Chapter 5.43


When I saw my mother’s name flicker on my phone, I almost didn’t pick up because I knew she’d pepper me with questions about Lexie. Questions I honestly didn’t want to answer. “Hello, Mom. Listen, I don’t have a lot of time to…”


“How’s my favorite son?” she cut in with her prying voice. The thing she really wanted to know was, When are you going to ask Lexie to marry you, son? Your father and I want grandchildren! We’re not getting any younger, you know. And your sister keeps insisting that she won’t ruin her body for a sticky fingered parasite. You’re our only hope!


“I’m busy, so I just…”


“Not busy enough for your dear sweet mama? How’s Lexie? When is she going to visit us? Your father has a business meeting in Lucky Palms this weekend but after that, we’re spending our time in Brindleton Bay. Why don’t you get the boys and Lexie and some of her friends to come out? We’ll black out the park for a day. Wouldn’t you like that?”


I covered my face. I didn’t want to deal with a visit to my parents. And I certainly didn’t want to bring everyone. “Listen…about Lexie…I…” I stopped, not able to finish.

“Oh, Charlie, what’s wrong? Did you have another argument?”


I didn’t know how to answer that. Ever since our fight about her modeling job, things haven’t been the same. And it seemed as if her friendship with James was growing stronger by the second.

Last week, we were all hanging out, eating potato chips, and talking.


Maddox suddenly looked up while Lexie and I bickered about which chips tasted the best. I hated any kind of spice on mine, but she insisted I eat some of her flaming hot ones. Maddox told me later James had come up behind Lexie.


Out of the blue, James stole one of Lexie’s chips.


She yelled, “Hey, give it back!”


Then flopped over the couch. They both laughed about it for days–James making fun of her and Lexie playing it off in her sarcastic way.

It looked like flirting.


But when I brought it up to Lexie, she accused me of being ridiculous and jealous. I couldn’t win.

And then this morning, I noticed them together again. And what I saw launched a sickness in the pit of my gut.


They were talking about what it was like to live with parents that weren’t together. Something I couldn’t understand because my parents still acted like newlyweds even after thirty years.


And all those jealous feelings resurfaced. I was seething.


Lexie never confided in me like this. I had no idea she felt alone and lost when her uncle left her father for all those years. And then I didn’t know she resented them having yet another baby, this time triplets. She didn’t tell me anything.

But she unloaded on James, sitting with him on pillows in front of a fire.


I had to get her out of here or I was going to lose her. I knew it.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t confess this to my mother. So I relented. “Fine. We’ll come out this weekend. I’m sure Lexie would like to visit your theme park and Brindleton Bay.”


“Good. Can’t wait to see the both of you! Bye, son! I love you!”




Oh. My. GOD!

I was witnessing the sweetest, coolest, geekiest wedding of the century! My chest was going to explode in heart emoji’s at any second!

And Charlie made it possible. I had the most thoughtful boyfriend on the planet. I loved him so much!


He got the idea when we were all chilling in the kitchen. Before we knew it, Reese got down on one knee and proposed!


I told Charlie that Reese and Copper had met at Hero Bowling Alley a few years ago. So he said wouldn’t it be cool if they had their wedding there?


And they agreed!

So, fast forward a few weeks, they decked themselves out in Super Serafina Stardust outfits. (From her latest movie, btw. I didn’t even own that suit yet.)


Charlie had rented out the bowling alley as a wedding gift.


The women looked amazing. And their vows turned on the waterworks for everyone!


As I watched them kiss, I knew right then that was what I’d wanted. To get married and live with the love of my life in a house. Away from the city. And maybe…just maybe in time (when I got used to the idea), we’d squirt out a kid or two (most likely when I hit my thirties and felt my biological clock ticking away).


Reese and Copper looked so happy.


I wondered if Charlie was thinking the same thing. (And then my mind wandered to how our children were going to look. Like they’d have his beautiful almond shaped eyes with my Pongan coloring. At least I’d hoped.)

We were going to visit his family this weekend, too. Oh GOD! What if he was going to pop the question? It’d be the perfect time. I loved theme parks. His family built one in Brindleton Bay a few years ago. God, they were beyond wealthy (which freaked me out sometimes).

I couldn’t wait to find out!















