Chapter 6.9


As soon as we got home, I booked it to Mala’s. Sure she was mad at me but I’d bet all the money I saved for my jeep that she’d cooled down by now.

I scrolled through how I was going to approach her. Wished I’d brought flowers but maybe that was a bit cliche. Begging. Dropping down on my knees. Pleading. Those were the things Mala liked. Yeah. Done that more than once but she was worth it.

I peeked through the door and saw no sign of her. Maybe she was in her bedroom.

Her brother, Uriah, came to the door followed by Dusty. Still hated their guts but they’d been decent to me lately. They left me mostly alone.

Surprise, surprise, Uriah stuck his hand out. “If it’s not the kid of the next Sarvel superstar. Let me shake your hand.”

Was there some snark behind that compliment? Uriah always gave me shit. “Cut the comedy, Uriah. Is Mala home?”

“No, I’m serious, dude. That’s like totally mind blowing your dad got a sweet gig like that.”

“So true,” Dusty said. This was the first time the guy did something other than smirk at me when I came over. “And to think we might become relatives if you and Mala get hitched.”

Hitched? I’d have to crawl out of the doghouse first. “Speaking of Mala, where is she?” I asked.

Uriah shrugged. “Dunno. Guess she’s in her room. Dusty and I just got home from working out. We haven’t seen her. But hey, come over any time, dude. Let’s hang out, okay?”

I did a double take. Uriah Murdick was asking ME, the biggest geeky loser, to hang out? (I think those were the terms he used for me the last time I’d visited.) He must have had a fever. Or caught the Flamer sickness. My Dad’s fame was already getting annoying and he hadn’t even accepted the job yet.

Uriah patted my back then took off for the kitchen. They guy could eat the contents of the whole refrigerator and then complain he was still hungry.

The door was open, so I peered in and…

I was blasted with the scene of my FUCKING girlfriend making out with Oliver Treadstone–a super popular dude from our high school.

“What the FUCKING HELL IS THIS?” I shouted.

They pulled apart like the guilty assholes they were.

“Oh, God, Liam. Why didn’t you knock? You know that’s rude.”

“How could you?” was all that came out of my mouth. My body was literally shaking and I felt like puking.

She looked away. “Y-You…made your choice. So…I’ve made mine.”

“Yeah, so get out of here, loser.”

“You couldn’t wait a few hours so we could talk?” I shook my head. Oliver was right. I was the most worthless loser on the planet. She just treated me like a piece of garbage.

Things didn’t get better when I got home. I wanted to scream, cry, punch things, tear my hair out, but instead, I got another face full of someone cheating. I was so sick of this shit! Didn’t anyone have any integrity anymore? I mean, come on!

Well, maybe cheating was a harsh word for what Mom was doing with Mr. Clavane. They were just talking and watching a movie.

But Mom hadn’t looked this happy in months.

I wanted to kick the guy’s ass right there but it wasn’t my place.

I could read his sneaky, wormy mind though. Since Dad was gone (and HE was in the doghouse like I was with Mala), this idiot thought he could sweep Mom off her feet.

But not on my watch. I had to do something about it. I certainly didn’t want my parents to split. And having Mom cheat? No fucking way.

I got up to my room, trying to figure out what to do. I mean, I didn’t think Mom would cheat but if things kept going like this, who knew what might happen? Mom was lonely and she was so miserable about what Dad was doing maybe half the world wouldn’t blame her.

There was only one thing I could do. Call Dad.

“Hey, Bud! How’s it going? This is a great surprise,” Dad’s cheery voice rang in my ear. “What’s up?”

“Nothing good. Do you know who’s sitting in the living room with Mom, watching a movie?”

“Hmm…her dad made a surprise visit?”

“Does Cory FUCKING Clevane ring a bell to you?”

I didn’t hear anything and then he said, weakly, “Her ex-boyfriend?”

“Yeah, so if you don’t want a trip to divorce court, I expect you to get your ass home. Pronto.”

“I know your mother. She’s just good friends with him. Always has been. You’re worrying over nothing, son.”

“Oh yeah? Want to bet? Because it wasn’t your shoulder she was crying on last night. She’s miserable, Dad. You should have seen her. And if you pulled your head out of your ass now and then and paid attention to your family, you’d know this. So, I’m giving you a warning and if you don’t want to listen then you’re a bigger asshole than the one who’s occupying your space on the couch next to Mom.”

I heard a scratchy sound like a moan. “She’s that upset, huh? No wonder she wouldn’t pick up when I called today.”

