Chapter 6.15


I loved seeing James home and playing with the kids. It was a daily event now.

“Time for breakfast! Zack, I have your sack lunch ready to take to school.”

“Aw, Mom!” my husband whined. “Zack’s playing with us. Right, Brandy?”

“Right, Daddy.”

I chuckled and marched them all to the kitchen.


While the kids were at school and Brandy was in daycare, I noticed James would hole up with his music, writing songs. He was such a creative person. So talented. But the music industry didn’t want what he produced anymore.

Even though what I heard brought tears to my eyes.

It was like I was seeing my husband die right in front of me.

And it crushed me. I felt trapped, not knowing what to do.

The weight of it seemed too much as a heavy feeling threatened to devour me. My head ached. God. Life wasn’t supposed to be like this, was it?

“Baby doll, why are you up?” James asked.

Shit. I thought he was asleep.

His warm body covered me as he came up behind. “Come back to sleep, sweetheart.”

But I couldn’t pretend. My feelings were so messed up. What the fuck was I going to do?

Warm kisses peppered my neck. God, he knew exactly how to make me feel better. “James…I’m not in the mood.”

Caressing me, he said, “Really? That’s not what your body is saying.”

And then I gave in like I always did.

It didn’t matter how many years we were married, he always knew how to make me swoon.

In the morning, I decided what I needed to do to fix things. I had been so ridiculously selfish. Of course, I had been. I was a selfish creature at heart. Would it really kill me to move? And we’d survive the paparazzi. Shit. I was the queen of dodging them in my early years. And so what if I had to use bodyguards? We weren’t strangers to fame. I could handle it. And so could our kids. I was so over making James’ dreams die. It was time for a change.

As the sun peeked through the dark clouds out our bedroom window, I stroked James’ soft beard.

“Good morning, baby doll,” James said, sleepily, rubbing my shoulders. “Last night was amazing.”

I giggled then stared at my wonderful husband. “I’ve been thinking, baby. What if we moved to Del Sol Valley and you took that acting job? Wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to be married to Robotron. Last I checked, he was my favorite superhero.”

Eyes popping, he said, “Really? Are you kidding me right now, Lexie?”

Cradling his face in my palm, I said, “I haven’t been more sure of anything in my life. I’m so proud of you. I think you’d make the best Robotron in the history of Sarvel comics. I’m damned serious. Sorry I didn’t come to that conclusion sooner.” Threading my fingers through his hair, I asked, “It’s not too late, is it?”

Swallowing, he shook his head. “No…God, no…my agent actually called me yesterday, trying to convince me to change my mind.” He grabbed my arm. “Are you sure, babydoll? I’m fine with not taking it.”

I stroked his face. “I’m sure. I’ve been thinking a lot about it. I can’t handle knowing someone else will be on that big screen instead of you for my alltime favorite superhero.”

“Oh, God, Lexie! I can’t believe it! I love you so much!” The relief in his voice sent tingles through me.

“I love you, too, James.”

We lost ourselves in each other as storm clouds erupted over the surf. How I adored making love to a symphony of lightning and thunder.



I couldn’t believe I was staring at my math class’ door, wondering what to do.

That THOT was at it again and poor Liam didn’t have a clue. I’d heard from my bff Destiny who’d heard it from her friend, Sandra, who’d heard it from her brother, Chad, who was Oliver Treadstone’s best bud, that Mala wasn’t sick while I was having a super fun time with her boyfriend this past weekend. No. She was doing it all morning like the ho she was and Oliver told all his buddies about his thrilling time. Super classy. Am I right?

When I entered the room, everyone was already working on the assignment that was on the board. But neither Liam nor Mala had come in yet. The tardy bell was about to ring, so I acted fast.

I grabbed Mala’s seat. She wasn’t ever going to sit next to him again. I didn’t care what kind of scene she pulled. She was guilty and I’d make her know what I knew. Mark my words.

Taking out my assignment book, I steeled myself for an all out war. Of course, Liam wouldn’t be happy, but I had to save him from that lying, cheating bitch. How I was going to go about it, I had no clue, but this was stage one in Liam Sanderson-Day Salvation Siege. I just hoped I’d survive the fallout.

But planning a thing and doing a thing were two different things. When Liam arrived, he shot me a puzzled look and I flinched.

“You think it might rain today?” I asked nervously. Distraction tactics usually worked in movies. Right?

“Hey, Ginny,” Liam said, as he sat down. “Mala is about to come in. Don’t you think you should sit in your own seat?”

