Chapter 5.8


“Damn, I’m getting old,” I thought to myself as I combed my hair in the mirror. I had to get ready quickly. I was picking Beau up from the airport in an hour.


And I shouldn’t have felt old at only 32, but I did. Ever since Beau and I’d separated, I thought Briar and I would naturally get together.


But that didn’t happen.

Not that I didn’t try. Hell, we even went out on a few dates.


Lexie was over the moon with that even though we’d thought we kept it secret.

“Oh. My. GOD!” she squealed.


“I’m not dreaming. Pinch me, please. Oh, wait! Don’t mind me. If you need to stay out all night like at a hotel or something, I will be JUST FINE!”

“Lexie…” I groaned at her.

“Just ignore,” Briar said in a hushed tone beside me, but I could tell she was embarrassed.

Our daughter. I smiled inside. She could always make us laugh.

She went on, “Go for it, guys! This is your last chance before you turn REALLY old!”

Lexie was my treasure. I didn’t want to disappoint her.


But when we’d kissed on the second date, I just knew it wasn’t going to work.


Honestly, I felt like I was kissing my sister by that time. We’d been living like that for so long.



She felt exactly the same way. Thankfully.



Sighing, I trimmed my beard as tingles jumped around my stomach the way they always did when Beau visited.


I’d never get over him.

Sure…I’d wanted to. Even ran the gambit of girls (and guys) here in Brindleton Bay, but because of Lexie, I just wouldn’t bring anyone home.




And so, each relationship fizzled out.


No one could compare to what I’d had with Beau. Why wouldn’t he give us a chance? Allow us to move Lexie to Starlight Shores, if that’s what it took? Briar said she’d do it. But his crazy jealous fears swallowed him whole.

Over the years, he’d been in and out of relationships. I tried not to care. I even acted interested when he’d visit and talk about some hairdresser or actor or stunt double he was dating.


I was being “adult” about the whole thing, but inside I wanted to fly to Starlight Shores, punch out whomever he was dating then sweep him in my arms and force him to see reason. Silly, I know.

He’d called me last night, saying he wanted to talk to me. He wouldn’t tell me what it was about. I worried that he was engaged and he wanted to tell me first so I wouldn’t get sucker punched when Briar told me.

Big of him.

I tied my hair back since he liked it loose. I’d never wear it like that in front of him. Petty? Yeah. So sue me.


I hated sounding bitter, but that was how I felt. I tried getting past these feelings, but something inside me just wouldn’t move on.


Maybe it was this godforsaken town. I vowed I’d move as soon as Lexie graduated. Briar needed her privacy and God knew I needed mine. I was destined to become like my Pongan uncles. I guessed there could be worse things in this world. At least I had my daughter.



Beau’s flight was delayed so he said he’d take a youber over instead of me picking him up. I decided to play on the piano a little while I waited to get out the nervous jitters.

I heard the door shut behind me. “Hey, sweetheart!” I called out.


Bouncing up from the piano bench, I asked, “How was your day?” Then gave her a huge hug.


She shrugged, mumbled something about going on a date then sauntered upstairs. She didn’t look excited to go out.

When her boyfriend came over, I ignored him and lectured her. She’d only been dating the little guy for about a month but I knew all too well how horny teenaged guys were. “So, you’re coming straight home after the movies, right? Uncle Beau is coming in town and it’d be rude if you missed seeing him tonight.”


Cory interjected, “Yes, sir. The movie is only about an hour and a half. I’ll make sure we come straight back.”


I turned on him, using my height to intimidate. I knew exactly what was percolating in that foul mind of his. “Just make sure you treat her with respect,” I said in as deep a voice as I could muster.

“Oh, Dad, don’t be such a neanderthal,” Lexie said. “Cory is the best boyfriend ever.”


Without missing a beat, I added with a glare, “Got it?” He knew exactly what I meant. I would never allow my daughter to go out with someone like me. If he tried anything, I’d wipe the floor with him, so I wanted to make that crystal clear.


I think it worked. The guy’s voice squeaked, “Y-Yes, sir. Of course.”


“Oh my God, Dad,” Lexie protested. “Come on, Cory, before he handcuffs you and sends you to jail until we’re 30.”

“Hey…that’s not a bad idea,” I joked.

“Good bye, Mr. Day,” Cory added as Lexie grabbed his ass.


“Watch your hands, Lex.”


Sighing, she said, “Bye, Dad.” And dragged the kid out the door.


I shook my head.


















Having to go to two updates a week.

Next chapter Monday, May 21st

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22 thoughts on “Chapter 5.8”

  1. Okay, as a Brigust shipper this one made me very sad haha They have such chemistry and had such a wonderful spark between them. Sad to see that it’s apparently gone now 😦 But also seriously hoping my girl Briar can move on and find some happiness! Sounds like August’s been playing the field quite a bit. She’s gotta get herself out there and do the same! ❤️

    Interested to see what Beau wants to talk to August about. I’m actually not rooting for them to get back together (Sorry! Lol) I’m kind of a fan of all the adults in Lexie’s life going their separate ways, and seeing how she reacts to it (even if it means the end of Brigust 😭)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Sorry about Brigust. RIP. That is the ending to their ship, sadly (as we’re coming to the end of the adults journey very soon).

      We shall see if you get your wish of all three going their separate ways and how Lexie might react to that.

