Chapter 6.13


When Ginny Malcom asked me to go rock climbing, my first instinct was to say, hell yeah! But Mala was already steaming from Ginny taking her seat and I knew she wouldn’t like me hanging out with her. “Um…well, I probably shouldn’t.”

She cocked her head. “Worried about your wifey?”

I smiled, sheepishly. “Yeah.”

“Bring her along!”

“Really?” I asked, incredulous.

“Really. It’d be fun. My other friends, Melina Hays and Todd Monteira are already coming. The more the merrier! Meet me at Oasis Springs Park at 7:30 in the morning on Saturday. Okay?”

Just then the bell rang, so I said, “Hey, I don’t have your number. What if I can’t make it.”

She smiled impishly. “Show up. Then I’ll give you my number.”

Off she trotted out the door, shiny auburn hair bouncing.

Mala was mad for some reason so she wouldn’t speak to me as she walked toward her next class. But then I noticed she’d left her cell phone. I wondered how she ever survived without me on a daily basis.

Catching up to her after school, I said, “Hey…wait up. You left this.” I showed her the phone.

She took it, placing it in her pocket. “Thanks, Lee Lee. I was looking all over for it.”

Trying to look into her eyes, I asked, “Are you mad at me? You know I had nothing to do with Ginny taking your seat this morning.”

She lifted an eyebrow. “Did you have to talk to her so much? I mean…what did you have to say anyway?”

I shrugged. “She wanted to know if we’d like to go rock climbing with her and her friends on Saturday. Sounds fun.” I knew Mala probably would say no but it was worth a try.

She hesitated for a second looking away then sighed and smiled. “Oh…okay. What time and where?”

I kissed her cheek. Wow. Thought I’d have to talk her into it.

We made plans to meet up at the park a little early. I thought it was strange Mala didn’t want me to pick her up. I sat on a bench waiting, but after a while, it was apparent she wasn’t going to show.

The sun grew hotter as it rose over the rocks. “What the hell?” I whispered to myself.

I punched her number, waiting for her to pick up.

“Mala, where are you?” I said after she answered.

“Oh…God. Sorry. Um…uh…I really don’t feel very well, Lee Lee. I must have slept through my alarm.”

I didn’t like how her voice sounded guilty as hell. “Okay…well, you want me to come by then? Make you feel better.”

Mala yelled, “NO! I mean…no, that’s okay. Liam, you have fun. It’s not fair to make you miss out since I can’t be there.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure. Have fun.”

“Okay,” I said. “I love you.”

Just then Ginny ran up in front of me. “Are you ready, Liam? Where’s Mala?”

“She’s sick. Look, Ginny, I don’t think I can go. Mala needs me. I think I’ll bring her chicken soup or something. It sucks being sick when your boyfriend is out having fun.”

“But you can’t leave now. You just got here.”

Ginny pointed then shaded her eyes. “And besides. Just take a look at that sun. It’s almost at the sweet spot. You’re going to love the cave we’re going to explore. It won’t take long. She’ll probably want to sleep in anyway and you can bring her lunch. Sound like a deal?”


I should have known Mala would pull some shit on Liam. When he’d told me she agreed to come along, I honestly couldn’t believe it. She just didn’t seem like the outdoorsy type. And she was conveniently sick all of a sudden? Yeah right. But I was happy she couldn’t make it. I could just imagine her wriggling and freaking out over a spider or a worm or wobbling on a rock and Liam having to save her all the time–that would totally annoy.

“So, yeah, it’s going to be sweet. You’ll be upset you missed it,” I added.

Finally, I talked him into it. Can’t lie though. He was kind of pouty the whole hike to the mouth of the cave, and I was feeling bad for him. I was definitely friendzoned so I felt like I should at least act like a good friend. “Hey…Liam? If you really want to head back and check on Mala, I’ll understand.”

He pointed and asked, “Hey! Is that the cave?”

I put my hand on my hip. “Yep. That’s it. Are you scared, soldier?”

“No way. Let’s go.”


Ginny was right. Mala probably would want to sleep in this morning, so I decided to visit her later. Maybe buy her some flowers. I tried to not worry about her while we were hiking but Ginny could tell my mind was elsewhere. I didn’t want to be a total asshole around her, so I decided to put Mala out of my mind for a few hours.

The cave was dark, dank, and underwhelming to be honest. But all of the others thought we’d just discovered gold.

“Who gets to see this?” Melina whispered like we were going to disturb ghosts. “Miners left their pick axes and boxes right here hundreds of years ago.”

“Yeah,” Todd added. “And look at those stalactites.”

Todd never changed. We were fairly close as kids but had drifted apart in middle school. Back then we shared a love of Henry Puffer but he was always playing with his science experiment set instead of video games or Crossing Wands.

“I guess you were right, Ginny. It didn’t take long. The cave is cool though. Thanks for inviting me.”

I was about to give my good byes when Ginny snapped her fingers. “Didn’t I say we were going to go rock climbing? The coolest part of the cave is up there. We’ve got to get to it. Come on.”

She scaled the rock like a mountain goat then waved for me to follow.

It wasn’t as easy as she made it look. I almost fell a few times.

But Ginny wasn’t lying.

The cave was the most jaw dropping thing I’d ever seen in my life. Crystals glowed. Sun shimmered and there were even these cool glittering dragonflies buzzing around. Not kidding. Totally blew me away.

“Holy shit…this is AMAZING!” I crooned as we all took a breather. Rock climbing wasn’t for sissies.

“Told ya, didn’t I?” Ginny said. I could hear laughter in her raspy voice. But I deserved it. Good thing she didn’t know what I was thinking when I first entered the cave.

I totally got why this was a thing. And I was hooked.

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Chapter 6.12


I didn’t know what to say to my own husband. We just stood there awkwardly. He came home as a surprise but it wasn’t going to change my mind. No way in HELL was I going to move and if he wanted to do his own shit, he could without me. I was done.

“Lexie…why won’t you say anything to me? Are you really that upset?”

That he even had to ask that question showed how messed up we were as a couple. Before, he’d protected me from paps and all the awful shit fame did to us but now? He craved it. He didn’t care what it did to me. To our kids.

