Chapter 5.10


My life wasn’t a goofy, bubblegum, teen romance novel. It was a melodramatic horror story tragedy with a windstorm of angst.

I hated it.

My mom tried to talk to me, saying some crap about “protecting me from getting attached” to people she dated until she knew he was “Mr. Right”, which, by the way, was the asshole she was mugging down at the movie theater. Woo. The jerk’s name was Jack Bennington. I wanted to ask her if she thought it was a bit twisted that he looked just like Dad.


Dad went on to give some lecture about me living in my own dreamworld and that I needed to figure out that he was never meant for my mother. Uh huh. Thanks, Dad. That really made me feel better. It was like I was some big rando accident and all of their lives would have been better if I’d never been born.

I was pleasantly crying on my bed, throwing myself the best pity party of the century (I had a right to do this, you know…) when Uncle Beau knocked on my door.

“Dammit, just leave me alone!” I cried.

But my uncle never took hints. Even in-your-face yelling, so I felt him jiggle my bed while I tried to ignore his presence.


“Baby girl, I owe you a huge apology.”

Sniffing, I asked, “What? That you like to fuck my dad? I already knew that when I was a kid.” I wouldn’t look at him. I couldn’t.


I heard him sigh then he said, “I shouldn’t have run away from our family. I just couldn’t believe your father would really want someone like me. Not when he had your mother and you…I thought if I left, you would get your dream. And so would my sister. I honestly believed you would have that happy family you always craved and maybe a sibling or two down the road.”


Wiping my eyes, I said, “So…you left…because of me?” I knew I was the whole reason Dad  and Uncle Beau broke up. I never really wanted that to happen. Not back then anyway.


“Well, it wasn’t just about you…my sister…your mom…was in love with your father. Always had been. It was like we were rivals, vying for his love almost the whole time we’d been friends. But when we were reunited, I couldn’t make Briar sad anymore. I thought I’d lost her …and her heartache was too much for me witness…so I left. I truly wanted her happiness. And yours.

“But what I didn’t realize and honestly didn’t believe in was fate. But I do now.”


I looked at him, glaring. “Oh, please don’t give me ‘it was fate’ crap or I swear, I’ll throw things.”


“Hey, I never believed in it either, Lexie, but…I do now. How can you explain how someone like your father would love me all this time? Even when I ran away and dated other people. It’s been six years. Six! We’re meant to be and neither me nor him nor you nor my sister can stop it. We should have gotten married right away back then. I regret that, but I can’t change the past.”

I shook my head. “So was it fate that brought me into the world?”

“Yes! Especially you, Lexie. You’re the best thing that’s happened to our family. My sister and your father were meant to be together in that special moment of time for, if nothing else, to bring you into this world. I have no doubt about that now. You don’t have to believe it. It’s not something I can talk you into. It’s faith. You either have it or you don’t. But I know there’s someone out there for you who has been chosen just for you and nothing you do or don’t do will stop that relationship from happening. Mark my words.”


I sat there with my mouth open like a fish flung out of the water and didn’t say anything.

Finally, Uncle Beau lifted his hand and changed the subject.”Hey…you want some ice cream? I bought your favorite–Sin City.” He flicked his fingers, beckoning. “Come on.”


Who could say no to the delicious combo of cashews, Brazil and hazel nuts swirled up in a bow with luscious sinful caramel and chocolate fudge? Not me.

My mouth watered, so I let him lead me to the ice cream trough.

Bribery was a good thing, I’d decided.

As I walked out of my bedroom, I thought about it. I mean, I loved my uncle. And inside, I wasn’t too upset about all of this because deep down, I knew my dad loved him. I’d just wanted the fantasy. I’d bought the tickets, sat in the front row, and thought for sure I’d get to watch. But the show was cancelled. Was I sad? Disappointed? YES! With dozens of exclamation points!!!!! But the consolation wasn’t too terrible.


Or so I thought.

Unfortunately, fast forward a few weeks and my parents (all three of them), sat me down to drop a bomb on Lexietown.

We were moving to San Myshuno.

I was incinerated on the spot.

I’d texted Cory that I had some bad news and to meet me at the skate park. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize it was going to rain.

Just add that to my “Sucks-to-be-me” list I’d been keeping. That piece of paper was about a mile long. I was cold, shivering in the pouring sheets of rain.


I saw out of the corner of my eye my boyfriend walking toward me. I just couldn’t look at him or I’d burst into a puddle of tears and the whole place would flood.

“Lexie? Are you okay?” he asked. Why didn’t fate want me to be with him? I finally found someone who I loved being around. Hell, I’d never had any boy like me so just that fact made him obscenely perfect even without his self-sacrificing-knight-in-shining-armor qualities.


