful things to each other without thinking. A lot of that comes from her immaturity, and anxiety too I think, plus Charlie’s inability to really understand her…. Their relationship was mostly physical because she is a very sexy girl under there. And sweet and soooo naive. Things that certainly appealed to Charlie without the antisocial part that he can’t wrap his head around.

    Of course Charlie was mostly right. James dressed up for Lexie’s benefit. I have a feeling her lashing out about being a homophobe is because of her insecurities growing up – suddenly finding out her dad was gay. Shenrelated that tomthe way James was acting. Regardless her dad loves a man and she walked in on it. That’s gotta be hard to see, especially when you dream of him being with your mother. Not only is he not with her, he’s with a man who happens to be her mother’s twin brother. That messes with your head!

    So, she chose. But did she? I don’t see them working it out. And I am not sure she will go to James either, because she doesn’t think she loves him. She will probably leave the penthouse now. She has a job. And that job gave her exposure. I wonder if Cory is waiting in the wings….or if she will quit that job.

    Great chapter full of drama and suspense! Lol…

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    1. Yes…Lexie is very immature, especially with relationships. This was her only other boyfriend besides Cory. And she’s emotionally behind, retreating from everyone as she grew up. She has social anxiety and so, she doesn’t react very well under stress.

      Very insightful about why Lexie is insecure and about why she’d react to any sniff of homophobia. If you noticed, she called her dad gay instead of bi. To her, he’s gay because he chose her uncle. It was traumatizing for her. But she got over it (she thought). It comes out, though and does affect her even still. But she loves her dad and uncle and their relationship and is a big supporter of their love.

      Lexie hasn’t chosen anything yet except that she wants to be alone and away. We’ll find out more about what she thinks about all of this and what she’s going to do to move on next chapter.

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  5. And everyone’s emotions finally come rushing out like a tidal wave. Ouch. That’s what happens when you hold things in, Charlie. 😦

    I don’t know if there’s any coming back for this. I’ve never seen Lexie so angry! She’s understandably protective of Jenny. And of course, her dad is bi, and it took her time to come to terms with that, but I can see why she wouldn’t have any patience for even a whiff of possible homophobia now.

    Charlie’s right that they need time away–but from each other. There are just too many communication issues and major differences right now.

    I do want that onion plush though.

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    1. WHOOSH! Tidal wave has hit. SMASH!

      Yup. Let’s hope Charlie learned his lesson here. He needs to not hold things in until they explode.

      Lexie is powerfully protective of her father’s relationship and of Jenny. If James wanted to date Colin, she’d be all over that! She really thinks of James as just a friend. But he’s a best friend and to have someone she loves denigrate him like that was too much. (Plus, she’d been feeling stressed in the relationship and Lexie runs when she’s stressed. We’ll keep seeing that.)

      That onion plush!!! I love that whole set from Overwatch. Very cute. (He might pop up in the background in the epilogue.)

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  6. Maybe if Charlie got to know Lexie better and actually listened to her, things would be different. But he doesn’t and James does. That is why James was the one to point things out to Charlie at the after party that he missed. Charlie just isn’t the right person for Lexie. James is. Everybody is starting to see that except Lexie. Even Charlie knows. He just doesn’t want to admit it.

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    1. Aww…maybe that’s why Charlie is so jealous–because James just gets along with Lexie so easily. They talk about deep things readily and Charlie has to pry things out of Lexie or he doesn’t know what questions to ask to penetrate. I think it’s because he doesn’t understand her that well (atm). Things could change though.

      James seems like the perfect man for Lex. But Lex doesn’t see him like that. Not now anyway.

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  7. The explosion! Ahh /hides
    That was hard to watch 😦
    Some unfair things said on both sides, to be sure; poor beans. It’s never nice seeing upset beans!

    Man, Charlie, you do need to get that jealous/controlling streak of yours under control as much as Lexie needs to work on her obliviousness!

    James and Colin being all “wtfbbq?!” was pretty funny tho, kekekeke.

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    1. BOOM!

      Sorry you had to hide. It was angsty. 😉

      Definitely both sides were in the wrong in many ways. Their relationship just isn’t working atm. They need TIME away to think and regroup (and maybe mature?)

      Charlie does need to figure out that he can’t force everyone to fit in his idealistic mold. And that he can’t control everything. Hopefully, he’s learned a big lesson here.

      I love Colin and James almost as much as Lexie and James’ interactions. Hee hee!


  8. Dark WitcHazard: And it goes down! Dang it I thought this ship had more life!

    Lover WitcHazard: But we knew it was coming!

    Dark WitcHazard: Dang it Charlie I thought you were going to atleast walk down the isle! You could have saved this by saying somethings by cute lady kenyoud hipe she’s spend less that me with James/ Jenny so he could spend more time with his wife! She gets caught off guard! Then you get down on one knee go on about how much you love her and that the reason yo Be been on edge for awhile is because he wanted to propose a while back but she’s been busy so he never found the perfect time but then he realized anytime is the perfect time as long as he gets to spend the feast of his life with the most perfect beautiful woman in the world! Alexis something Briar-Day will you marry me! You could have had it made game set match then you tell James on the side stay the hell away from his fiancé / future wife and to make it more tip notch just get married that day at the park in some beautiful gazebo or something then Jame can’t do shit and the balls in Lexie court cause then if she continues to do what she wants she’s not just hurting a boyfriend she’s hurting her husband! Dam it Charlie you had a three point buzzer beater and you missed Ugh!

    Lover WitcHazard: Feel better?

    Dark WitcHazard: Nope!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Whoa…do I suspect that Dark was secretly on Ship Chexie? And she doesn’t like the sinking of that ship?

      I don’t think at that moment Lexie would have said yes to him. BUT if he wouldnt have let his jealousy get the better of him and he would have proposed by the end of the weekend, things would have turned out much differently (because Lexie would have said yes to him then. She was all ready in her mind). But Charlie wasn’t thinking of marriage at all because he still had questions about their relationship and felt like she paid way too much attention to James.

      Hold on…we do have five more chapters left (although I’m afraid of what you might think about them. Hee hee!)


  9. *in a flight attendant voice* Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve just encountered some turbulence, so please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts! Thank you for your cooperation!

    WOW. The storm has finally arrived! Charlie’s jealousy needs controlling and both overreacted over the situation. Both need to calm down and think about what they’ve done. Lexie blaming Charlie for being a homophobic? Yikes.

    James is a better match for Lexie. He understands her more than Charlie and both are weirdos, in a good way. Lexie, just admit you love James more than Charlie!

    Great drama! Loved it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! (LOL–Loved that flight attendant voice!)

      Yup. Storm Chexie just whipped in and smashed everything. Is there anything left to pick up and put back together? We’ll see! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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