I shook my head as tears stung the back of my eyes.

“What’s going on in your head? Talk to me, baby doll. Please.”

Staring at him, I said, “Why did you go ahead with this movie deal without telling me? I had to find out all the details from a fucking rag! Did you see what they said about me? And you don’t care.”

Raising his hands, he said, “What do you mean? I have no power over what the magazines get. I told my press agent to keep it quiet but I guess it got leaked.”

“And why don’t you think that’s a problem? They’ve been stalking me. They got a shot from our backyard! Next it’ll be little Brandy and Zack and Liam. God! Why is your fame more important than your own family?”

He sighed loudly, rubbing his temple.

He couldn’t answer that because it would incriminate him. I was watching the death of our marriage and I didn’t care. I didn’t FUCKING care anymore!

I walked closer to him, wanting to punch him for what he’d put us through the past few years as he chased the stars. I would have never married him if I thought he’d ever want to become an actor. Movie stars had a fandom that was way worse than we’d ever suffered back when he was a pop idol. It meant the whole world put you on a pedastal. I wouldn’t have it.

“Get this straight, James. I will NOT support you in this crazy dream of yours. If you want superstardom, go ahead. Become this Robotron. You know exactly what it’ll mean. According to that magazine, you’ll be contracted for at least seven movies. SEVEN! More than any of the other characters. That’ll guarantee paparazzi, body guards, and constant unwanted attention. It’s not worth it. I’ve thought about this for a long time but never wanted to face it. We are too different and I’m tired of it. I want a divorce.”

James’ face looked like I’d slapped him. Having the words out there crushed me, too. I didn’t want a divorce but what choice did I have? I wouldn’t go through that again. And he didn’t care what I wanted.

Shaking his head, he said, “You don’t mean that, Lex. You’re not thinking straight.”

Tears streamed down my face as my heart raced. I hated him. I wanted him gone. “I do mean it, you asshole!” I pushed him, but he held me back. “I do! Get the hell out of our lives. You don’t care about us.”

“Lexie…stop it! I won’t take the part, if it means that much to you. I promise.”

Stunned, I whispered, “What?”

“I won’t take it, sweetheart.”

And just like that all my anger fled, melting me into a puddle of goo. He kissed me with a passion that’d gone out of our lives for so many years.

Oh, God! I’d missed him so much. I didn’t realize how far apart we’d drifted. At that moment, I didn’t care about our problems or the consequences of me killing his dream.

A moment ago, I’d prepared myself to leave him, but now…more than anything, I just wanted us.



When my bff, Destiny Hoff, told me Liam Sanderson-Day was free from the claws of biotch-extreme Mala Murdock, I totally didn’t believe it. Until I found myself on top of him.


Who-da-thunk it? Not me!

And he was totally putting me in swoon-city afterwards. Even my butterflies had butterflies.

Then SHE crashed the party and cried “Lee Lee” and messed up my dream world. Gag. I was going to barf right in the pool. Who talks like that to their boyfriend anyway? But she had a body like that rich star, Sim Sardashian, and she didn’t even fake her boobs or that fat ass! Okay, so I totally coveted her big curves and huge tits. Is that a crime?

Liam seemed to like it.

But what he didn’t know was that Mala used her body to get what she wanted. All. The. Damn. Time. Seriously. I’d seen her flirt and show her big gazoongas even to our teachers!

And Destiny further told me that Mala had cheated on Liam with that douchebag, Oliver Treadstone. He’d gone through every cheerleader as well as the whole volleyball team. The guy was a real life manwhore.

Everyone KNEW Mala did it with him. And Liam took her back?

Sigh…He was SUCH a nice guy. Too nice. And nice guys always finished last. It wasn’t fair.

I’d sat on the sidelines long enough watching this train wreck because no doubt, she was going to hurt him. And although I didn’t like manipulation or playing games, I knew she was bad news. I was going to do this for his own good.

I got to our math class a bit early so I could talk with Mr. Walker.

“Of course, Ginny, you may sit in the front row.”

He motioned to the two seats near him. One belonged to Liam and the other, the THOT. I took “her” seat. Plan A worked like a charm. Thank you, bad eyesight, for helping me out.

Okay, so I lied a little and told Mr. Walker that my contacts were taking longer than we thought to come in, but I’d never lied before AND was an exceptional student. Why wouldn’t he believe me? Muahahhaaaa!

When Liam walked in, he beamed at me and said, “Hey, Ginny. What’s up?” He didn’t even ask what I was doing there.

And the look on the THOT’s face was…well…let’s just say “satisfying” didn’t cut it.

“That’s MY seat, Ginny.” Mala’s eyes bugged out along with her pinched face.

But before I could defend myself, Mr. Walker did it for me. “Ginny can’t see well today, Ms. Murdock. You may take her seat in the back.”

I grinned like I’d just won Olympic gold in the marathon. Marathon of LOVE! Bahahaaaa!

After we finished a quiz, Liam said, “So…I had fun the other day. Didn’t know you were so crazy strong. Do you work out or something?” He winked.

Was Liam FLIRTING with me? (Note to self: Write this in your journal with hearts and happy emojis. Don’t forget!)

“Naw…but I do a bit of rock climbing.”

He nodded. “That sounds fun. Where do you go?”

Shrugging, I thought of all the places I’d traveled to in the past year–Strangerville, Windenburg, Al Simhara, Sulani…my mom and dad were archeologists.

We were THAT close to moving to Selvadorado, but they wanted to settle down until I got out of high school. So, we took “working” vacations from time to time while they taught at the local Brindleton Bay college.

“I dunno,” I answered. “Around.”

I didn’t want to overwhelm the poor guy. Usually, when I told people who didn’t know me where I’ve gone, they think my family is stinking rich which is SOOOO not the case. Professors made jack squat. Instead of hotels, we’d camp out in mountains, or beaches, or jungles.

Off grid living. I liked it. I definitely wanted to follow in their footsteps. I’d hoped to get accepted into Sale University and become a puzzle chaser just like them.

A crazy idea formed in my head. Arching my eyebrow, I asked, “You want to go?”

