Chapter 6.14

Warning: NSFW, sexual situations


We all took a ton of simstagram pictures (although none of them did the place justice.) I wished Mala could have been here to see this. I knew she’d really like it. Her favorite color was magenta.

Todd wrapped his arm around his girlfriend. “Hey guys. It’s been fun but we’ve got to go.”

Melina just giggled, so I figured they wanted a little alone time in the cool cave.

Watching them, I was pining away for Mala. It was such a romantic spot. Maybe I’d take her later on. Surprise her with a picnic.

Ginny’s voice brought me back to the present. “It’s early. Want to go somewhere else that’s fun?”

Not thinking, I said, “Yeah. Sure.” I had nowhere else to go at the moment.

Ginny took me to an old water tower in the middle of nowhere. Oasis Springs was just full of rocks, sand, and tumbleweeds. Maybe there was another cave lurking underground I didn’t know about?

“Where’s the trail?” I asked.

“No trail. We’re climbing. Remember?”

There was a huge rock but no hand holds that I could see. Then it hit me.

I groaned. “You don’t mean…”

“The water tower? Yeah. We’ll be able to see the whole town from up there! You’ll love it.”

I really didn’t want to explain my fear of ladders. Rock climbing was one thing. What we did at the cave was easy. But ladders gave me the feeling I could fall off of them at any second. And the wind was crazy when you went up a few stories.

My stomach knotted.

“Don’t tell me with your muscles, you’re worried about being able to climb it.”

I laughed. That wasn’t exactly it. I had to conquer a fear. But that was hard to confess.

And this freaky water tower had the most evil, scary looking ladder I’d ever seen.

But I couldn’t wimp out on her. If she wanted to climb it, I’d force myself to not look down or worry or do any of those weird things I normally did when faced with ladders. “No, I’m fine. Let’s do this.”

I was wondering if Ginny was a magician because before I knew it, she was on the ladder looking at me wondering what was taking me so long.

“Come on, Liam. It’s easy!” The gap in her tooth seemed to wink at me. She was really freaking cute. And crazy brave.

I tried to swallow down the willies I was getting by playing it off. “Who are you calling afraid? I’m just waiting for you to climb a little higher is all.”

When I didn’t move, she reached out and said, “Come on, Mr. Brave, I’ll give you a little help.”

I said about a million prayers as we ascended the ladder. It shook with the wind and squeaked all the way up, terrifying me. I was shaking so badly, I didn’t even care if Ginny knew.

“Isn’t this amazing, Liam? It’s like we’re on top of the world!”

I swallowed, trying to calm down. “Yeah. Cool. H-How did you find this place?”

Shrugging, she said, “My parents used to take me when I was twelve, but now they’re too busy with work and stuff. They’re archeologists, doing an excavation at the moment and really don’t have time to go on picnics like we used to do. So, I take my friends. Glad you came along.”

She poked my shoulder and smirked. “Why do I get the feeling you’re about to throw up? Just lean over the side. Might be fun to watch puke fall.”

That made me laugh. “You’re something else, Ginny. Don’t worry. I’m not going to puke.”

And when I got a hold of my nerves, I was blown away by the beauty of the desert. She was right. It was like we were on top of the whole world.


Ginny and I had a lot of fun but I couldn’t wait to see Mala. I’d felt so bad for her being stuck in her bed sick. I knocked on her door and she said for me to come in. She was laid out with her hands over her stomach.

I tried to smile to hide my worried feelings. Did her stomach hurt her? “Hey, Mala. I brought you something.”

When she didn’t budge, I sat next to her. “Hey,” I whispered. “If you don’t feel good, I’ll come back later.”

Looking at the flowers, instead of smiling, she just stared. “Oh, Lee Lee, you shouldn’t have gotten me these.”

I could see the circles under her eyes. “But you love roses. I was hoping they’d brighten your day.” It was weird. She wasn’t acting herself. “What’s wrong? I mean, is there something else bothering you?”



Why did Liam have to be so sweet? I’d wanted to break up months ago, but every time I tried, he’d do something incredibly charming and I just…couldn’t. He was way too good for me. I couldn’t think of one thing he’d ever done wrong. Seriously. Who was so perfect like that? He’d always think about me above everyone else (except for his family). And that, too, was so infuriatingly nice.

When I’d gotten mad at him for helping out his mom, he should have broken up with me. I was being such a bitch!

But he didn’t. He’d never want to hurt me. So I had to hurt him.

And when I came to his house for that party, I was determined to stay cold. To not feel badly for breaking up with him. But…I saw him in the pool and jealous feelings welled up at the sight of him laughing with that ugly Ginny Malcom. I couldn’t help myself. I knew I still loved him. I’d always love him.

