Chapter 7.7


My heart was racing with all sorts of sick feelings in my stomach. My grandpa had to come out and speak to the camp director! How embarrassing!

“Sorry about this, Grandpa,” I whispered. “I feel so bad.”

“Don’t worry yourself, Peanut. I know you probably had a good reason.” He winked.

Aww…Grandpa was the best! Thank God it was him here and not my dad! UGH! He would have blasted me with his scary eyes and disappointed face.

Phoebe’s mom eyed my grandpa like she knew him. Well, of course she knew him. Everyone in the world did since he was such a superstar. His bodyguards were waiting outside the camp. Kind of embarrassing, but he had some weird stalkers.

“So…you’re James Sa…?” the lady started.

“No. Just look like him,” Grandpa said, cutting her off. I had to squelch a laugh since I knew he had to dodge saying he was THE James Sanderson. The woman probably would want selfies, autographs, the works!

She sighed loudly, looking away. Then she hissed at her daughter, “I can’t believe you’d get yourself in such a mess, Phoebe Marie. It’s bad enough you did horribly in practice today, now you might be kicked out of the play entirely! How could you?”

Phoebe waved her arms. “I’m telling you, Mama, she started the fight! I just asked her to help me.”

Her eyes narrowed. “Help you? You shouldn’t need help. You should be doing your best. I’m shocked you weren’t chosen as the lead, but if you weren’t, you should make the wicked stepsister the most memorable of all. This situation is YOUR fault, and I’m thoroughly ashamed of you.”

Those words cut into Phoebe. It was written all over her sad face.

Wow. I couldn’t imagine having a mom say awful things like that to me. My second hand embarrassment just exploded. I really felt sorry for her.

After the camp director had a meeting with all of us, she then wanted to talk to me and Phoebe alone without the adults.

“You two realize my hands are tied. You will not be allowed to participate in the play. We have a zero tolerance policy with fighting. I have half a mind to kick you both out of the camp unless you can explain what happened in a satisfactory manner.”

I heard the clock tick tick ticking on the wall. Getting kicked out??? For pushing? I mean, it’s not like we punched each other like Jake did to Cameron. But Ms. Christianson didn’t see them fight so they were off the hook. Just stupid me shoving Pheobe and Phoebe trying to keep me from pulling out her hair. Ugh. Why didn’t I just ignore her?

She looked between the both of us. “Well…I’m waiting. Phoebe, what do you have to say?”

On the verge of tears, she just shook her head and shrugged. OMG! If no one said anything we WERE going to get tossed out!

Heart in my throat, I blurted, “Listen, Mrs. Martin, we’ve been under a lot of pressure with the play and all. Both of us kind of had a bad time at practice today and lost it. But I’m really sorry I snapped at Phoebe.

“It was mosly my fault and I won’t do that ever again. I’ll do anything to make things up! Honest! Just please don’t kick us out.”

She looked between the two of us. Oh why wasn’t Phoebe saying anything to back me up?

Finally, Mrs. Martin said, “Hmm…well…” she huff a little shaking her head. “Against my better judgement, I’ll let you off this one time but…you two had better start getting along. You’ll also need to work together to clean up the cafeteria. I think everyone is finishing dinner about now. Understand?”

We both nodded and shuffled out of there. I was thankful she gave us a break. Geeze. That was close!

Once we’d entered the cafeteria, the savory scent of turkey and stuffing dinner wafted over me. My stomach gurgled.

And the cafeteria was a huge mess. It was going to take us a long time to clean. We weren’t getting our supper anytime soon.

“Why don’t I mop while you clear the dishes. Okay?” I asked.

Phoebe just gave me a sad face and nodded.

I started on the floor. Who threw all this gunk around? It was like they had an art project explosion in here.

To be honest, I kind of had the easier job. Those messy plates looked disgusting. And Phoebe didn’t seem too happy smelling that gunk either.

I only needed to sponge off a few more spills and then we’d be finished.

Putting some leftovers in the refrigerator, I slammed its door. All done!

Turning to Phoebe I said, “Okay now we can get out of here and never have to look at each other ever again.”

Wincing, she said, “Hey, Cheyenne, I really want to talk to you, if that’s okay. Like somewhere private?”

Huh boy. Was she going to yell at me for getting her kicked out of the play? Well, I deserved it. I’d take her tantrum, say I was sorry, and leave.

Following her to her room, we both sat on the couch at opposite ends. Neither of us looked at the other. I mean, what was I supposed to say? I wasn’t the one who asked us to talk.

But after five minutes of no one saying anything, I couldn’t take it anymore. “Okay, Phoebe, out with it. Tell me what a creep I am for getting us kicked out. Honestly, I feel like total crap for losing my temper and I’m REALLY sorry for pushing you. I had no right and if you don’t forgive me, that’s fine. I get it. But I do promise that won’t happen again.”