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Chapter 6.11


The Murdicks showing up was like someone popping a balloon. Everyone got uncomfortable, made excuses, and vanished.

That left me staring at my ex. I was so angry, I couldn’t say anything to her. What the fuck? Why was Mala here, ruining my party? It was a cool thing for Mom to do for me and I was having a blast. I wanted to scream for her to get out of my life for good but nothing came out.

So, she broke the silence. “I-I’m…um…sorry, Lee Lee. For everything.” Were there actual tears in her eyes? And what did that mean? Did she want us to go back being friends?

“Yeah, okay, you’re sorry.” That sounded dickish, but hell, I wasn’t in the forgiving mood. Especially since she ran off Ginny and the others.

“I mean it,” she continued, “I shouldn’t have gotten so mad at you. I know you have to help your mom out and I was being selfish. I truly am sorry. I hope you’ll forgive me?”

She rested her hand on my arm and I flinched. “So I’m just supposed to forgive you like you weren’t fucking inhaling Oliver Treadstone’s face yesterday?”

Her eyes shut. “I was just so mad. I went to the beach with some of my friends and a little part of me wanted to get back at you. I just…I don’t know…”

I was like a box of gunpowder thrown into a fire. I exploded. “So whenever you’re mad at me you’re just going to go fuck someone? That’s not how it works, Mala. Not ever!”

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she drew back. “No…I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry? How do you think that made me feel, Mala? Because you were in your bedroom with him and who knows what you were going to do? I just…” God, I had to get control of myself.

She shook her head. “I wouldn’t sleep with him, Liam. Honest. I wasn’t even planning on it. I knew once I kissed him it was wrong and I was going to stop, but you…”

I drew away, looking at her hands. Those were my girl’s hands that loved to stroke my hair, my face, hold my hands at the movies….but…

How could I ever trust her again?

Slowly shaking my head, I said, “I can’t deal with this shit. It’s over. I can’t just worry that if we get into a fight you’re going to cheat on me. It’s not going to happen again because I won’t let it. I’m done.”

At that, she whimpered, putting her hands to her face. Watching her cry crushed me, but my mind willed me to be strong.

Turning away, I told my legs to keep going. Walk to your room, Liam, and never look back. She wasn’t worth it. She’d cheat again.

But her sobs pierced me. I knew I couldn’t leave her like that.

Did I really want to chuck everything away because she made one mistake? Wouldn’t I want her to give me another chance if it happened in reverse?

We’d made so many plans together. I wanted to marry her. Spend the rest of my life with her. My parents said I was too young to think like that but sometimes you know when a person is right for you. I didn’t want to be with anyone else.

So, I turned back, wrapped my arms around her and whispered, “Shh…it’s okay, baby. Don’t cry. I forgive you.”

She bawled even harder, shaking in my arms. “You do, Lee Lee? Oh, God, I’m so happy.”

I spent the next fifteen minutes calming her down and wiping her tears.



After a delayed flight and a messed up uber call, I finally made it to Brindleton Bay.


There was nothing better. I’d missed my family so much. I hated being away from them.

Immediately, I was greeted by my sweet baby daughter and my son, Zack.

“Daddy?” Brandy looked up at me with those big green eyes. Got me right in the heart.

“Yes, baby girl. I’m home!”

She charged at me making me feel one hundred stories tall.

I whisked her up and kissed her cheek. “Have you been a good girl for Mommy?”

She nodded like her head was going to pop off. Then she said in her cute voice, “I missed you!”

“Aw…I missed you, too!”

Zack hopped over to me and said, “I thought you weren’t coming home for a week. Glad you’re here though.”

He jumped into my arms and squeezed.

I answered, “I wanted to come home a little early as a surprise.”

Next, my stomach gave a little jolt. Liam’s face accused me of doing something wrong. I knew I’d been away a little longer this time because of the movie offer and there was some negotiations going on with my agent. I couldn’t give them a definite yes until I talked it over with Lex. But deep down in my gut, I knew her answer, although I thought she’d love it since I’d be playing her very favorite Vindicator character, Robotron. According to Liam, I’d messed up. Badly.

I gave a slight smile. “Hey, son. How are you? Got a hug for your old man?”

He grabbed me and patted my back. He was such a good kid. I couldn’t be prouder of him. “Thanks for taking care of your mom while I was away.”

He said, “Yeah, sure. Anytime.”

When I caught Lexie’s eyes, she looked down. She was upset with me. I knew it. But I didn’t know how to fix it. It seemed as if we were two ships driving hard but toward two totally different shorelines. It’d been that way for a very long time. I always swept it under the rug, not wanting to deal with our issues, and she did the same thing, but it looked as if we couldn’t do that anymore.

Liam’s face fell. “I-I’ll…uh…get Brandy to bed. Okay?”

He snapped at Zack to follow him. Zack whined until he looked at both of us then he raced up ahead of Liam. I waited until the kids were safely upstairs. I didn’t want them to hear us fighting.

Locking my eyes onto hers, I said, “Hello, babydoll.”

I braced myself for what she was going to say.

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Chapter 6.8


I felt like I’d magically teleported back thirty years. I couldn’t believe I was standing next to my high school boyfriend of ages ago.

“Lexie! Wow. What are you doing here?” Cory said. Why did he have those cute freckles still? Didn’t those go away with wrinkles and old age? And why the HELL did he look so damn hot?

But then my mind caught up to me and yelled. Hard. “Lexie,” it said. “You’re MARRIED! And to one of the hunkiest men alive, I might add. Sure, he’s never around anymore but that doesn’t matter. GORL! Wake up!”

Fumbling over my words as my heart beat out of my chest, I said, “J-Just taking the kiddos out for a fun, fantabulous Saturday morning at Freezer Bunny Park. You know what Freezer Bunny says. If you’re not hoppin’, you’re boppin’.” Oh God. I sounded like one of those goofy Simsney cartoon commercials.