“I’m moving.” There. I said it.


“Where?” Cory asked.

His face made me wince. Why did he have to look so sad? It was like I’d kicked a helpless kitten. I tried to change my parents’ minds and make them stay. It was just for two more years! But they were adamant that they should have left a long time ago and they weren’t waiting one more month.

I was doomed.


“To San Myshuno,” I answered. “My folks are from that city. All my family lives there, too, so, yeah…it sucks.” The rain seemed to pick up right after I said “sucks”. Thanks, God. Way to make my life even more miserable.


Suddenly, the rain stopped pelting me. I looked up to see my sweet boyfriend giving me a half smile and reaching his hand out all the while letting the umbrella shield me while he got drenched.


“Come here,” he said. He didn’t whine at me about how life bites or tell me he was out of his mind miserable at the news. He just simply held out a comforting hand and kept the rain from soaking me even further.


I stared at his hand. It was a hand I wanted to hold me for the rest of my life. I felt that way only in that moment and probably wouldn’t feel that way again. So, I didn’t want what was going to happen once I took it because I knew I’d have to say good-bye to him.


But he didn’t take it back.

Biting my lip, I grasped his fingers and looked into his eyes. My vision blurred.

The sky darkened as I heard thunder rumble in the distance.


Pulling me toward him, he said, “Don’t be sad.” Then he kissed me trying to make me feel better.

In that moment, I prayed that somehow God would work a miracle of fate. That Cory and I could be together forever one day.

If Uncle Beau could believe in fate, why couldn’t I?



















22 thoughts on “Chapter 5.10”

  1. Awww, glad Beau cleared the air with his niece. ❤ I hope they have a friendly relationship as she gets older. Ice cream is a good start, imo.

    As for Cory and Lexie… 😬 Ahhh, sweet youthful ignorance. Lexie is so young! I can understand why it's tempting to believe she'll be with her first boyfriend forever, regardless of distance.

    Sadly, distance is a relationship killer a lot of the time–and they've got youth on top of that. Plenty of high school sweethearts break up when they go to different colleges, despite swearing they'll be together forever. And Lexie will probably meet a bunch of other cute guys you have sitting in your pocket soon–sorry Cory. 😉 He's adorable though!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Beau is trying his best to mend things between them. Whether Lexie obliges or not, we’ll see!

      Yeah…poor Cexie (the best ship name since Sith. 😥 ) The odds of a high school relationship working out is fairly low. But teens don’t understand this.

      Cute guys in my pocket? Heh heh…can’t wait to pull them out. See how she responds!!! 😀

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I’m glad Lexie was able to reconcile with Beau since, well, he’s gonna be in her life as a lot more than her uncle now!

    I feel so bad for Lexie about their move to San Myshuno though… damn… the adults in her life love giving this poor kid whiplash! I

    Not sure if I am quite a strong believer in fate as Beau is, but it’s very sweet to see Lexie having that faith that things will work out with her and Cory. ❤️ My heart breaks for her though.

    Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for her! ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Lexie wants to believe in fate simply because she doesn’t want to let go and face reality.

      And yeah…whiplash. But she’s been in Brindleton Bay her whole life…so this is her first move. August and Beau moved there originally.

      Yes…Beau is going to be her step father soon. He was that when she was younger, so it won’t seem strange to her at all. YA years coming up!!! (I just did some screenies with your girl. OMG…I can’t wait. So much fun!)

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes, first move, but there’s been a lot of emotional whiplash before this! Haha

        Eeeeee! I can’t wait to see my girl in action! It’s gonna be so fun!!! 😁😁😁

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Oh! Something I forgot to mention in my comment (speaking of whiplash! Lol) I wish they’d waited a couple years before moving so that Lexie could finish school first. 😦 Poor kid.

            Okay I think that’s it now 😂

            Liked by 1 person

            1. That would have been helpful. For the adults, they just wanted out and a fresh start from Brindleton Bay and bad memories. But you’re right…it would have been nice for Lexie (and Cory). Cexie would have had time to bond more permanently, I think.

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  3. Yeah…there’s always hope. Lexie is just not very happy with her situation atm. We’ll see if things change (along with her attitude.)

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I absolutely love Lexie’s voice. It’s so much fun to read. ❤️

    Pammie! Okay. I was getting on the Beau bandwagon as promised. ❤️ Ice cream and fated loves and all. Until…MOVING! 😟 Just as I predicted, he comes back and August falls into his arms…like six years hadn’t passed….I get that they love each other and everyone tried unsuccessfully to move on. The time and distance gave them time to sort out their feelings and all. And then they up and move – just like Beau wanted….😠. Why else would they move? August and Beau could have moved and left Briar and Lexie….

