Chapter 6.3


My friends finally came to my party and the loser Murdicks were playing on the playground at Henry Puffer Park, leaving me alone.

“Do you got any revealing spells, Kadan?” Carlee Langosta asked. Her mom had dropped her off, rolling her eyes at my hat and telling her she’d better not come home with any weird party favors because she didn’t want that crap trashing up her house. Party favors? Oops. I forgot to get any. Well, I had some extra Henry Puffer wands I could give out. But then Aunty Dom would get mad at me. She HATED Henry Puffer worse than Mom.

Brindleton Bay had built this cool Henry Puffer Park three years ago. It was kind of expensive to go, but worth it. Dad bought it out for the day. Too bad he wasn’t here like he’d promised. But most of my friends came. Well, except Destiny Hoff. I totally thought she wanted to come but I bet she was just being nice when I’d asked.

Carlee drew a card and winced.

“Bad news?” I asked, smirking. I’d already gotten enough cards to make a death spell so I was basically winning already.

Fumbling, she pulled out her imperious curse card and flipped it onto Kai Kaluah. Poor Kai. I almost laughed at her brilliance, but Kai was one of my best friends and I wouldn’t do that to him.

“That leaves you with the win, Lee Lee baby!” Mala yelled out making my face heat up one thousand degrees. Why couldn’t she go play with her jerkface brothers and leave me the heck alone?

Kai glared. “Stupid move, Carlee. Now look what you did.”

Mala was right. I produced my death spell cards and obliterated everyone.

“I win, suckers!”


We’d been playing Crossing Wands for a while and it was down to me and Mala for the championship. I’d been preparing for over two months for this. I knew all the spells. Knew what would beat what. The only problem was that Mala was like a genius when it came to the game. She could somehow pull out just the right spell to defeat you. She was sooooo lucky! But I could beat her. I had to or she’d gloat for the rest of the day in her sickening sweet, clingy way.

My heart beat hard in my chest as I bowed, signaling the start of our bout.

Mala bowed as well but she looked like she was going to puke. Maybe I was gonna win after all!!!

My mind spun with all the choices. There were exactly thirty five spells to choose from and depending on what your opponent produced, it seemed like it could go a million different ways.

“Onde, dose…” we counted in our wizard speech. “CONFUSE!” I blurted.

But she said, “MUFFLE!” at the exact same time which totally defeated my spell.

“Way to go, Mala!” Carlee whooped. Girls. They always stuck together.

“Dude…you should never lead with Confuse,” my friend, Todd Monteira said. “It’s like totally cliche. You gotta be creative.”

He was right. God, how stupid could I be. So on the next round, I hollered, “Expell!” as she ranted, “Release” which did nothing to me. So I got her. We were even–one to one.

Last bout and I was sweating. This was for all the marbles.

Raising my hands, I yelled, “Incinerate!” but she countered at the same time with, “Agua!”

How did she know? The fire I cast was totally doused with that water spell.


“Really?” Todd said. “You didn’t go for the death spell. Come on, Liam!” Todd hated girls and couldn’t stand getting beat by them. Since I was one of his best friends, he took it personally. (I really believed he liked girls but wouldn’t admit it. I liked them, too, especially Destiny Hoff, but would I ever tell him that? NO THE HELL WAY!)

“Muahahahaaa!” Mala laughed. “I’m the Queen of the Castle. Bow down to me, serfs!”

God. Why did the winner have to be Mala of all people? She was taking the win even worse than I’d expected.

“Geeze, Liam,” my best friend, Kadan, groaned. “Now we’re in for it.”

I face palmed. How stupid could I be? A death spell would have defeated a water spell, but no. I chose wrong. And now we had to kneel at her feet until she tapped on our heads, releasing us. But knowing Mala, I bet she’d make us stay like that forever.


Lucky thing, though, Mala loved cake more than her win, so she tapped us immediately and said, “I’m hungry.”