“Hey, me, too! I’m here with…”

EEPS! So, Cory had kids? Well, of course. He probably had a whole football stadium full of them. And I bet he was the greatest father in the world, too, and his kids made him trophies that said, “BEST DAD” out of toothpicks or popsicle sticks. I noticed a little girl who was about three that was with him. Super cute. And a teen. I blurted, “You…uh…want to meet mine? They’re right over there. All three of them. I’m kinda proud, if I do say so myself, they’re the best kids on the planet. W-Well, next to yours, of course, since you probably think that anyway.” My mouth was like someone had detached it and it was going a mile a minute on its own.

“Sure. I’d love to meet them.” He was such a sweet person, exactly how I’d remembered. And he was wearing cute “Dad” shorts and a vest. Omg!!! WHY WAS I LOOKING AT HIM LIKE THAT? I had to get myself under control.

“Uncle Cory, who’s that?” A girl came up from behind him.

“Lexie, this is my niece, Aleyna,” Cory said. “Aleyna, this is Lexie Day. We used to go to high school together.”

And…he left out the part where we dated. Nope. We didn’t need to go there. Very smart thing since I’m a happily married woman. Um…well married anyway.

YIPES! Why did he have to have that cute blonde stubble on his cute chin? I so needed some sunglasses that blocked out EVERYTHING. You have a hubby, I chanted. And then a devil on my shoulder whispered, who doesn’t care about you. But I screamed in my head, You have a hubby, damn it!

“Nice to meet you, Aleyna,” I said. And then the devil on my shoulder asked him, “So…this isn’t your kid?”

His niece laughed. “Uncle Cory isn’t married and he doesn’t have children. But he likes to say we’re his kids. Right, Uncle Cory?”

Cory smiled. “That’s right.”



“Who’s that, Lee Lee?” Brandy pointed at Mom talking to some strange dude.

“I don’t know,” I said. “Maybe he’s the tickle monster.” Then I pressed my fingers into her tummy, making her giggle.

Mom walked up to us with a strange grin on her face. “Kids, I want you to meet someone.” I recognized Aleyna Cummings from school, but the old guy next to her I didn’t know. Maybe he was her father?

I nodded. “Hey, Aleyna. Long time no see…what…it’s been a day?” I had Aleyna in my computer class. I didn’t know her very well since we hung out in different crowds, but we’d been in school together for like forever.

“Hi, Liam. This is my uncle, Cory. Uncle Cory, this is Liam. He…He’s in one of my classes.”

The guy’s face and neck turned red which was weird. “Nice to meet you, Liam. You sure look a lot like your father.”

Ah…must have been a Flamer back in the day.

I did a head bob then said, “Yeah, I get that a lot, especially since Dad now does the acting thing.”

“Oh, Cory,” Mom squealed. “Do you see that bench over there? It looks exactly like one of those skateboards you used to have. Come look!”

Mom practically pounced on the poor guy and rushed him away.

Aleyna shot me a quick smile. “So…your mom and my uncle knew each other in high school it seems.”

“Really? That’s cool.”

And then silence erupted around us. I swallowed awkwardly and said, “SO…um…is that your little sister?”


In the next fifteen minutes Cory and I didn’t shut up, filling each other in on the past eighteen years. I told him all about my kids and sidestepped my problems with James.

He actually lived in San Myshuno and was taking a vacation here in Brindleton Bay, staying at his sister’s house for the summer. His band, Surf’s Up, broke apart shortly after they’d made that first tour when The Heartthrobs split. They had a one hit wonder, but pressures of traveling (and their songs not doing that well) forced them to seek other options. He helped produce for a while and now, he just filled in as a background singer and an instrumentalist for many bands the record company he works for produces. He also painted instruments for side money.

“That’s so cool! I never thought you’d be an artist!” I gushed.

“You got me started. Art club?” Our eyes locked for a moment too long which made me a little uncomfortable. So, I started blabbing.

“WELL…remember when we were at the skateboard park and Wyatt Roth used the ground as his own personal kleenex? I thought he’d broken his nose!”

Cory laughed. “Yeah…poor guy. He wasn’t very coordinated.”

Thinking about how big Wyatt’s nose grew made tears come out of my eyes, I was laughing so hard. “Oh, God! And I thought you were going to bite it, too. I got so worried watching you sail over those skate pipes. Geeze.”

He had to wipe his eyes as well. “Yeah, I wasn’t going to tell you I faceplanted a time or two. You would have burned my skateboard.”

“Hee hee! You know it!”

“Those were the days, huh?”

“Yeah,” I said, loving the feeling of laughing so hard my stomach hurt. Hadn’t done that in a while.

After we’d settled down, the breeze picked up, swirling around us. Cory asked, “So, Lex…are you…happy?”

And that one question was like someone hitting me in the face. My eyes watered but not from laughter. I sniffed. “Yeah…sure…um…I’m happy.”

But Cory didn’t believe me. Although all those years had passed, I was still the same person–an incredibly AWFUL liar. He stared at me for a while, probably processing on how he was going to react. I prayed he wouldn’t say anything. Let me go in peace and leave my troubles to myself.

He sighed then dropped his head in his hand. “I have a confession to make. I came to Brindleton Bay on purpose. I was hoping to see you.”

My eyes narrowed. “To see me? Why?”

“I…read a magazine with James on the cover. Someone dropped it off. A coworker of mine. He was making fun of me for dating you back in the day. I got so mad, I hit the guy.” He shook his head. “You know I’m not like that but…anyway. I got fired because he was the producer’s son.”

I covered my mouth. “God, Cory…I’m sorry.”

He shrugged. “I’ll be okay…I actually have another company who’s asking for me to work for them, but I needed some time off. I couldn’t help myself. I kept thinking about you, wondering if you’re okay. According to the magazine, it’d said you and James were having trouble, but you know how those things are. I just had to see for myself. Are you okay? Is James treating you well? I know it’s none of my damn business and if you want to, you can tell me to go to hell but…”

He sighed. “You don’t know how many times I stopped myself from going to your door, though. So, I didn’t. And I wasn’t going to see you. But…well…here we are.”

I wanted to tell him that things were bad, but I couldn’t. I was married. I’d said my vows. Words of love. To one man. To James. And I knew I wasn’t ready to give up on us. But…then something Cory said just registered with me. “What magazine are you talking about?”