17 thoughts on “Chapter 5.43”

  1. Oh shit, this is getting so messy 😭 Poor Charlie has to watch James slowly pulling Lexie back to him, but Lexie still seems pretty oblivious/in denial of her own feelings 😦 This will not end well. I feel impending doom everywhere 😂

    I definitely think Lexie and James have a stronger connection than she does with Charlie. And that’s not something Lexie can help… but she’s gotta open her eyes to what’s in front of her so she can figure out what to do! Because both guys are really hurting right now 😦

    Loved the wedding! Perfectly sweet and geeky… very befitting of the sisterhood! ❤️ Also loved the bizarre Shadowmoon action in the background hehehe Also fitting 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hee hee!…So you noticed ol’ Shadowmoon, huh? Up to their own shenanigans. 😉

      Yeah…it’s messy and Lexie is her usual oblivious self. She has no idea that Charlie feels like this even though he told her. She just doesn’t get it. Why would Charlie be worried?

      Liked by 1 person


    Interesting how different Charlie and Lexie view the situation. She’s not even aware of how her relationship with James appears to everyone else–and Charlie in particular. Meanwhile, all Charlie can see is her strengthening bond with James. Meanwhile, Lexie seems to think everything’s fine.

    I have a feeling things will come to a boiling point soon. 😦 I feel sorry for everyone involved.

    Awesomely geeky wedding though!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Yay for geek weddings! (I hope Lexie has one, too)

      Yeah…Lexie is so clueless about her own actions. Charlie tried to tell her. Maybe he needs to be a little more forceful (but that’s not his nature!!!) 😥

      Liked by 3 people

  3. OooooOoooOo, pressure from the parents, chip thiefing, fireplace chats. Does Charlie even want marriage and kids? Hurm.

    He’s right be worried, emotional bonds are important! Mashing body parts together is very exciting in the beginning, but eventually you need to mash feels and stuff together too, or you can’t make a proper couple-stew.
    (Spicy chips add a nice crunch sprinkled on top of couple-stew).

    I’m sure it’ll be fine! 😬

    Liked by 3 people

    1. What DOES Charlie want? Seems like everyone around him wants the same thing but no one is asking him. ☹️

      Charlie loves the sex but even he knows they need to grow deeper. Lexie! Help the guy out!


  4. Lexie, she doesn’t even see that she and Charlie are not meant to be. I love Charlie to pieces, he’s soooo damn cute. But he and Lexie are not a good match. She has lots of issues and simply relates better to James, who has similar types of issues.

    The wedding was soooo sweet. And, Shadowmoon attended in character! When I saw that “blob” behind Charlie, at first I thought it was Lexie and James and I was wtf are they doing, so I zoomed in. OMG…Shadowmoon was at it again! Lmao!

    I wonder how disappointed Lexie is going to be if Charlie doesn’t propose, or if she will propose to him? Hmmmm.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Charlie is a cutie, but he’s hitting his head against ants a James sized tree. Maybe things will get better for them. 😅

      Glad you liked the wedding! And Shadowmoon! They are such a fun couple. No issues there!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Nice to meet Charlie’s parents! I look forward to seeing their theme park! However, I have a feeling this get together with them won’t end well. I also have a feeling that Lexie and Charlie aren’t meant to be.

    On the bright side, congrats to Reeper on their geek-tastic wedding! They’re totally a wonderful couple! Next should be Shadowmoon and Lexie!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Reeper!!! They’re married! ❤ And yes. Geektastic all the way! 😉

      Shadowmoon tying the knot? Oh my! What will that look like? 😮

      Lexie surely needs to settle down. But with whom?

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Hmm, Charlie is worrying too much about Lexie’s growing bond with James instead of working on his own communication with her. If he indeed pops up the question in the next chapter, I’m afraid he might do it just to “secure” Lexie for himself once and for good.
    Congrats to the newlyweds!
    What the heck was going on in the background with Shadowmoon? RPG acrobatics? 😮
    And omg, James and Lexie, you can’t let those curtains hang into the fireplace or the heat you might feel won’t be the one I’m hoping for!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ROFL! The curtains haven’t caught fire yet! (Rabooski designed it and I never noticed! 😉 )

      Charlie IS overthinking things. We shall see what he does at the park! 😮

      Shadowmoon were doing a bit of RPG breakdancing. LOL! They’re such an interesting couple. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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