Chapter 5.7


I could NOT believe it.

Emery the-Brindleton-Bay-High-clique-queen was at it again, using my bff, Serenity Grzenda, to do her homework. Serenity loved the attention. I couldn’t blame her. Hanging around someone like me wouldn’t get you street cred. I was that “weird girl” who loved anime and did cosplay for kicks. I’d get “weeaboo” thrown at me on a daily basis. Mostly by guys whom I wanted to punch but didn’t because I wasn’t my dad. He could kick someone’s ass in like five seconds but me? I’d inherited my mother’s athletic prowess which was basically nonexistent.

I’d warned Serenity about this piranha. As soon as Emery was done with her, she’d toss her in the trash like old fish bones.


Fuming, I tried to concentrate on the painting I was doing for art club. We were meeting at lunch every Friday. Unfortunately, Emery decided to join us.


How convenient.

But I couldn’t see my art. I only heard Emery’s syrupy whispers. For some reason all the paint turned into a distinct shade of blood red.


“You do realize your face will stay like that if you’re not careful.” Cory’s voice broke me out of my violent thoughts–mainly what it would look like if Emery’s perfect face was smashed into my fist.


“I’m sorry,” I said, “But…Emery is making me so mad. I can’t help it.”


Shrugging, Cory reasoned, “You can’t control your friends.”


Ugh. Why did he have to make so much sense?

“Concentrate on this pile of glop I’m creating instead. I need your artistic eye, Lexie. Is there any hope for it? God, I’m horrible at this.”

I knew what he was doing but it just wasn’t working.


Before I could change my mind, I found myself next to my best friend.

“Serenity,” I said, trying not to die inside just being next to Emery. “I need your help with my piece. Could you come over and take a look?” My voice blared out in a weird, unconvincing tone. Oh why couldn’t I be more like Emery–so sure of myself that everyone wanted to do my bidding?

“Not so fast, Serenity. Weren’t you going to help me?” the witch crooned.


“Er…y-you want me to help you with your art?” Serenity asked. She was like a puppy who ‘s master waved a delicious treat under her nose.

“Mmm? Oh…yes…” Bitch-for-brains never took her eyes off me. “Lexie doesn’t need your help. She only draws a bunch of cartoons anyway. There’s nothing to it.”


My nostrils flared to ten times their normal size. She did NOT just say that to me. I was going to be a computer animator one day. Art was art no matter the process. She didn’t have an artistic bone in her perfect body. “What would you know about art, you…” I stopped myself. It was social suicide if I threw down with THE Emery Straud.


“Serenity,” Emery whined, “I’m getting tired of this. Do you want to help me or not?”

Wincing, Serenity seemed caught between me, a cringeworthy geek, and the thrill of being Miss Popular’s minion. “Well…I…er…”


Then Emery switched tactics.”Oh, check this out, Serenity. I saved it on my story in CrapChat. You will LOOOOOVE it!”

And just like that, I lost my best friend.



When the bell rang, I shot one last glare at Emery. We were like two bulls facing off. She glared back only she lifted the edge of her mouth in a snarky smile. What was she up to?

Cory kissed me good-bye then slipped out of sight. I had science next period and I needed to get into my locker and grab my calculator.

As I walked toward the edge of the stairs, I felt hands push me.

“Oh no!” Serenity cried.


Helplessly, my body sailed downward as my heart literally stopped.

“Emery, you BITCH,” was the last thing I thought when the floor rushed at me.


My body crunched painfully as I tumbled down some stairs and onto the floor. I didn’t even know some body parts existed, but they screamed at me at that moment. I wouldn’t move for fear that appendages would bend at strange angles. And I was a total baby when it came to blood. Especially my own.


“Are you okay?” came a quiet voice whom I thought was Serenity’s. “Yeah. Your ho did this to me. You really want to hang with her?” I yelled in my head.

Dusting off my knees (No broken bones!), I went to grab her hand.


But it wasn’t Serenity’s.

“That was a nasty fall. Do you need to go to the nurses office?”


I looked into Naomi Escobar’s face. President of the student body, nicest person anyone could ever meet. She was a cross between a St. Bernard and Mother Theresa. There could have been worse people to save me.

“No, I’m fine. T-Thank you,” I said, although my ass was crying out in pain. Maybe scarfing down that tub of icecream the other day had its uses.



Mortified, I felt as if everyone for the rest of the day was snickering. My flailing body was the butt of every joke I’d heard whispered through the halls and in every class. Did anyone say anything against my assailant? No. Word was I’d tripped because, you know, geeks were spastic doofuses, always stumbling over their own shoelaces.

As soon as I saw Cory, he came over to me and held my face. “God, are you okay? I heard you tripped down the stairs.”


My throat pinched. Even he’d heard the ridiculous rumors. It was so humiliating. “Bitchtastic pushed me.”

“Are you sure, Lex? I mean…that’s totally…whack.”

A tear dribbled down my cheek as he wiped it off with his thumb. I nodded.


Pulling me toward him, he said, “God, I’m sorry. We should tell Principal Jenson. She’ll get her ass tossed off the cheer squad.”

I cried into his shoulder. “No. Then she’ll have her fucktwats jump me when I walk home. Let’s just leave it.”

“Okay…” Hugging me, he said, “Listen, let’s go out tonight. Just us. The Revengers, Eternity Combat is out.”