“It was in Simstar. You haven’t seen it?”

I noticed a magazine peeking out of the diaper bag he was carrying. I pointed. “Is that it?”

He nodded slowly. Swiping it out of the bag, I seethed.

Unbefreakingbelievable! It was happening all over again. James and me on the covers of magazines. And just like back then, I was the butt of jokes.

“How the hell did they know I wasn’t on board with him being Robotron?” I hissed. “I’d just found out about it last night.” They must have made the whole thing up or James let it out that he thought I wouldn’t like it. Who knew? But the more I’d read, the more it was obvious the paparazzi was here, spying on me. They got shots through my windows. I was going to have to beef up security. And probably was going to have to hire body guards again. What was he thinking with this?

“He’s going to be Robotron over my dead body!” I proclaimed like throwing a gauntlet. Too bad my husband wasn’t here.

But when James did get home, he was going to suffer under the wrath of Lexie.

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Chapter 6.7


I felt like the worst mother on the planet. How could I have just left Brandy alone like that last night? But I was in total panic–like my marriage was crumbling right in front of me when James told me his news. I mean, he knew how I felt about his acting career. He fucking KNEW I hated everything celebrity stood for and yet he didn’t care. But I shouldn’t have let him get to me like that enough to ignore my children. Inexcusable. And like holy HELL it wasn’t going to happen again. I’d make sure of it despite what my husband did.

I sat Brandy down by her playhouse and walked over to my sons.

Crap. They were in a fight to the finish, racing cars on some video game. “Hey…Liam? Can I speak with you a sec? It’ll only be a minute.”

“Sure, Mom,” Zack answered instead. “He’s getting his ass kicked.”

“Language, Zack,” I said. Being “the Mom”, I couldn’t let cussing slide, although no one in this house listened, including me. I just hoped Brandy wasn’t going to get voted in her preschool as the one most likely to become a sailor by kindergarten. Talk about embarrassing.

I waited for a few minutes and watched Zack blast Liam’s car with a ton of turtle bombs. “Liam, Zack’s right. You’re getting your ass kicked. Now come on.”

“In a minute, Mom,” Liam said, mashing on the controller. “I’ve got one trick up my sleeve.” He hammered random buttons, and I wondered if he actually knew what he was doing. His younger brother was creaming him at the moment. Liam never was one for video games. That was Zack’s thing. When he was that age, you’d find Liam in a tree reading Henry Puffer for the thousanth time or playing with his wizard set in the backyard.

With a smirk, Zack’s fingers fluidly glided over the controller. “And that’s how it’s done.”

Zack’s car shot out a super blast, making Liam’s go out of control and off the side into an abyss. “SHIT!” Liam moaned.

Zack let out a scary laugh like an evil villain. “Muahahahaaaa!”


After my ass got wiped up and down the video track, I didn’t have an excuse to side step my mom. Honestly, I knew what she was going to say. And it was going to be awkward af.

She was going to talk about her meltdown last night. Apologize like she’d done in the past. And maybe give me some money. Money was cool. Lame talks were not.

She side-eyed me as I stepped toward her. Geeze. I really hoped she wasn’t going to give me the “divorce speech”. Wasn’t that supposed to be done when Dad was home so both parents could tell you how sorry they were?

I sunk into the cushion next to her, tempted to check my phone so I didn’t have to deal. Distraction was key when trying to avoid what came next in your life.

“So…it’s a nice day, huh, Liam?” Mom started. God. This WAS going to be the divorce speech.

“Okay, Mom, cut the bullshit. I know what you’re going to say. You and Dad are finished and we’re all going to divorce court. You want me to tell the judge what a crappy father he’s been while not mentioning the fact that you sometimes neglect all of us. Is that it?”

She looked at me like I’d just tatooed an alien on my face. “Uh…Liam. Your father and I aren’t getting a divorce. I just wanted to know if you’d like to come with me to Freezer Bunny Park. It just opened last week. You know that’s Brandy’s favorite show and I thought…you’d like to go to?”

“I can’t, Mom. I’m taking Mala to Fisherman’s Wharf for lunch then we’re going to hang out with the gang at the beach.”

“Bring her along! I’ll pay for a Freezer Bunny plushie, too. Mala likes those. Right?” Mom had that hopeful look in her eye and with what she’d been through with Dad lately, how could I say no?

Lifting the side of my mouth, I yelled, “Let’s hop on over!” I cleverly quoted the stupid line Freezer Bunny always said in that preschool show. Weird thing. Most teens my age watched it too. I didn’t get it. My IQ dropped by 100 points whenever I saw it.


In my bedroom, I grabbed my phone to call Mala, noticing her Simstagram notification. She tagged me in her latest selfie post: GOING TO THE BEACH WITH MY BAE. AREN’T I LOOKING SUPER CUTE??? #boyfrienddreams #beachboyfriend #arentyoujealous

God. Her heart was set on the beach. And I did promise. But this was for family. Hopefully, she’d understand.

I pressed her number and flicked the phone to my ear, tapping my foot nervously.

“Hey, sweet baby,” Mala cooed on the line, “what time are you picking me up? My butterflies have butterflies. I’m totally going to rock your world today.”

I swallowed. Hearing that was…too much. I wanted to tell my mom no and my girlfriend, hell YEAH! But…responsibilities. Adulting sucked.

“Hey…there’s a change in plans. How would you like to go to the best, newest, most spectacularly awesome park in Brindleton Bay? It’s on anyone who’s anyone’s bucket list. Not gonna lie, this IS your lucky day.”

She almost growled into the phone, “Tell me you’re joking.”

“Listen, my mom’s been having a hard time lately and so…she kind of needs me to be with her. Brandy can be a handful and Zack will be running off playing at the arcade there, so…”

“So, you promised to go with her? Liam August Sanderson-Day, you promised ME first. Or did you forget what you said to me yesterday? Was it all a lie?”

I pulled the phone away from my ear, she was yelling so loudly. “Um…no…? But I just can’t…”

“Yes you CAN, Liam,” she spat. “God! You let your mother manipulate you. When are you going to grow a pair and stand up to her! She’s a grown woman in her forties for God’s sake! She can handle a four year old at a fucking park!”

