Chapter 6.18

Ages of characters: Liam–16, Zack (his brother)–11, Brandy–5, August & Beau, Briar: 61, Lexie, James: 43


My friends sidled up to me, Rosalin taking my hand.

“See what the cat brought me, guys?” I asked. “Two rats.”

“Oh good God,” Destiny said. “Does she have no shame?”

Suddenly, the two love birds shouted at each other and both were on their feet.

“Mala, please don’t go. I’m sorry,” the douchebag yelled.

My friends crowded around behind me.

“Guys,” I whispered. “They can’t see us–their backs are facing us.”

I couldn’t hear a word they said. Dammit! But Mala was blasting a finger in Oliver’s chest.

Then he spit something back at her. If only I had a microphone on them. I wanted to hear every juicy detail.

Then Mala pushed him away, like she was breaking it off. NO! This skank was not about to get rid of her adulterous lover. Was she doing this to be with Liam?

But then the heaven’s parted and God literally shone all his glory onto them. (Seriously, the sky grew the most beautiful shade of pink.)

Oliver was about to kiss Mala!

My girlfriends started squealing behind me as Mala and Oliver’s lips met. So, I did the only thing someone could do in this situation.

I got out my phone and snapped.

Destiny hissed, “What the hell do you think you’re doing, Ginny?”

I put my fingers over her mouth. “It’s called fate, Des. And if Liam won’t believe what a skanky ho his girlfriend is, I might have to show him.”

“You know he could get mad at you for not minding your own business.”

Des was always a worry wart.

“Oh, God. Poor Liam,” Justine said. “When I let Drew in on this…he’ll definitely tell Liam.”

“I hope he kicks her to the curb,” Rosalin mused behind me.

“Hey, guys, let’s go!” Ally whispered. “I don’t want to get caught.”

But I wasn’t moving a muscle until I got the full blown goods on a thot that needed bringing down.


I told Mom and Dad about my decision to stay in Brindleton Bay. They were totally cool with it and said Grandpa and Granddad would meet me at home. I had school the following day, so I needed to book it if I wanted to get back at a decent hour.

When the time came for me to leave, I had a hard time saying good bye. Especially to my siblings. We like hadn’t been apart ever in our whole lives. In fact, I was with them way more than either of my parents had been. Little Brandy didn’t really understand what was happening either. I bent down and took her tiny hand. “Hey, baby girl, you be good for Mom and Dad, okay?”

“I will, Lee Lee.” I was going to miss her sweet smiles and dimples.

“Your limosine is here, sir,” Marcus said, waving me to hurry up.

Both Zack and Brandy rushed over, giving me hugs.

I was shocked Zack was taking it this hard. “I’m going to…miss you,” he said into my shoulder.

Then Brandy’s lip quivered. “Don’t go, Lee Lee!”

“Hey…I’ll be back in a few weeks. Don’t worry.” Squeezing them, I whispered, “I love you guys.”


The plane ride was freaking long and I took a Suber home. When I walked in, I was blasted with my grandparents kissing.

I smiled. I guessed even old folks still got it on?

Clearing my throat, I called out, “Hey, Grandpa and Grandad! I’m home.”

They both shot up and ran over to me. “You’ve grown a foot since the last time I saw you, Liam!” Granddad slapped my back. I guessed I had grown a lot. I was almost as tall as he was.

Grandpa enveloped me in a squishy hug. “You’re looking good, kiddo. So happy to see you.”

“Me, too, Grandpa.”

I sat down to chat.

“So…how’s Del Sol Valley?” Granddad asked.

“It’s amazing. No joke, my folks’ place has a pool the size of the whole town of Brindleton Bay.”

Granddad laughed. “Well, your grandpa and I are here for you, Liam. If you need anything from us, don’t hesitate to ask.”

“And let me know your favorite dishes, too, Liam,” Grandpa added. “I’ll have it ready whenever you want to eat supper.”

Did I just die and go to heaven? They didn’t know I was the one who usually cooked around here and it was mostly mac and cheese and nachos. “Thanks, Grandpa. Sounds awesome. And thanks for staying with me like this. I know it must be an inconvenience.”

“Are you kidding?” Granddad said. “Us old guys live for this stuff. What else have we got to do? Next weekend, we’ll show you around some places we used to go when your mom was little.”