“Actually…um…” Phoebe swallowed a few times then went on, “I know I’ve been acting meant to you lately…”

“Yeah, I don’t get that. What’d I ever do to you?”

“It’s not what you did to me…I don’t know why it happened but every time I looked at you, I got angry. Like why did you get everything in the world and I didn’t? You sing, play piano and guitar, and are both Ms. Eskildsen’s and Mr. Adam’s favorite. It’s like not fair! My mother found out you got the lead because of your singing even though Mr. Graf thought I did the best at the audition. So, I’ve been super upset about it, but…after what my mother said to me, I feel awful and I’m not going to blame you anymore. She’s right. I have to do these things on my own if I ever want to get good. So I’m really sorry for everything I’ve done to you. Okay?”

Wow. I never thought those words were going to come out of her mouth.

Sounded like we were mad at each other for silly reasons. I mean, yeah, she was mean but at least she figured it out. And I’d been jealous, too–I understood what that felt like. Plus I could tell her mom put tons of pressure on her to be that little Miss Perfect. At least Phoebe apologized. What more could I expect?

Awkward silence surrounded us again, so I decided to change the subject. “Hey, you want to do something really fun?”

She gave me a sideways glance. “What do you have in mind?”

I motioned for her to follow me and led her into Ms. Christianson’s room. Her couch was the most squishy, and I’d wondered throughout my time at camp what it would be like to jump on it.

To my amazement, it was EXTRA bouncy!

We both giggled and jumped and laughed and I almost forgot about how angry we’d been with each other.

Who knew I could have this much fun with Little Miss Princess Phoebe? Not me.

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16 thoughts on “Chapter 7.7”

  1. Aww, and all is well! Mostly. They’re not kicked out of camp, but they’re out of the play, right? And what about Jake? He punched a kid, so maybe his situation is different…

    Glad to see these two try to understand each other and make up! Phoebe’s mom was really awful–Cheyenne wasn’t wrong when she said they’re under a lot of pressure. Phoebe is, at least. They were both surprisingly mature for their age!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The teacher didn’t see Jake’s punch and Cameron wasn’t about to say anything because they’d find out he pushed Cheyenne. Cheyenne wasn’t going to taddle either.

      Yeah, these two are surprisingly mature! Who would have guessed? 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, Phoobs, ur mom is next level nasty lady!!

    Maybe this is a good thing for them tho, no play = more chill? Mebbe?
    I’m sure there will be lots of opportunity for Chey to shine somewhere else, she is a child miracle after all!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Chey = miracle TRUE! 😉

      Phoebe’s mom has the evil trait. She can’t help it!

      But yes, chilling will be better for both of the drama queens.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Aww poor Phoebe… can’t blame her too much for being an over-emotional jealous kid, with a mom like Serenity 😱 Guess she is evil in all universes 😬

    I’m glad these two could reach something of a truce after what happened! But it sucks they won’t be allowed to do the play 😦 it meant so much to both of them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She gets it naturally! Plus SERENITY! Nuff said. 😉

      They talked it out and don’t hate each other at least. All good!

      But yeah, disappointing about the play but I’m sure they’ll be better for it.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Glad to see that Cheyenne and Phoebe managed to work things out. It’s a shame that these two won’t be allowed to be in the play, but at least they got to stay in camp!

    Wow, Phoebe’s mother is really something. I completely understand that with a mom like that, she can undergo through a lot of pressure.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Well, at least they didn’t get kicked out, but they both lost their parts. That was kind of sad. I wonder what Otto will think about losing his leading lady. Maybe he will have some input into it…or not. Glad they kind of made up and became somewhat friends…however…maybe this is all an act on Phoebe’s part,.,,who knows.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Dark WitcHazard: I’d prefer Cheyenne having a good rival in the future than a stuck up princess type! Also kudos to the girls for not dragging any else into either! Respect!

    Lover WitcHazard: Glad it all worked out! Well as best as if could. Grandpa James eeeekkkk! I don’t know when it happened but somehow James became my favorite Day spouse even after giving birth to Seth🤣 Hope he’ sticks around to watch over our blossoming actress. Besides if Liam found out about the kiss I’m sure he’d find away to get Cheyenne out of the play!

    Shipper WitcHazard: Could this be the start a new friendship!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dark: yeah…we need a more sinister antagonist. I promise this story will provide…

      Lover: Aww…Grandpa JAMES isn’t going anywhere. He’ll be guiding this budding starlet. I’m shocked he’s your fav but I do love his character too!

      Shipper: Maaaaaybe! 😝


  7. Aww – an unlikely friendship comes from shared mistakes and common goals. It was fun to see James there in his disguise to smooth things over for his grand daughter. 💖 The only thing I’m surprised about is them being banned from the play. 😕

    This was my favorite line and says a lot about Cheyenne : My second hand embarrassment just exploded. 💖💖💖 It warmed my heart!

    Liked by 1 person

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