“I know…but…”

“Okay. Fine.” She cut me off. “You’ve done this to me for the last time, but I’ll let you make your choice. It’s either me or them. Got it, Liam? And if you’re not here by noon, we’re over!”

I winced when the phone went silent. What the hell was I going to do? Mom was in such a state last night, she needed me. And maybe I could talk her though her problems with Dad.

And the more I thought about Mala’s ultimatum, the angrier I got. Who was she to order me around? I mean, yeah, I’d bailed on her more than once lately, but I had good reasons. She was just being stubborn. And that was a weak threat anyway. She wouldn’t really break up with me. Would she?


Liam had been quiet ever since he got in the car. He looked like someone had taken his whole collection of Henry Puffer gold edition books. “What’s the matter, bud?” I asked. “Are you okay? You didn’t have a fight with Mala did you? Is that why she couldn’t come with us?”

He looked away and shook his head. “No. We’re good. Don’t worry.”

But I did worry. I worried a lot. He was hiding something from me.

The park was so stinkin’ cute, I couldn’t stand it! And Brandy squealed all the way through it. It was freaking hard for me to keep up with her. I was so glad to have Liam here, although if it’d made trouble with Mala, I would have liked to know. He didn’t have to come. I’d just wanted to be with all my kids. Together.

Mala toddled straight to the make believe simulator. Liam turned on the pirate sim.

“You man the ship, Captain Brandy,” Liam said, in pirate speak, arching an eyebrow. “I’ll defend against ruffians!”

“You couldn’t defend against the pirate’s parrot,” Zack chided. I would have gotten onto him for that, but I loved their brotherly banter–something I never had growing up. My siblings were much too young. I was always the elder sister–almost like a parent.

Ignoring Zack as he walked toward the arcades, Liam laughed maniacally. “Ahoy! I think I sees them landlubbers! Captain Brandy! What should we do?”

“Walk the plank!” she cheered.

Those were the magic words. The sim placed cartoon images on Liam as he pretended to “fight off” landlubbers. So cute. I loved my kids so much. A niggle nagged at me, though, thinking James should be here to complete the scene…but…I wasn’t going to ruin this day with those thoughts.

“Arrrgh!” Liam yelled. “And don’t come back, ye shark bait!”

Brandy squealed and clapped. The sim’s engines whirred and Liam turned it off. “Let’s go slide. Okay, baby girl?”

She nodded and raised her arms to be picked up. God, Liam was so good with her. He was going to make a spectacular dad.

As he helped her climb the ladder, my mind strayed back to my husband. Look at what he was missing. Was his career that important? We had enough money to live on if both of us quit our jobs. I just didn’t understand. And living in Del Sol Valley was definitely not the same. I didn’t want my kids around all those celebrity snobs.

Ugh. My eyes started to tear up again. I felt trapped. Like I couldn’t get out of this hole James had created.

“Mommy! I’m coming!” Brandy broke me out of my thoughts.

“I’ll catch you, baby!” I said.


“Got you!” I said, looking into her sweet face. If someone could die of cuteness overload, I’d be six feet under by now.

“Hey, Mom,” Liam called. “Let’s go to the other side of the park. I saw some cotton candy.”

“Want some cotton candy?” I asked Brandy.

She nodded and clapped.

On the way, I made them pose for some pics.

I’m sorry, but I had the most beautiful kids. But I guess Moms always think that.

“Mom,” Liam said, nodding. “The cotton candy is over there behind you.”

I turned around, looking for it.

And then my limbs felt like noodles and my mouth turned to cotton.

“Cory?” I whispered.

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Chapter 6.6

I walked in almost an hour late, cringing because I thought Mom would be at the door, fuming. Instead, I found my siblings playing in the middle of the living room. Alone.

What was Mom thinking? Yeah, sure, Zack was almost ten but if Brandy had found a random knife laying around and put it in a light socket, he wouldn’t even look up. The kid was that clueless.

“Hey, Zack. Where’s Mom,” I asked as I walked up to them.

“Upstairs,” he said. Still…he was a great big bro. I knew he’d rather be playing with his Voidcritter station than dolls.

“Up! Up!” Brandy cried, waving her arms.

Her face was so cute, I couldn’t say no to her.

Then she leaped into my arms and squeezed. “I love you, Lee Lee.”

When Mala called me that way back when, it was annoying, but with Brandy, it melted my heart. “I love you, too, baby girl.”

Standing, I couldn’t believe that Mom tried to get out of dealing with my siblings today. She’d never been this bad before. I remembered when I was a kid, she was always there, taking care of everything. But ever since Brandy was born, things had changed. I just didn’t get it. Sure, Brandy was a pain in the ass at times, but she was also adorable. And Zack was really smart. Some of the things that came out of his mouth would sometimes blow me away. I knew I never thought about thermodynamics when I was nine. But his brain was wired for science. Always thinking.

Instead of searching for her (because I knew Mom would be at her computer as always), I decided to start dinner. Grilled cheese again. God, I needed to start following recipes. I was like totally bored with the menu of a toddler.

As I carried Brandy into the kitchen, anger flickered. I was going to have it out with Mom. Someone needed to give her a kick in the ass. If Dad wasn’t here to call her out, I would. She shouldn’t neglect her kids.

I plopped Brandy in her chair and made my way to my own grilled cheese feast.

But then my mind spun. I mean, yeah, Mom chunked my siblings on me during the week, but she did spend time with them on the weekends. And it was unlike her just to ghost on us especially when I’d been late. “Hey, squirt. Did Mom say why she went upstairs?”

He shrugged. “She just got a phone call then ran upstairs. Haven’t seen her since.”

“So…she didn’t ask you to watch Brandy?”

Zack shook his head. “Nope. I saw her run up the stairs and so I figured I’d keep an eye on Brandy. You think something’s wrong?”

“No,” I lied. “I’ll go check on her later. Why don’t you eat that work of art I just made you? It took me tons of time slaving over that hot stove.”

“Yeah right.”

I wanted to bolt around the house to ask Mom what was up but Brandy needed to be put to bed.

