Chapter 5.47


August & Beau, Briar: 43, Lexie, Cory, James: 26, Charlie: 28, Brayden: 7, Rylie: 3,  Triplets (born to August and Beau): Asher, Abby, Aria: 3, Darius: 36, Seth: 69 Siobhan: 67



I never would have guessed in a million years that one phone call would change my life. I’d never done runway modeling. Didn’t have the body for it. I was too busty and had too many curves (compared to the literal sticks on stick legs who normally cruised the runway). But Velvet’s Secret, the top women’s lingerie producer in the nation, was down a model for their new Love Me Angel line and they were in all kinds of frenzy trying to find an available one last minute.

I was like, whoa…my body just wouldn’t look right. But my agent assured me it would just be for one event. I’d get paid double if I’d help them out.

So, yeah. I did it. Felt stupid with all the feathers fluffing around my face and getting stuck in my lipstick. But I didn’t miss a beat and gave them my trademark “smolder”.


Who would have known the CEO, Bridgette Paramour, saw me and decided that I would be perfect as the new face of their upscale line.

Fast forward nine months, and I’m not kidding, my literal body was plastered everywhere that advertised the skimpy, lacey undies.


Billboards that, yeah, Dad wasn’t too happy about…flew up all over San Myshuno.



And if you went inside one of their shops, it was more than a little embarrassing.


I thought I’d become “known” when I was dating Charlie. What a joke! That was nothing compared to this. EVERYONE, not just Throbbers, recognized me. And many times, I’d just get tons of wolf whistles and all kinds of people wanting my autograph, pictures, you name it. I even had my own fanclub.


Consequently, I had to hire three body guards if I went anywhere. So different from just wearing a costume or leaving with one of the Heartthrob’s guards back in the day.


After Charlie, I didn’t want a serious relationship. Thankfully, I’d met up with Christian Romano (star of The Heffners) at an event last year. We hit it off and discovered that both of us: 1. Didn’t want anything serious. 2. Hated Charlie Tsui. Well, hate was a strong word. I didn’t hate Charlie. But there was a deep seated resentment there. After the blow out that day at his parents’ theme park, he never once tried to contact me. And as the months turned into years, lingering angry feelings sort of snowballed.

Christian had a falling out with Charlie over the woman Charlie was dating now, Carmella Parris, the actress who played Yasmine on the daytime drama, New Beginnings.


Seemed Carmella cheated with Charlie while Christian was in a serious relationship with her. Charlie claimed he didn’t know, but if he’d cared about his friend, why was he still seeing her?

So, we bonded over our Charlie war stories. Shared love angst made the heart grow fonder. (Yeah, I made that up.)

Christian took me to the newest movie premiere of the epic Super Serafina Salvation movie. He was so sweet to get us tickets, knowing I was still a geek at heart. (He didn’t really get into super hero action stuff, but he’d go for me. Aww…)

But then my eyes widened as we strolled to the bar afterwards. “Damn it. Would be our luck, they’d show up,” I hissed. Why the hell was Charlie and Carmella here? He hated action plots and there was no way Little Miss Perfect Carmella would sully her beaded dress to like comic book action characters.

“Calm down, darling,” Christian’s soothing voice lilted. “This is a popular nightclub, too. They’re probably here for dinner and dancing. Just ignore them.”


But we couldn’t ignore them because they’d waltzed right up to us.


Stunned, Charlie sort of warbled out an awkward hello as his face turned a nice shade of pink.

Carmella, on the other hand said, “I told you, Charlie, they’d be here for the premiere. Lexie is known for her freakish tastes in movies.”


A firestorm ignited inside me and I saw red. Putting my arm around Christian, I said, “Yeah, me and five million other geeks who want to see it. What did the news say about the predictions for opening day? Oh, yeah. It was going to blow out box office records.”

Christian pulled me tight and said, “Good evening to you both. I see, Carmella, that green really doesn’t look pretty on you.”


Then he hustled me away before I could dig my nails into Carmella’s bitch face.

I didn’t know what happened but that evening was full of raging passions. I figured Christian and I should always bump into Charlie and Carmella whenever we went out.



A few weeks went by when I saw James’ name flash on my phone. He wanted to meet up. We hadn’t seen each other in almost nine months since he’d gone on tour. That was one thing that’d never changed since I’d left the Heartthrob penthouse. And I was soooo thankful. James would always be my friend no matter what was going on in our lives.

He told me he was tired of running around with my body guards and that I needed to find a costume that would hide my face somehow. So, I thought I’d surprise him with one I found online. It was perfect.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t talk in it.

James looked me up and down and said, “My God, you’ve got to be kidding me. Lex, how in the hell are we even supposed to get you inside a door?”


I shrugged, but he couldn’t see it, so I waved my arms in an I-have-no-clue-this-was-your-idea way.


“What’s wrong? Can’t you even speak?” he asked.


I shook my head but the costume was too huge for him to notice, so I did a little dance. He laughed. “Very funny.”


Taking my hand, he added,”But it’s not that funny. Come on. We’ll get you a better outfit.”


We stopped at a kiddie costume shop down the street. How we were going to find anything that 1. Would hide my face, and 2. Wouldn’t look ridiculous? (Well, I already looked pretty ridiculous, so I guessed it couldn’t get any worse.) I was wishing I hadn’t given my bodyguards the day off.

























