Chapter 7.6


It’d been a few weeks and the play was almost here! I couldn’t believe it. Paris and I had become really good friends. She was so sweet and easy to talk to. She was actually from Del Sol Valley and her parents worked in movies. Her mom was a sound editor and her dad was a boom operator so she pretty much got in free to any premier. She was soooo lucky! I had to wait until I could visit my grandpa to go to movies. My parents didn’t really like them too much.

After all of our classes for the day were over, we chilled in the rec room, playing foosball with Hudson and Kristie.

I got the feeling there was something going on between those two even though Kristie denied it. They were inseparable after last week’s practice when Hudson (who played Lord Sapulet) had a few lines with the nurse (Kristie’s part).

But I didn’t care. Hudson was a cutie! I told Kristie to go for it but she just rolled her eyes and said I was making things up.

“Darn! I missed!” Paris said after she flipped her rods in the game as the ball rolled by.

“Never fear, partner, I got ’em!” I said, flicking my foosball players and snapping the ball into the other team’s goal.

“Dang! She got us!” Kristie yelled.

“Well, we’ll just have to get them back!” Hudson cried, yanking on his bars like he was playing pinball. But it was too late.

I flicked the ball right back into their goal and won!

“YES!” Paris cried.

“Told ya!” I said, making a fist. She bumped me in celebration.

“Don’t worry, Kristie,” Hudson said, nudging her arm, “we’ll get ’em next game.”

Just then all my elation over winning deflated when I saw Miss Snooty-princess swish into the room.

She and Cameron were a thing since like five days ago and they were always rubbing it in everyone’s face, constantly clinging to each other like monkeys on a vine. Yuck.

Even if I did have a boyfriend, I wouldn’t always hold hands and be all lovey dovey. That makes everything awkward for everyone! Puhleeeeze!

And then I remembered our awful session in play practice today.

Phoebe messed up her lines about ten times. I couldn’t believe it. How hard were they? She only had about twelve to learn. I had pages and pages!

“Pheobe, dear, it’s not ‘look what the cat dragged in’, it’s ’twas but soft as a cat and you are nary a one.’ Got it?”

Pheobe whined, “Mr. G, can’t we just amp up the lines? The originals are too hard to understaaaaand! And I can’t remember all those words.”

He crossed his arms. “Fitzy Fakespeare is a legend and we won’t revise his words no matter what millenia it is. Now say your lines correctly or I’ll find someone who can.”

Yikes. When Mr. Graf got angry, it was like a knife in the heart. I was so glad he wasn’t giving me that stone face.

“Yes, sir,” she moaned. I almost felt sorry for her.


And then I noticed a woman with a pinched face glaring at her. Was that her mother? Sure looked like her. Wow. I was TOTALLY glad my grandfather wasn’t here eyeing my every move.

Next, I heard Jake’s voice, breaking me out of my thoughts. “Hey, Red, can I play?”

I figured Jake only wanted to join in the game because Hudson, his bff, was making goo goo eyes at Kristie and he was like joined to the hip with him. Jake honestly didn’t mix with any of the other boys which I thought was strange. And he always made fun of me–what I was wearing, how I said my lines, how my hair looked–pretty much whatever he could, he’d tease me. I wasn’t in the mood for it. Dealing with him in the play was bad enough, ESPECIALLY since I had to act like I was in love with him. HUGE EYEROLL! But that’s what ACTING was all about, I guessed.

I just gave him a “don’t mess with me” look.

“Please?” he asked. “I promise I won’t talk about how you must have gotten that t-shirt at a second hand store for old ladies.” He arched an eyebrow looking at my obvious terrible choice in fashion.

I squinted at him. “Nice. Well, I was just leaving anyway. Have at it.”

Some other kids were watching Moonlight Massacre and I’d rather watch zombies eating people than endure any more of his not funny jokes.

As I strode past the lovebirds (shocked they weren’t making out in front of everyone), Pheobe said, “Hey, Cheyenne, could I talk to you?”

I stopped and said, “Sure. What’s up?”

She shrugged and asked, “Could we like go over our lines? You really made me mess up today and I don’t want that to happen again.”

I made HER mess up? Unbe-freakin-lievable. “How exactly did I mess you up?”

Cameron’s face scrunched up. “Seriously? You have to ask? Just help her, will you? How selfish can you be?”

Phoebe put on some fake tears.

“Listen, if she wanted me to help, she should have asked like a normal person instead of blaming me for her screw ups. So no. I’m not going to help until she stops acting like a spoiled princess.”

Before I knew what happened, Cameron shouted, “You take that back!” and pushed me down.

I landed hard. I wasn’t hurt though. More like…shocked.

But the next second, I heard a pop and saw Jake smashing his fist in Cameron’s face!


Then Jake helped me up. “Are you okay?”

My face heated up a gazillion degrees being this close to him. “Um…yeah. I’m fine. Thanks.”

Phoebe fake cried even more. “Look what you’ve done!

“I can’t believe you’re being such a BITCH! All I asked was for a little help…”

I didn’t know what came over me. I guessed it was the combination of her tripping me and glaring and doing all sorts of mean things these past few weeks.