I read her some bedtime stories. Her favorite–Simmy Tales. 

Then kissed her goodnight. I hoped she didn’t pull her stall tricks tonight. She usually asked for water fifteen times before she settled down.

But I got lucky and didn’t hear a peep out of her when I shut off the light.

I searched for Mom in her office but she wasn’t there. Then I went to the media room, the garden room, and even her bedroom. Nothing.

She usually never went into the game room anymore. It was kind of Dad’s hideout with his keyboard and his old posters of his Heartthrob days. Whenever we watched movies as a fam, we’d do it in the media room or hang out downstairs.

But I found her there. In the game room.

My heart jolted.

She was crying.

She didn’t notice me. I stood there bewildered, not knowing what to say. Did someone die? Something happen to Dad? What?

“Mom?” I squeaked out. “Are you okay?”

Wiping her tears, she just nodded and said, “Yeah, sure. I’m okay, Liam.”

I crossed my arms. “Did you know you left Brandy all alone? Don’t give me that bullshit, Mom. What happened?”

Tears trickled down her cheek. “Oh God! I’m sorry!” She sniffed, staring down at the floor. “Is she okay?”

“Yes, Mom. Zack watched her, thank God. I’ve fed her and put her to bed.”

“Thank you, Liam. I…um…I’m just…God. I’m the worst.” She wouldn’t look up at me. Just sat there, twiddling her fingers.

After a minute of her doing nothing–not owning up to what was going on, I walked over to the couch and she moved, making room for me. “What the hell, Mom? Tell me what’s the matter.”

And then I heard Dad’s voice. It was coming from the TV. He was nuzzling his costar. It was an old rerun. I had no clue why the hell it was playing. It was some kind of law that Mom never watched his shows. Especially ones where he was making out with the lead.

“Dad called,” she said. “He’s not coming home. Not for a while.”

My throat tightened. “Are you…?” I couldn’t even process it. Yeah, I’d thought they might split about a thousand times in my life, but I never thought they’d actually do it.

When she didn’t say anything, I forced myself to say it. “Mom, please tell me. Are you and Dad getting a divorce?”

Setting her jaw, she said, “He told me he’s trying out for the part of Robotron.”

I blinked. “Robotron? The kick ass robot slash dude from the Vindicators?” My heart sped up. This was a time for celebration if he got that part. Robotron was the coolest of all the Sarvel superheroes. And Mom LOVED that world. “That’s great news! Why are you acting like someone died?”

She shook her head, pulling into herself. “You don’t understand what it means. I’ve been trying my hardest to break out of that prison cell and now he wants to thrust us back into it. NO! I won’t do that again.” Her shoulders shook as she sobbed.

I rubbed her arm, not understanding what she was saying. “What prison?”

“Fame. It’s a prison. I won’t go back, Liam. I won’t.”

I’d heard from them about the glory days of Dad being a Heartthrob and Mom being some Velvet’s Secret super model. And yeah, some people were still fans now–especially for Dad since he had a show on Simflix, but they weren’t super famous. They were back in the day though–they splashed every cover of every magazine. Paparazzi stalked them. Guess it was a nightmare. I’d never experienced that since we lived in the country away from the limelight, and Dad toned down all his stuff. But it was obvious he couldn’t stay away for long.

Holding Mom, I said, “Maybe he won’t get the part.”

“He will,” she breathed into my chest. “He always gets what he wants.”

Holding her, I didn’t have the words to comfort her. I just rocked, wanting to make her feel better even though I couldn’t.

“I just wish…” she said then trickled off.

“You wish what?”

She sniffed then went on, “I just wish he wanted us.”

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Chapter 6.5


When little Brandy hit the scene, I was so stoked. She was a living, breathing doll.

And I thought I was the big shit since Mom wanted me to watch her a lot.

Well, maybe more than a lot.

After Brandy was born, Mom’s smiles diminished and she slept a little.

What was I saying? No. She slept like most of the time.

But I didn’t mind. Being a big bro to a sweet sis like her wasn’t too much to handle.

Dad said it was because Mom got postpartum depression which meant she’d lock herself in her room most days or scream at the drop of a hat. Dad would take care of all of us (when he wasn’t working.)

Then, little by little, she crawled out of her cocoon.

I had been worried about my parents since it seemed like almost all my friends’ parents were either not together anymore or were getting a divorce. But I shouldn’t have been concerned. They seriously acted embarrassing in front of my eleven year old self–always kissing and gazing at each other. I kind of hated it but liked it all at the same time.

But then one weekend, they got into the biggest fight. Usually, when they argued, if I was in the room, they’d stop and retreat to their bedroom. But not this time. They didn’t even notice I was there.

Dad said we needed to move to Del Sol Valley where he wanted to start his acting career. Seemed a series on Simflix thought he’d be a hit as a hot, older detective.

Mom said she didn’t marry an actor. And by the way? No FUCKING way.

I’d never witnessed either one of them so angry at each other before. I could see it from both of their perspectives. Dad needed to work. And he wasn’t happy doing the WooTube stuff anymore. Hell, he wasn’t even himself–he had to act like a woman. I didn’t blame him.

But on the other hand, Mom didn’t want us to move to a big city. Brindleton Bay was better for raising a family. I personally didn’t want to leave my friends. Sure I hated the triplets (at the time,) but they didn’t bother me that much. And I had too much to lose to want to move anywhere else. Plus I didn’t figure relocating with a new baby was wise either.

They were at a stand still for quite a while. But then Dad gave in.

Sort of.

He was still going to be an actor, but he’d commute from Del Sol Valley. Series work was done in seasons, so he’d leave for a few months when he would shoot the episodes, then come home for a few months.

Fast forward four years, Mom got a job with a 3 D animation company, and Dad’s series took off, so guess who was left to babysit my siblings?

You guessed it. Yours truly.

It was so weird sometimes. I was more like a dad to them than a brother. And Brandy loved me way more than Dad when he’d come home. She was totally attached. Which got a little annoying at times, not gonna lie.

But I had the time so I didn’t mind. Too much.

Until today.