Aw…what a nice boyfriend. Too bad he didn’t know her like I did.

Then in walked the guilty party.

It was like I’d sent telepathic messages to her and she’d heard me loud and clear.

“Ginny. You’re in my seat.” She didn’t say it very convincingly.

I stared her down. “Yeah? So?”

Liam swooped in like the knight in shining armor he was. “Like I said, Ginny, that’s Mala’s seat. I’m sorry…but maybe you could sit here another time?”

Walking away, Mala said, “Don’t worry about it, Lee Lee, I like sitting in the back.”

I hated the hurt look he gave as she went to my old desk.

The awkwardness was soooo thick, I was about to be crushed. What the hell was I doing? At this rate, not only would Liam not know the horrific things Mala had done, but he’d hate me to boot. God, I had to think of something and fast.

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16 thoughts on “Chapter 6.15”

  1. Ohhhh. Man. I was laughing at the way the gossip spread – I heard it from x who heard it from y and so on! Soooo true! 😂😂😂

    I love that Lexie cares so much for James that she’s willing to sacrifice for him. I just hope she survives it. I have my doubts though. 😭😭😭 But she will be away from the temptation of Cory….

    Wonder how Liam will take the move. Going to a new school, away from his girlfriend? Even though she is going to break his heart if he stays…. hmmm.

    And Ginny! She will miss him…. she’s on a mission but it’s set to fail. You can be sure that Mala will either jump Oliver or do something evil to Ginny. My bet is both! 😂😂😂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Lol! Gossip is like wildfire! 😉 So everyone knows your biz…

      Yes, Lexie is willing to sacrifice. Hopefully, that’ll help their marriage!

      The move should solve all of Liam’s problems. Right? 😉

      Mala…what’s she going to do with this rival. The war is on!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Uh oh, that lightning and thunder sounds ominous, sexytimes or no…

    But it seems like Mala won’t be much of a problem in the near future, if they do move. Then again, they could attempt long-distance…but with Oliver still being there, their prospects don’t look good.

    Sorry, Ginny–you’re going to have a really hard time convincing Liam! I’m not sure if I want him to discover the truth or not before he leaves…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That dark cloud could mean something. 😱

      Fam is moving! Could be the solution to all Liam’s woes whether he knows it or not. 😉

      Liam doesn’t have a clue and poor Ginny isn’t sure how to tell him. Lol

      Liked by 1 person

  3. That was a very sweet moment when Lexie was watching James play the keyboard. And very selfless of her to help him follow his dreams. I loved that part and I hope it will work out, because they still look so good together.
    Go Ginny! Open Liam’s eyes to the truth!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah…Lexie knows her man and what it would do to him to basically hide his star under a blanket. Hopefully all will work out! They are a beautiful couple. 😍

      Ginny might not have enough time. We’ll see!


  4. Liam isn’t going to be happy…obviously he’ll miss Mala (though that will be for the best).

    I feel like once the downsides of celebrity life set in, he might get stuck parenting. his own siblings again.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Liam would be upset with a move! 🥺

      The crazy pace of being in the spotlight. Not sure what might happen! 😖


  5. I hope Lexie doesn’t come to regret this decision! 😬 But I do think it’s great that she’s willing to fight and sacrifice to save their marriage. Hopefully it will be successful!

    Liam isn’t gonna be too pleased, I bet 😬 But at least it would put some distance between cheating Mala and scheming Ginny? 😂

    Liked by 2 people

  6. James was in show business before he met Lexie. It sounds to me like she was refusing to except him as he was by not letting him follow his dreams. Basically she was being her true self, selfish. They both selfish when it comes to Liam basically raising his siblings so they can do what they want, work as long as they want. I don’t get why everyone wants to blame James. Lexie knew exactly what she was getting into by marrying James. Hopefully, the move will do them all good. It will get Liam away from Mala, PLEASE, let Liam be a teen for a change, living in the same town as James’s work will help him to be at home more often, and maybe Lexie will see that she needs to spend more time with her children. I am sure Ginny will be back in the picture, maybe her family will move to the same town.😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very good observations!!!

      Yes, Lexie is taking a good look at herself here, realizing she must accept James for who he is. Hopefully, the fam will thrive in Del Sol Valley! Liam REALLY needs to be a teen, not a surrogate parent. Ugh!

      Ginny might come back into the pic. 😉


  7. Woa, Gretchen Wieners, reign it in!

    Well, I am pleased that Jaxie is a green light again, HOWEVER, I never trust happiness in this story

    Liked by 1 person

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