“Yeah. She’s hot. Like smoldering mad. I’d wear a teflon suit when you do come home. And a shield might help as well.”

“I hear you loud and clear, son. I’ll catch the next flight out.”

When I got off the phone, my misery overwhelmed me. My girlfriend cheated on me. My mom’s making goo goo eyes at her old high school boyfriend. And I had to threaten my dad to come home or lose his wife.

My life sucked.

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 6.9”

  1. Poor Liam! I’m glad he called. Those two need to seriously talk and come up with a solution that works for them both. If Lexie has to compromise again, and James doesn’t, I don’t think it’s going to end well. 😭😭😭😭. And those Murdicks. – such loser non-friend friends. Mala too. She jumped on the next hot guy to look at her.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Liam to the rescue! Hopefully James and Lexie can work things out. Something’s gotta give or things will fall apart quickly.

      Murdicks…never change! 😉 And Mala! I bet that girl had her eye on Oliver…earlier and needed an excuse. Teen love. 😬

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, Liam really does have it rough…yikes. I’m proud of how he reacted with Mala and Loverboy though, didn’t get violent or call her awful names. It’s a shame he blamed himself for prioritizing his family, though. I think he did the right thing.

    Will James do the right thing, though? And what about Lexie? Their marriage really isn’t Liam’s responsibility…but neither are the other duties he’s taken on. Poor kid. Doesn’t get to just be a teenager.

    I’m still hopeful though…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Liam isn’t like his grandfather August. And even if he said he’d like to kick someone’s ass, I couldn’t see him doing that. It’s not in his nature (although if someone hit him first, he’d definitely fight back.) Liam is a savior type–he loves to “save” people and he’s a nurturer. Unfortunately, he can allow people to take advantage of him. Let’s hope his next gf is better for him. Liam sees his faults first, too, and blamed himself for the demise with Mala (although it would have happened anyway.)

      Let’s hope James comes with his tail between his legs in submission. Not sure if that’ll happen though. 😦

      Liam takes on the fam’s responsibilities because no one else will. It’s sad!!! And yes, he suffers because of it. He’s had to grow up fast.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Damn Mala, living up to your name 😬 And her brothers being suspiciously friendly toward him 🤔 I’m intrigued, but Liam clearly needs to watch himself around this family!

    Liam most definitely has it rough… and getting sucked into his parents’ drama isn’t helping the poor kid either! 😭 I hope things can turn around for him (and the rest of his family) soon, somehow…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Lol…she IS living up to her name. Ah well…she’s just too sexy and has guys all over her and her childhood crush wasn’t living up to her standards. SO…poor Liam!

      Her bros are enamored by STAR power. (Maybe they secretly want to ride the star waves one day? Who knows?)

      Let’s hope James will make things better. But he just might make things worse? We shall see!!! Eek!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Yikes! I wonder what Elara would say about Mala being a grade A bitch. Although she would probably be all for it. I guess Liam had it too good for too long and the nature of your stories caught up to him! I feel bad Liam and Lexie but also they should have expected it. James became addicted to fame and such while Lexie only did it to make herself feel better and she enjoyed it.

    I kind of want Lexie and James to split. He isn’t really a father figure to the kids and now that Cory is here he doesn’t need to be. They had a great love story but now it’s time for reality to hit them. They are different people now and they both need to see that. It was even evident in the first few chapters when James had to go to some event because he was being Jenny.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think Elara will be upset with Mala. After all, men who can be dominated to the point of them contemplating begging forgiveness and getting on their knees for you…well…they just don’t grow on trees! The FOOL! 😡Male domination usurps all other unpleasant side effects of Liam (such as his honesty and desire to do his duty even at the expense of his dominatrix!!!)

      Lol…the nature of my stories…hee hee…guess you’re right, sadly. And this symptom has hit him like a plague, unfortunately. Not sure if things will lighten up much (but I will shove in a few fun chapters–nothing will all be doom and gloom. He’s a teen, after all.)

      James IS addicted to fame which is the antithesis to Lexie. He should have known that when observing how things went with Charlie (who sometimes didn’t deal with Lexie’s abhorrent feelings to fame very well.) SO…is this marriage doomed? Someone will have to change (and not resent the other for it.)

      If things don’t change, then yes, these two will just become rotten and it’s not a good environment for the kids. Cory is there but not for long. He’s only visiting. His job is in San Myshuno. Then what? Lexie will either have to deal with her husband and make things work or figure something else out.


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