My girlfriend, Mala Murdock, swept me up into her beautiful brown eyes at the end of school. Yeah, I couldn’t stand her when she was that annoying barnacle always calling me Lee Lee and shit like that. But my mind got blown when I looked up one day and noticed she was a real live goddess, ten out of ten. Damn. So yeah. I warmed up to her real fast.

“So, babe,” she said, pooching her soft wet lips. “Carlee and Kaden want us to go to the Freezer Bunny with them after school. Make me the happiest girlfriend and say yes!”

God. Why did she have to wear that shirt with the plunging neckline? It should be outlawed.

“Look, I’m sorry, babe. You know I’ve got to babysit after school. I’ll make it up to you this weekend. I promise.”

She grimaced. “When are your parents going to get a nanny? They’re rich enough. It’s not fair to you.”

I caressed her back, hoping to soothe her wrath. She was a goddess in more ways than just her looks–when she got mad, it was like hell on earth. Trust me. “Hey…we’ve talked about this, right? I agreed to watch them and they’re paying me double. I’m going to be able to buy the car I want and then you and I can take off to the beach whenever and not have to rely on your parents.” My folks didn’t believe in spoiling me, so I had to pay for my own car, clothes, everything. And in order to do that, I needed cash. It was a good deal for me and them.

Her eyes pinched to slits. “It’s not like your mother CAN’T watch her children, Liam. She works from home. And it’d be only for an hour. What harm would it be? Tell her you’re doing a make up test or something.”

I sighed, contemplating. She was right. Mom could watch them for a little bit. The daycare service brought them home and she did take breaks until I got there. Sometimes it felt like she was married to her job or something. She was their mother. It wouldn’t kill her to watch them for an hour.

Stroking Mala’s silky hair, I relented. “Oh…okay, I guess. But only for an hour.”

“Really?” she asked like I’d just promised to take her to her favorite rock concert.

“Yeah,” I said, laughing.

Then she laid a huge kiss on me that made me not regret a thing.

“I’m gonna get the new unicorn sprinkle cone,” Kaden said as we approached the ice cream shop.

Freezer Bunny was a hit show on Simslodeon and now they had ice cream stores across the country. Pretty good ice cream. I was surprised.

“What are you going to get, pretty girl?” I asked, lifting her hand like I was going to twirl her.

“I don’t know. They have so many choices!”

As we walked up to the counter, I could already smell the sugar from here. My mouth watered.

It was a beautiful day in Brindleton Bay. Made me want to just lay out and soak up the sun. I squeezed my girl’s hand. I was having a blast already. I never wanted to go home.

Mala studied the menu like it was a final exam. She was right. They had something like 100 flavors of ice cream. I already knew what I was going to get–strawberry cheesecake. My favorite dessert.

“Ohhh!” Mala cried. “Should I get Chubby Hubby or Urban Jumble? The choices are ridiculous!”

I smirked. She was so cute when she talked about food. And she was a great cook already. Her mom and dad were barely home so she’d have the run of the kitchen. Sometimes she’d bake me cookies or surprise me with cupcakes.

“I’ll have the schweddy balls, please,” Carlee said, raising her finger. That was a good one. It was filled with fudge-covered rum and malt balls

“I’m sorry, but that flavor sounds so wrong to me,” Kaden said. “Makes my balls sweat just hearing about it.”

I busted a gut. “I know, right? But damn, it tastes good.”

“Carlee, why are boys so gross?” Mala said while I was laughing. She always got offended if Kadan and I even tried to tell a dirty joke.

Luckily, our order arrived before she could bust MY balls about it.

“Hey, have you heard they’re going to revive the old superheros called the Vigilantes?” Kadan said to Carlee. Kadan, Carlee and I were huge comic book fans.

“I did.” I pumped my fist. “Holy shit, I’m going to be the first in line when it comes out.”

I could almost feel Mala prickle beside me. Her parents were total LARPing freaks which the superhero realm kind of fit in. She’s all about NOT taking part in anything like that.

She used to like Henry Puffer when we were young (I still secretly did) but now, she wanted nothing to do with fandom of any kind. Says it’s beneath her.

She gingerly sucked on her ice cream, saying nothing.


The sun was beating down, making my whole body tingle. We’d decided to go to the park to hang out a little before I had to get back home. My mind drifted to a place where there were no toddlers or little brothers or moms or dads. It was just me in total relaxation mode. Ahh…I could have stayed there all day. Until I felt a jolt of searing cold on my cheek.

“What the hell?” I yelled. I almost got mad until I saw a goddess looking down on me.

“Wake up, sleepyhead. It’s time to go.”

I was such a lucky shit. Mala had curves in all the right places. And I could put my hands on all those places whenever I wanted. Right now I grabbed her just-big-enough ass.

She pushed me. “Hey! It isn’t time for a groping session. We’ve got to go!”

But I held on tighter.

I might have been a little on the skinny side, but I was still stronger than her. Pulling her on top of my lap, I held her legs but she didn’t try to get away.

She rubbed my face, making me go crazy. I wanted her. Right there. In the park. I didn’t care if anyone was around. Yeah. I had it that bad.

And she knew it, too. Teased me like this all the time. Smirking, she said, “My poor baby. We could always go to my house. My parents aren’t there.”

Damn. I so wanted to take her up on that. Her dad would kick my ass if he found out what we did at his house. Like a lot. But I was probably on the verge of getting grounded by my mom. I was late already. So I plopped her off my lap (unfortunately).

“Hey! What’s that for?” she cried.

Hopping back on top of her I whispered, “I love you, Mala, but like you said, we’ve got to go. You don’t want me to get in trouble, do you?”

Mala just looked up at me knowing she possessed some super power over me. I was hers. She knew it. I knew it. I guessed we’d always be together like this. Forever. I could see our future. We’d often talked about it. We’d have the dream. I’d be selling some shit from home (definitely was going to steer clear of ANY type of famous crap job) and she’d be a part time doctor–pediatrician. She wanted the luxury of us being able to raise our kids ourselves. No nannies. No babysitters. No using the oldest kid to do your job. And if she was really successful, I’d be a stay at home dad. I didn’t mind.

My life with her was going to be perfect.

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