I shook my head, sniffing. “Everyone dies. I’d go into depression for five hundred years.”

“Spoilers, Lexie,” he whispered, rubbing my back.



He kissed my cheek. “That’s okay. I kinda figured that from all the odes to fill-in-the-blank superheroes I saw on Fumblr.”

“Well, who freaking waits two weeks to see the movie of the century?”

He chuckled. “Yeah. My bad…hey…let’s see another movie. I’ll even watch one of those awful, cheesy rom coms you blab about.”

I perked up. “Really?”

He snorted. “Yeah…but only because you almost died. This is a one time deal.”

“I’ll take it.” I squeezed him tight, thanking God I had the best boyfriend on the planet. Snotty Bitch Straud couldn’t even say that.


















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20 thoughts on “Chapter 5.7”

  1. If only Briar were a vampire in this universe, then Lexie could totally kick people’s asses no problem. 😉

    And CrapChat is an excellent name, rofl. Holy shit though, pushing Lexie down the stairs??? she could’ve died, what the hell. Emery is even worse than Crystal for that. I’m glad another girl reached out to help her up, though, instead of a guy–nice seeing girls pull each other up instead of push each other down (the stairs, in this case).

    It’s infuriating that there’s so little that can be done to stop bullying, especially without fearing retaliation. Ahh, high school.

    Happy Lexie can lean on Cory, at least. ❤

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Yeah…vampire strength would have been a great trait…but yeah. No vampires in this world (that we know of!)

      Glad you liked CrapChat. Hee hee!

      But yeah…evil Emery Straud. Totally could have been worse, but hey, this will be a rom com and so, I needed my heroine only to get her ego (and some of her body) bruised.

      My baby girl went through so much bullying for her love of anime. Luckily, no one hurt her (but they pummeled her into submission to where she won’t even talk about it at school.) And if I ever hear that awful word, weeaboo…them’s fighting words to this mama.

      Yes…sweet Cory to the rescue! ❤

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Ohhh …. Cory is the best boyfriend. Cexie❤️❤️❤️ Poor Lexie. Emery is a total spoiled bitch – just because she wants Serenity to do her homework….I was worried Lexie would have been hurt worse. Glad she was okay.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. CEXIE!!! ❤

      Emery is very spoiled and very much the epitome of a bitch.

      And in the real world, Lexie probably would have at least broken a collar bone, but I had Lexie fall "just right". (Artistic license and ease of transitioning to the next chapter. There's not enough broken arm cc out there.)

      Liked by 2 people

      1. So true. I fell down a flight of stairs at home from about halfway down and wound up with nothing broken but a few bruise and 16 stitches in my leg where it sliced open on the wooden base that the wrought iron spindles mount into. I was very lucky.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. LOL!!! How did I know you were going to ride that ship? Too bad this will be the last you see of Naomi. 😦

    Yeah…she knows the drill. Hide or you’ll become more of a target. So sad. 😥

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Holy crackers! That was way more intense than I was expecting! 😯

    Wow, that Emery Straud is Mean Girl Queen (all other nasty bitches wish they could have her violent style)… move over Crystal, there’s a new souless monster in town! 😈

    I wish it wasn’t the case that kids are that mean and careless irl, but sadly I’ve seen it too many times 🙁
    Shame on Serenity, I know it’s hard to resist the siren song of social acceptance though, especially as a teen… so I ain’t mad, just disappoint.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Violence comes naturally when ggramps is a vampire…lol

      And yes…Emery trumps Crystal in overt violence but I don’t think anyone will trump her in narcissism. Emery just doesn’t like anyone crossing her and she sent a huge message which Lexie got.

      Serenity…so sad…I’ve seen this happen first hand. Not pretty when the popular crowd snatches up someone in an instant. High school politics are the worst.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. How Emery dares…that was so violent and unnecessary 😦
    I’m happy that Lexie has Cory to support her! Cexie all the way lol 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  6. DAMN these bitches are brutal! Poor Lexie 😭 I was so worried she was gonna be more seriously injured! I hope things start getting better for her. I’m glad she had Cory, but she’s gonna need some true friends she can lean on too… and clearly Serenity was not one of them! 😭

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah…that pose was extreme. But she’s okay!!! And, you know, it’s fiction. Heh.

      At least Lexie does have a few other friends in her back pocket…plus a great bf. So, everything isn’t the pits. Not yet anyway…

      Liked by 1 person

  7. When I catch any of my students being bullies, it’s an automatic office referral plus detention. Watching Emery here, I’m cheering her on. lol Just like I did my sweet Daniel. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Emery, I would turn getto on you, get grounded for a month, but it would be so worth it to kick your a$$.
    Serinity, you not much of a friend, I hope you remember this when Emery turns on you and she will leaving Lexi to pick up the pieces.
    Naomi, I can see becoming BFF’S, and kicking Emery sorry a$$.
    Cory, you sweet, but stand up for your women. Get’em.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Emery was the worst. She made Lexie scared to handle confrontation. 😦

      Serenity was never Lexie’s friend again. Lex didn’t trust her after that. Naomi, a sweet girl, might have been a friend had Lex stayed.

      Aww…CORY! ❤ He's a support but not the type to fight.


    2. Lol! August isn’t the type of parent to ground or even take away cell phones. For the most part, Lexie was a good kid so her silliness just shocked August a bit. She’s a way better behaved teen than August was! 🤣


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