Chapter 6.55


Oh my GOD! When I’d dreamed about heaven, it was all golden gates and pillowy clouds and angels lilting beautiful songs.

But I knew better now.

Heaven was having a secret dreamy professor boyfriend who was as brilliant in bed as he was on the teacher’s podium.

Heaven was knowing that if I screwed up in his class, I could make it up to him later. (And he wasn’t going to shoot me dead with his cold stares or horrific threats.)

My friend, Susan, turned to me and whispered, “Gosh, Charlie, Dr. Deathday is at it again! Can you believe he’s making us do our jungle research project in only one week? Doesn’t he realize we have other classes with projects due, too? I thought we were supposed to get two weeks! This just blows.”

Susan didn’t know that I was secretly banging our professor on the side. Heh, heh…if anyone knew, Dr. D could get in a lot of trouble, especially since he’s got my grade in his hand. Kinda a conflict of interest, if you know what I mean. And I had to make Myla swear on her new puppies’ lives that she wouldn’t spill. I was going to tell Susan once this semester was over. Dr. D was traveling to Al Simhara on a dig, and I wouldn’t have him as my teacher anymore so we were free from any trouble.

“Well, Susan, that’s why he’s got that name. If Dr. Deathday wasn’t an asshole, wouldn’t you be pretty freaked out?”

Suddenly, I felt a handsome pair of eyes shoot through me. “Miss Darby, what did you call me? Dr. Deathday and…an asshole?”

Oh shit.

He crossed his arms. “Meet me in my office after class.”

I didn’t know why I was this jittery with him. I mean, he was my boyfriend. But I didn’t want him to be mad at me. Once he closed the door, I explained, “Hey, babe, listen, I was just trying to put up the act that you’re my professor slash not my boyfriend so you wouldn’t get in trouble. I really didn’t mean to call you all those awful names even though, not gonna lie, one week to do that project is sorta horrible and a little bit on the garbage side but if that’s the way you roll then who am I to sa…”

He brought my face close to his and whispered, “How am I going to punish you?”

Oh baby…he could punish me in a thousand different ways until sundown, I wouldn’t squeal. And making out in his office had to be a bucket list phenomenon I hadn’t even thought of.

Soooooo hot!


It was the end of the semester and finally, Charlene and I could come out of hiding about our relationship. We were planning to visit my folks for the holidays. First Brindleton Bay to see my mother and her family then onto Del Sol Valley to meet with my father. I thought Charlene was going to explode when she found out my father was THE James Sanderson. Since I’d taken my mother’s maiden name to escape paparazzi, she never even realized there was a connection.

As soon as the first week in our appropriate bodies, I leased that apartment for Charlene and set it up as she’d had before. It suited her so well. I couldn’t fathom her living in that slum, plus, we could come here and be alone, away from my brother and Reed who didn’t seem to want to find his own apartment. After all that had happened (even though he didn’t know about it) I wasn’t going to kick him out.

As we lay together on the couch (after watching the newest Henry Puffer series on Simflix), I was overcome by emotion at how our lives intertwined so perfectly. I loved her in every way from her silly antics to her beautiful body to her brilliant mind. And I was ready to make things permanent between us. Why wait?


I loved snuggling with my majorly hot boyfriend. How did I get so lucky? Oh yeah…cuz I was the genius who decided to ask a genie for a miracle. Funny how life worked out like that.

Liam said he believed we would have found each other without all the mumbo jumbo but I liked how it happened. Pretty unique if you ask me, and I couldn’t wait to tell our children about it. Oh wait. I was TOTALLY getting ahead of myself here. We’d only been official for about a month now. And I was going to meet his parents soon. What if they didn’t like me?

Threading my fingers in his, I asked, “So what do you want to do now? I heard there was a cool new movie your dad was in that’s streaming. It’s called Smerclock Clones, the Detective. It got great reviews. I still can’t believe your dad is like a superstar.”

But he didn’t make a snide comment back at me (because I knew he hated watching his dad’s movies and I was teasing him.) He just held me closer and swallowed.

Pulling away, he grasped my hands in his. I wasn’t sure about the nervous look he was giving me. Was he going to break up? Oh my GOD no!

“Sweetheart, I…need to ask you something.”

My mind was racing on what he could possibly ask me that would make his hands as clammy as a frog’s butt when he bent down on one knee!