    And what about Briar and August’s doppelgänger? Is she also being forced to say goodbye to a new love? Ugh….

    But really Lexie! Only two years left. I can relate to her distress. We had to move for a job when my oldest was in high school…he had three years left so it wasn’t quite as bad….But maybe that is the plan…she needs to be super angsty to make it work! Haha.

    BTW – I love those rain poses❤️….it perfectly fit her mood. Can’t wait to see how things go. Ready for more Lexie and the Cexie sinks….💔💔💔 He was the best boyfriend ever…

    Liked by 3 people

    1. So glad you like her voice. I was worried people didn’t like her. She is a sarcastic person. 😝

      And dramatic.

      Lol…yeah…they decided Lexie would live. And August moved his senior year. He didn’t think it would be such a big deal.

      Yes, nothing like crying in the rain and add insult to injury. Hee! Definitely Cory wins best boyfriend award. 🤓

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Aww! I loved Beau and Lexie’s talk so much! ❤
    Also, Lexie's voice continues to be one of the most enjoyable moments of my day; she's so relatable! I ❤ her.
    "My life wasn’t a goofy, bubblegum, teen romance novel. It was a melodramatic horror story tragedy with a windstorm of angst."
    You might hate it, Lexie, but I'm sorry; I adore it (ehehehehehe).

    Man, Beau coming out and admitting his past insecurities was amazing, and exactly what Lexie needed to hear, and I loved her analogy about the cancelled show; poor kid, sometimes things don't work out the way we thought we wanted, but I have no doubt she'll love seeing her family so happy… but maybe not for a bit because oh noes! Moving!

    Cory in the rain… all my feels:
    "In that moment, I prayed that somehow God would work a miracle of fate. That Cory and I could be together forever one day.
    If Uncle Beau could believe in fate, why couldn’t I?"

    ER… well, I'm right there with you, my girl; enjoy that moment, I um, am not suuuuper sure that you and sweet Cory have a future /pats Lexie hand mmhm, yes, 100% Cory OTP, yuuuup (hey, you never know though!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, crud. I wrote you practically a novel and it disappeared. 😥

      So glad you love her voice!!! Such a fun character to write. I’m constantly surprised by how she’ll speak to me when I’m writing. 😉

      Yay, you liked the talk. I was very unsure about it. But Beau did some growth this gen…he needed to.

      Cory—gets the best boy award. And TOTALLY wish he was OTP…could happen. This gen is not set in stone. I like to keep my options open. 😉

      Liked by 2 people

  6. Cexie didn’t last long. Sorry about that. We just needed an intro to them…and guess what, all you men who might want to date Lexie…you’ll have to measure up to Cory. LOL! This will become a major roadblock to love for her.

    Anti: Hee hee! There will be loads of ships. I think this is a good move. Just don’t say anything.

    Lover–sorry to disappoint. But how many teen romances really work out? Beaugust was an anomoly.

    Dark–Yes…I figured you’d love the storm. That scenario was hilarious. But at least even you admit it’s a bit farfetched. Even for my story. 😀 But then…one never knows. There will be tons of angst in the future for poor Lexie that you will sink your dark teeth into.


  7. I was worried there for a moment that Beau would only feed Lexie’s guilt for his leaving their family back then. Thankfully, the fate talk and ice-cream saved the day.
    Well, almost. Then the move announcement came. Poor Lexie will have to find new friends in SM. August had been through the same when his parents decided to move to BB, could have been a little more understanding, especially when Lexie has a boyfriend in BB. They could have given Lexie those two more years, August could have moved to SM alone for now.
    Nice work on the rainy scenes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Beau tried his best. The move was discussed by the adults…August’s own experience was actually a no for Lexie. Things turned out so well for him that he figured she’d get even another year of settling in. So no understanding from Dad on that at all.

      I think they were tired of being apart so they made the best decision they could. All missed SM. Lexie will have to survive this. 😝

      Thank you on the rainy scenes. I wish we’d get seasons! *shakes fist at EA*


  8. As always, I LOVE Lexie’s voice! Very fun to read. I’m pleased to see that she was able to fix things between her and her uncle. All that talk and ice cream really made things great.

    Then, there’s the move to SM. This will be hard for her as she’ll be farther away from Cory and generally, long distance relationships don’t last long. Looking forward to what will come for her future. More Lexie time and Cexie sinks. Oh no. I totally love them together and it would be bad if they broke up.

    Loved the rain scenes, btw.


    1. Thank you! I had fun using those rain poses. SInce we don’t have seasons, I like making it “seem” like the weather changes.

      Yes…things are better between her and all her parents. She just has to get over this moving thing and separation from the best boyfriend ever!!!


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