I was, too. The cake and other food had been delivered. It was my favorite in the whole world–zombie brain cake. When you cut into it, it was like eating real live brains! I know. Wicked cool, right?

But when we got to the picnic table, I couldn’t believe my eyes. “What the hell, Murdicks!” I hollered.

“Heh,” Uriah laughed. “You snooze you lose, Liam.”

Kaden glared at the jerk, but he didn’t care. He was eating the last piece!

There was nothing but crumbs on the cake platter.

Dusty came over, eating probably his third piece. “There’s still some left. You don’t have to cry about it, dorkface.” They both were dressed like the evil minions in the latest Henry Puffer movie. It fit. They were villains in real life.

I sat next to the half eaten piece. They did this on purpose, trying to ruin my party. I’d had enough. I didn’t care if I got in trouble. I wasn’t going to let them get away with it.

Getting up, I hissed, “I’m gonna tell your mom and dad. You’re in trouble.” I knew Aunty Brooke and Uncle Nat didn’t know what they did. Well, they were Aunty Elara and Uncle Lord Bloodmoon today, but still.

Taking another bite of cake, Dusty whined, “Are you gonna cry now, baby? Go ahead and cry. Wah, wah, waaaah!”

I pushed him. “Don’t call me a baby!”

He pushed me back and it was all out war. I punched him then he tried to choke me.

“Boys!” Aunty Elara yelled. “Stop it this instance!”

But I didn’t want to stop. This asshole had it coming. I’d tear that pumpkin mask right off him so I could see him cry.

Finally, she broke us apart and said, “I’m disappointed in you, Liam August Sanderson-Day. I will be on the phone to your mother today. Attacking innocent boys will not be tolerated.”

Innocent? That was it. I pointed at her. “Your DEMONS aren’t innocent. They’ve totally wrecked my party!

“And they’ve been mean to me this whole time. I hate them and wish they’d drown in Brindleton Bay.”

Before she could catch me, I ducked and ran as far away from my party as I could.

I ran and ran until my lungs pinched and my legs burned.

And then my face heated up and I couldn’t help it. I cried like a baby.

Today was supposed to be so much fun. Dad and I’d planned it all out. He was supposed to be here. Not my parents’ friends babysitting me, bringing along those awful triplets.

And why didn’t Mom stay here either? Didn’t she love me? I just wanted to crawl under a rock and make everyone and everything go away.

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 6.3”

  1. Awww, what a cute party! Loved all the Henry Puffer merch and themed games–those all came with that little pack you downloaded, right? It was all so perfect!

    …Until the Murdicks ruined everything, of course. 😱 No one should come between a man and his cake! What a couple of little turds.

    LOL, loved Dom’s reaction to the party. Carlee must’ve had an interesting childhood!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Well…the cake was the last straw. Combine their taunting and his parents ditching him and little Liam was at the breaking point. He just needed an excuse.

      Carlee is a tough cookie because of her mom. She rarely sees her dad since he relocated to Del Sol Valley. But she’s a well adjusted sweet kid and a great friend to Liam.

      Yes! All merch is from that pack except for the wands. I used an adult wand set and converted it to kids. (It was an easy thing to do!)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh dear… that started out so adorable (that cc is epic!) and then, well, the Murdicks struck! 😱 And of COURSE Elara would side with her little demons… but I bet Brooke wouldn’t have!

    Poor Liam. The rest of his friends seem sweet, at least! But it sucks that his cute little nerdy party got ruined 😭

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re right. Brooke would have been appalled at both and gotten to the bottom of it. Her boys know when to act up and when not to.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Poor little boomer, he just couldn’t take anymore!

    Man you went all out on all the themed stuff, that was amazing! Looked awesome 10/10 felt like I was at an actual HP party 👍

    I’m loving seeing all these kiddos of all the crazy last gen cosplayers ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hee! Had so much fun with that pack and it showed, huh?) Totally miss it (But one of the YA characters is still a huge fan so I still use some items.) I’m aboit 30 chapters ahead! Lol!


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