And he reached into his pocket…

He slid a beautiful diamond ring on my finger and I stared at it like an idiot in a daze.

“Will you marry me?” he whispered.

Without pause, I breathed, “Yes, yes, oh yes, I’ll marry you!”


She said yes! I absolutely wasn’t sure if she would since we hadn’t dated for very long but…it felt right.

She tumbled on top of me and said, “Oh my GOD, babe, I’m so freaking happy, I can’t stand it. Are you as happy as I am?”

I stroked her cheek and said, “Happier. I love you, baby. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”

She jumped to her back and snuggled into me, holding up the ring to get a better look at it. I held her hand and said, “I wasn’t sure if this is what you’d like so we can take it back if you want and get something else.”

“Are you kidding me? You take this back and I’ll have to kill you. No, babe. It’s perfect! Oh…I love you so much! I can’t believe this is my life! How did we get so lucky?”

I laughed. How indeed?


On our way to Brindleton Bay, we decided to take one more look at Glimmerbrook and see the Magical Realm for the last time. We hoped we could have a little vacation at a quaint bed and breakfast then do some shopping in the magic realm. There were some broomsticks and a magic wand that had caught Charlene’s eye last time but we were so devastated at what we thought was our cursed existence that we didn’t feel like buying anything.

But what was strange was the Magic Shoppe wasn’t in the spot where we thought it was. “Charlene, are you sure this is the place? There’s not a store anywhere like that here.”

She pointed and said, “Hmm…at least there’s a tavern. Why don’t we get a drink and we can ask the bartender about it. I’m sure we’re just turned around since it’s snowing and all.”

As we sat at the warm bar, the events of the last time we were here made me laugh. “Do you remember how plowed you got after a few of those magical drinks?” I asked her, musing at what at the time was annoying but now I found charming. “It’s funny now, but I was so exasperated that I didn’t even care.”

“Yeah, and not gonna lie, babe, I tried to get you to dance but you’re so terrible at it. I think that’s when I fell in love with you. It was so sweet to see there was something you weren’t good at!”

I snorted. “Are you kidding? I’m terrible at a lot of things. It’s you who are good at everything, Miss Full Ride Scholarship.”

I waved down the bartender and said, “Could you give us two of your specials of the house?” It worked out the last time. Those drinks were the best I’d ever tasted.

I saw the guy swirl in several different kinds of alcohol and shake.

Then he poured the drinks and added some fruit on the side. “Looks delicious, doesn’t it, sweetheart?” I asked.

“Let me be the first to try,” Charlene said as she pulled on her drink.

I did the same. It was better than I’d hoped. A mixture of mango and strawberry with a splash of something that tingled down my spine.


Those drinks must have had a ton of alcohol in them because next thing I knew, I was facing Charlene confused as to why we were in that bar in the first place.

“Babe…uh…what are we doing here again?” my fiancé asked.

It was on the tip of my tongue. We were on our way to meet my parents and we stopped here because…? “Hmm…” I said, “Were we going to do some Christmas shopping?”

Her eyes clouded. “I don’t think so. I already sent your families’ gifts ahead like you’d asked. Maybe we wanted to sightsee? Where the hell are we anyway?”

It was crazy but I didn’t have a clue. Not one to be out of control like this, I said, “Listen, honey, why don’t we catch a suber to Granite Falls. I hear they have a wonderful chalet there. We can eat dinner then sit by the fire. Does that sound good to you?”

The Great Simllama


Don’t give me that look, Insignificant One. I know what you’re thinking. That Liam Day and Charlene Darby deserve to have their memories of the experience that brought them together. Do not fear. In their subconscious, all that bonded them is still there. They have an attachment that is quite rare, I can assure you.

But don’t you see how I cannot allow my existence to be known? Glimmerbrook would be filled with despicable rubberneckers and inundated like a banal Simsneyland.

Heh, heh…Your mind is really so very transparent, I can hear all of your questions quite clearly. You want to know if what they’d experienced was real. Is Ginny a mermaid? Is there a Magic Realm and am I a talented Spellcaster or an all-powerful genie?

That, Little Flea, is for me to know and for you to debate for the rest of your pitiful existence.