“Awesome, Granddad. Sounds fun.” This already turned out to be the best decision I’d ever made. For once, someone was going to take care of me for a change.

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21 thoughts on “Chapter 6.18”

  1. Mac and cheese and nachos, the breakfast of champions. 😉 It’s so weird seeing August and Beau so old!! Such is the nature of legacies, though. Time keeps moving forward for everyone.

    Brandy is SO CUTE. Aaaa. And I wonder if Liam will miss the limo rides. 😉

    Hmm, Ginny…people tend not to appreciate or listen to the bearer of bad news. Giving proof of Mala’s cheating probably won’t endear her to Liam!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Old Beaugust! Wah!! 😭 But time doesn’t halt for anyone.

      Brandy is a cutie. And well, Liam is happy in his new Jeep. Lol! He’ll get the star treatment when he visits his fam.

      Ginny probably shouldn’t be the one to show him. 😜

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ginny may not find any favour with Liam…but at least he’ll know? Maybe after he calms down he’ll appreciate it…

    Liam being happy about his granddads taking care of him was adorable…and also kinda heartbreaking. This kid has been so parentified – Lex and James really messed up there. They shouldn’t have been having more kids just for their eldest to raise.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ginny might not win favors with Liam if she showed him that pic. But word will get out no matter what.

      And aww…yeah, kinda sad that Liam is happy to be taken care of by his grandfathers. It’ll be a special time for them. James and Lex should have thought it through. It wasn’t Lexie’s idea to have another kid but she would t trade it. She loves Brandy even though Lexie isn’t that great at being a stay at home mom.


  3. Old heirs are so sad! But it’s good to see them again anyway! The best decision Liam or the biggest mistake? I have a feeling…. mistake city. Just look at what’s going to be shoved in his face. Of course he does need to ditch Mala, he just doesn’t realize it yet. Or maybe, since he’s now ‘free’ of his babysitting and meal prepping duties he’ll tell her he can be there for her more and they’ll make up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Old heirs…😭😭😭 I’m one that makes my heirs age (and I think it’s fun to give them pot bellies…I’m upset there isn’t more elder hair for men.)

      Yeah…could be a REALLY awful decision. In fact, this decision will change the course of Liam’s life.

      Interesting thought about his freedom opening up more time for Mala (but I think Mala has dug her grave) ⚰️⚰️⚰️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mala may well have gone too far. And I know who will be there to pick up the pieces! Maybe…. One cute little redhead.

        I love making them age but it IS hard. Right, not enough choices for male elder hair. And it goes from black to gray. And fit to decrepit. I wish it could be a slow aging process. And preteens too! Sorry no rants.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Everyone getting old is always upsetting 😭 (but at least these guys get the chance to even grow old… forever morning Jackson 😭)

    I wonder if Ginny’s scheming will blow up in her face… damn it Liam, I told you to run! Both these girls are trouble 😂

    It’s so sad to see him separated from his siblings, but I loved that last line. He finally has some time to be a kid with guardians who look out for him, instead of essentially parenting his brother and sister. Enjoy, Liam! And don’t get those silly girls get you down too much 😛


    1. Lol! Yeah…you were right! He needs to run! Fast! 😜 But will he? Liam is such a nice guy. We’ll see how he takes this news.

      And yeah…aged heirs are sad (it’s hard seeing Harper in this state with her youthful tattoos! Lol! 🤣😭)

      Ginny’s scheming may blow up…but we’ll see on Wednesday.

      Yes! Liam needs that time to finally be a teen and all that comes with it. The pressure is off! (Kind of sad that all that responsibility was put on him in the first place! 😭) Yay for the grandfathers!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Ginny is making a big mistake and I believe it will backfire.
    Yes, for once Liam has someone caring for him instead of the other way around. What will he do with all that freedom?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ginny definitely isn’t doing what she should to get her man, but…maybe it’ll work out somehow? In any case, once Liam finds out, he’s going to be in no mood to jump into another relationship.

      And yes! Yay for the grandfathers in allowing poor Liam to do the things a teen should. I wonder what he will do with all his freedom? No matter what, his grandfathers will support him!


  6. Beau, are you not just the cutest little old man!
    Tan France would be proud.

    Awe, sibling love, Brandy is a little darling ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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