      YA years coming in three chapters. (Although the last chapter in this arc is going to be the death of me. UGH!)

      Liked by 2 people

  2. August PoV, eeeee! And wow, he’s only 32–I forget he got Briar pregnant when they were both so young. So sad to see all the relationship troubles, and just how hard Beau’s absence is hitting him. Beau is definitely related to Bianca, all right.

    Come on, Beau! You know you want to be with August, and that August wants to be with you. Don’t let your jealousy ruin everything. 😦 Well, hopefully the talk will go well–though I liked the spiteful touch of August putting his hair up, rofl.

    Also loved the Dad Lecture August gave Lexie and Cory. Sorry Dad, don’t think you have much to worry about there. Maybe some awkward groping in the darkness at most…!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. LOL! You’re so right. Lexie is NOT August, so yeah…she isn’t going to have sex anytime soon. And Cory is WAAAAY too respectful of Lexie to even try. Yeah, he’s a horny teenager but Cory is very much in control of himself (unlike someone we all knew and loved as a teen!)

      Beau. smh…he IS related to our wonderful diva, isn’t he? We can all hope he comes to his senses. And yeah, August has his moments of swiping back (via his long golden locks!) 😉

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Dang….I was hoping for a Brigust hookup…I was actually surprised that August was hoping for a hookup too. But it didn’t work out. Dang it….Had it not been for Beau, it might had. Dang whiney ass Beau getting in their way. 😂😂

    And what is up with him? Maybe he’s coming crawling back. Briar called him after their non kiss perhaps? Said, yes, we tried and it ain’t workin get your whiney ass back. I think that’s why I never shipped them super hard. He was too much of a diva for August. But if he comes back a stronger and wiser Beau, and grovels – a lot, then maybe he will deserve that hot hunk of man.

    Why is it do as I say not as I do (did) with parents? Lol… August did everyone…of course Lexie is waaay different than any of her parents (and I include Beau in that, for now anyway) which is hysterical. I love her telling to stay out all night.😂😂😂. And pinching Cory’s ass right in front of her dad and not giving a crap. Poor Cory, I’m surprised he didn’t wet his pants. 😂😂😂

    So if you are dreading the last chapter, that must mean a wedding or graduation or something with a ton of sims… I feel your pain! But you do it well, so I can’t wait.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Sorry Brigust Shipper! 😭 Whiny Beau…well, you’re hearing things from August’s perspective. We’ll hear from Beau later.

      Lol…I’m the biggest parental hypocrite. Hey, we don’t want our kids making the same mistakes we made…right? And Cory was sweating it when his honey grabbed his ass in front of the big bad Dad. Lexie knows her dad is just a big softie when it comes to her and she felt sorry for her bf! 😝

      You guessed it. Big event coming…but I decided to downsize since I’m moving and don’t have a lot of time. Ugh!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ohh mannnnn! I’m on edge now, ROFL… Beau, please, please, please don’t be trying to announce an engagement! August needs some happiness in his love life, ok 😥
    Think how happy you’d both be!

    I totally feel August in this one, I want to give him a hug a so badly (after I flick his ear for calling 32 old 😂) and tell him everything will be okay…but will it? 😦

    I feel like he maybe took it out on poor Cory a bit though (poor sweet Cory, you leave that boy alone August! LOL) Lexie is my hero, pinching his butt (omg) she’s such a cutie pie, I ❤ her.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Poor August. He really isn’t very lucky with his love life. 😭

      Jury is out on whether August will ever find happiness. (And August doesn’t even know the meaning of the word, “old”) I must confess I felt old at 32 as well…lol! So DUMB!

      August might have taken his frustrations out on poor, sweet Cory. The boy is a dream guy. Dad should be talking him up, bribing him to marry his daughter instead of browbeating (cuz guys like him don’t grow on trees, folks.)

      Lexie…hee hee! She’s our funny girl! So glad you love her like I do! ❤️❤️❤️💋

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I think the guy was not exactly August’s type. They did look cute together! (He couldn’t pretend that guy was Beau. He was too much like August and I think that killed it for him.)

    Liked by 1 person

  6. August is me in the mornings, feeling old as shit LOL…
    There is a say about how there is a certain moment in your life when a person belongs in it; not before, not after. Sadly, Briar does not belong in the present life for August and vice versa.
    Does Beau still fits in? Stay tuned :p
    Also, you go Lexie! Don’t let your dad stay in neandertal mode, lol! ❤
    Well done Pammie 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww…thank you! ❤️

      That’s exactly right. Briar and August were perfect for each other in that special moment in time when their little blessing was made…because both of them absolutely love having Lexie in their life. And will Beau come back to him? Or will he be lost forever? 😭

      Lexie…had to stand up to that Neanderthal…hee!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. So sad to see that not much has happened between Briar and August. I was hoping they would announce to get engaged, married, and fulfill Lexie’s ultimate dream of having both her parents married. I’m hoping Briar will move on and find someone she truly loves. Nice that August got himself out there to experiment with different people. I know Briar should do the same.

    Ah, Beau. I’m interested to see what he wants to discuss with August.


  8. 32 is old? I passed that over a decade ago. lol If August is complaining now, just wait.
    I guess this also means I’ll never get that Oreo cookie I’ve been waiting for?

    Liked by 1 person

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