That’s it for this magical generation! Thank you for riding along with me and all the craziness. Next gen, we’ll get back to normalcy and…DRAMA! But since I really hate to be behind week after week (honestly, I barely had time to get this out), I’m taking off for a while. Next Wednesday will be the epilogue to this gen that will kick off next gen then the first chapter of Generation Seven will start at the first of next year. Hello, 2020!

See you next Wednesday!

17 thoughts on “Chapter 6.55”

  1. When we didn’t see that bartender’s face, I had a feeling there was some sneakiness at play! It does make sense… can’t have those magical secrets getting out!

    But what matters is these two are together now and finally happy! ❤️ They both deserve it after all they’ve been through (even if they don’t remember it 😂) I’m excited for the epilogue, and of course, the next generation!

    I just know these two are gonna make a beautiful nooboo! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! Nooboos incoming!

      And yeah…kind of sad they don’t have the crazy memories but they have an incredible bond. And they are extremely happy. Who would have thought with the start they had?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I was wondering about those drinks…..and the bartender. 😂 I love the way you ended it and sort of put the magic to rest! It was awesome. 👏👏👏 Looking forward to the Epilogue but will certainly miss your wonderful stories over the holidays. Enjoy getting ahead and the holidays! ❤️ I know how it feels to constantly be playing catch-up!

    Can’t wait to meet the next gen!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aww thank you! ❤️

      Yes epilogue coming (if the wedding doesn’t kill me first. Unfortunately we’re going to see a lot of the family we haven’t seen in a while and VERY old Beaugust. 😢).

      Glad you liked how I put the magic to rest. I was going around about how to do it and Simllama decided to break the fourth wall. 😜

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Finally, they made it to the end! Or a new beginning, at any rate. It was so nice to see them enjoy themselves after going through so much–and they seem so in love.

    Can’t wait to meet your next heir!! ❤ ❤ Beginning a new gen is always so exciting, and your gens always have such different themes and feels.

    LOL at the Great Simllama. Guess magic works in mysterious ways…!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yeah…it was long and drawn out…ah well…

      They are in love. Yay for that!

      Beginnings are exciting and I must say I’m looking forward to the change and a new beginning!

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  4. Away with you, llama guy! No more meddling in the lives of D&K people!
    I’m glad that everyone’s happy by the outcome, that’s a nice fat rock, Charlie (don’t lose it!)
    I’m not sure Liam is right that they would have found each other though, without the magic meddling, but who knows, maybe so.
    Curious (slash terrified) to see what the next gen is going to be like! O..O

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hee…no more meddling! (But without it, they probably wouldn’t have come together? Idek…)

      Fat rock…Day style! 😉 (And…lol…Charlie is undoubtedly going to lose it at some point. You know that girl so well…)

      I’m even terrified…next gen is FULL of drama. Ahhhh! 😱


  5. Nooboo WitcHazard: Eh (walks away)

    Dark WitcHazard: Guess she’s waiting for the epilogue and more likely the little nooboo heir! Haha guys right though they’re together doesn’t matter if they remember how they got there! Sneaky bastard!😈

    Lover WitcHazard: Aw these two are so adorable don’t know how you come up with these cute dramatic heartfelt stories every gen but can’t wait to see what’s next!😊

    Shipper WitcHazard: Oh boy that one was exciting o almost thought they wouldn’t end up together but it all worked out another ship sailing by!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry Nooboo! 😓I promise nooboos in the epilogue next week.

      Dark–Heh…he’s almost as sneaky as you. Thought you’d approve.

      Lover–Aww…thank you! ❤

      Shipper–Yay for sailing ships! (And this one will last <3)


    1. Aww…well, Liam wasn’t about to get preggers. That kiss was as far as he’d go in a woman’s body. Maybe he’d think about being with a man later on but I doubt it. He’d probably find a woman to date or be alone. He was alone for years.

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  6. What a beautiful and magical ending! Hiding the bartender’s face and the effect of those drinks gave the impression something sneaky is happening and a familiar somebody came to my mind. Guess that’s the last time we’ll see the Great Simllama. So long Great Simllama. You did your job, but it’s time to put the magic to rest!

    I look forward to the epilogue and meeting the new heir or heiress! I always get excited for the new generations.

    Enjoy your holidays! I’ll definitely miss your stories over the holidays!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you liked this ending and the Great Simllama…buh bye, magical dude! 😉

      So glad you’re looking forward to what’s next for this crazy fam. 😃

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