The only thing I heard was “BITCH” and I lost it. Running at her, I said, “I’m so tired of your queen bee act. Leave. Me. Alone. Got it?”

“Uh…guys?” Jake shouted. “Ms. Christianson is right outside the door. I think you better…”

“What’s going on here?” I heard Ms. Christianson hiss, but I was so mad, it didn’t even register.

“She’s being a bully!” Phoebe yelled as she pinched her fingers into my neck.

Even though I was probably up to my pigtails in trouble, I wasn’t going to let her get away with being brat. Not this time.

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14 thoughts on “Chapter 7.6”

  1. Dang. I was too fast. I had along post and it disappeared and then I saw you had to repost the page. So here goes again! 😳

    Fight! Fight! 😱😱😱. It was only a matter of time before things between them escalated. I think it was so sweet to see Jake teasing her and then come to her rescue. He luuuubs her! ❤️ There is no doubt. My hero! 😍

    Look what the cat dragged in! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 If that woman on the audience was truly her mother, she can’t deny that Phoebe is awful and should be taken out of the play altogether. Then for her to ask for help like she did was the lowest of the low. 😬 She deserved what she got.

    But now, I’m afraid Cheyenne’s going to take the blame. 😢 I hope not. I hope the adults are on to Phoebe’s act by now. On pins and needles to see if I’m right. I hope I am and Phoebe gets removed from the play. 😬

    Liked by 1 person

    1. SORRY! I was worried I wouldn’t be fast enough. For some reaons WP timestamps a chapter if it’s in there for too long. I wrote it last week. Normally, I check but didn’t this morning and had to delete it and repost.

      And the woman IS her mother. 🙂 And she didn’t look too happy, did she? We’ll find out what’s going on in Phoebe’s mind next chapter.

      With Cheyenne’s character–you’re right. She might take the blame. But we’ll see what happens next chapter that will go up on Wednesday! I’m so excited I got caught up with this story!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Drama-packed is right! And not even because of the play.

    I wonder what Phoebe’s deal is–maybe she’s got one of those mom-agers who’s intent on her kid making it in showbiz, and so she’s under an intense amount of pressure to be a star and get noticed, etc. She’s bratty for sure, but I feel for her if that’s the case.

    I’m glad Jake stood up for Cheyenne, at least! I hope she doesn’t get into too much trouble–or lose her role in the play for getting involved in a fight…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hee! Yes, drama OFF stage this time. 😉

      What’s going on with Phoebe will be revealed next chapter. There’s always more to someone than them being straight up mean. What’s going on with her? Next chapter, we’ll find out.

      And yes, Jake really likes Cheyenne even though he’s always teasing her. She doesn’t understand how a 12 yo guy’s brain works. They’re basically stupid creatures at this stage. 😝

      Yeah…it’d be sad if she lost her role because of fighting. (That’s a real consequence that could happen! 😱)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Indeed it’s drama!!

    Geez, Phoebs. What’s your story? I do have a feeling that she’s under a lot of pressure. She’s just like Veruca Salt; a spoiled brat. Well, well, well, that woman definitely looks like her mother. Doesn’t look too happy doesn’t she?

    Jake to the rescue! Prayers that Cheyenne can get away with just a warning. Worse care scenario: She loses her part in the play! 😱

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yea beat her ass chey 👊👊👊
    Talk shit get hit 👊👊👊

    Oof, then again, Cheyenne might suffer consequences if she doesn’t play nice since Phoebe’s mom seems to be er, active in her daughter’s career 😒
    I hope nothing happens to her part 😔

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol!!

      Love that “talk shit get hit”!!! YOU RIGHT!!!!

      But Cheyenne didn’t think about those consequences. Most places have a zero tolerance for fighting in place SOOOO…let’s hope she doesn’t get sent home! 😱

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Hey, Phoebe’s mom looks pretty familiar… 😉 😂 Hehe Yikes, this whole thing was a mess! So much drama for these kids… and not onstage either 😂

    Hope they’ve all learned their lesson here about getting so mean and physical with each other! Ah, youth… Let’s hope they can get their shit together for the play 😱

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh my gosh! Drama llama time! Phoebe’s “acting” skills are so much better off the stage when she asks Cheyenne for help with her lines. She must be “acting” for the sake of Cameron — who it turns out is a bully. But never fear, Jake to the rescue 🙂 Yes, there was a moment there between Cheyenne and Jake. But then the whole blow-up between Phoebe and Cheyenne and Ms. Christianson witnessing the fight. Oh, things can’t turn out well on this one. I do hope that Cheyenne won’t lose the lead in the play because of this. And loved Mr. Graf’s expression at Phoebe’s remarks about her lines. He is definitely “all about the art” and probably has had his share of “divas” in the past. Great chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It IS Drama Llama time! 😉

      And with both girls being rather dramatic, it wasn’t going to go well.

      Jake seems to like Cheyenne…where will this go?

      Let’s hope Cheyenne gets a second chance and she won’t lose that lead, but we shall see! Whatever’s the case, they both are in heaps of trouble.

      Love Otto so much. He knows his way around divas like Phoebe. 😝

      Liked by 1 person

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