20 thoughts on “Chapter 5.47”

  1. OMG I was not prepared for gnome Lexie… ha!

    So interesting to see that Lexie’s been completely sucked into fame and showbusiness herself! That totally wasn’t what I’d expected for her. But she seems to be handling it pretty well (and at least still held on to her geeky roots! I wonder if she’s still friends with the sisterhood though. I hope so! ❤️) Crazy to see her dating a hot-shot actor! But I guess once you’re a celeb you’ve gotta embrace it 😛

    And interesting that she’s kept in touch with James but not Charlie! It’s so sad that neither her nor Charlie ever reached out 😦 But at least she still has James (and Jenny!) as a friend (and fashion consultant 😛 )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL! Ya gotta love a gnome-Lexie. So cute! (And she fell in love with the costume and couldn’t help herself.) 😉

      Lexie did get sucked in. She was already cornered into the tabloids by her relationship with James and then the VS thing just happened. She’s changed in that she’s accepted the limelight, but she really doesn’t like it deep down.

      She was so hurt by Charlie. She figured once they had some space, they’d get back together but that never happened. And now she’s so alone. Even with Christian. She’s built up walls. BUT James is a stabilizer in all of this. And she still sees the sisterhood but not as much as they have their own lives (and boyfriends/fiances/wives).

      Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG…Yas and Charlie – oh I mean Carmella! Wheeee. Chris put her in her place and then boom chicka wowow.

    Lexie is a star now too. Interesting. I figured Charlie would call…but maybe he was done with the games from James. And they both moved on. Except she’s still only friends with James which I find interesting. I figured he would try to move in.

    When I saw Cory’s name, I was thinking….yay Cory’s back….but maybe later….after Christian goes back to Carmella! Lol….

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Carmella! Hee hee…Christian had the last word to her, huh? 😉

      Charlie had had enough with Lexie and James. In his mind, she chose that day. He’s not a fighter so…that was it for him.

      James loves Lexie and he’ll always be her friend if it means he can see her. Why he’s still in that friendzone, you’ll find out on Wednesday.

      Cory could be back… 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The gnome costume was hilarious.
    It couldn’t have been easy for Lexie to get used to being so famous. She was the shyest of the sisterhood. The loss of privacy must have been stressful.
    Of course August didn’t like the billboards. 😀
    There are so many good ships in this gen! A whole fleet. You make it so hard to pick and now you threw Christian in the mix. I loved the shots of the two of them together and all the time I was like, James who? 🙂 Okay, I know it won’t last, but I’m totally shipping it.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Glad you like that cute gnome costume. Lex couldn’t help herself. 😛

      It wasn’t easy for her (and still isn’t–that’s why she has three HUGE bodyguards).

      Loads of good ships. Glad you like Christian and Lex (they’re making their relationship work on their terms atm.)

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Lexie can work it even in a gnome costume, apparently! LOL. I really liked Jenny’s reactions to that.

    I noticed Beau and August had three more kids, rofl. Lexie must looooove visiting now. 😉

    I’m glad she was able to attain fame on her own merits (and jubblies). Loved those billboards, as always! I can tell you have so much fun with the modeling stuff. Seems like Lexie finally is too–her intense self-consciousness seems like a distant memory.

    Sucked she had to run into Charlie and his not-so-nice girlfriend in public though… 😬

    Liked by 2 people

    1. LOL! She can! Who knew Gnome could go all Hollywood glam?

      And yeah, Jenny was like, “What the hell?” then *grab*

      YES! Remember waaaaay back in Gen 4, Beau had told August he wanted A LOT of kids and August said he wouldn’t even visit Beau if he had that many (because he hated kids then). Little did he know it would come true!!! And LOL! Lexie makes a point of visiting her brothers and sisters, but in small doses. 😉

      Lex is still a bit self conscious. She hates crowds, fans, all the hoopla. She won’t go to huge parties unless she has to. But she’s much better at it (ofc).

      Jubblies did help her here and yes, she got this fame on her own merits as a model. That takes skill too on top of what she was born with.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh wow! When life goes in unexpected directions 😮
    Man, a part of me wonders if Lexie is punishing herself by going down a career path that causes her so much body insecurity; I feel for her, she doesn’t seem happy at all 😦
    That, and being stuck in the limelight; it’s not for everyone.

    OMG Christian and Yasmine! Eee! Gawd, I’m such a sucker for cameos, lol.
    That was such an awkward encounter. Many drama.

    I’m glad to see that her and James are still friends, aww, that warms my cockles ❤
    Love the gnome costume, glad to see the old Lexie is still in there somewhere ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You’re right. Lexie isn’t happy. She doesn’t have love or a job she’s settled in. (She would love nothing more than to play with 3D models for a gaming company. Maybe one day she’ll get back to that.)

      Hee hee…Christian and Yasmine. YUSS! (I like cameos, too, if you hadn’t noticed.) And yeah…VEEEERY awkward meet up.

      Yes…James and Lex will always be good friends. (And Lexie is still the same inside even if the outside has changed quite a bit.)


  6. GNOME LEXIE! I LOL’ed so loud when I saw her. Didn’t expect her to wear that costume! xDD

    Glad to see Lexie in stardom! Loved those billboards! WOW! It’s a shame she and Christian had to run into Charlie and his new lover. 😛

    James and Lexie still are friends? Excellent! Hope they stay that way!

    Liked by 1 person

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