But I wasn’t good enough for him. He’d deserved better.

I bit my lip, forcing myself to be strong.

Oliver and I just couldn’t get enough of each other. I was going to go on that hike with Liam. Honest. I’d had every intention. But that morning, Oliver showed up with my favorite latte and breakfast croissant and I just…

Oliver knew how to make me zing inside. I’d never felt like that before. EVER! And Oliver was just playing around. I knew that. He was nothing like Liam. In fact, his reputation had bad boy written all over him, but…I just caved.

When I didn’t say anything, Liam got the hint. He wasn’t stupid. Watching him leave broke my heart. I couldn’t take it. What was I doing? He was the best guy I’d ever met. My first true love. Why was I going to throw him away for some random guy?

“No, wait, Liam!” I shouted. He stopped, sighing into his hand.

“I’m sorry I didn’t say anything…I was just so surprised and a little sleepy. I do love these very much! Thank you!”

The hopeful look in his eyes made me determined to do better.

“You do?” he whispered.

“Yes, of course I do. Now come here so I can thank you properly.”

He bolted to me, scooping me up. “I love you, Mala.”

He cradled me, stroking my face, telling me to relax, that he’d stay until I fell asleep. He promised to bring me chicken soup for supper and that I didn’t have to worry about anything. He’d already coordinated with Mom about it over the phone since Mom and Dad were at a convention this weekend. Omg…he was just amazing.

In the end, we both fell asleep. I decided I’d break things off with Oliver once and for all.

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18 thoughts on “Chapter 6.14”

  1. So Mala’s a cheater after all! 😱 Yeah, this is high school, no way that’s staying buried. And didn’t Ginny basically already know? Judging by his reputation, Oliver wouldn’t be content with just kissing.

    It’s only a matter of time before Liam’s heart gets broken…again. Kind of worried about the fallout for Mala too, since she does seem to really care about Liam. I wonder if Oliver will expose her once she tries to break things off–if she does…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s a good question. Oliver isn’t exactly Mr. Nice Guy. But would he want to trash Mala for messing with his heart? We’ll see what Mala actually does.

      And yes, poor Liam. The only good that could come from this is if Oliver doesn’t care and if Mala keeps away from him. We can hope?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ohhhh. There is trouble brewing. When I can see it now and Ginny will be there to pick up the pieces. Yep. She’s a cheater, but we knew that already! Poor Liam and she’s right. He’s such a nice guy!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Okay, okay, not pregnant, just really guilty feelings 👀
    Seeing things from Mala’s perspective made things a little clear from her end, like she wasn’t really a huge b–But man, if you’re into Oliver’s pp but want Liam’s sweetness, then you really gotta look somewhere else… I have a feeling she’s gonna keep flip flopping between them since she can’t really make up her mind.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Lol! You’re probably right. It’s like she’s on the bachelorette show. Earth to Mala! You’re not!

      And whew! She’s not preggers. Just confused (and horny). 🤣

      Liked by 1 person

      1. She will get pregnant by Oliver and claim the baby is Liam’s.
        Why does she have such low self-esteem? She is beautiful. Ginny is just as pretty. I don’t understand why she says Ginny is ugly. Probably jealousy.
        She reminds me of that show ” Mean Girls”. In Malas case it is “Mean Siblings.”

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Interesting predictions! We shall see!

          I don’t think it’s her self esteem so much as just her not being able to choose. She’s been given everything her whole life so it’s hard for her to act responsibly. And you’re right–she called Ginny ugly out of spite and jealousy. Ginny is beautiful!!! ❤

          Mean Siblings. LOL!


  4. Mala still not making much sense, not knowing what she really wants. Must be a teenager thing. She’s likely preggers with Oliver’s baby. I expected her to pull Liam in her bed, so she could later claim baby’s his. We know Liam would do the right thing. I bet he would do the right thing even if he knew the baby is Oliver’s. Boy’s too good for his own good. Aspiring to become a doormat of the year. He needs Ginny in his life.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. True…teenagers don’t make the best decisions and they ARE fickle. You think she’s preggers? Maybe. Maybe not. 😏

      I guess nice guys do finish last. Ginny could be a good influence. We’ll see.


  5. Mala, Mala, Mala… Part of me feels bad for her. She’s clearly very confused and conflicted… but she’s also right that Liam deserves better than someone who would act like her :-/ Maybe she really can fix this and turn things around… but I have a feeling it won’t be so easy!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Oh Mala! 😭
    She a young, selfish, impulsive normal girl then I see, welp, this will probably bite her in the arse eventually, at least she knows she done a naughty 😬

    Liked by 1 person

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